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Spellbinders for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Kiloo located at Kiloo BΓΌlowsgade 68 8000 Aarhus C. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like it especially the arts and effects of magic its just so beautiful and the character and the spells are also interesting to use, I hope you make an update for it I'm gladly to support you!.
Dont spoil the beautiful game. Ads can come n go but they cant get hanged , which is happening nowadays
I've played this game for years, couple rounds here and there. It's repetitive so it's not something I sink hours into at a time, but that's not what I want from a mobile game. Love it and it's a great way to kill time.
Challenging, fun, and keeps me hooked with the leveling up you dont have to wait like lther games and dont have to buy to advancw
I downloaded this game 5-10 times,BUT this game does not start. When I start the game,the starting screen comes, then after the blue bar is full,then the screen is fully black,what is this?!!
If i download the game it will usually load up and let me play, but after its downloaded and installed if i turn off the game it never lets me back in. Can you fix that please? 😁
Doesn't work. This game won't even let me play. It keeps giving me an error code no matter what I do. I hit new player, error code. Returning player, error code. Fix this issue and ill change my review.
I am currently playing this game but thinking of stop playing it because of the repetitive gameplay but its simplicity also attracts.
This a pretty cool game. The art is fantastic and i love the idea of gods staging battles with armies and spells. I just started playing this game and im already hoping there will be a sequel. Great job. Really brings the mythological world to life.
Way too easy. I genuinely wonder if there was any real players in the lobby. Not bragging but it boiled down to easy 50x win streaks with 19/20 of them being totally free.
I rated it 5 stars previously but now that i got it back it lost my progress when I logged in with the same Google play account and facebook... Please fix this, I miss my characters
Amazing game its soooooooooooo epic and I play this game in real life with my friends and its amazing so well done owner and also could you add some more skins =)
Amazimg Concept. Reason i give 3 stars is because i feel like i am not playing with real players in online mode. I am 1900 trophies and on 79 win streak. Either i am very good or i am facing AI bots
Very nice game, well made but it's missing more contents, unlock new skins doesn't make powerful. So could have something to improve, like troops hp or other things to spend those coins.
Can whoever made this game please fix the lies bothering me. I enjoy it but don't respect how we tell you guys it's not working and you believe it helped at all
I play it before and the game very wonderful.. But i download it week ago and didn't start... it make loading bar and load about 30% and freeze
I've played this game 2 years ago and it was too easy. I was on a 100+ game win streak. They need to change difficulty options or a better ranking system. I don't play this game anymore.
I installed it. and it sucked at progress bar. No progress after 15 minutes. So I am uninstalling it.
Good games... But now i am unable to play this game because its keep showing "something went wrong"..
Really fun game love it a lot, but needs an update it is fun for a long time but you never unlock and new troops or spells, the only thing that ever changes is your ancient and the two cards that come with a hero. Please update really fun.
After completing the tutorial, I played between 20-30 games, never coming close to losing even once. It was clear I was just playing against bots, and bad ones at that. I would understand waiting in queue times, and I might even understand using LABELED bots, but I think it's unacceptable to intentionally deceive players by giving them flags and fake names.
Nice content. Also game and graphics r good .but u have one issue it's showing a lot of time that something went wrong and network problem event my network is good.....
Pros: game is a decent tug of war tactical strategy with nice gfx and animations. Cons: it has no content. No campaign mode, no events, no minigames. Nothing. Just a combat mechanic and a pvp league. And the pvp is full of bots because no one plays this lazy game. The game is dead. Good night. Hey Mr Developer, stop being lazy and make games with actual CONTENT!
Everything is very nice BUT it feels like all the games i play are with bots because i can easily beat any of my opponents
I believe developers have gave up on their game. What a shame, the game has not been working for a while, frozen screen after start, cant press play or anything. What a waste for a cool game.
other than having fullscreen screen size issue on xiaomi redmi 6a. Having great times. please improve screen size issues.
Can't watch reward ads or connect to fb; which slows down improving in the game. Also it frequently freezes in the loading screen resetting win streeks. Otherwise 4 or 5 Stars.
I dont know why but from today, the game is not working. It says request timed out in the middle of loading. I loved this game. But now i cant play it, i am taking my 5 stars back
Pathetic game, contain a lots of add and don't have any option to stop add without paying, only ask for money, downloading this game is a waste of time and money.
Fun game but not very competitive and quite tedious. 1 out of about every 100 battles I might actually have a real opponent. The rest is all done by AI... only without the "I" if you catch my drift. Ads pop up after almost every battle. Sound cuts off if I get any kind of notification and sometimes after watching an ad as well. Could use a bit of TLC from dev team, but from what I've seen in other reviews, that's probably not going to be happening any time soon.
Lost everything, gave it 5 stars previously, but after playing for one day the game would get stuck in the authentication, uninstalled, installed again, logged in with the same Facebook and Google accounts, but I was back at level 1... Please fix this, it's really frustrating
The game play is decent but you have to watch an add in between EVERY match. Gets very annoying and not worth the hassle πŸ‘Ž
I'm sad that this game sucks not because of gameplay but because of ads I remember back in 2018 or 19 I use to play it everyday and it was my fav game still might be but because of ads after every match I'm uninstalling it ... R.I.P. Game Ads are to blame
Worst app it doesn't open one time after installation.,😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Getting stuck at authenticating. I used to play till yesterday today I cannot get past loading screen 😭
Even though repetitive, the game is fun. Some skins are ridiculously pricey which makes you farm lots. Simple and easy to learn controls. Wish the game has more content, though.
It is not working i hate this game i deleted the game i like for fix it if you dont im going to tell everyone this game is bad it is not fun It is not working and i hate do not download it
Loved this game, then the Dev's just left this game to die, seems they're back now. Will update my review and make in-app purchases if I see them back in action with some good updates. Edit: the game still doesn't load even after this new update. Dev's fooling us.
All bots. Acts like it is a PVP but now way. You can not lose. 265 straight matches and not even close to a loss. Would be cool if it was real people or they made the bots better.
A fun game overall, doesn't seem to be pay to win. I really enjoy the strategy to it. My only criticism is that the developer no longer updates the game, otherwise it is a great game!
Trash. The game is full of bots and theres no way to report them. It's 99% pay to win and the only way free players can compete is to place high in the weekly rankings. You can max 3 stars a game and they cumulatively add up over a week. Yet theres a player named EchoZaylor thats at the top of the charts with 2k stars ON THE FIRST DAY. its just a bot that plays the game while you're not. Its cheating and they cant be reported. So there is no way to win here unless you cheat or pay. Same thing.
This game is truely epic. But there are very less titans to play. So please add more titans, skins, new game modes, leagues and rewards.
Way too easy. I lost 3 games the whole time I played and both times were due to the game suddenly disconnecting. The game has potential to be very good but they need to fix some balancing issues to make it more challenging.
Nice game and graphics but contains lots of after every battle if ads are not there I would definitely give four star's
I love the graphics and gameplay it's just that I read one of the comments saying that players have been playing against bots instead of other players. Can you guys change that. Also for some reason, the game won't let me play anymore, like I'm just waiting, stuck on a screen saying athenticating. What does that even mean.
The Game is nice but some reason it is not opening. It is stuck at the loading only(it is stuck and not laoding after authenticating)
Very unique game. Instead of Zerg rushing each other's bases a lot of time is spent in defense. Interesting concept.. can't wait for pvp to be added or unlocked.
The game no longer has active players. your opponent is not a real player but an AI (bot). I won close to 30 games in a row. Disappointedly I even played half of the game and let it lose. still I won those matches.