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SpongeBob Diner Dash

SpongeBob Diner Dash for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Glu located at 875 Howard, Suite 100 San Francisco CA 94103. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Played with my friend`s son. Could not pay for updates, after the second level. Too much crying over this game. Uninstalling do not need the aggravation. It is free to down load but not to play. Ugh,! i wish the "free" games stop doing this. They certaintly have enough ads.
I love watching spongbob with my kids and I like the idea of this game and 3$ isn't allot but you don't give us enough time to see if we really like the game I have only been playing for about 30 minutes and now I have to upgrade to continue. There is many diff maps but can't play cuz I have to pay.witch I will not cuz I haven't been playing long enough to know if I really like it! I understand everybody is money hungry but you have to give us the time to play to see if we will pay!!! I will be uninstalling
Only thing that sucks is I can't continue playing any new levels unless I pay 3 bucks! There's plenty of fun games that are free to play the whole way through with the option to pay to enhance the game but you're still able to play. That's really disappointing that I got hooked on this so quickly and I'm already being told I cant continue without payment. I don't have a credit card to do so, so I guess im gonna have to uninstall the game 😖
You pay for this game and there's ads after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL. stupid pop ups trying to get you to buy one of their other games. If I say no, the ads should not come up again, let along every level. Never buying a game from Play first again
Please move the seats from in front of the garbage bin in the Dutchman Inn levels. I can't click the garbage bin and I refuse to buy the dish-flinger to make up for this design flaw. Also, in this day and age, we should be able to save progress from phone to phone with Google or Facebook. I'm tired of restarting the game everyone I change phones.
U can only get up to level 5 or 6 and the rest of the resturant and levels u have to "upgrade " which means pay so that sucks please fix it or make it better so people can enjoy it without wasting their money that will help rate this game 5 stars
Stupid app l don't want to give even I Star I downloaded it full of merit but this app does not open all the time but when we go to play store only it opens and that also only 2 or 3 levels...... Hated it alot I request all of you all not download it and the ratings are all fake......... Last but not least please fix this stupid app
I would have rated it 5 stars, but one challenge was to only serve drinks to every table with yellow customers. This challenge should be removed because it is racist and sets a bad example for children.
Overall very fun and super addicting game. However, some problems include the impossibility to get tables all one color and the homophobic "romantic couples get flowers only level" (goo lagoon level 2), which they meant straight couples only. So I guess complaint 1, make spongebob challenges doable and complaint 2, don't have homophobic challenges. Thanks!
I like it alot but its not enough to keep it on my phone cause it only gives me a couples parts play and the rest of it is a upgrade. I gave you 5 because i know its a awesome game and just because i dont want to buy it doesnt mean i have to give you less stars.
Emailed the company directly asking for a refund because after I paid for rest of the stores on this app, it's been nothing but glitchy on me. Never received a reply, and I am getting really annoyed. Also, it said when I paid 2.99 I would unlock 10 locations... just to find out it only unlocked 5, and I would need to pay another 2.99 to unlock the rest. So I got conned to install half of a glitchy app. Great.
I only download free games so I did it for my son. They said this game was free. I think they need to understand what free means! My son has been playing the same game over and over because I have to buy more levels. I hate liars and these people are liars!
I hate level 6! I can never pass it!!!!! Plus about that upgrading thing,do not like the idea about that. But i can say that the rest has got me super addicted! It's like the only game i play...but take out upgrades and i'll put 5 stars
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They're too money hungry. I even paid $4 for a package where I thought I was unlocking all the restaurants but I only got half. You should be able to unlock EVERYTHING if you spend $4 on a silly game like this. And they constantly want you to buy other things too. Seems like they're trying to take advantage of children who get their hands on their parents phones.
I loved Diner Dash, so I was happy to see a Spongbob Version. After playing trial, I decided to get the stupid upgrade. But the app doesnt move past the opening screen. And they definitely made sure to charge me. Haters.
It is impossible to max quite a few of the levels b/c, unlike the pc version, it is impossible to rotate a group of people to decide which chairs each one sits in at a table. It makes it impossible to get the color matching challenges done. Also it often has too much crap in close proximity so if you try to click on something he might go to the wrong table...not good in this kind of game
I was downloading the game and this freaking thing wouldn't open when it was done downloading!!!! People, don't download this game at all!!! If you want to know my opinion, it SUCKS BUTT!!! DON'T GET THIS GAME! It wouldn't open for me when I thought it was done downloading. This makes me upset because I wanted to play this game. :'(
It told me to unlock 5 restaurants was $2.99, so after I paid for that another "offer" pops up and says get all 10 restaurants and 100 levels for $2.99. What a ripoff ! They scam you into paying more. I emailed customer service twice and no one has even bothered to respond !
The game is fun but it is beyond annoying to have diner dash ads popping up after every board after you've paid for the game. Change this please! Also, rather greedy to pay $3.00 for only five boards and want another 2.99 for a lot more.
This game is weird like they want us to pay for for the dang levels like aren't they making enough money with the spongebob shows like the heck like wat ever company this is let them know this is worthless and they r greedy
The game is fun to play, especially for SpongBob fans. Astonishing how all the low ratings are because it's a trial version of a paid app. Apparently the poor reviews were posted by people who downloaded without bothering to read the description which is clear on this fact.
However, it is impossible to change the colors of the seats at the tables or the bar because there is no option to rotate the groups of customers. Which means that on some levels it is impossible to complete the challenge and get a perfect score. Fix this and I will give 5 stars.
I paid for the upgraded version and there is no "Start" or "Play" button to begin playing. I see spongebob on my screen but no way to start game. I've e-mailed developer for a refund but haven't heard back. Be warned that buying the game doesn't unlock all levels, only a few. Somehow the buttons to spend more money work but no buttons to actually play what I already paid for. 4/16 three months later and still no refund or response from developer.
This sucks. You get so into this game and then once you think your almost a pro, they want you to freaking pay to upgrade to another place. Why can't we just play to unlock levels? Why do we have to pay to unlock them? I bet if you wouldn't charge anyone, this app could go big and even be turned into an actual video game maybe? I mean, just look at angry birds. I would give this app a 5 star rating if I didn't have to pay to unlock levels.
There are two things you need to do to make the game better. First of all, when I was playing the game, it froze and undid all of my work. Two, I completed the levels, and then it asked me to upgrade it but I had to pay money so I didn't do it. Don't get me wrong it is a good game but I don't want to pay for an upgrade. Please fix it so that way I can rate 5 stars bc I love the game. Thanks
Game worked fine and then I PAID to upgrade and now I cannot play at all. This is ridiculous, seeing as how I'm not the only one with this issue. Fix it or refund my money and I will revise this review. Also, if you know there's a problem it's pretty disappointing that you continue to take money when the app doesn't work!
My little girl wanted to play it so we downloaded for her. Can only play 7 areas before they demand payment to continue. Other "free" apps use advertising to make all game content available for those who don't have extra money to waste on things like apps. Why can't this developer use those resources as well instead of lying about having a "free" app?
After level 7 you have to pay $4.49c for an upgrade on the maps and you can't do level 8 till you do its so unfair fix it cause u whoever made this game is going to have less players than expected. P S it sucks cause its way to easy the first 7 levels lol John Smith OUT😎
Kidz love Spongebob, so parents install it to please them. On level 7 you need to upgrade and pay. That is when you are stuck! Your kid now knows about the game so if you don't upgrade YOU are the bad guy. Thanks for nothing.
How did you create a diner dash game where you can't change the seating on the customers! I bought this game because the new diner dash isn't any good. I just want to sit and play diner dash without waiting for a life. This version doesn't do the basic guidelines that I loved in the classic diner dash. Fix it or change the challenge to Anchors Away. >:-(
Paid for the upgraded version and it won't allow me to continue playing. Screen just slides back and forth through the restaurant screens. NOT WORTH IT! I just wasted my money on an app that won't work.
Really dissapointed with this game, expected so much more. My son got really disheartened after finishing it within minutes and now in order to go ahead in the game I have to upgrade. It really seems a rip off priced free.
Uggh! I'm so annoyed because I payed to upgrade. I've gotten three stars on every level... then I got to jellyfish fields.. I'm a perfectionist. So I am pissed because the spongebob challenge is to make all seats at a 4 chair table red.. but the game auto seats the customers to the color of the seat. I can't rearrange them. Therefore I am screwed on keeping my perfect record up and I am NOT happy about that...
I remember when this game first came out, because I bought it the first day it came out. Why can't we repair and fix the shops as we go anymore? That's what really made this game fun. Now the only way we can experience that is Endless Shift mode
Game is not optimized to be played on a tablet with 4:3 screen ratio. Really disappointed why the dev team never look at compatibility issues. To add, the game wants you to buy things to enjoy the game. I wonder if glu has ever thought of taking away things like that to make it appropriate for children. Or maybe glu never thought of that either?
I have the game on my Moto G and my iPhone. IPhone works perfectly, but android one won't even start up. After 8 attempts, after clearing running apps and checking system settings and that I had enough room etc, AND after restarting my phone 3 times the app finally loaded. The game crashes on startup and when you press the play button most. Sometimes it freezes halfway through the game or when you try and upgrade. Wouldn't buy this app for android even though its FAR FAR cheaper than the overpriced iPhone.
Hi, I purchased these extra maps on my tablet, but when I click restore on my phone it always says error:unable to install. Also, for some reason it's difficult to click the right spot to start a level, the touch calibration within the game is messed up. It didn't have that problem about 6 months ago when I played last. Please fix and I'll change my rating :)
The challenges can not be completed because you can not choose where to sit people at the bar. I have tried all sorts of combinations cant think what else it could be please fix this is ruining the game! !!!
This game is super fun for a while, but once you get to a certain point, it becomes virtually impossible. I suggest buying the game, but don't bother buying the map packs, because they are unwinnable for humans. If they added some sort of multiplayer, it would fix the problem, but that's the only way. I hope my suggestions go to good use, and thanks for reading!