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Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by 1bsyl. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Best game.. Try to beat my personal record again(1.54s).. It just so good that I doesn't realize I played it more than thousands time.. Keep up the good work!
I love this app. The best of all spider apps. Does not freez your phone, no ads, very comprehensive. One minuse is little characters even with the biggest size. But my eyesight is not perfect. I recommend the app. I already uninstalled dozzens of them, but keep this.
The game play is straight forward and good with the menu system easy to enter and use. Someone has listened and put some thought into this app. Enjoy it
I have been playing this game for more than 5 years now and I still find it one of the most challenging card game. 🏆
I play this game for maybe 2 years and i really love it. Different difficult levels, great graphics. I tried other games, but once you play this game, you see only bad things about other card games. I had conflict with my OS with the game. I wrote an e-mail to the developer and got immeditate answer and help! Thanks a lot!
I really enjoy this game. And I have this game on my phone, 2 tablet, laptop and on my computer... Thank
Just needs some more options to keep things interesting. Reply to Question: One thought I had was of a background in motion....like maybe a body of water with boats going by. Or a road with cars driving by. Just a thought....
It is a wonderful game.Every time there is a different game. I have been playing this game since the year 2007.I like it very much.
Did not run. latest update was broken! Was great until recently! Thank you developer. uninstall and reinstall worked.
My favourite pass time I usually use my computer or iPad. In hospital at the moment and hopeful to get it on my phone.
Excellent game with plenty of levels of difficulty and easily read cards. It lacks a percentage win on the results page but this is no great loss.
Like to play this game when I have a few minutes to spare and it helps keep my brain active! I am 78 years old and as I still help my husband run a business, it is important that my mind is alert and active, in order to deal with whatever challenges life may confront me with! Have always enjoyed playing Solitaire! Marian at Lake St. Peter, Ontario
Really good, there's no tips anymore, you simply win or lose although you can go back to try other moves so for me, it's OK as I do seem to win more than lose 🤔☝️
The game is very good. I am no more boring. When I don't have anything to do this game keeps me busy.
Your game is a pain in the a hole as im in the middle of a game and an ad takes over the screen and i have to stop and restart
The last update killed it. You can't move the cards without opening a dialog box at the top now. It is a fail.
It's all around a good game. I really like the fact it has no soliciting commercials just play the game
Have been playing this version for years. Great game. Ads stay up in the corner and don't interrupt play.
Just got this game. It plays fast. Not filled with ads. So far its great.... Had it now for several weeks. Its really an addictive game, the kind i like. Try it!!
It helps me to concentrate on my moves and to make moves as possible with the timer letting me know my time completing the game.
best time killer, if you want to update it add new things don't remove please you forced me to install an older version of it, the backgrounds there wear tons of them with much more decoration i shocked when i saw that my sittings go to default and please make a sodoko without time even after the game is counter at all game counters are buzz killer, okay but the more backgrounds you give the more time players spent playing in their free time instead of playing other games.
Brilliant. Clear, simple and easy to use. Can turn off the timer and move counter to have a completely pressure free game. Only advert is small and at the top, easy to ignore. Very good app!
It comes in handy when I am not able to link to the internet, forinstance when I am in the Dentist waiting room.
I enjoy it because I don't have to think. Thinking is relaxing others games you have to figure out the whole time you are playing
This one of my favorites. It is tough enough to have to work on it, but you're not constantly bombed by silly cartoon characters or other distractions.
Really a great way to enjoy anytime of the day. Keeps your brain active, especially in these uncertain times.
Like it but get rid of the ads in the corner. Put it somewhere else on the screen like at the bottom.
Spider Solitaire is one of my all-time favorite games. The app is great, but the format is a little bit too small.
It helps me to keep ma brain active. I like this game so much. Especial the two suit level. Thanx alot. 🤝🏾
I would like to be able see how many completed strands have been accomplished as the game is being played.
It's fun and nice to play Sometimes it's very difficult but it's fun I think you should download it 😉
Really enjoy this game! Like the opportunity to backtrack and try a different strategy. Bit addictive!
This game is a good way to start the morning get your brain moving without having to load up with a coffee
The best Spider Solitaire app I've downloaded so far. Completely ad-free other than a small ad in the top-left corner of the screen, no ads stopping your game every few minutes. There's quite a lot of customisation, and even statistics to show all your best results etc. The only minor issue I have is that the game defaults to 1 suit if you win a game then leave and come back, and you can't undo moves if you leave and come back halfway through a game, but otherwise this is a very solid app. 5/5☆.
I like that the adds don't stop gameplay. They stay at the very top of the screen. Its honestly the best spider solitaire game I've downloaded. All the others have so many add or are paid.
It's a very fun game to play when you don't have anything to do, for example the games I play I usually don't play them anymore because they get boring, but this game is a great game to play and it is never boring! I saw my grandmother play this game, and I got to try it out and now I have it on my phone so I don't need to go alkoi the way to Finland to play it! And I've gotten much better at it too! I recommend.
Great! game very relaxing and keeps my mind occupied making sharp moves. Also very relaxing at my bed time. Can't stop playing. Keep telling myself one more.
The only think I don't like is the sending of cards from one to another. There is an option of tapping or dragging. I prefer tapping but it only works sometimes. It would be excellent if it was one or the other. Irritating!!!!!
The best cards game, it makes you think what's the next move.... I love it and the advert do not just pop on your screen thank you for that
Only one intrusive ad per session, on average. No frills, just a satisfying, and often challenging, cerebral workout. I prefer this app to any previous 2pack Solitaire games that I've tried. Somewhat compulsive; can't stop until I've secured a win!
Doesn't work! Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but since Android 11 came out it doesn't work. Locked up, won't do anything. Otherwise I loved the game, best one out there.
Enjoyed Spider Solitaire since first using Microsoft version many moons ago. This version is very similar. Loads and works in a timely manner. The Ads are small in the top left corner and I find them quite unobtrusive. Look and click on them if you find them of interest, otherwise they stay 'out of your face' and don't interrupt the game flow.
I enjoy this version very much. Easy on the eyes. No cheating; it keeps me honest! Lol! Thanks, Developers! :-)
I especially like this Spider game because of the spinning pinwheel when you finish in just the right sequence! It takes up the entire screen. Will leave it to you to figure out how to get there... ;-)
Hardly any ads! First game I have found that is not only enjoyable but, not annoyed by a bunch of ads interupting the game!! Thank You!
I play this game since many many years, and it's the most important "app" I download whenever I change my mobile. Yes by the way it's the only game in my mobile. Thank you developer
New update allows restart of a game making it more fun / challenging. I'd like to see the statistics modified to see wins and losses and a way to zero out the stats. But those minor items really do not detract to a well functioning app. Thistle earns a five star rating.
Hi, I was expecting some visual animations in the game, like playing 🕷️ in Windows 10, but that does not diminish anything, it even has Persian language and it is what I wanted, excellent
Very good,you can always learn and afterwards you cheat a little bit by erasing,always feels like a 🏆 😁
As always ur response had nothing to do with what I said.i know how to play.and yet there's no update never have been..I play advance and play on my laptop as well...this game needs update.i uninstalled the app so no worries clearly this is an automated email response...
I love the game, but it's not working. It won't let me pull cards from the deck. I've had three games do that to me now.
It's responsive, fun and like the original game we all played in our old computers. Tried other apps, they were never like the original experience, etc. I believe you will like this version. Moto g stylus
4 suits. This game helps me handle difficult situations in life, I always say there is a way I don't have to give up, that's how I succeed in life, thanks to the team, I love you all
It have the option to turn on the hint but no hint shows in the game even when it is on. False advertising
it was great untill it switched to hebrew all of a sudden 4 star rating from me till I can switch it back😢
I've loved having this app, but it won't work with my new Samsung A52. I reinstalled the game, it's now working fine.
Haven't tried all the different games yet just the one suit game but I like it very much it's alot of fun it lets me win a lot so I try to complete it in less than 100 moves very challenging.
i cannot find how to change the number of suits. would like to play two suits and is set on one suit. looked in settings, no luck. anyone help? LOVE everything else about the game.
Extremely addictive and challenging. The ads does not disturb at all. I ignore it and continue with the game without any issues
Worst game ever I seen bcoz in this game the rules are so dump the original rules are so tough that makes me feel great but in this rules are easy to win plz developer update the rules to be tough and graphics also.
it's not appropriate as because each chance we play the game automatically get restart . it is very irritating/👊😠😠😡
I really enjoy this game. I have a hard time setting still w/out something to occupy my mind. I also suffer frequent migraines, & this distracts me from the pain.
A bit frustrated I am using the 2 suites and i am unable to move more than the top card of the row when trying to move a row to the location i need. so it looks like i can only play 1 suite annd that is frusterating
I love this game and in particular this app, I've played spider solitaire for many years and this is one of the best apps I've found for it .
I enjoy playing with more than one suite. I don't like the fact that winning with one suit amasses the same score as for 2 or 4 suites
I love this game it relaxes me. The card game has three levels i can only do two levels. It keeps your mind sharp i play at least 75 games a day.
I like this version of the game it's challenging. Ads are not disruptive at all which is great compared to others. Only wish there would be for a 3 suit option. On balance it's quite good.