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Splash Wars - glow space strategy game

Splash Wars - glow space strategy game for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Fat Hill Games - strategy and puzzle games located at Nové sady 988/2 602 00 Brno Czech Republic. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its a really good stratagey game and can help you in simallar games only been on it for 2 days and on level 136
Love the game, but the difficulty straight up sucks! Some levels are beyond easy and require no strategy at all - and some levels are basically impossible, requiring trial & error + countless restarts until the enemy does something stupid. There doesn't seem to be any consistency in difficulty or learning curve. Changing between different modes also obscures how the game is meant to be played / what the levels are balanced for.
Very obviously unfair. You can look at the map before you even begin and be able to tell that it's unfair because the AI you're playing against has weaker bubbles surrounding it than you have. Also, it gets boring very quickly. Introduce some new mechanics and such as the player progresses to add some variety.
Fun until it was not. Harder stages were based on luck more than your skills. Secondly, those stages which were between harder ones, were so easy that you spent more time watching advertisement. Over 300 stages and repetition is unbelievable. I have seen better strategy games in 1990s. Waste of energy and time
Super fun addictive game. Great time killer. Love the game design, its the best of its genre I've ever played! Beautiful gameplay. Thanks for making such an amazing game!
A fantastic mix of vibrant colors, simplistic gameplay, and intense real time strategy. This is my go-to game to just pick up when I have a free moment and no idea what I want to do. The randomly generated levels and plethora of gameplay options mean that, if you enjoy this game style, you'll never be bored due to lack of content. Thank you for making my favorite casual game.
Very decent game. Levels don't repeat and ita not too easy but not hard at all. Too many ads? (Try turning off connections😉)
Easy: ☑ Clean: ☑ Vibing Music: ☑ Challenging: ☑ Modularity: ☑ A simple RTS game with cool visuals! While the game does have a moderate degree of custom gameplay, especially with the single/dual and the simple/power modes, IMHO, if the orbs themselves had an individual upgrade option (to a desirable power orb) it'd be really cool!
The concept, design and most other aspects of the game are amazing. The reason this doesn't get more than 3 stars is because there is literally 0 level progression. I'm at level 350 and it's literally the same as level 10. There is no increase in complexity of maps, computer logic, new functions. If the computer ai got progressively better or maps more difficult this game could be an easy 5.
Almost 1000 levels in, still haven't got tired of it! Love this game. :D small bug though, nothing special. When you swich from duo mod to solo, bases where other 'players' were, have 0 sheald, just right there for the taking. It fixes it self if you reset the game, so it is fine. Hope to see more games from the devs. :)
A fun way to spend time, it's fun that you can switch between basic and power mode and it doesn't slam annoying ads in your face after every turn!
This game is pretty good, but needs an update. The AI is insanely difficult to the point I'd rather play dark souls. The only way to make progress is at the slowest speed while constantly changing your aim. And forget making any progress when an enemy has the same number of locations as you. Enemies are redicilously fast and seem to gain health almost faster than you can hit them. Last level before uninstall - 243.
I just passed level 500 in this game. I can't say that for many other games. I haven't skipped a single level, every single one can be completed by one strategy or another. I also recently changed to a new phone, so I am grateful that Google Play saved my progress. There are ads but they're all skippable after a few seconds. It's a great time-passer, and I am really curious how many levels there are...
Really good game,still giving it 5 stars even though the difficulty doesnt EVER increase,currently on level 478 and every level is just as easy as the last. Some of the levels are hard once u play them once or twice, but it gets so easy that its not fun. A great idea would be to slowly increase the map sizes so eventually u get like 2-300 different circles on each map.
Lots of ads but a fun game to play. As levels become more difficult it is a good idea to slow the game speed to better understand the best strategy for each level.
Its difficulty ramps up a little fast, and there first 20 levels are a joke, but the core gameplay is so fun I dont even care. Perfect time waster
Fun game and hard to put down! I miss when there was no ads but I might consider paying its actually good enough. Fun to keep thinking like a lil strategy and puzzle
I enjoyed the concept. However, after a certain point, levels stopped getting harder and the difficulty just randomly ranged from super easy to being so hard that you can only win on luck of the AI making bad moves early on.
Good past time when I get bored, all the levels are beatable(only adding that because people have said that there were unbeatable levels), the power ups are able to be turned off and on, same with the speed and duo and single mode. Lots of play time can go into it
Simple, fun, tight controls with no confusion. Solid little game. Perfect to kill time with. You have to game the AI a little bit by starting over and over until the randomness works in your favor. As otherwise you'll sometimes just get run over if the opposing teams "cooperate". But I think that adds a bit of authenticity. Ads are always an issue, but every one of them is skiable at worst after 5 seconds. So that's a plus as well.
A well executed game. Quick matches. Nice concept. Ad supported, but the ads do not distract from the game.
Really, really fun. Definitely the best game of this style that I've played. Some levels are trivially easy, and others are practically impossible, but the majority of levels are at a good difficulty. There is an option to skip levels, but I've never actually used it because there's something really satisfying about winning despite the AI having a major unfair advantage. If you're quick, smart, and a little lucky, none of the levels are impossible.
Not too bad. There are similar games that are better in my opinion. I think City Takeover is better, although City Takeover recycles the same levels over and over.
Great for that 'one more level' buzz... I love simple strategy games like this, and Splash Wars gobbles up my lunch breaks. Whether you win some levels depends entirely on whether the AI chooses to come after you or fight with itself, but the intensity of a good race for dominance is seriously enjoyable.
Would be 5 stars, however, there's a lot of dating ads, and an ad that features a young girl dancing seductively, which is inappropriate. Simple and fun. For more of a challenge, change the speed to a faster percentage.
Its a very nice game i love it we neet to transwer a colour in opposite player circle who are playing and there is a very good option that we can choose any color we want and the game has a very good controls and the graphics are really nice and great and i have lots of fun by playing this game i think you should also try this and this game has no networks issues so guys download this game fast and try it bye and rate my review helpful please so download splash Wars glow space now byeeeeeee 😘😀
Pretty good game with good mechanics and it looks nice. Ads after every single level but I suppose that is better than banner ads.
Not really a strategy game. U just have to figure out the 1st move the guy that programed game wants u to take.
It's a great and simple strategy game. You can quickly customize a few settings to your liking and give yourself an edge against the enemy orbs, which is very handy. Thank you for your attentiveness towards your players! Listening to the input of your players is awesome. I do have to say that after completing over 3000 levels, it does begin to get monotonous (but still a fun game). Perhaps add a new enemy or power orb? Thanks again and keep up the good work
Well, its remain me of Hacker game but I more like this one 'cause its easy to win and its an offline game.
Amazing! Best Auralax clone since Tentacles the vine game!! All the other games are lesser than this one.
Best UI I've ever experienced in this genre of game. Still new, so that's the big plus so far, but it's looking like I'm gonna really enjoy this one.
I am SO ADDICTED to this game !! Im always looking for a new puzzle type game to play that doesnt get boring & i think ive found it !! Many options to make it more difficult or easier depending on preference as well as speed it up i just LOVE IT. I decided to give it a try before I hopped in the shower so I could delete &free up space on my phone if needed & that was over an HOUR ago..! I had to turn the water off to keep playing ! Needless to say, this game isn't gonna be the one to go !!!
This is a simple game with some strategy. I wish the levels were designed more intentionally (with interesting challenging features) but I was looking for something in the cell-connection-war genre with some strategy to it and that is what I got.
The yellow and green colors look almost the same. That would be my only negative critique of the game. On level 1807 currently, very fun to pass time on rainy days, and break time at work :)
I came to this game, saw "300+" levels, and thought that this was a nice challenge. Not insurmountable, but something I can spend a few weeks to conquer. Now, it is technically true that there are over 300 levels. I'm currently at level 12 000+. Almost to 13 000, and it has been litteral years since I got it. It feels endless and thus pointless. There is no overcoming this game. There is no finish. There is only splash after splash, all the way to infinity.
Simple gameplay. Great visuals. A little too simple though. I've played a lot (I'm currently on stage 1,150). And still just rampaging through levels. There is no difficulty, honestly no strategy really. A good time killer but thats about it. Not a strategic game**. Update to add a star.. finding myself playing this a lot more recently trying to push for higher leaderboard status. Its becoming addicting. Pushing near level 2k now lol. Good game! The power ups update is good, needs work though!
The game is super simple and basic strategy. This simplistic nature makes it a great time waster for me. I've played over 2k levels. Not too many ads. It could definitely use some polish and upgrades but I love it.
A very enjoyable takeover game with some fun mechanics. There is, however, a particularly annoying bug where a node will stop firing along the path you designated, either selecting a new one seemingly at random or just not firing at all. It only happens on some levels (like #495, but several others before that as well) and doesn't make the game unplayable, but it is frustrating enough that I gave the game 4 stars instead of 5
Best relaxing time-killer ever. 4 months, 1047 level.. Only one problem is grid-like levels, they are strain me. I would like to have a level generator options to disable some level types (i think there are these types: grid, default-small, default-large, circle. Correct me if its wrong), or at least grid
I've spent a lot of time in this game. I like these colors and animations. Thank you. Also I'd like to recommend this game for those who liked neon stuff.
Best capture the node strategy game I've played yet. Fast paced with semi complex mechanics. And plenty of levels, so not getting bored anytime soon.
Decent, not terrible. Definitely gets boring and repetitive after a while, and has the quick cash feel to it.
Best in it's genre. I usually get bored of games quite easily. This one had kept me going. On level 1800.... Ads are every few levels but you can skip at 5 seconds. Best balance of ads I've seen. Great way to waste time!
Super fun! I like playing it. It's got some good strategy to it, though it suffers from the snowball effect pretty bad. If you have more orbs, you basically win. Please please please add a custom map option. I want to be able to control the maps and for example, make them bigger.
Better games like this out there. The fixtures limit the game and forced ads after 5 or so intro levels.. Nah.
Good game many levels 500+. Many ads but that's ok because the game is free.Can someone tell me how to restore progress? It [email protected]
Played about 30 levels and the difficulty stayed the same. This game would be so much more fun if the difficulty ramped up or if it was multiplayer.
Simple to understand and a great pastime! I recommend changing the speed to 300% once you get used to it
Really repetitive. No real learning curve nor skill involved. It's not a bad foundation for something that could get better.
Dumb. The gameplay is simple, but the mechanics seem to vary from level to level. You can't rely on something working a certain way because sometimes your attacks will do nothing to an opponent and then they do it to you and you die. You can send an unlimited wave at a target and sometimes it will do zilch. Game broke at lvl 65 for me. Too bad, was fun until that point when the mechanics broke.
So the game is such a good idea but most of the game is dependent on luck. What I mean is that depending on where the a.i moves first u might win or loose.
Absolutely love this game! It's great for when you've got a couple of spare minutes and want a little bit of entertainment. You can switch between dual and single mode if you're stuck on a level or want to play differently. I didn't mind how often the ads played but considering how much enjoyment I've gotten from this game (2500 levels now) I didn't mind paying the $3.50 to remove them.
I like that they give you controls at the beginning of each level to let you adjust the difficulty. Gameplay is easy to understand. Great game!
For a simple game it keep things interesting, at some point you feel stages just repeat themselves, but at least it doesnt throw you an ad every stage, it does so every 5 stages or so
Really simple, nice and fun. it's the perfect level of brain engagement for when you are looking for something not too complex
The best take on this concept. The power nodes add a layer of strategy, the colors pop, and the UI is sleek. A very well made game.
I am a big fan of "cell wars" type of games such as Auralux, Galcon, Eufloria. I have encountered many many clones which are just not up to the mark. However I can say that Splash Wars is definitely at the top when it comes to these type of games. I like the options to slow down, dual cells in beginning are great and the staggering number of levels is amazing. I am on level 285 and loving it. It would be nice to have multiplayer and more types of cells. This is a great game!
I love these attack orb games. This is puch the best one I've played. The ads are 5 seconds long, and the mechanics are cool
Its a good time waster have had to skip a level , dunno if anyone else has run into this bug where after restarting the level random nodes start preloaded with like 6 shots it but it helped me through a couple of levels i would like to see harder AI they will sometimes knock a node down to the last hit then just leave it wide open
Great game, nice time waster. Currently over 3000 levels in and still enjoying it. A level creator would be good to see
If you're looking to waste some time it's a good game. It also requires a wee bit of strategy which makes it more fun.
Game is fun when it works,but it makes random moves for me. It directs troops to places I haven't told them to go, and it continually stops troops from following a path I've set. I make a move and one of my paths will stop running or reverse for no reason. It even makes moves for me when I am not touching the screen.
Game play is nice. Adds are frequent but you can fast forward them. Update: I eventually stopped playing because the Adds kept stopping my music playback WITHOUT resuming it. It's sad when the game developer looses players when the ADD developers are the ones messing up.
I played this game for a few minutes and it's really fun, atleast for now. I like that there's different kinds of orbs so we can use them in different ways, more ways of using orbs = more strategy!
Starts simply and goes just enough into the challenge to leave you feeling like you are a skilled general. Very reasonable ad level. Fun
Could be great game, if it wasn't just another ad generator. Forced ads are cancer in any game, not just in mediocre like this. Too RNG: if some of the opponents make a few good moves at the start, you are practically lost. If they start to battle each other, you will have a chance. I dare to guess that all levels are just randomly generated. Great potential wasted. And there are "events", which in dev's mind means: "Today we won't molest you by ads, yay!" It's s an insult to any real event.
This is a game that could be good, but isn't quite there. The controls don't always work, and you end up swiping over and over to get cells to connect. The game mechanics are really vague, too. What is the health of a cell? How full it is? Or the little ring? The game doesn't say. And holy buckets are there ads. Do yourself a favor, don't download and don't support lazy design.
Amazing game, very fun I've loved playing this game, I've done over 1000 levels and the later ones do get really hard, sometimes it's luck with how the level starts. But its a simple game, beautifully designed and a great time killer. Ads don't seem to be a problem at all
Love the game itself, but the ad filters for unity need to be adjusted. Content is not children friendly and shows different ads for 18+ apps. This doesn't happen in other games on same device and multiple ad reporting for offensive content has had no affect. It looks as though the creators don't want to limit ad revenue, and thus I will be uninstalling.
It's been a nice game no glitches graphics are nice music's OK I'll keep it in my game file it's a nice way to pass the time.
A pretty fun strategy game with a lot of different things to consider in battle. A fine way to pass the time, and not too many ads. Also, it won't stop asking me to rate it
Good strategy game. It comes down to dumb luck with the AI, which can be frustrating. Devs did good with the options too. I've had difficulty when I'm selecting who to attack, but that may be my own fat finger syndrome.
This game is so entertaining! This game doesn't have too many ads, you can customize some options on the level, you can be creative on how you kill the enemies, and more!
It's a fun game. Not too heavy on a tutorial, but it doesn't really need one. Later on you get the choice of starting with one or two cores, and whether or not to do power ups. This can be kind of an annoyance, as tbh some levels can't be won under certain settings, and you might have to turn off one or both of them in order to win. That being said, it's a good game. Fun, challenging at times and I've only had one level that I was tempted to skip. Ads aren't all that heavy, 1.99 to remove.
It's a cool little game BUT it's very random. Instead of playing optimally, the bot makes random moves, which greatly lowers the challenge.