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Spin to Win

Spin to Win for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Airgm Solution. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This app for me is amazing..... I have been playing everyday for the last 10 days and i have made 16000 coins which is now $70 . Am getting ready for my first withdrawal can't wait.. after that i will come and give 5 ๐ŸŒŸ
The app is great but i give it a 2stars because the spin end till next day before i can continue and i will give it a 5start amd recommend my friends to join after i receive a payment first
Nice update the ads are more lesser now it is really addictive...I just give 3 star but when I reach the minimum pay out and received it I'll give 5 star
Still quite nice to play..waiting to get to the 18000 to see whether i can withdraw or not..then i can conclude everything with 5 stars
Its a awesome application to make money and the problem is we can't withdrawn in our own money but it needed 18000rs$
This app does not deserve any rating. I have cashed put TWO times, and on both occasions it said that my request was sent to the server and that's it. The app doesn't state how long it takes to get paid, so you'll know how long you'd have to wait. It does have any record to say that you made a request, and i have been waiting for 3 weeks and nothing. Nothing to say why i have not received payment. This app is a scam and is fake. YOU ALL NEED TO STOP SCAM PEOPLE.
It seems to be 18000 coins to withdraw.I get that much coin but when withdraw there's no withdraw occur. It's almost fake . Don't download. I don't like to give even 1 star.
This app is great for withdrawal is 18000 coin a bit is not allowed for withdrawal I have using for 2day now my coins is 3000 and need Espcially need to know 18000 coin need take how may day to complete it,if got withdrawal from this app goods I am so Happy
Worst app of all time..i can't imagine how i lost all my time to watch at their adds upto when i reached 18000 points....its been 3 days now since i made the withdrawal to my PayPal account and nothing yet received..please don't download it ..its totally scam..should be removed from the playstore๐Ÿ˜ญ
This app is really good I like it, I just cashed out my 18,000 coins today October 10, 2020. Still waiting for it to get credit into my bank account then am gonna give it 5 stars. I pray I get credited soon because I spent most of my time playing this game.
I love this app it's easy to make money, but my only problem is that it can't withdraw money till 18000 coins I hope one day it will be fixed I love all other ways and I will try my best to play sorry spin and sratch cards I am waiting for the 18000 points to get my money and then I will change my review and add new I am waiting I'm waiting I am waiting I'm waiting I am waiting I'm waiting I am waiting I'm waiting I am waiting I am waiting I'm waiting I am waiting I love this app
I reall dont know what to say but all was fine as i played the game and when i finally reached the taget It would not open kept showing the hand jumping up and down then lastly it openand i was able to make an withdraw with pay paytm but till date i think it's been two weeks and days now and i haven't received it...now just hoping
This is totally a fake app. Don't waste your time on this app. I made it to 18000 coins and applied for withdrawal but the transaction was never made. This app is big spam. And don't go for 5star reviews, those are all paid reveiws.
Waste of time and effort and not even worth of 1star. Not receiving my withdrawal after I had reached 18000 coins on the 3rd weeks of playing it. I just wasted my 3weeks playing this app and receive nothing as been promised. Dare not to install this guys...Never!!!
Worst game I have played it for past 1 month and collected 18000 coins and tried to withdraw it but it is not withdrawn into my paytm wallet just wastage of time
Okay there is a problem that when I got enough money then after when I opened it morning it showed that you have to update the app and when I went on the play store to update the app it didn't showed me the update option only it showed me the open and uninstall option .So I want the App developer to fix the problem . Thankyou
It's a cool app. Yes you need to earn 18000 min before you can cash out. I'm at 16,496 right now and I've been playing for a week. Others say it's gonna take months or so but not really. Maybe just weeks 'cause I earn like 1000+ a day. I guess it depends on your luck too and for sharing the app I don't get 10,000 like it says but I do get 50 per share which is helpful. Not much ads too. I'll update this when I reach 18000 hope I can really cash out as well. And to others well... goodluck๐Ÿ˜Š
Its really good apps,it gives real money Just need to work 15-20 minitues daily,and i win many of dollar........It's gives withdrawal after 18000 coin,, That's the problem,, need too many time to earn 18000 coin
Its hard and limited to earn. Its also having trouble, after the day i earn points the next day it show that you can try for the next day but its wont work then i try it again but it wont!
..hello......this app only allows withdrawal in 18000 coins that means about rs 600....if you use app daily and you can earn this 18000 coin in a 18 days some it will be take less days only.....Nice app....but the spining wheel takes some time....now I am in 11000 coins....after earning money I wil give 5 stars..plese don't download this app...we don't gwt money it.was.an worst.app.in.play store.....I am repporting... I don't get my payment...cheated me.
It is a lot of coins you have to reduce the number is impossible if you make the pieces smaller, I will rate everything by five stars I don't care about the ads I will see it
This app is good but minimum redeem is problem please minimum redeem 18000coins it is so difficult and not paying refer and earn money and lots of ads
Time waste and data waste.............. This offers us we can withdraw our money when we reach 18000 coins , but it isn't give our redeemed money After we redeeem This app's owner found this for using our data in their platform Dont use this app Waste of time.....****
A week ago I cashed out 17900 coins. I'm expecting to get cash after a day or so. But in the end I realized that it's really not legit.๐Ÿค” It doesn't pay money. We were the one who's paying them through watching adds and installing it.๐Ÿ™„ It is really a nice app but don't expect cash on it if you really want to download it.
This app is very useless, maximum spin is 15, but the spin is 500 and you can only withdraw with the maximum of 18000 coin.how is that possible.500ร—15 is 7500 if all spin stop at 500 which is impossible with this app. I play and the highest I can get is 3252 coins.if you don't have anything to do ,then you can download this app
A lot of users saying that this app is easy to earn money but some of them are saying that, when u reach the 18,000points, u can't cash out. I'm using the app for about a minutes and i have 1,389 points, and haven't cash out yet. Does anyone had cash out here? Did they pay you?
This app is very best app and earn coin and money when you are looking for a few days this is very good
Amazing games and its easy to gain a points. Today i reach the minimum cashout and i redeem my points..waiting for my payment to received i hope it really pays..Thank you developer,i change my rate once i received my payment . Its been a month i did not received my payment guys this app is a SCAM. dont Download it !!!!!๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก
This app is very good i play free fire i dont top up in it but from this app i got around 600 monthly now i purchase monthly membership every month...... Great App.
I like the app very much, but the only thing is withdrawal is sent to server. And i have waiting for the amount. Till now not yet received any payment.
Very nice app.I have no money top up in free fire but I installed this app and I top up and buy dj alok.Thank you so much 'spin to win app'.I am very happy now
I will give 5starts to this app when I reached my first transaction in my account and the app is very interesting.i hope my transaction will complete easily.
It is really a fake app. I have scored 18798 coins and I have withdraw the coins but there is nothing shown in the paytm wallet I am having screen recording with me and I can ban your app just be sure about that.ok From yesterday morning I have withdraw my money but it is still not came in my account. plse do about that.
Reached 15500, post that whenever im opening the app, a popup saying 'unfortunately the app stopped working' and then it restarts and im not able to do anything on the app. Also earlier I was getting 16 spins ans scratch chances which has reduced to 10 now which im still ok with but the app is getting resyatted every time I open it which is really frustrating.
This app must be removed completely. False advertising and there's non payment whatsoever. Its been over 5days and I'm still waiting for payment. Please don't waste your time and data thinking of downloading this app. They're just fooling us. I'll change the rating the day money reflect...until then...we'll remain here. Lies, lies and more Lies.
I made over 18 thousand coins and when I transferred it to my paypal it did not work ,I have been waiting for over a week now ,will give a 5 star if the money comes ,we will see
I have reached the 18000 coins and offered for withdrawal, but I haven't been paid. Try to figure out things before they get worse. I will increase to 5 stars if I get paid. Thanks you!
Totally fake app....i will report soon....I try to withdraw my 18000 coins but still it is not showing in my Paytm wallet.....so that's why I will rate 1 star....once I received my amount I will rate 5 star to this app......
I have collected the 17500 coins . When I tap on withdrawal it says your coins has sent to server . After one day I check my account but I didn't got it. So plz solve this issue fast as soon as possible. Thats why I will give only one star. After so many day if it give me the money. Then I will give five rating stars.
It's fantastic game and enjoy playing it but only problem lean is,they actually pay just as they is real money earning game,but I'm trying to reach the minimum withdrawal to see whether they will pay and I will then come back give 5 star,thanks
When I first got the app, I felt it was gonna be fantastic when I finally earned up to 18000 coins because I thought I was gonna be able to withdraw the money.... fairy tales. I earned the specified amount and withdrew to my bank account but it hasn't reflected since then... The app should just be removed or better still let people know there's no real money at the end.
I'll already withdraw on this app via their PayPal withdraw but I still didn't received anything from this app. I'm hoping for it, so I rate it at least 3 star, just please, guaranteed me that it's not a scam or after my a more days of waiting or I will rate it lowest. And give bad feedback 2 or 3 more times. If you'd didn't send to me my first payment..
Very good app. I thought this could help me with my financial situation especially this year (talking about pandemic) but guess what?! I haven't receive the money in my paypal account. This just broke my heart. You just gave me false hope ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ’”
I am really enjoyed this app not because them pay me,because i got some information through their advert, great app, keep up your good work.
The app is very fun bt after my spin and scratch card got finished there was noting I could do to get the spin and scratch card. Since yesterday til this morning I don't have any scratch card and spin.
Very very very waste app spins are less but withdraw limit is high, using since 20 days and reached to 18000 coins amount was not transferred to my paytm wallet but coins debited from my spin to win wallet
This app is great, for withdrawal is 18000 coin. 18000 coins a bit is not allowed for withdrawal, I have using for 2 day now my coins is 3000 and above. Especially need to know 18 thousand coins need take how many day to complete it. If got withdrawal from this app I will change the star rate to 5 star. Wait and see. I will change my rate conversation every one week.
I had high hopes for this as I saw great reviews. I built up my patience till I reached 18,260 coins. When I tried to withdraw this through Paypal (October 2, 2020) I did not receive anything from this app. I am really frustrated to the point that I want to ban this app forever--
Fake application, I try this and I earn 17672 points, when request for withdrawal application show there my withdrwal is successful but no record found and no balance shown in my paypal account and no email confirmation or any other confirmation received by paypal yet. Total time loss application. Friends please not installed this application and don't west your precious time. This is totally fake application.
Pretty good at start but when I had 27$ in my account it changed to 12$ But it is interesting to play
I reached the minimum amount points to be able to withdraw in my paypal account just this morning but then nothing appear on my paypal account. I just check my paypal account just now and still they haven't forward it. If ever they successfully send the money to my paypal I will get back to this review and rate it to 5 stars.
After so many days of hard work ,comes a terrible foolish blander whereby you sent a withdrawal request and nothing is happening to your package.what is the problem with this app,I am waiting for 3-5 days now please fix this silly mistake, furthermore if it can be fixed better delete it from play store than misleading people with false rewards .
I have been doing this for 2 months, but 18000 coins have not been collected ... If you want to spoil the timeless game.
This is good but, if you withdraw the money when you are done with the coins collecting. Thuo you will withdraw but you will not recieve the money. So two stars are enought. And is very nice app thuo
I'd already finished the 18k needed to widraw the balance. . And when i click the widraw all of the points that i've collected was gone. . And says that my request was sent. . But until now i didn't receive the payment on my paypal. . Thats why i gave 1 star. . But if i receive the the payment i will change my rate. .
After an update it's stop working totally,just showing the jumping picture of a ๐Ÿ’ฐ from a hand, only share option is working..i playing this game more than two weeks,but I think this is none other than wasting ur precious time...
The app is good, but even if you share and install the app to your friend, no coins will be add. So much better not to share it.
This app is good, you can withdrawal only when coins reach 18000, im still working on it, i think it will pay. As of now im rating it 3star
I'll give 4 stars , i enjoyed the game i think the app is a earning app though i haven't withdraw the thing is that there are so many ads that consumes time but the app is fun and you can earn coins that fast๐Ÿ˜Š
It a good app but they should allow you to redraw any amont of your choise that is why I did not give them the five stars but the app is really good and working well.
This is the best app to earn money faster. I installed this app 3 days back and earned 180 Rs from this app. If you need an app to earn money faster go for this app blindly.
I can't get any coin from sharing the app , while the app says, "get 10,000 or more coins from sharing the app".It's take too much time to collect 18000 coins.
Spin to win is the best app for the invited people that are interested in a game inspired to win real money. showing an offer for that willing to compromise with the rest of nature blessing. Give yourself some time to play this game until you get the resolution on this game can reach your needs. It's about time!!!...etc
It's been 2 days since I withdraw my 18045 coins to my mobile phone but nothing happens. Such a waste of time. I played 2-3 weeks but then nothing happens when i claim my coins.
This apps is wasting time,i played for how many days already and its working smooth,until to day when i open apps it says that it's not available in my country!!? how come? Iv'e played a lot of time until i almost got 18000 coin then says it not available damn. Don't waste you time with this ups. If there is zero i will rate this zero