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Spellbound Schoolgirls! Anime Girlfriend Game

Spellbound Schoolgirls! Anime Girlfriend Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Genius Studio Japan Inc. located at 東京都千代田区神田佐久間町3−23 スタウトビル4階. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
WOW! This is so good! I like the strory,the way all the girls react,their personality is so cute and fit for each characters,and ofc the art is superb! The story is funny but at the same time it's so cute....I don't know how to described it,but anyway it's GOOD!
It's ok but the complete a offer thing wasted my time. It said if I completed a survey it would give me 1344 credits, so I completed the survey and guess what I got no credits.
Love the game the story is so strong and easy to follow and the art style is fantastic same with the personality of the characters the only thing I don't like is that allot of the game changing choices are locked be hind a currency system and it's just a little bit annoying to earn and wish there where other ways of getting it
Amazing game, great use of characters and storyline, despite some grammar errors, the game is awesome, I've completed it with a playtime of 6 hours and 50 minutes, only thing I'd say to improve is premium choices, bit unfair if we're limited but apart from that, fantastic, not bored once!
I loved that game, the story is perfect, i like to play it all again 😁 But i will play the other games of yours All perfect And, Hope to create pt2 of this how they defeat Irene 😁 And hope to create a game about music it is be incredible if you create it ....... Thanks for the games i loved all of them 😊
Epic. I played this at least 4 times a day. I know people complain about diamonds, but I did't use a single one. I just picked the bottom option every time. It deserves a 5 star.
I'm not halfway through the game yet and I'm already enjoying most of it,the gems though... it's only fitted for one premium choice but you can earn them if you're not that lazy and the tickets,you need to wait for 2 or such hours but, it's worth it. Overall though,the game is awesome and I am looking forward for more of these genres in your upcoming otome games. Edit: I finished the game a few days ago and left me a bit disappointed,I thought MC had actual powers but it's still awesome as it is
Its good but uh i dont like the gems i mean you have to pay for gems i mean seriosly??? Any way this game is cool( i say this is the best game ypu created so far) not a fan of tge step sister nonsence that one game that you made but uh yeah this awsome
This was an amazing game and its now one of my absolute favorites. The story was good, I love the girl's personalities, especially mai. Plus I definitely love the artwork, it's amazing and very pretty. This game is absolutely amazing and I truly recommend to others, especially those who appreciate the small things such as conversations, and artwork. Anyway, I can't wait for the next game, I just know it'll be great like this one.
I love the game and i want a part 2 (the story Is unfinished because the Irene escapes)... please, design a part 2, the magical atmosphere is one of the best themes to take advantage of it 🧙🔮✨
Good as all the others, But the ending is terrible compared to the rest. This ending is a massive plot hole. Where all the others main problem gets solved at the end, This ones main problem starts at the end.
This was the first game that i didn't feel pressured to choose someone @ the end... I like the dialogue, I wasn't really feeling the story, ending felt like a cliffhanger...
I love the story. The way each character (the girls) has their own personality is very uniqe although i wish there was a part 2 (which i am hoping) because irene is on the loose. And the art is just amazing
I just wanna say, other than Death School, this is definitely my favorite piece of yalls by far. I really think there should be more added to the end. Irene was never killed, which bothers me. Maybe a good idea would be to work on a second chapter to this story. It would be an amazing addition. I love yall a lot.
I liked this game a lit the minigame helped me get gems so wouldn't spend money I like that feature a lot and you don't have use rubies the options are mostly good I enjoyed this a lot
3 stars cause the story is awesome and my negative response is the ending sucks! We go through all that dungeon fighting, unleash a powerful evil witch and then the story ends? No ending battle no rematch? Now that's just lazy writing
This game took me like a couple of days to finish but the story is very good that why i give it 5 stars. The characters are really good and I instantly like this game from the beginning. The thing I like about the game the most is the ending.
I LOVE ITTT!!! I'll look forward for more updates... But I rate it only four because it doesn't have the special gem choice like the old games like you know that it is not that intimate I really like those heh.. And the ending it is quite good to be honest but yeah the intimate parts its missing. So I'm just suggesting this, it's ok if you don't want that... Just suggesting but I love all of your work, make more!
Great game, but I'm not able to watch ads, it kept telling me "no videos available, please try again later" for the past 2 days
The story was more original this time so in that regard it was much better since I could invested in the script and characters. But it doesn't stop me from thinking that these games would be better if they had harem ending routes
Absolutely loved this game was utterly disappointing in the fact that my guy was a loser without magic and they made it seem in the synopsis that he was special and I figured he would end up with some sort of power but nope stayed a loser til the very end that being said I loved the story line and the whole Hogwarts theme loved the art once again ending was very rushed but I still think it deserves a 5 star
The story really intriguing and I love the depth and spice in personality in the girls and other characters! It would be so awesome if there is a part two for the story and we continue with the same girl or something. Also it would be nice if the amount of crystals for each premium choice was reduced a bit.
It was good. But the ending feels cut off. We were supposed to go after irene. All the girls were lovely and I had a hard time choosing one of them. Enjoy your time with this one. 3rd best of their games in my book. 10/10.
This sim is so awesome but the gems are the only problem but just keep making them who ever is doing this I can't wait for more
Really an amazing game, liked how the stories are long and full of adventure, and that even some characters have their own design unlike other games. I strongly recommend that there should be a part 2 for this, amazing game
I just played the first three chapters, and wow. It manages to seamlessly blend slice of life, romance, and the promise of anime adventure! The game's opening and chapter closing even feel like quality TV. I'm very impressed so far!
i would give a better rateing but id ont like how if i dont spend money i can only make 1 premion choice and i would defintly would but i dont have the money sompls creators make some that i can make that choice without spending money
Game was cute and the minigame sucks as usual but I wouldve rated it better if the ending wasnt such a cliffhanger. They just left you with a short ending, the ball stayed in the air and never went down, thats how it felt. It sucks.
The game was so nice and intense and the characters in the game are so very cute and for as long I want the part 2 of this game
By far it was very wonderful... the diamonds don't effect the story so I don't use. I love the music, characters, and the wallpaper they are so beautiful, even the characters were very cute and charming ^^
Storywise it's quite captivating also the twist really adds to suspense also the users feeling cliffhangers actually one of the three witches u choose stay beside actually surpass what the antagnoist exploits the mc
This is an amazing game. Easy to follow, fun to play, great characteristics. It's really great. It reminds me if a steam game named Doki Doki Literature Club, with both the art and characters. Great all around game.
Seems to be a decent storyline but getting enough coins for premium options was difficult enough but now none of the ads are working for me so it'll be even more difficult
I adored this visual novel. The characters are so endearing and charming that I am always enjoying every last second of the game. If there was one thing I'd have to criticize, it would easily be that the standoff with Irene isn't finished in the story.
This game is good but the ending is not much good. The ending is not very clear and it still looks like the game is lacking.
I think everyone is having a hard time choosing one of the three, the mini game is bad as always but the storyline is the best. Developers, you did an astounding job making this game thats why i rate 5 stars
This is a very nice game. I have finished it just now. It was a mixture of magic, adventure, friendship and love. Although the rubies should be cheaper but it's worth it...and of course, I want the part 2 soon...🙂🙂🙂
I love this game but it is hard to choose one of the three, also I thought the game will over after we catch Irene but it over early, but I love it, it will be great if it has 2rd part😋
I really love this type of game the a style the store line the game was perfect tail it counter dicket itself you don't fight some one n b defeated and that person fight someone and is killed then you fight the winner n b there equal just dont happen that way it messes up a perfectly good game most people won't even.see it are pay attention to it just watch n you see what I mesn
This is the third dating sim I played by this company and it just teases me with all the emotions. So far this one doesnt make you feel too bad for choosing 1 over the others compared to the other games and the characters in this one are just bringing me on a rollercoaster of emotions I love it.
It's an amazing game and I was wondering if there would be a part 2 where in the beginning the game asks who you chose and it does a flashback. I want to know what happens next between Irene and if your character gets magic in the end
This game was really great and I haven't finished it yet,the only thing I want is another chapter of this story to make it into a sequel or something. Overall probably the best one I played so far and keep up the good work making these kind of games!