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Spill It!

Spill It! for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by tastypill located at 1880 W Oak Pkwy #216 Marietta, GA 30062 . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
My dislike with this game isn't entirely on the heavy RNG it's built on but how bad the reset button is. I have to spam the button every time just to make it work and that really drags the game down a lot since the game is also very trial and error focused. Never minded the push on ads, the additional bonuses were always nice. I just wisen up and play without wifi on if I don't want them. Other problems include sudden difficulty spikes but not that common so not really game breaking. Ok game and good time waster.
There are 400 levels. I got through them in a few days, playing this with my grandkids, who love it! After reading other reviews, I guess it's a waiting game now since 400 levels are it. Sigh. As far as the ads, I paid a whopping 3 bucks to have them turned off. Occasionally some kind of VIP ad shows up, but one click and it's gone. All said, I like the game, but the developers need to get more levels going, and quick.
Ads ads ads even in pro. This is my first review on anything for the Android store. I wanted to try this game could not even see the tutorial because ads kept coming up each ad is around 30 secs with ads still being all over the screen. I decided to just pay for it the experience is much more enjoyable yet there is still ads after every single round. It's the same thing like the unpaid version except you can play the game in peace. Till the end of the round where it asks you for a free spin. However the game play is solid. I feel they like you in with extremely basic levels at the start.
I just love this game. I feel like a " bad kitty" knocking over the glasses. I literally clench up my body when I play. Too fun, thank you. Amber
As other reviews mention, opting out of data collection makes game essentially unplayable by putting a "begging banner" across the play area. I would normally consider paying for "No Ads", but the aforementioned behaviour seems excessive, and apparently it doesn't even remove all the ads! (I'm not paying monthly for a few skins!) Poor show, devs; time to move on. Shame, looked kinda fun.
I would've given this 5 stars, but I was on level 300+ and for some unknown reason it sent me back to the 4th level. What's up with that?
Actually a good game, but the intrusive ads ruin it. They're very frequent, and operate on a timer, with some requiring you to play them. In addition, if you opt out of data sharing, the game keeps a constant pop-up, saying that you're harming the development of the game. Why would I want to go back on my decision, devs? Get rid of it.
This game was fun until I got to 78 I have been on 78 for 5 DAYS!!!!! 78 was easy but the problem was it said I had 3 stars but wouldn't let me move on I closed than reopened the app but the same thing happened I even tried skipping but it still didn't work. There also adds every 2 levels. Dont waste your space or time downloading this app its useless
Good game but some ads inappropriate like 'make her pretty' and 'find his underwear' Come on, be better than that.
My favorite game so far!!!!! Only reason I am so mad..... it has said "Coming Soon!!" forever. Are we ever going to really get new levels?????
I LOVE THIS GAME...but it has said 'coming soon' after you beat all levels and it's said that for years. Are you Ever going to add more levels or do a spill it 2? I love it so much I went back and played all levels again to get 3 stars on all. Now I'm ready for more me levels! Trying to wait patiently.
Spill it is a hard game but it is nice and you can change the skins of the water/glass and the skin of the balls.
i like this game and everything but sometimes the music just starts all over again when i put it on plz do something
This is the funnest free game app ever, even the ads arent too anmoying...if you appreciate geometry and physics you will enjoy 400 entertaing levels ranging from easy to tricky. Just darn fun.
I completely LOVE this game. Some people complain there's too many ads, but all you have to do is turn on airplane mode. I was surprised when I saw an ad for Spill It and it was the same as the actual game!! Some people say that they couldn't pass a certain level because of glitch, and as far as I've looked I haven't seen anything about glitches when I play, and people have said they made it to level 400 and redownloaded it so they could play it again! I do hope they would add more levels! 🤷‍♀️
The game itself is fun to play, however it does contain quite a lot of ads and this is frustrating. On average you spend more time watching ads than you do playing the game. It's a real shame as the game could be so much better, overall the game itself is well made attractive but not comfortable with the Amount of ads it's a shame Because it lets it down.
Finished the game 3 stars on every level. Most of the levels were easy and unimaginative. Things started to get more difficult after lvl 300 but the last level 400 was a reuse of an older one. Overall a somewhat funish game that consumed my time. Dunno why I'm writing this review cause these types of apps aren't really a labour of love and no one reads reviews and they don't matter
Can I just add 1 thing about this game. It's a great time consumer, and allot of fun, with a ton of levels. The 1 and only thing that is extremely annoying, is that the "reset level" button, is on the top right hand corner. Which means if you are playing on a big phone, you can't play with 1 hand. I really really just wish the button was in the bottom right, underneath somewhere, or mid height, and then I could play with 1 hand. I'm sure it's not a big fix, and it will make consumer experience allot better.
I found "Spill It to be quite a highly enjoyable and fun game to play. I've had it in my Google play library for a least a couple of years now and have only just decided to play it. I think that I am hooked on it already
I get it's a free game, but seriously an ad after every label, in addition to the ads you have to watch to get extra coins and skips? Way too many ads. Also who is really going to spend $6 A WEEK for this game?!? They advertise a "no ads" subscription for $5.99 PER WEEK! There is no game in the world I'd be willing to pay per week, especially one this simple
Great time waster very enjoyable game only thing would be good to change on some levels i found difficult i would skip the level i would much rather have a hint option or just like to know how to complete it rather than just skipping the entire level
This game is actually quite a bit of fun. The reason I give it one star is because of what you want to charge to get ads off, etc. Six dollars a WEEK to play a game? Are you out of your furry little minds? I most likely would not pay six dollars once, much less once a week for crying out loud. Get over yourselves!
Very addicting. If you plan on playing a game thats great for every age that comes with various levels of fun and creativity, then youve found the right game! This game caught my eye in the form of a cute game that allows you to play your way. Although ads can get annoying I still rated five stars because the ads are not a constant annoyance, and appear after about 2 levels of playing, and can give you rewards.
Typical physics based game with very lame levels though good and consistent physics. Game customization options are slim pickings and can easily buy the options without spending real cash. At $5.99 a week for VIP access to get just a couple of perks and no ads, it is a screaming not-deal. At level 30+ and only had two challenging levels...
Fun little drop puzzle game. Its nice that they reward you with a massive ten coins when you complete a level. I'm on level 84 and I still can't afford to buy anything lol.
Just an easy ad spam game. I played the first 120 levels, they were all very easy. It's like they load it up with easy to beat levels so you can get spammed with ads in between. If you want to play it, I recommend turning your mobile data/Wi-Fi off so you won't get the ads. Overall this game is mindless and boring.
Love this game got 3 stars on all 400 levels any idea of a time line for new levels? Can't wait to see what happens next
The game itself is fun, but if you choose to use your right to have them not use and analyse your data you get nagged and threatened with a worse user experience until you relent and let them do it. Bad form, especially as you still get ads so obviously they're still getting revenue from that. They're just steamed about losing additional money from not being able to use your data.
This is a nice game the design may not be as good but the ads are rare I almost never see an ad keep up the good work 😊
Honestly garbage, sure the levels are interesting but WHY IS THERE A SKIP honestly I don't get the point, who would want to skip the level, no body! If you are going to be annoying and tell your players to press a button make it something helpful not worthless, like a hint button which tells you the route your ball needs to take or maybe where to drop one from, even if it will deduct a star for every hint used. I hate this game because if you struggle on a level and can't beat it, then the best solution you have at that point is either look it up or skip it... Aka something that should not be something that is a option, it ruins the game!
Just completed level 234. But, unfortunately, close to uninstalling due to the ads. I think they have become much worse. I'm lucky to complete two levels between ads, typically just one. Very annoying!! As for gameplay, it is very good! Fun, enjoyable, sometimes funny with the springs. Ads aside, definitely recommend.
Too easy and simple, with angles and potential energy anything is possible here. But, mostly, I agree with Matt. WAY TOO PRICEY. Especially for something so simple I could create it with my basic coding skills
This is the best game ever made! It's so awesome that, I just wanna keep playing! I'm getting so smart I think I can beat every level. But who knows?! The graphics are fine. Also, the controls. And finally of course the GAMEPLAY! Hope you make more awesome games Tastypill! Bye!
The game itself is catchy, and my kid enjoyed playing it. But the app is full of intrusive ads that appear after completing every game. Most of the ads have a 30 seconds timer, so you can't skip them quickly. The fastest way to skip the ads was to go to the phone's home screen, and re-open the app. Therefore, I had to constantly help my kid to skip the ads rather than let him play himself for a while. Another trick in the app is that the COLLECT button is rendered in the same way as the NEXT button, thus it is misleading for kids. You can guess where clicking on the COLLECT button takes you.. Feeling really frustrated with this app now, so I don't even want to consider buying it.
Would love the game, however, choosing to switch off analytics and information sharing hides an important play area. The notification telling me this, sits on top of the ball spawn location, making it hard to line up the shots. It's my choice to not send private information to third parties, yet I'm being punished for not doing so. Uninstalled.
It's an OK time waster, but simplistic & amateurish. Far too easy (I didn't need a hint for any of the levels & still got three stars on all of them), not anywhere near enough levels, and the amount of money they're asking for a subscription (no ads, extra skins for glasses/balls/backgrounds, free hints) is absolutely laughable. Even the games advertised in the ads are second-rate garbage. Seems like a hastily thrown together game solely for the purpose of money. Not that wanting a profit is bad, but put some effort into it if you want people to pay for it!
This game was great until the 50th level. Then it wasn't giving me enough coins for each round and some rounds it wouldn't give me any coins when I won
This one is good, Not too many commercials So that is good! My 5 year old son love it It's good for me to both of us!!!
I think this has to be the most Stress-releiving game I've ever tried! I get stressed a lot, and this is the kind of glass-smashing app I need! thank you so much for making this app. and if you are reading these reviews to see if you should get this game: stop reading! start downloading! Thanks for taking the time to read this review. have a nice day x
I really like this game!! if you can't pass a level which is possible if you keep trying, it allows you to collect coins regardless so you can change the different items in the game including the background!... you can also keep restarting the same level in order to pass it..I really like the concept of this game and the sound of the glass breaking!! The added wine in the glass makes it look real..have fun peeps!
Overall, its a decent game, but there are WAY too many ads. Its nothing groundbreaking, or anything like that, but it's definitely a good, solid game. If the makers of this game actually happen to read this (I doubt it), seriously, please, a few less ads. I understand that you need to put ads in to keep the game free, but please, just a few less.
So just because I don't want to allow you to target ads at me using my Facebook data, I get a grey bar at the top of the screen that gets in the way of gameplay with a guilt trip message saying that I am personally responsible for your game if it fails. No thanks. The few levels I did play seemed pretty good, like a mindless game I could enjoy, but it seems all you want is to collect my information so I've now deleted.
game is neat. the unrelenting ads that make you wait 30 seconds are not. the hilarious subscription ad it my favorite. $6 a week for a pack of balls and glasses? this developer is a joke. I'd have deleted it after a few ads of not for my OCD. this developer's choice in advertising makes a 4 star game a 1 star game. more time on ads than playing is an automatic 1 star.
One of the best games I've ever played(excluding io games because they win 99% of the time)! The only thing that I would change would be balls bounce when it hits the side of a platform. I once had a ball slide of the side of a platform, but the next time I dropped it the ball destroyed every glass in its path. ): This game is a real time killer though!
While most levels were fun, fair, and creative, some levels felt like they were just a slog of trying to get the ball to fall exactly right, or completely random as to if you could beat it. Though it has to be said that finally reaching those ends was just as satisfying as managing to figure out a level first try. The frequency of adverts was a little irritating, but nothing too excessive. The soundtrack was simple and upbeat, but didn't wear down your sanity with each loop. Pretty good overall.
I like this game, it's simple but fun, nice puzzle game. I have to tank it's rating for the GROTESQUE price on that vip mode though, charging a WEEKLY fee for a PUZZLE game is nothing short of robbery. It disgusts me, seriously you must urgently reconsider that business model as it's just repulsive. Charging as much per week as on demand services charge for a month is utterly shameful, cannot condemn that strongly enough. Be ashamed of yourselves.
The game itself is awesome. But it keeps crashing every time I enter a new level. And I fly through levels so you have to know how annoying it is to have to start the game back every 10 seconds or so. Please fix it and you will get the other 2 stars
I have enjoyed playing spill it and it helps kill time. Being able to change the color of the balls and the wine glasses cool. But there are to many adds. In my opinion the game is to easy and it seem repetitive, it needs different backgrounds, different sizes and types of balls and wine glasses. Well that all I can think of right now. I hope this will help the developer's of game make it better and more fun to play. Have a great day and God bless!!!
This app is so annoying I had Me VS Brother and my brother is going to win and I'm getting too many ads and I lose because of the ads!
Great game, but still greedy after paying to disable ads. VIP membership? Really? That is hilarious, but annoying to have it pop up every few levels. Now that I think about it, that's not hilarious, that's malicious. Are you just hoping people subscribe and forget about it? Probably, considering the "free trial" option... I would say "sketchy," but this is more like "blatantly robbing people who don't pay attention." I hope no one is actually subscribed...
I really enjoy playing this game, it's a real time-passer and keeps my mind working. There were some ads which I expected, but they didn't interrupt the level I was currently on. So, overall my experience was really good. My one request would be to lower the 'prices' (in coins) for the balls, glasses, and themes. So, for anyone reading this review, you should definitely get this app.
Too easy, I wanted to see if it gets harder so I played to 50, and it was still easy. Tried to 100, and it was still easy.. played 120, and it was getting boring. So I uninstalled it.. game creator needs to make it challenging. I made 3 stars every level on my first try.
It's a decent game, however it will probably lag your phone, I have a Samsung a5 2016 and when I load up this game it will take about 5 seconds for texts to display themself after my phone buzzs. The game does have more ads then I am comfortable with and more than an honest developer should have. However that is a lot less than some other leading "addictive" styled games such as this. Also be prepared for 10 easy levels and a random level so difficult you spend 5 minutes on it....
It is so great and fun to play. But the only thing is that when you are struggeling, normally games give you an option to take a hint or skip the level, but this one only gives you the option to skip the level. Otherwise, the app is amazing, YOU SHOULD DOWLOWD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this game however there are way too many ads & it is SO frustrating having to wait for so long for new levels. I've been waiting for months & months for new levels. I've gone back & replayed old levels that didn't get 3 stars so I've got 3 stars on every single level. Please release more levels soon. I would give 5 stars if there was something to play. I just dropped my rating to 1 🌟. Seriously how long do we have to wait for new levels? This is ridiculous. U need to lift ur game guys.