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Spider Hero: Superhero Fighting

Spider Hero: Superhero Fighting for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Aleksey Yarmolik. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Please fix it it is not loading thank you for fixing it's not workingsorry I sorry I give you one star I'll do better next time please forgive.
This app is ok but not what i expected how can a spiderman not fly he only throws punches like ironmann .... Its definatly a waste of time😒
This game is good and all, but can you fix the game to where you can buy suits from the money you earn by beating levels and bosses? Also can you make it to where you can choose the powers, that you want to use during the game.The game is cool but please add suits and power edits.
Nice game ,I could have rate it five stars. But now when i launch the game it does not respond.Please can you check the problem
It would be great if not for the ads and the short gameplay with all the interruptions you can't get into the game
Really fun game but I wonder why I cannot change my skin and in the picture they show the spider man has skins I wonder if you can't change it or I don't know how to but overall it was a fun game
Cool is it awesome but problems if i pause or go to setting the villians will be kill it annoying ☹ you need to have character e.g miles morales spider gwen so much more spider sense you really need to have dat it like playing ps 4 but i want it to be playing by ps 5 PEACE MEN and also it also has aglitch the glithch is when you have star the game it will show spiderman normally but it will blink and show spiderman again it will stay there for ever weapons is stupid I kind like the old one bette
The new version is pretty bad, the graphics are poorly designed, restart game is not working, drains battery.
This is a stupid game full of ads I hate this game after I click three button thats is came a ad I can't even play this game and it's so boring for girls I am going to uninstall this stupid game 😑😑😑😬😬😬
This game is cool . While I was playing I thought to wait 2 mins then I'll play but when I entered the game my screen was black then I rebooted my mobile the entered till it was showing the black screen. I recommen to download this game. This is a cool game .The problem has to be fixed
Bad!! We can't ever fly with the spider web only can punch and kick. If we wanted to unlock weapons we need to watch an ad. Don't ever download this game please
WOW! the most greatest fighting game but if characters will too than it will be lot of fun and if chainsaw will too than it will more fun.
great game, but after a while it won't open, just a black screen. And yes, I have waited a while after to see if it would open. Also the revive and restart buttons do not work. Not that I lose all the time.
A manic tapping Double dragon type game. Nothing like the featured pictures above but Seems playable and Free. Cool. One bug, watching a video didn't multiply cash
Just app is bad the freaking Spider-Man looks like iron Man first of all you need to fix your stupid dumbass game and games like not even good it takes forever to load This game is really ass this is stupid as f***
The ganes is perfect. The graphics and the moves are on point. Buy it stopped working for me. Idk why but maybe its bugged
I like the game 😊it's just that when I can finally get a new skin the ad takes too long to load 😠
Trash it! To the heap and do it fast already!! People need to realize that so many apps you think are new are far from it. These so called developers pawn off so much open source projects as their own and if you just read the license of the software you will begin to learn that most of this was wrote in the 80's and 90's. Clean code is now more important than ever as well as developers making apps more human instead of giant data collection in order to jump on the monitary train.
This game lit i got no problems but one thing... THEM DAMN ADS ARE SO ANNOYING Thats the only thing plz remove them i rated 5 stars cuz this game cool but plz remove them ads
It's so awesome and amazing it is fun I love to level up it is a good game you should download this game and it is cool you get more costumes as you level up πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜―
I love this game!! My favorite skin is the deadpool one and my favorite weapon is the wrenches it's so strong!! Thank you for making this game :D
This is terrible it's just moving back and fourth and punching people it's not that fun so it gets a 1 star I thought this would be better but it's really bad DO NOT download it
Misleading screenshots and just a cheap tactic to copy the spiderman name, without any of the mechanics. Web slinging? Nope. Wall climbing? Nope. A story? Nope. Dynamic spider like movement? Nope.
It is a wonderful game , but it should have more satges , the entire game is in one screen , but it is totall cool
This spider hero game is very amazing and interesting.i have downloaded this app.it is very useful for all of us .i like it very much
The game is good, the reason I gave three stars because it is full of ads and there is no spider man stuff, and the costume looks like iron man's.
This game is the worst game i have ever played before........................ This devloper has no shame do u see the graphics of the game? & Do u remember in a level there are only three punch and then the just over...... I will recomend u to don't dounload this game and waste your data
OK fist things fist its actually really good if it didn't have to be a spiderman bootleg it could've had more things going for it (BTW I'm not a bot) if you like action games and weapons and using strats and love ads or have money to delete the ads this is a game for you but as well I think the hole thing may have been copied from another game but it's a good game (just tooooo many ads) so that my opion
Worst game I am a Spiderman fan but the pics in this convey false information and it is more likely a 2d game just has some options to fight like punch, kick etc. No good graphics, gameplay even Mario will be better than this. The Spiderman character is not at all good in this game.He have cool suits in real. Moreover I wish a better Spider Man game from this company. This game should not reduce the standard of Spiderman. Hail Spiderman πŸ•· πŸ•· πŸ•· πŸ•· πŸ•·
This game is cheat it say it's offline but I only see the loading thing when I switch my data on and it always seems to stop working like it says spider hero stopped worst ever
Nice game, good graphics and a goddamn repetitive game. Made for just advertisements . Every level is the same no difference except for the looks of people and boss. Just a time and data killer.
Amazing. Mind blowing. Perfection to the core πŸ‘Œ. A must download game, in my opinion. Everything is just perfect
The game is a total disaster just started playing the game and yet once i make a move my screen turn black and goes to my phone's main menu. Another problem is so many in app purchase and lots of useless ads pls fix that i would love it if u fix these problems. Thanks
I just got the game I have started playing for a while it is not that bad and I ask the creators to upgrade the moves because spiderman has webs Thanks
My 5yr old son purchased a year of subscription by accident through my phone. & I have no way of trying to contact anyone to receive my money back 😑😑
The game is nice but all said is true, the game stuck in some places it won't restart when defeated and also doesn't open up it show a black screen
Very awsome game the animations are similar to Marvel's Spider-Man on the PS4 and also it would be cooler if there was spider sense to see incoming attacks instead of getting punched and killed Very cool netherless. πŸ‘
Paid for adverts to be removed however there are still adverts in the game. How annoying! I want a refund or for the adverts to be removed from the game
The game is good but you can make it more good like 3d web shooters jumping from a roof and more things like spider man do so all people give the game 5 star each of them
I actually really like this game it has alot of potential to be alot more fun and cool . Especially if you dont have to pay for premium to get more stuff and better experience
This is the best exceptional game of Marvell legend .I am an extreme fan member blog. Of. Spider man and. I liked. The graphics, ballistics and there was only one costume available,the game controller was. Fascinating. And my suggestion is to make. Innumerable. Costumes of spider man so it will look more. Attractive.hats off!
I wanted to triple my money so I watched an ad. I watched the whole ad and no X popped up. So I got out of it and they didn't even give me one dollar!
The game is very fun, but the spider-man who removes more than his hand is not in it, he should have been πŸ‘
Great game, great graphics the only thing that would make it better would be an open world to explore and maybe a third person view of the game. But besides that it's a good game.
This game is outstanding but can you add more spider man suits to the game and can you add spiderman powers that will be amazing.
This game it terrible animation terrible graphics terrible and the suit isn't even from spider Man c Mon you made the best spider man game on PlayStation and pc and you give an android this rubbish an listen don't take this the wrong way get this game of play store
the game is good but after loosing you need to close and open the game,and you can't choose from any level you want please fix this
Someone post, this game is for ads,No it is not for only ads agar aap log Apna data band karoge to as I dekkat nahi ayegi
Actually I will rate this game 0 stars because I will see 1 video for unlock the next charater .In this video I press the playstore after I lost my charater The game was restart .But Game was so nice and that will you 2 stars I hate that thing.
This game is not good in the app store it's like nice game but if you play it it's not nice the Spiderman have the iron man suit and only attack he have skill
I think it should be an open world game where we get new tasks and main villain and realistic spider-man experience and some story then it shoud be of 500 to 600 mb or more then that and in this i am bored because there is veey less use of coins and gems but the ads are most importantπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚......because in new skins or weapons we need to see ads coins are of no use
Yes it is awsome but lot off ads and don't make spider man with this skin ; i want spider man like spider man don't mix with iron man i hope the maker will fix it...
Worst game i have ever played.. I think it is made for ads only.. I am not allowed to play just allowed to watch ads.. Worst game.. Worst game.. Worst game.. Worst game.. I would give negative star if there is an option...uninstalling after just 15 min. Of downloading.. Never never waste ur data on this game......😑😑😑😑
Its such a incredible ,loving and addictable game but the only problem is the ads disturbance . But i hope the developer will make more better games. LOVE IT. Best of luck for u next game. But for the next update i hope ads will be removed.
This game is clean however it can be improved by adding for example fighting styles like: martial arts, boxer, kicking etc. To boost the play time for this game add things to upgrade like: weapon damage, hero health. I would definitely reccomend a feature where the hero has levels. Thanks love it
Okay this game was good yh, but def. not what I was expecting... Very disappointing.🀧 This says spider hero!! Hellooo, where's my swinging!! And also it's soooo easy... Too easy, I mean punch a guy three times and level completed!?!?...bruh... I'm reallllyyyy dissapointed. I wouldn't recommend that game to anyone... Ever.
Reading the reviews I was iffy about this game.πŸ‘ŒThank God I decided 2 try it 4myself as should U.😁Cool game graphics R good. I played 1 other spider man game somewhat similar to thisπŸ‘Œ. All in all GoodGame fun playing it & hope U enjoy it as well. God Bless the U.$.A. ENJOY!!!!
The Graphics Are Good And All, But The Game Gets Kinda Boring After 30 To 50 Minutes But Aside From That This Is A Good Game
This game is not good for me but that doesn't mean its bad its just shocked me when i show the character of this game.. it is mix of spiderman and ironman and this game very lags
This game is actually good but I'm disappointed for the freeze of this game so please fix that bugs in it and let the people enjoy it and one more thing that I enjoyed it so much but still can't give it 5 stars cause of the freeze, and I also saw that many people who'd downloaded it had the same complain. I saw the picture of this game and checked it out that how much fun is this Spider-Man game is and to check it out I downloaded it but didn't got a real Spider-Man but I still liked it, so fix.
I had a good time playing this game but the picture above are all lies so if you expecting it to be like in the picture don't download it. the game aren't the best but still fun to play. also developer, you shouldn't put those fake picture just to make your game look great and all
Amazing game, both my 3 and 6 year old love this game, it looks great is easy to understand and they don't get bored after 5 mins. It's definitely a game worth downloading and seeing if your kids enjoy. Both of mine have had and used the app for quite a while on both there tablets and on mummy's phone (you know what kids are like) always wanting mums phone haha. But yeah no complaints from us 😸
Way too many ads the second i click any button an ad pops up, thats really unfortunate because the gameplay is actually decent.
This is basically an ad channel which allows you to play games sometimes. This is not even a game.only pressing 2keys that's it. Nothing to do with spiderman.
what a great game it is very cool and the graphics are good you should try it out you will like it the levels are very easy
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This is the best i realy like this game but you could work on the skin and the ads but overall it is realy good and get more costumes
it's awesome but have some bugs that I hated. for example if I lose I have to quit the game because the restart button doesn't work and x button too. thank you.
Terrible just terrible it's not even supposed to be considered a Spiderman game make it about spider Man you know sticking to walls and many I'll give a good review
It was a very inaccurate depiction of a spider man game. It was just iron man with a spider man skin and all you did was punch guys. No webs. And it was packed ton of ads and crappy purchases. Bad game in all
Awesome reflexes but need more updates. Esp like new level, new weapons , could include spider web & likewise & new enemies & new battle grounds. I have now completed around 530 levels but the game has become monotonous with the same enemies, same weapons, same battle grounds, need some new updates at new levels!
The pictures you use to make the game look much attractive is not good,what you see is not what is in the game.You should have made the game a way that you can buy new suit
Not what it shows in the screenshots when you scroll below. In fact, They stole it from the ps4 game and thats why you should NOT EVER EVEN THINK ABOUT DOWNLOADING THIS. Because stealing screenshots from an AMAZING game whith EXTREAMLY good graphics and making a spider man mobile ps2 lookin dollar tree version and saying its screenshot from the game is SO VERY wrong. The only fun i had,was when i deleted this garbage off my tab.
Well, i thought this game was more like the real spiderman the swinging and other stuff yea but i think the game is a bit manageable and still room for improvement though but it is a great game actually no difficulties no misunderstanding i love the game but if they could ave made it like the real spiderman game i could have rated it 5 star well nice job....πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
This is one of this is one of the best games of Spider-Man and the whole universe I agree I am literally addicted I always play this game every day
It was actually preety good but I just wish I could play this on my chromebook better cause Its only ment for mobile users and I like playing these types of games more on my chromebook better so maybe you could add a setting.
This game superb but the problem is the game doesn't have that many weopons.but still the gane super.#fav super hero.
Hi! Actually when I come to the boss level it's stucked and I even waited so long time and. I thought It will come soon and press the reload button but its not working and I saw the time was 12:00 it was my office time and then when I go to the office my manager scold😠😠😠 me and then I hate this game so plz fix this bugs then the people appreciate the game and you means who created this game and it was not exactly in the picture
It is a very fun game and is great for killing time. The combat is amazing for a mobile game and it isn't hard so it doesn't make you rage. However, once I finished level 50, the whole game finished. I wish there were more levels because the levels are very short.
Game is nice but there is a bug,when ever I loose and tap on restart buttom the game does not restart. I always have to kill it from recent tabs and relaunch the game.
Though the restart bottom when you loose is not working properly. I love the game it's greeeeat I give it five stars. But fix the option after loosing. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
Please the game is very good but please fix the bugs and crashes and please get new screenshots the game has potential to be very good the skill system is very good and I would like to play the game without crashes and sometimes the game doesn't open up
It is very good applications. It is very difficult applications. It is very important applications. It is very nice applications. It is very easy applications.
Most of the reviews are legit trolls. The game is a basic sideways moving beat em up and it's not that impressive. The images portrayed before you download are just copied from the PS4 game, nothing more.
Guys don't get the game. So bad even graficks . Does Cersei Duncan's people is so Betty from the graphics actually just because you look and the picture doesn't mean it's good believe me I've seen a lot bad it is so bad
This is street fighte vs city fight copy... There are many ade coming in this ....... It's even better if you do story mode including ..
I don't like the game it's nothing like in the picture all you do is walk around and fight I should of gave it zero if possible
Terrible! This game is pointless and easy! I thought this game was going to be fun but its the opposite! Plus,his suit is copying of spider-manΒ©,and ironmanΒ©! I would NOT recommend this game for ANYONE. Even my cat hates it! Do NOT download this,people!
I really enjoyed the game but I give it 3 stars cause everytime i finish the boss the game freezes or something, it only shows a picture of the character
Good game but he just looks like spider man he doesn't DO any spider stuff like webs just punching and it has food graphics overall
Seriously bruh this game sucks first of all Spider MAN looks like Iron man and there are so many ads its so irritating 😑😑😑
Far too many ads just to force you to pay for stupid premium which is $100 a year . It's ridiculous. Literally every one level ads rammed in your face . It's obnoxious and annoying . Stop it
Great game amazing power ups but whenever I die the x or restart never works so i have to swipe it off
Game is gud.it has a lot of potential.But there is scope for lot of improvements.firstly the opposition should become more hard.make the game some harder to win.And there is no background score.Please add it would be helpful for the game.And finally add some powers to the spider hero atleast in some levels he should be able to fly and fight with gangsters.Make such levels.
U love this game but where is the swinging I hate they didn't have that feature please add the swingingπŸ™ please....... I would,d not reccomend that to my little brother he,d love it but he saw the game it was terrible to him so do not give to ur little brother and stay safe whe are running out of everything even the world is being disappointed so help homeless pleaple πŸ™..... But do not give it ur brother please he hated it so I had to buy him a ps4 and the spider man πŸ“€CD..........
This game is very nice but the thing is all the photos given in Google Play is not real it is actually fake I am giving five star because I enjoyed it
.... This Looks Like A Copy of Something Exept A Little Different. But Dude, That Not Good. I'm Sorry, But I Don't Really Like It. Sorry
It is a throwback fun 1990's game. It reminds me of the Super Nintendo Spiderman game called "Separation Anxiety." If you are a 1990's Cat...you'll love this Spiderman game!
Game could be good if there would be no adds after every round and the game would be like in the photos where is open world 3xplore litle turn screen. But in game its basically like 2d and bad
First thing it says spider hero but it looks like iron man after download Second ads after ads Third to get a new skin we have to watch ads, to get weapons too we have to watch ads why ads after ads This is not how it look like please reduce ads then I'll consider rating three to four stars.. Thank you
It was not downloading in the first it took all my data and I was soooooooo mad. After 3 weeks today I'm able to download it. Still 2 stars because it's and entertaining game. I must have given you 3 stars but because there are too many adds, you own 2 stars (sorry if I'm rude) Please fix this problems.
Very nice game please download it and enjoy the game and the people have to pass the time in a lockdown and another time when I get this game I am very happy and excited to play the game Soooooo pleaseeeee Download the game and enjoy
I could have rated it 5 but the restart button after you lost the game is not working so I will have to go back and start over
It's so amazing game when you defeat you realise that you have not any money it means you feel like that you have a spent so many Rupees when you win you think that nobody is above to you
Spider man looks like iron man u watch so I KID U NOT SOO MUCH ADS like I was hoping to swing but like you fight and all powers r locked and u need to watch ads to get anything like this game is so stupid and dumb download it see what happens
What an exceptional game, good graphics and good moves, but you guys should try and do some upgrade on the stunts area
Wicked game...very cool animated graphics...it will b nice if there was more places to fight ..like jump onto buildings...but overall it's a wicked game...very nice graphics..grt gameplay