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Spinny Circle

Spinny Circle for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Squad Social LLC located at Atl. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 3.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love it so much and it says if you beat 50 you get to win a hoverboard. It has a lot of ads but it doesn't matter to me because I still get to play this amazing challenging game it's so fun to play because all you got to do is tap so the ball will match it's color
Do i get a hoverboard now?i do really like the game. Very addicting. Especially for the hoverboard.the only thing i dislike is all the ads. Every 2or three games i play. It gives me a ad. Please fix. Also i would like to get a notification about that hoverboard. THANK YOU
Waaayyy too many adds, I feel like I watch an add every three games which only takes like 15 seconds to finish all three rounds. Annoying
Ads are everywhere! The concept of the game is simple but somehow it glitches way too much! Idk how they managed to mess this up. Also just a pro tip for less ads enable airplane mode.
This game is so much fun I love it. But if you say somthing then you have to keep it. I know a lot of people play this game just for the prize this gives you a lot of business, but you have to keep your promise. Like my hoverboard. If this happened to you contact them there e-mail is in the description. ๐Ÿ˜ . SCAM.
It's an awesome game, but i wouldn't play for the hoverboard, because its not real. I got 54 and nobody has contacted me. I was so excited for a minute but I guess it's not real. I also got notification saying there is only 2 more hoverboards, but I guess it's a scam
I really like this game but its almost unplayable due to all the ads. Ads will even come up in the middle of a round. The first few rounds are always messed up because of ads, and after that if I don't feel like playing anymore, then the entire game was full of ads, and no fun. It is fun idea, and if it wasn't for the ads, it would have 5 stars.
OK this one thing made me add this game on my phone is because u hit 50 u get a hoverboard. Well I got 58, might be low, but its still past 50. Only thing it did was make people want to play this game. Another thing is the ads. I swear their are more ads on this game, than the people in this world. Creater if you don't fix this I will go to the corporate about this situation to get a hoverboard, its not fair. Don't spam anyone on anything you wouldn't want someone else to do to you. Thats just how I feel.
Don't download this game it's horrible and there are waaaaaay to many ads that pop up in the middle of a game and it's so annoying and it also glitches and freezes to where I have to restart the game like every game if I could rate -5 I would because this game sucks. I would be a good game but you ruined it with putting an ad in between each game. This game is awful so put less ads and fix the glitches and I might rate 2 stars ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก
I'm after getting over 50 but I didn't receive anything to say I won a hover board so if I were you I wouldn't get my hopes up. How do I know if I get the hover board?
The game is coolโœŒ but the ads. Please change! Maybe we should be convinced for downloading other apps but leave it for social media or at least 2 reminder ads not 5 every 5th time you fail. Other people have made complaints and seem to be upset as much as I am. Please fix, so everyone won't make so much complaints๐Ÿ˜Š (Love the game btw)
The game in general is fine. But it is very frustrating when an ad pops up as im playing the game causing me to die. And there are ads constantly coming up tgat I have to wait for. I'll eventually delete this if it is not fixed and change my rating to a one.
Ok, a lot of people are saying that it is super fun and challenging and wonderful. But I honestly think that it is stupid and boring and you know what it wont even work. It won't load it just goes to a blank white screen I tried shutting down my phone and re downloading the game. Oh and also waiting a day or two. So I am not sure why it doesn't work is it that my phone is an Android I do not think so. Yeah I do not know why is not working stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid!!!
"Way too many adds. The only reason that it is popular and people play it is because of the hoverboard giveaway. But other than that it is a challenging and enjoyable game. There for it is not 5 star worthy, adds must be fixed otherwise it is 4 stars at the most."
Wanna know what's worse then a game that sends constant push notifications? A game that lies about a big prize you get after hitting a certain score. And after hitting that score, continues to lie. Answer to your question people?? There is no hover board. The only good this about this game is the fact that it was quick to uninstall!
My friend Abel showed it to me so cool tho. And challenging get it And it is FUN TO PLAY WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS TOO SO STOP WASTING TIME AND GET IT Nโ˜บW. But if u can make the ball go a little higher plz
I got 71 for my record and I sure hope that this isn't a phony game that says "win something really cool" like it probably is. That would suck if it was fake. But nonetheless, an entertaining game!
I like this game because its fun, addicting, and its a good quick game. BUT. Way too many adds. Almost every time you fail an add comes up. I usually put my device on airplane because of this.
The app has too many video ads that you can't skip. Also please fix the glitches. Other than that, really great game it is challenging and I cannot stop playing. Play with a friend and beat their highest score. It is a great time killer as well.
I really like this game and I've been trying beat the goal of 50 for the hover board. So far I'm at 79. What do I do?!?The notifications keep popping up but I have beat 50.
I don't like how the alignment of the color panels are off at times. Ruins it a bit and there are way too many ads. The amount of times we have to close them out is irritating. Besides that, it is a great and simple game. Very addictive.
This is such a bad app!! It has wayyyyyyyyy to many ads for the game! If u like a add free game download a different one
This is a really good game...and I love to play it when I have free time....but there are extremely to many ads. I understand that businesses need to get there business noticed...but not with all these ads. I play three times and after that there is an ad.It really is annoying and that's a bug that this company needs to fix.
I really like this game! It's fun and challenging. The reason I did not put 5 stars is because adds keep poping up,its soo annoying! Other than that I really do enjoy this game.
I understand you have ads so we'll buy the one without, but to have ads in the middle of the round is ridiculous. I like the game but I hate that the adds pop up when I'm still in the middle of a round, then end up messing up when it gets back to my game in the middle of the round.
I love the game and it is an amazingly fun and addictive game but I took away 1 ๐ŸŒŸ because there are way too many ads. Also I never got my Hover Board that you said I'd get for hitting 50 points.๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜ก
I really like the game it's fun and very well put together but WAY to many adds and if your only going to get it for the hover board it's a lie there is no hover board they are just saying that to get you to get the game but over all its not a bad game.
Its an awesome game but there are just way to many ads. It gets extremely aggravating when an ad comes up because most of the time you cannot skip the ad until it is half way finished. Please fix this problem.
I recommend you not to get it. It has ads and you have to remove it with $2. Also all you have to do is spin a color circle until you loose
Great game. Love it! Just two problems. When I click on the notification for the game it blocks the numbers with gray rectangles and when it says play 10 rounds for a surprise there is none. Oh and I know this one is kind of in"fixable" but if its possible I would love if u didn't have to have an Instagram to get the hoverboard
Not bad game. Except for yge two facts that Apparently if u get 50 u win a hover board, ha! Nice trick I've read most of the comments and reviews and not one has said that they got a free hover board. Such a fake and ads everywhere too. $2 to remove ads? Jesus you might as well buy sommat w that money.
This game relies on you messing up your last move so that you will mistakenly tap the ad screen and have to watch videos. Also, there is no exit. When you press back button, nothing happens. It's easy enough to kill the process but I am unistalling anyway. You watch ads more than play the game. Not cool.
This is the best game app! Yeah, it might have ads. But, its worth going through them. This game involves thinking, and quick actions. It makes you have adrenaline! When you are doing the game, you want to beat your high score! You want to beat it really badly! You are to late! You say, "No! I'm not a quieter! I will accomplish my goal of beating my high score!" Its the BEST game I've ever played! So much magnificent qualities! You must try it! Ignore those ads, then you might think the same way of me! ๐Ÿ˜‹
This game is amazing and really fun but there is just tooo many ads right when im playing an add will show up and then another and another. Sometimes when I play I can't see my score because its blocked by a grey box, so I deleted it and no longer have this app.
I played 1 and then there was an ad. I can't enjoy the game with an ad after every round. And it's impossible to tap that fast. I tried this game for a hoverboard so clearly only people who have time for ads enjoy this game. If you ask me no one should play this game or These Crazy Walls. The only reason you people give away hoverboads are because u know no one will get it
This game is fun and additive. But the down side of this game is that it has whey to many adds and the game says that if I hit 50 or more I will get a hover board but I hit 73 and I didn't get my hover board. I would deffently give this game 5 stars if it took the adds away and gave me my hover board. One time I hit almost 120 but an add popped up and made me lose and they didn't count the score. So if you can fix this I would so give this game 5 stars and if you don't I'm going to delete the game.
EVERY SINGLE TIME I start over there is ads. It gets on my nerves. Love the game but GET RID OF THE ADS!
After owning this game for only around 40 minutes my high score so far is 43. By the way my friends friend knows the creator. My friend told me about the game and I watched him play it, so I downloaded it and I got addicted to this game.
I beat 50! How am I supposed to qualify for this "Hoverboard that your giving away, if you beat a score of 50" I am so confused! I want my hoverboard! I worked my butt off to get passed 50! I don't care, if I got 51 I still made it passed 50, so give me my hoverboard or I will report this game to Google Play Games, Services, and the Store and get this game tooken off! You guys are scammers! Give me what I have earned!
Fun, addictive, and challenging. But, there's just two things wrong. First of all, there are WAY TOO MANY ADDS, fix it. Secondly, where's that hover board that is supposedly going to be won if you pass 50? I got to 70 and I don't see anything. Why?
It sucks bc u have way too many adds. It's annoying, really annoying. Remove adds FOR FREE and maybe then I'll reinstall
This game is so addicting and I can't stop playing it. It is just amazing but there is one thing that they can change, they can change it to where it is a little easier to play... But other than that then the game is awesome I think you should download it. Oh I also forgot but there are AAY TO MANY ADDS.
Its so addicting in a good way! Its really fun even tho it looks boring! ITS AMAZING SO DOWNLOAD IT PLZ IF U BEAT A CERTAIN SCORW U HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN STUFF๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†
I love the concept of this game. It feels really good for the mind!! BUT, on essentially every turn, we have to go to the other end of the color wheel. I think the color balls should be much better balanced so that you get just as many nearby colors as those far. There are wayyy too many far ones to really enjoy the game. Definitely needs to be a challenge but its more fun if you have to go randomly at any point on wheel..not just complete other end almost every time. PLEASE change that! โ™ฅโ™ฅ
I didn't get my hoverboard and I beat 50 I'm @ 105 sooooo yeah the ads pop up in the middle of my game and what are these coins for they don't help at all.only 2 stars.
I have never played a game with so many pop up ads to the point u can't even play it. Should be reported for spam so many ads pop up