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Splendor for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Asmodee Digital located at 54 rue de Clichy 75009 Paris France. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I didn't expect to see the expansions developed. I'm very excited to see if they come out with Trading Posts expansion. The cities and strongholds are worth every penny. I've been using the app for almost a year now.
I was so excited to install this electronic version of the newest favorite game in our house! I should have read all the reviews first! It started with my password not working when I would try to join an online game. Then when I uninstalled the app and reinstall it, the game wouldn't even open. I now get a message that I didn't pay for it! What a waste of money!
Great game. Works well. Fun game. The only bad thing is the expansion pack the strongholds the computer cheats and really hard to win. I do like playing the game against the computer though. I like games where I don't have to rely on other people to go just the computer.
Love the game Splendor. But the app will not let me login quite frequently. The timer options are very limited. Should have an option for to turn off the timer for private games. Otherwise the AI takes over prematurely when the server lets you go temporarily.
Terrible. Don't buy it! After two weeks you cannot login and all your points are earased! Full of bugs. Terrible.
Can't run the game on my ASUS K012 Tablet. Once it is installed, when I run it, a download screen appears and it gets stuck at 0% It runs just fine on my ASUS ZB500KL smartphone, but my general idea is to play on a tablet on a table as the real board game.
This game seems like it has a lot of problems with Android 10. It used to be great, but currently will not load on my Moto G7 power. Starts to load and then says that it can't. Of course I have tried all of the uninstall and reinstall type things. I see lot of other recent reviews that have very similar problems. Please fix! I would have rated it at 4.5 stars before.
This app has so much potential. Does a great job of replicating the board game, but until they fix the constant crashes and inability to login, it only warrants 2 stars. Will raise rating if developers fix app stability.
This is a great board game and app. I have only played ai so I don't have input about multiplayer. The game has crashed a few times thus the 4 stars.
I love this game and played it on the app quite a lot, but now it's stopped working. It won't load. I've tried a reinstall, same problem. I might expect this from a free app (though I've been playing Candy Crush for 7 years and this has never happened), but when you pay for an app you expect it to at least work.
This game always constantly asks for asmodee account when in the middle of in-game session. It's become so annoying either yes or no answer. Whereas in the menu, I want to save my progression to the cloud, the server looked like unavailable. No response from server
It's a real shame this app just doesn't run well because I love the game and I was looking forward to being able to play it on the go. Unfortunately one can not play this game on the go effectively, the game crashes or the connection gets interrupted frequently which spoils games. I wish there was a correspondence mode so that the connection issue wasn't a problem. The game is very good, though I recommend buying the physical game because the pc version also seems to have connection issues.
Excellent and easy to learn mobile adaptation. Good experience even in onljne play and players are always online.
the game has occasional bugs like cards not appearing and chips not being bought even though you are trying, or not being able to buy cards when you can. What really warrants the poor review is after a week of playing to climb out of the "PROVISIONAL " elo so you can against people familiar with the game, my account just got deleted for no reason. After contacting customer support I've so far only gotten automated responses.
Horrible Multiplayer Experience. In Carcassonne, and Ticket to Ride, two other games by the same company you can make friends and invite them to play private games with you. I assumed it would be the same with Splendor but I was completely wrong. You cannot invite or play with friends online. You can create an online game but must keep the game open until everyone joins or the game will be canceled. And you cannot specify who can join. Poorly made.
Great strategy game that is easy to play. It is the same as the board game that you can buy in the shops. Great way to learn how to play splendor
This game is great, I really love it, easy to learn and a lot of strategy. But this app has so many bugs! It quits when I was in the middle of the game and says "this session is no longer available"; it some times do not show the Noble titles on the side. It drops offline very often, I would say once 10 games. It crushes and the screen freezes. There's really no chat function when you are in the game and you don't know why other people don't move or drops off. It's frustrating!!!
The game itself is great, but the impossibility of getting a multi-player game going without any bugs occurring is downright unprofessional for a paid app.
Just alright. Once you finish the few challenges it's boring. Bought the cities expansion pack and it was not worth paying for on any way. Maybe if you could invite other players for a live game.
I still can't make It work on my Motorola Edge. My guess Is that Asmodee apps need support on Android 10. I would been giving them 5 stars from my old handset. Please, Mr. Developer. Fix this!! :/
Recently, it's been very buggy. It awards Cities when the player didn't earn them. It also doesn't always recognize you have enough chips to buy a card, even though you have more than enough. I have screenshots, if the developers wants them to troubleshoot these issues. P.S. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game. That doesn't help.
Game works great but after a week it logs you out of your account and suddenly the account no longer exists. After the 3rd time I wrote down my username and password and it won't log me back in. I love the game but I keep building experience only for it to mean nothing when my account is "gone." Very disappointed I spent money on this. Buyer beware.
No Problems playing on my Chromebook. I hope they develop The Orient expansion, soon. That is my favorite to play in person.
I didn't expect to see the expansions developed. I'm very addicted to the Trading Posts expansion. The cities and strongholds and Trading Post are worth every penny. It's highly addictive. I can't wait for the Orient expansion to be released.
Just didn't work. Tried to play games with my friend and when I hit accept game the game closed and I got timed out of my turns. Very buggy from what I can see.
Excellent adaptation of the board game, but the online experience is lacking a way to chat with other players in game, and the bugs...oh lord, the bugs. Cards disappearing midgame, random disconnects, and weird UI glitches where all the elements on screen get jumbled around and the game becomes unresponsive. I want to love this so much, but the bugs ruin it, and the multiplayer experience feels very disconnected.
Paid for, installed, then opened for the first time. App tries to initiate a download of additional files that never actually starts. Just sits there frozen at 0/0MB. Total waste of my money.
Super fun! Very much a great translation from the table top game to the phone, and with the pass and play games, my husband and i can play anywhere. Loving it!
Game was great for the first week and a half while it worked. I am no longer able to log in with my account, and cant create a new one. Have had a email incident open with support for almost two weeks waiting for them to fix the issues, was told that my request is being directed to the team that will eventually release a patch. I am on a Galaxy S9 Plus.
Loved the game. Then I purchased the app. Then it didn't work. And i can't seem to get it back or get help. The end.
I absolutely love Splendor but I agree with the other reviews that the game can be very buggy. It tends to crash during games or shuts down if I check notifications. My biggest complaint is that there's no option to play with similar skilled players. You can set a minimum skill level but does no good when you're constantly getting killed by 1800+ players which can be frustrating.
A nice bonus are the "Challenges" (more game variants!) which I've never seen playing the physical board game. Great value. When you win a Noble, there's a bug that places the Noble visually "behind" the board. It's a little jarring, but it does not affect game play; so, I didn't deduct any stars.
Mostly a great game if you can ignore the bugs. I was just playing a game and the other player disappeared. And then the game did not fill out enough cards to fill out the spots. Everything froze and we couldn't play it all and there is no way to get help. Sometimes there are not enough chips for what there should be. Lots of times you get booted in the middle of a game. But it's mostly fun.
Playing online is no fun. The server crashes several times, and all games are forfeit. Which makes the experience a waste of time for everyone.
On my first try to play online the game froze two times. As a result the game just fell through. The first time I was able to reconnect after everything froze and resumed the game. After that my opponent just disappeared and the game did nothing. I love Splendor but for the money it costs this game is a bit disappointing.
Friends introduced me to the board game so I was delighted to see it in the play store. Reasonable price since I didn't want to invest in the box version. Downloaded and got nothing! Game doesn't load and just gives the "suddenly stopped working" error. Phone is older but not so old that it should have this issue. Will keep trying and hope they fix the issue. But for now, this is a bust and I won't recommend it to anyone else.
So sad, one of my favorites. Developers really screwed the pooch on this one... They better take care of this or there will be a lot of people reluctant to buy their games on the future. Stopped working after buying all the expansions, tried to reinstall/clear cache, still didn't work.
Everytime notifications appeared and i swipe it, my splendor app reconnecting itself while playing online. And sometimes development cards and noble titles dissapeared randomly. Please fix this bug, cause i keep losing on my online rank. Thanks a lot and cheers
edit: IT FINALLY WORKS! This game is great. now that I can finally play it the only issue I've found is sometimes when I play a card I have reserved to my hand that would win me one of the nobles the noble doesn't activate and I miss it until I buy a card from the board. this has cost me a few wins today in very close games. other than this bug however the game seems to play great! if that bug gets fixed I would give the game 5/5!
Nice digital version of board game. A clever game that you will enjoy playing. No problems at all. There is also available a grant player pool for live gaming. Recommended!
Time limit for turns ruins casual play. Trying to teach my wife the rules and she gets kicked out. We play Ticket to Ride and this setting is editable. Such a simple feature to include. I refunded my purchase and will buy it when you let me set the turn time limit.
The app and game has worked very well for me and I've enjoyed the experience. The only issue I've had is having to create a new login every 25 or so games later and this had made it hard to keep and improve a ranking.
Don't bother with this game. No pass and play. Keeps loading google games and if you reject that ot won't load any games. Asmodee fix this you can't expect people to pay for this app when it is such a stuff up. My first negative review ! So that's how p....d off I am!
(Edit: After 6-8 months, problem is finally addressed. I have revised from 1 star to 4 stars. See below for orig. 1-star review.) "Almost 4 months ago, I bought this game for my Galaxy s7. It never worked (gave the "Splendor has stopped" error message). I emailed Asmodee, who has spent the last 3 months assuring me that the issue will be fixed--but it hasn't. Google should get involved."
No longer works. Was great - after a recent update no longer even starts. If this update no longer supports my version of Android (5.0) which is limited by my device (Samsung Note 3) then how do I get my money back?
Worked great on my tablet, until some update, I guess. Then it no longer opened at all. Uninstalled, reinstalled, still nothing.
Good if you want to play by yourself. But you can do that owning the game already. the idea was to pay online or with friends. can't happen. sent a message to the developer and they said it's not working, they are trying to fix it. that was more than 7 mont the ago! wished i didn't waste my money on it!
Game was working fine. Even paid for some expansions. Tried to start it today, and it claims it can't run because I don't own it. Cleared cache, uninstalled and reinstalled, but no luck. Other than the animations being too slow, I didn't have any complaints before. Now it is just a hole in my library.
I have the same problems with the App. I love playing splendor but....It has not and still will not open. Even with the latest patch up date. I originally downloaded it and tried to play 9 months ago. I'm trying to be patient but it's wearing fast. Please get it fixed.
Bought this months ago. Been waiting for an update that works. So far, no luck on that front. I uninstall, wait a few weeks, reinstall.... disappointed again. Sigh. Too bad. My kid loves the tabletop version.
Just paid $3 for this and it doesn't work. We tried several online games with family and the app kept crashing for me for the first 3 games (and the other players lost points every time we had to restart) then I started 2 new games and while the app didn't crash, nobody was able to do anything in the game, couldn't pick up tokens or anything. I got a refund, none of the other players did. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND DON'T GET THIS!
When I open I get a black screen with a download bar that shows 0mb/0mb, and an option to pause a nonexistent download which of course does nothing. I'm using the Samsung galaxy alpha. I've previously used this app a couple of years ago and when it works I would gladly give it 5 stars.
I haven't played this in quite a while and used to really enjoy it. Unfortunately one of the last 2-3 updates (not sure which one, since it has been so long since i have played) has caused the game to stutter/freeze quite a bit on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5. Hopefully it will be resolved in a future update.
This game is really good. The interface is excellent and the AI is good enough. The only quibble I have is that the end of battle screen needs a button to go directly to the next match instead of returning to the main menu. Great job.
Review is based only on the app and support. Game itself is fantastic and one of my faves (have both physical and digital copies). The app regularly crashes during gameplay. When I had to factory reset my phone and reinstall, it would simply crash and close without showing what the error is. No longer able to play the game and when I reached out to Asmodee via email 2 days ago, I didn't get any response from them apart from the generic "we got your email". So disappointed.
The game play is great but I've found a couple of bugs. One I can reproduce, on Pixel if notif pops up while playing online it will boot you from the game. Also played an online game where player was able to grab cards without tokens. I took a screenshot.
I love Splendor (the physical game) but this app is so glitchy. I would want to at least not have to worry if a game will load properly for an app that you pay for. It would also be nice if they made it easier to play with friends (having a friend list, something).
The only thing that I can complain about is animations - they took too much time and as a result when I play against AI it take way more time than it should
Runs and works perfectly for me on Samsung Note 9 (android version 10). I love it. I hope "The Orient" expansion become available eventually, I am really interested in playing with that expansion.
app crashes everytime I open it. it says 'Unfortunately, Splendor has stopped.' I have even unisntalled and reinstalled the app. This is a bummer because I have paid good money to buy this app! someone contact me and make it work! (Device: Samsung Note 4)
Get the black "installing" screen every it loads, cannot play the game. Contacted the developer two weeks ago via email for help. They never responded. I never write negative reviews, but this app is highway robbery. Do not buy. I want my $5 back.
Very addictive - as far as I'm concerned, best card game ever - both me and my wife have been enjoying this for months - lots of opportunity to work and improve on strategy
Online games are too buggy. When I try to play a private game with a friend it only crashes. Edit: (6/12/20) just upgraded my phone and even though I purchased this and my google account records that, it refuses to download and sync to my new phone. Very disappointed that I paid for a game and can no longer play it. (Edit 6/16/20) Developer reply UNhelpful - multiple attempts to contact developer, links all broken.(edit 8/18/20) Reinstalled after new update, now works. Developer still a no reply
i like this app so much. but player want to check personal record - average rates(winning,turn, etc), total ranking and so on. and after game, we want know playing time, amount of turn. please give us more information in ending page.
Wount even open. I have been unable to open it since I purchased it. Reached out to support and got a we sent your comments/complaints to the correct place, sorry for your inconvenience. LOVE the physical game want to play this so bad. Edit: fixed typos.
It does play well. I just found myself sign out so many times and it was hard to sign in back. Also for the timing it would be great some sound or vibration.
Great, right until you change device! Bought on my old handset, worked beautifully - tried to change handset and now fails to install as "I may not have bought this app". It's the same Google account, just 1 month later - disappointed No contact from the developer despite emails and chasing *EDIT* had to repurchase to solve the issue - disappointed with the extra expense but seems to work now
Recently, I bought a new phone, and tried to redownload Splendor on it. I waited for over 5 hours and gave up, restarting my phone. I went to the google play store to download it remotely, but now GooglePlay says that it's already on my device! It clearly isn't, so how do I get this app on my new phone, please, Asmodee?
This was my favorite game on my LG G6. It won't even run on my LG Stylo 6. 5 stars when they they fix it. Till then it's a waste of money.
When working, the game is great. It's fantastic to belt out a few 6 minute games while commuting to work. At the end of December all of my games played disappeared and the expansions (Cities and Strongholds) required a wifi connection to enable. After an uninstall, and reinstall, the game now launches to a 0/0 download screen. So, while game-play is great, stability is not so much.
Love the game but it seems the app has a few bugs. When playing the pass and play mode at times the player name is associated with the wrong Avatar which can cause confusion. Also at the end of the pass and play mode it states victory or defeat based on the last players go. Would be better if this screen also stated the player name.
It's fixed now. The app needs to be launched in full screen mode. I hope they patch it so that it works on regular mode as well ---------- Just bought the game. App does not adjust correctly to the S8+ screen, so nobles are unreachable (but not for the AI). Very disappointed in such a big company as Asmodee not being able to ace a game as simple as Splendor.
Excellent app! This is a very well done app adaption of a fun board game. It has not been buggy for me at all. I love that in addition to playing the normal game vs. AI or online, there are "challenges" that vary the rules a bit to make it more interesting. Highly recommend.
Terribly buggy app. Amazing game. I got everyone in my family to buy this for online play. It worked fine until a few days ago when my kid's pixel 2 phones stopped recognising that they purchased the app. So disappointing. We love the game but wasted all that money because we can't play together. Please fix! I'm about to start playing star realms with them instead.
Great game, poor support, useless app. The app I paid for has quit working, and a request for support sits unanswered for these last two months.
I loved playing this game before I made the recent update. Now it drops my connection constantly, and kicks me back to the home screen. Unless a game has started, there's a 100% chance that I'll be kicked out. Please fix this! I love your game and want to play it. Splendor is one if the few apps I pay for. Please make it worth it.
The app won't even get past the title screen before it freezes and won't finish opening. This is after restarting the phone and uninstalling and then reinstalling the app. It has some serious development issues.
Minimum requirements met. Game never worked. Really annoyed but refunded immediately. I guess it's a common issue?
It worked for past few years on my phone and tablet, now it won't open. It says I might not have purchased? Google play definitely shows that I have.
Update: I got a new phone and the app won't even open on the new phone. I'd hate to lose an app that I enjoy and that I paid for just because I replaced my old phone. I love this game and played it on the app quite a lot, but now it's stopped working. It won't load. I've tried a reinstall, same problem. I might expect this from a free app (though I've been playing Candy Crush for 7 years and this has never happened), but when you pay for an app you expect it to at least work.
So basically players can manipulate the game where they can interrupt your connection to the game and cause the AI to make a move for you. I'm not playing the game until this is fixed. Every second game I play someone doing is this and I have to resign making me lose points.
Used to work great, now I can no longer play online as it won't let me log in.... ***Updated review- asmodee fixed my online log in issue and now I'm able to play without much of an issue. My only complaint is that it can be a bit gotcha at times.
Won't run on Pixel 3a running Android 10 (launches and quits immediately). Consistent with many other reports. Ran fine on former Moto G4. No response from developer (two attempts). Have they abandoned support? Mar 2020 update: Installed old version (2.3.6) and it runs! June 2020 update: Experiencing online play issues. Took the plunge and updated to 2.4.0. It's now working fine on my Pixel 3a. Aug 2020 update: reset to factory defaults = Splendor won't open again (2.4.0). No response 15 days.
Not fair! when you're playing either against the computer or an online player the first player that gets to 15 points first wins. That means the first player has a huge advantage!! Each player can take the same amount of turns and both end up with 15 points and the first player always wins! I've lost so many games like that! needs a game-point feature asap!
Frustratingly buggy. AI gets cards it shouldn't. Doesn't allow purchase of cards that you should be able to. Very disappointing.
Good adaptation of a great board game. Maybe a bit too easy, so far I won every time by aiming for the nobles. Really cool on big Chromebook touchscreens except for one big issue: drains the battery in no time. On Chromebooks don't even think of playing without a charger + keep the device close to air conditioning (and yes I already reported the issue, please don't answer every single negative review with a link to support)
this used to be a good game but now it has alot of bugs. I started a game and the first player tried reserving the card. it showed as 5 point earned. this is with computer not even online.
This app will not open on my new phone. I reached out to Asmodee more than once and never received a response. The lack of response and poor service is disheartening.
The app has a lot of bugs. The graphics glitches every now and then, they log you out abruptly. Overall, it's a great game but if I'm paying for a game, i would expect it to be well tested and without bugs.