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Spin of Fortune - Quiz

Spin of Fortune - Quiz for PC and MAC

Is a Trivia game developed by Simplicity Games B located at Podkarpacka 22a 35-082 Rzeszów Polska. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Trivia game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Not enough time to solve long words. Annoying pop-up ads right after you win...... Really annoying. Edit: And it's crashing often with some errors. Uninstalling it.
its fun, adds are not an issue. i like it because I used to watch the show every day, feels like I'm really playing.
lackluster. The game looks good but thats where the quality falls away. The wheel hates me. wrong rules for play.
everything is great, but I'd prefer if ads were after every 2nd, 3rd lvl, but not after every level, it is really a bit too much
Please don't think that this MEADIOCHER GAME has the Slightest Comparison to the & i think the 'Much better' Free Play - Wheel of Fortune. Well What You Waiting For. Gew Ed, On Yer Way & Play For Yourself & See What You Think...
Not configurable enough. I'd like to disable spin animation, have the ability to use qwerty keyboard, to play against fewer opponents...
Has potential, but is ruined by the excessive ads. 30-40 sec ads that cant be closed. If you dont close them manually it will actually open Play Store without any warning, and my approval. In addition, it is too predictable. Every time I spin big, I get bankrupted. Without exception. I normally win a few hundred. AI wins 5-15.000. Annoying users to get them to pay for the app doesnt work with me.
The slow spin of the wheel and other unnecessary delays make the game unbearably slow. It should have a quick mode or tap-to-dismiss features.
I got to the "Beat the Boss" which i did just that. the clouds say beat the boss to move forward. then i got this "fatal error" message my screen went blank and it crashed the game. then i reopened it to see its making me start completely over even with me being logged in facebook like i was b4. sorry i kno u worked hard on this and im here to say the game sucks cuz it doesnt. im not complaining cuz its a free game lol no harm done here but just thought u should know. i rated it a 4, game wasfun
A brilliant game. I am wondering about this update. As I spent a lot of time on a game like this. Got far and high scores. I updated it and the game crashed. So I lost all. So Im unsure whether to update this game as Im not fully trusting these updates. I dont want lose my score my time and my love for this game to disappear because of an update that may crash it.
I like that the wheel can be spinned in either direction. Puzzles are challenging and there is both an adventure mode--which is brilliant...and a competition mode too.
this game is so amzing and the graphics are so good and this game is so addicting because you can play it anywhere without any problems or difficulties and i highly reccomend you to download this game. this is the best game i have played in a while 👌❤
The only reason I am giving this 2 stars is because 1. Its in different languages 2. Its fun for a day. Its not addicting. Its not good quality; heck, the sound effects suck. You prooooballyy shouldn't download this. And lets not even talk about the amount of adds and how long they are.
Been waiting 6dsys for the new levels to start... Getting abit annoying now.. As I loved playing this game. Thinking of just deleting it now.
The game is excellent but some times it can't spell check. It says basketball players, i get a pass on the wheel, and two A.I got C on the bottom and N on the end top, and i knew who it was but their was 1 more space and then googled the player, i then go back and get 2 Rs, Y, P, H and 2 Es. I then get a pass again and the A,I spells the whole word. Turns out Famouse basketball "Sthephen Curry" is comimg out of the locker room to shoot some hoops. I lost the whole $2-30,000
I like the game it is very addictive but the money that you earn is there for nothing since you can't buy anything with it
Grasshoppers are insects not animals. Chopin was a composer not music. Lizards are reptiles not animals. It would be helpful if you put things in their correct categories if a player gets a letter correct how about they get another spin until they get it wrong
Too many ads! One ads appear every one game session. Upgrade for $0.99 if you want to remove the ads. I really can't believe how this apps is so greedy to display ads on every game session. I will be presented with 50 ads if I play 50 times. So annoying.
Very good....but I wanted to play with friends online but that apparently couldn't work though the application was there for it , it kept searching for friends....even though they were online trying play with me as well.
this is an ok game spoilt by irrelevant adverts after every level is won, so no continuety, also every level you are playing against different players, so you can't see how you are progessing against them, or if there is a league table.
No idea how to play spin of fortune. If you reveal a letter you continue playing not passing to the other contestants. And ads on every click.
Obviously, I have played this game a long time ago an now, when I installed it again, it doesn't let me change language or log in from another account, please add settings for language and account
I am addicted to this game, I love the animation and graphics. having said that I would for the creators to stop deducting points when all players get a vowel wrong,please correct this issue. Post from Elsworth Ebanks,Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands B.W.I. I give this game a rating of 3 stars will give it a 5 star when this issue is fixed. Thanks.
I will give more stars but it's the same background every puzzle you do after you move up to a different world please make more exciting thank you
if you answer the puzzle it might give it to the person after you and tell you that you lost. it did it to me 3 times and now I am uninstalling the game. if you are trying to play a game like this just down load wheel of fortune it's way better
Hints are strange. How can "Romeo and Juliet" be the solution to the hint "Art"? Or "Ice Age" be the solution to "Animation". I guess one could consider a Shakespeare play art, or the animated movie animation. But it's a stretch.
I am deleting this! stupid! app!, because every time I complete a level, stupid adverts freeze up this stupid app, had no problems before, now this game is so frustrating, because stupid adverts sabotage the game, stupid adverts kill the fun factors. Stupid adverts won't even let me close the game, I have no choice but to restart the computer. It's better if you stop developing games seeing games stop playing after ads. I have to redo the same level over & over. No use bothering to play anymore.
First, I would like to correct Jackie Klocek,"Y" is indeed a vowel,often referred to as the 6th vowel. Anyway..I like the graphics, but I didn't play for very long until the game froze up. I have a question to the developers, why do you need access to our photo/media files? Oh,and Santa Claus is a famous PERSON?? Lol,that's a bit of a stretch! It could be a great game,it just needs a fine-tuning. Edit: It's STILL "frozen", I can't be bothered, un-install. Sorry.
Fun game, but names of people in sports are too hard. Also, why did I spin "lose 50%" three times in one set? That is a real bummer. I was doing okay until then.
Why do we earn game money if we cannot use it? We should be able at least to buy hints with the money we get after resolving a puzzle. Think about that for your next update.
So you keep getting 100 bucks sometimes, mostly bankrupt or pass, sounds like a reasonable app to keep, haha :)
Good, could use a few tweaks, though. Wish the keyboard layout was normal, not alphabetical. Also would be very nice to look at the board, while the wheel is spinning. Would be perfect if the board was moved up just a bit.
I played for less than an hour and the app crashed three times ( I have note 8 so I don't think it's a phone issue)
Would be a lot higher if it was easier to understand what I'm doing! From what I can tell, the total of points accumulated goes nowhere. As long as you're the one that solves the puzzle, you keep advancing. But toward what goal?
Very additive and good relaxing fun .would love another version of it .. look forward to it in the FUTURE
It is extremely bad game don't download this game please please please because always adds are coming of ep sec, don't have too much time.ver very very very very very very bad game. If somebody wants an interesting game download " carrom disc pool" it is very interesting game.
This App is good for me, They gave us your brain develop! Am feeling better when i just started to play this game! This is Also a Challenging Game for myself.So I Love This Apps! Thank You for Creating of this kind of Games.😘
fun. but sometimes when you win a hint and then you try to get it, you end up getting a window trying to sell no ads. and hint doesn't come through.
Waste of time. Game fixed so you bankrupt, pass or lose half your money every 2/3rd turn no matter how you spin. Pointless!
So much fun, I only downloaded 3 days ago and I'm finished with all the "Regions". Upon completion it notifies you that "New Regions Coming Soon". WHEN?! I loved everything about this game so I hope it'll be soon, like today, lol. This is my new #1 game, my new favorite game. It's done well, beautiful graphics, I loved how there isn't a time limit and the puzzles are clever and not to difficult. Thank you to the developers for making this game. When will more be available?