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Spin Royale: Win Real Money in Slot Games

Spin Royale: Win Real Money in Slot Games for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by Viker located at Viker Ltd 200 Union Street London SE1 0LX. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Gambling with Cash Payouts) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I started playing this about 2months ago. When I started it was great think I got up to £10 in about 4 days after watching all the ads and doing the rounds every 6hours. As soon as I got to £19 a £1 away from cashing out I haven't won anything since and now stuck on £19.22 for over a month after playing every day every 6 hours absolute scam and waste of time
This game is a total waste of time and data! How could you claim you will pay out once reached 20$ only for me to get stocked at $18:58 ! The data I burn to play this game is more than 20$ why not keep to your words and stop wasting people's time and data!!!😠😠😠
I've been playing lots of these games for the past couple of months. I have won so much money but not a penny has been paid out. They are a scam. On the other hand this game is different, it only pays out pennies at a time.....and it's only every 3hrs or so. Last but not least.......ITS BRITISH!!!🍾🥂WOOHOO!
I'm stuck on $8.90 the developers always said that they pay a lot almost everyday. But so far I can't find any comments about "the winner". Today I got $5.00 from this game, although not a big amount, but Viker is really pay. Thanks Viker, hope to get more later 🙏🙏🙏
I noticed it gives you large amounts and the closer you get to the goal to cash out you stop winning its crazy....I've had to start over again on three different phones but of course it was the same phone number.
Well I just started playing, not enough dollar prizes there always coins like 25cents I want $500dollers big 🤑
There is are ads in middle of spin. You make money when we watch ads. But you don't pay to people. I don't see that someone have payment from you. I have decided to test your app for payment. If you pay i will advertise your apps in social media groups. But if you don't pay me i will ban your apps from Play Store. Trust me. 😊 I am Backtrack382😉
Nothing surprising. It's equivalent to all the games not sponsored or endorse by Google play, the best way to rid Google play of all of these spam games,is to petition the federal government and site this company for corporate money laundering and tax evasion both federal crimes both punishable by prison time and fines for everyone involved. The only way to stop this and other pay for play conglomerates is to seriously put them out business to the point where they can't touch a computer.
I have been playing this game for 4 months now.... In the beginning I won 10 cents every round up and till it got to 8,7 EUR..... Now nothing.... I spin and spin and win only coins, which means nothing in real money.... I sadly find this is false advertising on the developers part.... Am going to give it one more round and then install it
Finally after 3 months constant play, I've reached to 5000000 and cashed out £5. I still haven't received the money after 5 days - no update or email. The game is fun but it is waste of time. £5 after 3 months play. I'm giving 1 star, just because the app is good.
I achieved 5 mil coins on 9 Jan but as of now still didn't get the $5 into my PayPal. Why it takes so long?
U should boost fake review,really bad platform. Don't pay so many $ at first and don't stop paying $ near$20.You don't lose with so many ads.But bad system, viker will end in next few days.Only idiots will play viker's games!
I think this game is a rip off. I'm glad it's free to play because your not going to win any money. Multiple times I so called won money but it doesn't register and I won a $50 jackpot and that didn't register either. No point of playing if you're winnings disappear
What's the point of the fancy updates if no players are spinning out cash after reaching $8/€8/£8? It's evident that the game is rigged so no one reaches the $10 threshold and please don't give us the automated response that it's all down to luck if we are experiencing it on all Viker games..Google play needs to seriously investigate as it reeks of scam and greed on Viker developers part.Update..still stuck at £8.60 after nearly a year and others have advanced to nearly £20
This is a good app to earn money on except one thing. I've been playing for a few months and still I'm stuck on £8.90? Plus you never get the jackpot. It's stupid
Advertising system, just wasting time without no benefit. The only one who get benefit is the developer via traffic and ads. It's all fake, lies and scam. I'm not recommended at all.
I AGREE with ALL the reviews that say once you reach a certain amount it STOPS paying out!!! I actually think it's IMPOSSIBLE to reach £20! At first the app is enjoyable and enticing as it's chucking out money prizes all over the place, that within a few days of playing I accumulated over £10 and now I'm on £18.60 a figure which is mentioned in SEVERAL reviews and not winning a penny more! So NO coincidence and NOT a game of chance and luck as the developers say in response to a few reviews!!!
Stay away from this game unless you like watching the same ads every 20 seconds. so you think the bridge is of $20.00 and end up playing this game with empty hands and the developer makes money out of you. My experience - I reached $18.20 and after this the actual cards are missing that will allow you to make money and complete. absolute fraud, a fake game that doesn't pay a dime
Nice little slots games, wish you'd add more ways to win money like a spin wheel or just one slots one which is all money based like 1p 10p 50p £1 £5 ect where you get it once a day, could also put 10 spins per one instead of 5 and also what's the average on when the max amount the full money is won per spin game 1 a day 1 a week 1 a month?
This game isnt like the ads that show big dollar amounts being won. Ive played two complete board sets and won a total of $5. Im winning pennied at a time. When I hit triples, Im winning tokens not cash. I am also frustrated with the ads always leading to a restart of the game and not moving on to the next game o the board. I understand the need for the ads to keep the app free, but cant the ads return me to the board instead of retarting the app?
After a long trial i have concluded that this app is just a scam, the developer just programed it to trick people for data trafic scam, they will allow you to win real money for the first 3--4 days afer which the control will be on their power i intalles the app when it was $5 to cashout they increased it to $20 dolars and 4m coins i have made $18.43 since 3 weeks but since then no $ won, and the coins decreased i have 1m plus points now they increased it to 5m points, proper scam. theives
Thank you for your late response but I have uninstalled the application days ago..I'm fully aware of the nature of the game and I respected that..However it took me over 3 mos to collect that $10 and when finally at last I can cash it out then sudden change of the rules was applied..It's really disappointing..You could have at least allow us to cash out on the first then apply the new rules on subsequent cash-outs..If you cannot comply on the original T&C how can we trust you now...
Not sure what to say about this. I have played Viker games before, have won cash and left positive reviews. I have not played for about a year due to needing a break from the adverts. Got bored and reinstalled some aps. Found this one that was new. 4 or 5 days of playing and many small wins up to a grand total of £18.60. Cash out is £20. After this the wins stopped. It seems Viker have gone the same way as the rest of similar apps. Not won for days and TBH, watching so many ads is depressing.
Some games freeze as if your not ment to win anything worth apart from the silly coins. They say in ads it's one of the games that you can make money quick. But this is false as if it's a good win it always freezes
So played for months now and.......no you won't win real money n yes you may get £5 in many years to come .Google really needs to step in on all these so called games that claim their legit and even now use covid stories to try n make you play thinking you will actually win some REAL money ...for the love of god has no one a real heart any more just sheer greed ????????????
As with most other players, once you reach a certain amount close to the $20.00 this app stops paying any amount! No matter how much you keep trying, you will never be able to accumulate the minimum $20.00 to cash out! Viker, I was expecting better from you! But now you're just like the other fake apps promising to pay out!
I like this app very much because it is very easy and funny to earn money . I earned £5 so many times in this game.So guys open this app and win more money.I am So happy.
Dear developer, stop with saying that you legit because you aren't at all. This is one big scam, nothing more than that. Those ratings from people with 5 stars aren't real. I did the same to a friend when he had his first app in the play store. Please stop creating fake games, with probably virus, or hackings software of some kind. Your only lying to people, please stop with that. Find a live......
I liked it at first when I was actually winning money. But, I've been playing for around 3 months now and am stuck at $8.90. And, I just found out that they changed it to $20 to cash out instead of $10 like it was when I started. And, it will take absolutely forever to get enough points just to get a $5 card. Don't waste your time.
The first couple days was cool I was racking up the money and then it gets closer and closer to the $20 payout and now I've gone like 3 or 4 days without one red Cent and I've done it before when I had this app it got to like $18 and then for 6 months I couldn't get a penny it's all gimmick there's no cards there's no prizes it just to get you to look at their f****** commercials that's it don't download it is a rip-off and a Time waster and b*******
Not worth the effort the cash earnings are rigged meaning when you hit close to the withdrawal amount they deliberately stop you winning any more cash I am currently stuck at 18.60 and not a single cent being win ... also need 5 million coins to win $5 not worth it because will never ever cover the cost of data waste on trash ads while the developer earns huge sums.. I recommend everyone uses an ad blocker app stop these developers scamming us
Three to start, just started playing. Noticed that you can't cash out until 20$ even though in the terms of conditions they tell you that you can cash out at 10$. We will see what happens.
Wish i could give zero star cos this game only makes you waste time. You'll never hit any jackpot, never reach 10$ to cash out, and the most annoying part of it is that it's fully loaded with unnecessary ads. PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME !!
It was amazing when I used to play at starting with interest . But it's sad to say that after the money reached to $9 the spin of money don't come. And yes I also think it's all under the control of developer . And also the coin spin also only come on 100, 200 & 400 now why. So, sorry to say and unsatisfied.
It's fun but it's time consuming to play each game. After you play it resets ran time. That gets boring. Besides that it's been taking forever to reach a goal
Utter waste of time and false advertising. Tokens and money slows once you get closer to the cash out mark. Once you close enough you can forget about ever getting $ because you wasting your time and data. And you NEVER get the jackpot
It's alright. Never really win nothing but always seems as though ya might. Graphics as good as any other. Best thing is ads aren't long and drug out quick to see or skip
How come when it's time to cash out at 10 dollars you go up to 20 dollars. I've been waiting a long time for this now I have to wait it isn't fair
!!!!! THIS IS A SCAM !!!!! Please read all reviews before choosing to download this game. I was able to reach like €15 easily in less than a week, and now to reach to the €18.60 I have now it took me 2 weeks. They developed just want you to watch their ads, they are not going to pay anyone. I've been reading some reviews and it seems that way. Don't download this game.
What to expect as a positive: 1.No pop ups asking you to spend money buying more coins to play. 2. A simple slot machine game that uses emojis on them. I didn't download expecting to get rich or make really any money. I downloaded it because of the fact that they aren't begging you to spend money every 5 seconds. Apps cost money to run so the ads never bothered me on apps. This one doesn't have a ton bombarding you. If you download this expecting to pay rent tomorrow you will be disappointed.
1st said minimal cash out $10 now after 2 yrs I reach $9 saying minimal cash out $20 I think its a scam app.
Please, don't install this app. Stuck at $18.23 with no hope of reaching $20 payout. Phone is always hot when using the app, after watching ads the app restart. The app is totally control by the developer. Jackpot is fake... Lies. One of the worst app ever. I should call out friends to uninstall. After additional weeks, still stuck at $18.23. You pay lucky winner or all winners?
Great spins runs smoothly. Payouts very low and few and far between. Fun to spin if you are not looking to make money at it.
Tokens I got are not being added to the balance. UPDATE : I was enjoying the game until recently. I'm only getting 100 coins most of the time unlike before like 2000. And OMG! I can barely reach $10 minimum payout and now suddenly you changed it to $20? Seriously?? Why? Just why. I'm not changing my rating of 1 star.
If i would have came here a few days after i started playing this game would have gotten a great review. I have been playing maybe 2 weeks got to $17.99 and it has stopped paying please don't pay good at first then come to a complete halt if things change i will come back with a better review. Cash out at $20 how freaking long will it take to get that $20 Sad Sad
The game is totally waste of times. It will not pay you as they will not give you chance to cash out. The all functions has set by developers. No chance to win cents when you reach at end of cash out. I have got $18.60 and the minimum cash out is $20. It is not possible to reach 20 dollars for cash out.
To be honest the system will get greedy when you are nearing the minimum payout requirement. Though, I'm willing to change my review if I can barely manage to reach the minimum payout, if not then this app deserves a 1 star for me😊.
FINALLY!!! A game that actually PAYS! I've only been playing about a week and I won a $50 jackpot on one of the slots! I cashed out a total of $67.35. I was told it would be in my account in 7 days and it was only 2 days! The game is a lot of fun to play. Good graphics. I've always loved emojis 😁
wow..i just received the 10$ to my paypal, actually i did not expect it thinking that they are the same as other apps i played and just run away after i requested withdrawal. But this Spin Royale surprised me. The game is so simple, ads is not as aggressive unlike other apps where ads is in every click. so i really recommend this app to everyone. enjoy playing, earning follows especially if developer has concern and giving back to all their players.
Never won anything apart from the £5 never see a list of any "winners" apart from the usual payout for the coins. Last time I checked it was £10 to cash out now it's £20
Installed 10 months ago and working on it daily still did not get 5 Million coins and didn't get even one cent from this app. Earnings are very very very slow. What a gimmick sir ji😠
Wow An app that actually pays out ! And not overloaded with adverts. My winnings rose to £20 and cashed out immediately, only a few days later money was in the bank. 😊
I'll give it 4 stars for now, but I promise 5 stars after first wd of REAL MONEY! This app appears to be legit though, and the virtual coins I assume you can use to unlock more jackpots or up the value of your spins since you aren't actually able to bet your own money to play for higher jackpots. Play alot, watch alot of ads to pay for the app, then let the app pay you, I love it!!!! I imagine that system allows more frequent payouts that do add up! You guys did nice work with this app!
This game is fun and all but I've been at 18$ for about 3-4 weeks now it's ridiculous. It's hard to barley even get money on this game it's awful definitely wouldn't recommend this app if your wanting to make money because it's a scam and will take weeks and weeks . Just play to have fun otherwise not the app for you.
I am not sure id youe saying thay just to save your game. But the actual people who actually ecperience and play youe game can definetly say if it is worth it or not... And for me as I experience it. The amount of time you put in to watching all ypur ad is not worth the return/winnings you provide
i enjoy playing it, and in my spin i earn $5 for two days. Hope i can really cash out this if i reach $10, but the problem is that when i open it and play again suddenly cant open. i have to reinstall the game. i dont wanna say its a waste of time but i have to give this app a chance to prove its real so that i can recommended it to others if its worth giving a time to spend playing. anyway i will rate 2 star only for the meanwhile.
So this is it. At first, you're winning 0.10$ in every spin, but when you're there, few spins/dollars of claiming the prize, there you have it, their trick comes out. no more dollars in spin. I can't even unlock 3 more spins by watching ads because I cant click the button. I thought this one is legit, but its not. They dont want you to win, they only make money from us. I'm uninstalling this after may review. 1 star for you.
It's amazing I love ir Very convenient You can no play in the comfort of your own home. Very easy because you don't need to travel and wait in long queues too play. Very good and safe. You can now play your and choose from a variety of games. The best of all is that you can play in peace and for long if you want too. Nobody watch over your shoulder to see what you have won. If I can choose a perfect way to play than this is it. You bring the slots to our doorsteps and I'm very glad I download i
Brilliant I feeling lucky to win some money I hope. 😀 have played this game a few months ago I think could be a year as I only just got my phone for my birthday and I love this app as I remember winning money here and there before. Great app and will recommend for people to have a go and see what you got to lose. Love and peace at this point in time for the world really. I am a bit of a worrier and I am tell you my life story and go on probably but fantastic app with be telling friends. 🇬🇧
I like this game so far. Just downloaded earlier today. I have one problem i dont like. I got .30 cents 5 times and it didnt add the amount to my bank.. It stayed on $3.40 instead of going up to $4.90.. That aint cool. I win the money it should be added to my bank. Its takes long enough to try to get to were you can redeem as it is, but then i winl money & it dont add it to my bank.. Not right at all. I enjoy game other then that issue..
One of the worse money making apps. It seems super rare to get a jackpot ( I still haven't managed it) & it will take a ridiculous amount of time to get enough to withdraw w/o it - each win gives u mere cents. Scammed into downloading it with fake "welcome credit" on the ad. Not super exciting, way too many ads, waste of time.