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Spin Day - Win Real Money

Spin Day - Win Real Money for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by Viker located at Viker Ltd 200 Union Street London SE1 0LX. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Gambling with Cash Payouts) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Hello viker i have already €9.90 only 0.10 is needed to cash out €10 hope you give it on me now cause i have been stuck on that amount for 3 months since i reached that €9.90 and for almost 8 months now of playing still didnt reached the amount of €10 and another thing is i noticed that the spinning give only a little bit of amount mostly unlike before ..why did you do that hope it will be the same as before for us players to get a faster pay out but still giving u 5 stars...
I have playing this from last 9 months ago and I got 9.20 I am clearly telling that jackpot is really a fake thing but when you play this game you can get money by its algorithm only which the developer had made on it and I know it while playing it and I had made thousands of researches of this spin day and one this is true that this game can be a scam for some people and can be helpfull for some also it can be only determined by know about this application deeply
Why oh why do the bonus spins and bonus chests not work ? I have tried it on different devices but no it will not work. It's hard enough to reach target without this. So frustrating
Before I thought a found a real game for me to earn.. I game 5 stars even if it takes 3 months before i earn.. With your update it got worst.. What is your goal in your update.. To lose players and make them uninstall your game because its not worth it at all.. Even your ratings are decreasing.. I hope you fix your update to a better game not to make it worst and end up nothing..
I like it but sometimes it's abnormally slow. If it's supposed to be that slow then that's just frustrating however I like it enough to keep it on my phone but I have uninstalled it once before but reinstalled later so that should tell you something. Basically would be cooler if it payed out faster. that would be ideal. :)
It would be nice if you could give back more tokens to be cashed out instead of taking so long by just giving 100 tokens. And cracking the pig you really stopped giving so much on that to. What's going on with all your games now. I also mad a mistake I'm still sitting at 8.60 for cash
I also am stuck at 9.20 just as others are. I am also not getting piggy bank tokens added to my totals on the leaderboard so I have no chance of winning that way, either. I get 18000 tokens from piggy bank and my leaderboard total is 11000? Emailing company does nothing as they have one response - it's all chance and good luck! UPDATE:. I TOOK SCREENSHOTS. I won 20000 tokens this morning. On leaderboard only 3800 tokens are shown. This game is rigged. Still stuck at 9.20 just like others.
Fake game , you cannot get $10 ....all 3 same icons will never come and you will never achive the big cash amount
It"s very miserable to play this game I"ve played it for 2 months but I"m still 4.5 million tokens and 9.2 $ only I "ve got some refer from my friends It spend our valuable time and money Some may be lucky but most may be unlucky to use this app It is very difficult to earn money for a long time
Brilliant app £3.50 and that's only today, best app I've tried so far to win real money changed my mind earned 8.20 then it started to crash reinstalled it and lost it all will be uninstalling this game
was able to cash out $10 but it took TIME and of course lot of ADS .. after that the game seems hopeless that you will be unable to reach another $10
Imagine coming here thinking this will change your life just to find out it won't. Unlike other slots this one is programmed not to give away any jackpot, not by any mistake. When ever you are about to get a perfect match it will lag and slow itself just to make sure u don't win, and to prove that you can install the game to check the winning board, you will only see $5 which you work for 6months to earn, and that is nothing compared to the money you would have already wasted by that time.
This is rubbish. Played every day all day for 2 months and won nothing. Credits on Spins are commonly 50-1000 points. This sucks and miles away from making any $'s.
Payout is slow 10¢ if you hit the blue $ sign. Everytime you get chance to hit jackpot the 3rd wheel will slow and skip the last jackpot sign. The only time you can pull out money is when you get $10. And for the coins you get pays little so can't really use it for payout. Don't recommend this game all it's good for is adds unfortunately.
This app is total waste of time . Playing for almost 3 months and its stuck at $8.90 total waste. And the developer earns money with adds between the game and wastes our time. We dont get any money. Very disappointed. My suggestions do not download the application.
Update: like most games, when u get close to the cashout amt, the pts start to slow down. I did finally reach 5M & cashed out. Winnings have gone back to normal now. This game has been fine till 2 days ago. Now the machines seem rigged to not payout. I was getting 10-15k every round, now I'm only getting 500. Unless I'm lucky enough to get a pig then I'll get another 1-3k for that. I've never had any issues before. I've cashed out several times. Very disappointed that this is happening now.
What kind of scam and fake game be this I've been playing this fake game since 1 months ago now but still I don't go higher....I stop off in £50 and I can't catch out without complete £10 . What a wicked word is this, you just create this nonsense because you they look for money I'm going to report this game now 😩😩
100_spin+40_ads+1hours time = 0.00$ + 15,000 coins wt.waste of time. At first i like this game but now i am disliking it coz i am stuck on 9$ since more than 2 months .
I have been playing this game since January 2020. I had won 4 lots of £5 from accumulating points and even managed to get to the additional £10 but since then the algorithm of the game has been changed and it is just appalling to play. Going from 100,000 points per day to lucky if I hit 5,000. Absolute waste of time now, especially with the amount of ads that have been put in!
This is a really bad app.They make you watch the ads,so they can make money.Overall they're using you!!! They make it soo hard even to reach 9 $ and you can cash out 10$.I've been using it for more than a month and made 9 $,but it does not let me make more.Really bad app.I recommend you not to download and not to waste your time please.
It doesn't even deserve one star. It takes more than 10 months to go from €8.5 to €10. Don't waste your time.
It's been 3months time that I've been stuck in $9 and it's not giving any bonus dollar at all, I think the developer made it that you can't do it to cashout. You'll be sick of watching ads and then the developer will get rich probably not you who play the game. 1 star since it's like a scam to me. I'm uninstalling it by the way just a waste of time.
I just downloaded this app yesterday, so far I enjoy spinning it ^^'. Anyway few things to improve before gaining your rates, it seems so hard to get a bonus. I was about to get it, real close, but suddenly U guys failed me. NVM I keep trying until I get a bonus or paid out then I'll return to rate U for 5 stars. 😉
I have always reviewed Viker as being the best of it's kind. But not anymore. All games have slowed down with very little chance of earning money. I am at 4,505,600 and now getting just 400 on a whole session. I dont know how long they expect me to live but it will take forever and a day to reach target. Even the 'flying pig' yields 0. This is not a game of chance. It is set to slow down to nothing to stop you reaching cash out. And as for money wins....I've been on 9.50 for months. Not good.
Used to be fun, but with app changes, not so great anymore. This is the second Viker app that has gone downhill.
Absolutely love this game, I've cashed out £5 3 times, it takes a long time to get 5million tokens and I've been stuck on £7 cash but I still think its great
Spin Day has become a money grabbing game. This game cheats. Most spins have no points. While the rest of the spins will give the player an 😡 equivalent to 100 points. I'm waiting to get to 5 million then I'm gonna uninstall this app.
Spin day is real.. They have sent me S5 for my redemption.. Thank you SPIN DAY and to VIKER... But now i am so disappointed with your update.. I love playing your game, it really help me during this hard time of pandemic.. Getting the 5USD is hard, it needs patience.. With your update now its even harder.. ARE YOU NOT HAPPY THAT YOU CAN HELP PEOPLE.. IS THAT THE REASON YOU MAKE YOUR GAME HARDER.. REMEMBER IF YOU GIVE BACK YOUR BLESSING AND HELP OTHER.. YOU WILL RECIEVED MORE BLESSING..
It's completely unheard of when you get ten cents from just one spin, in about a month it's my best result. Either fix this algorithm or delete the app and memorize one star left from me!!!💩
Very bad experience! App doesn't open at once and game chance video is not working, that's why I'm giving you 1 star
I have changed my rating frm 4 to 2. What happen to viker apps lately? Piglet bank not working, bingo chest not working, coins earnings hugely going down (roughly could rack up hardly 6000-9000 total in complete 3 sets spins per day)... No more cents... Shameful... Fix it plz even extra card couldn't be open anymore
Although lately didn't earn much tokens, I believe one need to be patient as I trust Vikers app game is not a scam as I had been paid twice. Hope luck will return soon. Kudos to Vikers to make this game more challenging! Keep it up!◉‿◉
Brilliant game love it and you can win real money I did thanks.I was OK at first now it keeping sticking when you spin the wheels but I still like the game even though I'm not winning much.its sticking worse than ever had to uninstall it and reinstall so I'm hoping that will do the trick. 🤞Still sticking and going out of the game please fix it or I will have to uninstall it ☹️its sticking on bingo chests takes ages to open a chest already uninstalled it several times please help.
I've been using it since a year and it was well functioning but these days it's unexpectedly slow and that piggy bank thing as well isn't opening . I'm very disappointed ... Do something
UPDATE: gets worse every day. Was earning around 100,000 coins a day. Now i'm lucky if I get 20,000. Latest update reduces your winnings while increasing their profit. Literally doubled the amount of ads.
I've been playing for a month and the same problem as every one else - you CAN'T never reach $10 (which is the minimum to cash out). The only way to cash out is if you get 5 Million tokens - are you kidding me?? Thanks, but no thank you! Time to uninstall and I'll just stick to doing more surveys (Survey Junkie - and they actually pay). And what's with the FAKE ads? Guys do yourself a favor and don't waste any time on this app.
the game is good for killing time , and its a false advertisement if it tells you that you can earn money well guys its a scam , its just another app that will give u hopes on earning money by playing.
Would like to give it a better rating, as I have games made by viker and haven't been disappointed, that is, until today, when I have downloaded this game I can't even access it, it cuts off half way through the loading screen. Not one spin made, serious changes need to be made.
Spinning more than 100 times in days but I could get only 500 coins. Shameful. Fix it plz. Update : zero coins from 70 plus spins.... Very disappointing...😠
Never been so frustrated with app. Been waiting on 200,000 tokens since Nov. You think it's round the corner and 8 weeks later still doing this for 1000 tokens a day!! And if your lucky the flying pig thing WORKS!
Small price..its dificult to collect a coins..i think oneonth before a collect 10 dollars..this not good..no money collect here..always token..token...wasting time.....the sponsor of this game is a lier...
AVOID - COMPLETE CON. I played this every day for months and eventually got enough tokens to get £5. I requested it by PayPal and 6 months later, still no money! I contacted them, they said I wasn't on the list of winners! No, I didn't win, I requested the tokens that had taken me a long time to build up! I did exactly the same thing on scratch day and no payout there either! My balance has gone down on both but they haven't paid me my money. Totally unacceptable. Save your time and avoid!
I have foLLowed your instructions to uninstaLL it & instaLL again but it doesn't work... it can't proceed to game because it was reaLLy too sLow and it wiLL crash... What happened to spinday?PLease do something about it😢
Video is not enabling immediately, not even after few attempts. Need to fix the bugs. Rewards are slowed down when we reach near to 10. I will give 5 star once I get cash out!!
The worst online game I ever played will not play this game no more and you guys who made it should be taking this rigged game down I wish I knew who to talk to about this some piggy bank I opened gave me coins but could not collect them that happened almost 10 times. Please delete this game.
10€ cashed in less than 3 days, it's pretty legit. But during the game I get the piggy bank and always after the ads I don't get the coins. A rapid calculation of the coins not credited after watching ads is likely 10k lost in the wind every day. It's a funny game and you can get a little extra cash but you've to be a bit patient. My next rate will be at the big win and it will be a 5 star.
It was very good for payout but now a days game is very slow down now very difficult to earn points from the app
This app is a total rip off. I have been stuck at 6$ ever since I passed 5$ I have getting nothing. I only get like 0.10 cents and thats not even a daily thing
After breaking the piggy , I can't get the rewards because it won't play to collect the rewards... Piggy is important to me because iy help me gain more token,, pls. Fix the problem,,, tnx,, I will go again yo 5 🌟 after resolving
This app used to be really good 15 months ago when i first downloaded it, have cashed out15 quid so far, now its gone bad, hardly any wins on spins so its taking ages to get to 5million and ive been stuck on £9.80 since dec 2019, hardly ever see any £ signs on the reels anymore. Sort it out spinday
I cannot take this anymore. Uninstalling due to it does not work properly. Boots you off in the middle of playing And slow and you do not get your points. Also pig does not always work. Played for weeks because I like the game but have run out of patience. Good luck
I've been playing this since June 2020 and I've only made it to 1,370,000 coins. The cashout limit is 5,000,000. I made it to $9.40 (cash out is $10) and suddenly everything stopped. This app is indeed fake and shouldn't be allowed on google play. Another app I got over the cash out minimum and it's been over a month. Still haven't seen that money. I'm reporting this app and uninstalling.
Been playing this game for 2 months and i've only won 70p and when i get 2 of the simples when the 3rd one comes it jumps it and not give any money. Not happy at all i saw the advert and people are winning £100 and more. Your miss leading.
Am not happy with the game as it has taken months for me to keep just getting 10p a time & after months am up to £7.10 I have never won any of the 3 that wins ur real money I only get 3 that pays out coins I think it's not worth playing a game that makes out people win money where that's not true I think use pay people to say that they win where they don't cause I have played awhile & only get 10p & win more coins than anything
Absolutely ridiculous now, totally impossible to get enough points to cash out, turned into another scam app 😠😠😠😠😠😠
its too long before you can reach the 5 millon coins to redeem jus $5. it takes me almost 3 monts and yet im at 4.8M. the more you are near 5M the lesser the chance you got coince. as of 10$ cash limit to redeem? it is also imposibpe to reach as i have observed 2 months of playing. i stuck at .$9.40. it is so tired and boring later on.pls ajust your sequence of giving rewards. it is so clearly that you want us to take more months of playing before redeeming a penny
its legit ilove it, only problem is first time i roll, i get many money , when i get 9 doller then never give your picture doller .i roll 5 month only i get coin 5000000 hard earn, and never luck 100, 500. 200 why? i m not sleep everytime roll, my eyes is burn, i use spactacle , only i hard earn coin. but its legit i give u 5 star.. i hope you next time u bring good app, if you honestly give big money i share this all my friends ,i m facebook star i have many friends sorry for my bad english.
You always get two for the jackpot even on the small jackpot amounts as the third one goes around it will slow and roll for longer. Don't waste your time downloading this if you think it's an easy way to earn some extra cash on the side. Otherwise it can be a 2 minute boredom beater.
This is a very legit app. At first I thought it's another waste of time game app but today I just received my 10 euro cash out I am so happy. Just keep on playing guys don't lose hope and you will win as well. Thanks so much to viker #spinday worth my time😊
UPDATE = 2nd time , Will not load...stuck on CHECKING SETTINGS....1ST time..Will not load...stuck on AUTHENICATING. I have unistalled and re-installed and have strong internet...No problem loading other apps at all. YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE VERY POOR...YOU DID NOT REPLY TO FIRST ONE FOR LONG TIME.. I see lots of reviews that are same...close to payout and stops paying.. All these apps that have "Lucky" in the name are rigged same way. Developer will hide and NOT RESPOND I GARUNTEE IT!
Been playing almost every day and decided to claim three awards for continuous play and to my disgust you wiped my cash of 7.80 to zero. Why has this happened and if I don't get it back I will uninstall.its hard enough to get to where I was when you get about 0.10 per day. Look forward to a reply
I've been playing this app over 7 months up to date it does not work smoothly, especially no ad on the bonus spin and bingo
I enjoyed at first, I saw winners everyday and hopeful to win later.BUT, it's been 4 months more or less now since i installed this app. When i reached $9.20, it WON'T GIVE you a penny anymore,.!!! And when your tokens reached 4.5M, + it juşt gives you 100 per maybe 50 spins. Ánd PIGGY BANK SELDOM shows up. When you calculate,maybe it will took you years to reach 5M tokens,if it wont totally stop giving. AND TODAY IN WINNERS GALLERY, there is ONLY ONE winner of 5 in the whole wide WORLD.
very slow and its always stop nor hanging my mobile phone everytime i play this game, please fix it properly, it doesnt play continously everytime i played this, its almost 2weeks hanging nor stoping and go back to my phone home page
The game is fun and they do pay out it does freeze some times but in all easy to play down side is it takes a long time to get to cash to cash out out but iv cashed put more on the points iv never won eny big cash eather.
This game gives no points now all the games only get maybe 300 coins and one free breaker to get coins. This was the most honest game on here please put it back.
the only thing i earned fron using this app is the middle finger..... you only wins cash for first 2 or 3 days and thats it now only you have to play and keep waiting for the wheels to stop on dollar sign but it will never happen.
OMG!! Silly me, I wanted to check out what the fuss /negativity in the comments was abt, but, I severely regret that now. As soon as it was uploaded my phone, (that normally works fine), froze up with a half black screen and the annoying "music" running for ONE HOUR where I couldn't do anything! I couldn't even restart!!! -I checked your replies to the other posters, and you didn't even adress their issues, but rather repeated what they"d already said. TAKE CARE, CIAO.
AVOID. This is a very poor game. It is impossible to withdraw due to unreachable levels and then later after using the game for a while you will find your balance disappears and all your EARNINGS GONE. Rewards levels drop like a brick after initially joing and after not noticing that you actually need £25 to withdraw money!!!!