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Special Forces Group 2

Special Forces Group 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by ForgeGames located at Moscow Presnenskaya emb 8c1. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Coool bro. I really really recommend this (not for free fire players) they only tell "its not a dust for free fire" but i dont think it. First ofall i started playing this when i was in KG2 NOW IAM IN 5TH I DIDNT DELETE IT. BUT YES 1 TIME WHEN MY FONE STORAGE FULLY FINISHEDπŸ™„nevermind. But wait this can be played in online or offline. I tell this is better that pubg and free fire. But only 1 thing it can only played with 32 players. But thats enough. Graphics, its better than pubg and free fire.
Hi i am a old gamer of this game to many years i played this game is equal to too many bugs i encountered like the zombie horde is stuck on wall because of a lot of them. please add more guns, melee weapons, amors, and throwable thing, and the zombies, soldiers, etc make them more realistic and add a new mode Battle royale mode? which is kind a lot of storage if you will. Ty for creating the game.
The game was really good, not so bad graphics and a lot of interesting maps that you can choose. Why I rated this four star is because I don't like how you have to give your email address to do multiplayer, I thought it was going to be a really easy way, you just had to had to put wifi on, make a username and it's done. Secondly, this one I was really sad as if you bought a gun you could only use it for one. Ok so I thought you could buy the gun and use it all the time but it was not like that.
The game is cool but the auto fireing is just too op, like as soon as you peek u die and there sould be recoil for a everz gun not just random shots and also add 2 different sensitivity one is going to be "Y" sensitivity and "X" so it wont be that hard to aim. And also add something that when u crouch zour recoil control is eazier to controll
Its like CSGO, but not really, the bots are stupid, even in "bomb mode" because they get greedy on the bomb, please, make the bots like in the CS games. and they always stop when they are going to change direction, and its kind of awkward. and the guns are TOO stable, even the awp is. in csgo, the awp is not really stable while you are moving, in the game, it just deals more damage, and the fire rate is trash. hope you devs read this.
Could use some more shotguns, other than that, gameplay is pretty good, I'd say. Could also use some improvements on the grenades. Maybe some more improvements on the bots while you're at it, really.
The game is great a great game to past your time but the controls are default you can't change your controls and I'm not very use of it so I was hoping if you can make an option for as to able to change our controls and make the graphics a little bit realistic but overall it's great I hope the next update comes
Hello!!,I love the game it's pretty good the graphics aren't that bad,I have one problem after the new update where you can make your own skins the game just kicks me randomly after opening it and it doesn't open,I would like to play this game really but it doesn't work sadly.
this game is the best but why i rated it four stars 'cause when i create my own skin and apply it still the normal gun is there, it means i can only gut a skin by watching a boring ad and it is there only for four hours and if we want to buy it permanently we have to pay MONEY please add a game money which we can get by winning in arms race mode and we can also get it by killing terrorists and zombies, please add an update like this <:)
I play this game many time i really like this game's feachers . I also like graphics and other settings.but i have request to devlopers to upgrade this game and make coin system for offline and make offline market for skins and carecter . By the way i really like this game so much ..
I like the game especially when playing with my friends,but i would like you to add a Counter Strike Global Offensive, features (for example, different guns have different weights,you can throw your guns,pistols except for knives, and most important in the bomb mode, the bomb has a timer/you have to wait for the bomb to plant and i am a youtuber.
This games is the best action-adventure game for me,you can choose anything maps you like to play,and so many guns and knives you should try,and you can choose what character you want to play,and the best is its offline game,no need internet for playing,and it had multiplayer game,you can play with ur friends,as long as you want,only wifi and hotspots,you should try this game,even kids or older u can play it,very nice game, The BEST!!!!!
It's cool but some bugs not fixed and some many many adds ARE DISTURB TOO YOU SO MUCH and weapons and skins are... amazing i wish bugs and adds be gone bots too amazing you can create your room to join players then i like the bots too you customize the settings into expert then bots are really hard to kill and don't forget to download this cool but many adds game!!!... And if it's hard go too easy difficulty ok done...
I really love this game!The graphic was clear..Places,mode,characters all of that was perfect!There are few things that i want to complain..the weapons are not too strong and the character is easy to die even wearing the armor body especially in the zombie mode.Honestly, I wanna try to play this game with other people like online...but there were juz few people play and its little boring so i had to play the offline one.
cannot play multiplayer. Crashed Login. Too Many unfixed bugs. I played on Realme Note 9 Pro. Keep crashing especially in multiplayer. Felt like a assignment of a group of student that uploaded on PlayStore and suddenly goes blow up. Seriously. Too many unfixed bugs and way too ambitious. Skins, maps and weapon are cool but bugs make the game unplayable
This game is very addictive and AWESOME! but the most things i do not like in this game is the map is quite small, the bots/players is very easy to kill (but It depends to player) but good job. And can u add some new maps fix knife mode coz its very hard to kill enemies and can u make the bots pretty good/smart and one last. Can u make the game not laggy coz sometimes i encounter fps drops but again this game is very cool and awesome! Good work u allπŸ˜‰
It's a fun game to play especially when playing with friends. I play different fps games so it's difficult to use the controls when they're different. This is the only problem I have. If you could add controls customisation, it would bring more players to the game. Please notice this
This game was great. After this im now playing shooting but it was great so much.. and there is just on problem, my Special Forces Group 2 reseted and i remembered i have friends when my Special Forces Group 2 didn't reset. Now my friends are gone forever :'( so i rate this 2/5 Stars Feedback: you should put some new guns and make each animations like when you're climbing a ladder or jumping or reloading and you can chat to your friends in the friends menu
please fix the zombie mode and bot AI. you are always one hit from a zombie bot but if you play as one you easily get killed by soldier bots the moment you're near them. i would love to see more features on this mode because it is impossible to win a game of "zombie count >> soldier count". the zombies are all the same and no interesting abilities they could obtain over time. knife mode with bots is also ridiculous. great game though. hope to see more maps. the rest are really cool.
I'm really tired of the games calling themselves "Counter Strike Terrorist" but you can't even choose the map and modes they are just some mission games but this one.. This one is the best I thought at first it's one of those but it's not! You will not regret downloading it! I have a bug to tell. The bots are just going in the same bomb spot Everytime in bomb mode! And here's some suggestions. Add a stats for guns in the gun shop, add more guns and other stuff, and make a Zombie Escape mode.
The game is so cool, I've been playing the game for 2 years and so my friends and family. The bots can be your teammates or enemies depending on how many teammates and enemies you want. But this game needs a lot of storage so you need to delete some for space. If you want to play with real players then you can go to multiplayer and pick the server you want. Ads are the main problem here but you can go offline to not catch ads. I advise you, if want games like SFM's, then this is the game.
This game is definitely a time killer to say the least, it has acceptable graphics for a mobile game, and it's pretty much worth downloading this because it's free with the exception of in-app purchases. Moving on, it doesn't have too much flaws except for very rare connection problems on online servers, this game has aged well and I hope this game will further expand than it is.
No problem with this game so far . But the only thing that I would like you to add more weapons . In the next update You could add a map like a forest or temple or even a maze that would be helpful.And also I think you have to make the maps even more bigger and lots of hiding spots And maybe you could add battle royale please . Thanks
I love the game. Really I do. But I only have one problem with it. Please fix the kicked due to inactivity in multiplayer please. Because there's nothing wrong if you're just spectating a friend. I mean sure you can kick players that are actually AFK but playing but not the spectators please. Please fix this and next time maybe more people will love multiplayer.
Great Game! Everything is good so far, good graphics and not too hard to control. But I am shocked and confused about why it asks for my E-mail Address and Password so that I can enter multiplayer. Pls drop that out and quite annoying when ads pops up every game and sometimes in the middle of one. It also lags constantly... Good Game Anyways
Love this app. This game is so cool and i also havr suggestions. 1. Can u make the cars drivable so we can drive them also u can shoot the tires aswell. 2. Can u like add the bandages of course there is a medkit but bandages do less healing and u can carry them. 3. Can u like add more modes like battle royal or race mode using the cars i suggested or practice mode that u sommon bots to practice ur shooting just like practice mode in Mobile Legends:Bang Bang. I really wish u add it to the game...
The closest game to Counter strike I've ever played!!! So good. I think its a great game and i dont really have any issue about it but I would really love if you add more guns like galil, kriss vector, etc. and more maps like de piranesi, de prodigy, de tides,etc. I am so willing to use more of my phone storage for more maps and guns and other upgrades of this game, Thank you, you did such a great job, developers πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ‘
Looking over at my friend's phone this game is great. The only problem is that after I download this game,the game close by itself during loading screen. I didnt even see the menu. I kept opening and still cant play it. Somehow my friend who has Samsung J5 can play this game. Please fix this ASAP. Its also happened before this version came out but the game forced stopped instead.
My experience with this game is good while playing smoother graphics but in the beganing in lobby it lags it authenticates download it takes time there after it it starts then while selecting map,if i clicked after 10 to 15 seconds map is selected then when i play it not start after when i click button after many times it start,you should reduce the animation scale,when i enter in a match, it becomes good.I WOULD HAVE RATE IT 2 STARS BUT DUE its massive multiplayer game +1 star and offline..
This game is so cool! And just not cool its amazing game,great game and more! And please add some maps like special forces campaign,desert town,village 2,bigdesert3,and more and add more maps and wide it so many people enjoy this,actually my dream when im adult is to become soldier,this game should deserves 5 rates,and thank you for this game that i have game that is soldier game,thank you.
The game is so cool, I've been playing the game for 2 years and so my friends and family. The bots can be your teammates or enemies depending on how many teammates and enemies you want. But this game needs a lot of storage so you need to delete some for space. If you want to play with real players then you can go to multiplayer and pick the server you want. Ads are the main problem here but you can go offline to not catch ads. I advise you, if you want games like this, then this is the game.
I like this game this is everything, you can play with your friend offline using hotspot. This is amazing game/APK. You can change graphics freely and offline. But there still bugs and lags on this game but this is great game love it so I give 5 stars
This is very similar to my old favourite game; conter strike ❀️ and i love it, the graphics and user interface is very good. But there is a problem in the shop. What if i dont want a granade and i want to but another bomb item.. I have to get killed before i can do that.. I suggest that an update where user can sell their items and buy a new one... But thank you so much for bringing this good old nostalgic game ❀️😍 i really appreciate it.. I'll buy skins someday when i got a job ❀️ i promise.
Best Offline FPS Game. This Neds A lot Of improvements!Graphics Spx etc.But the bots aren't hard enough.you will choose how bots difficulties.And Graphics Option Which is Lookin' Good.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜…- Im very comfortable at Controls Because I Fixed My hud stuff.Still waiting for next.Pls Tell Me!Overall Nice Game (9/10) πŸ‘
Good Stuff. Been playing for 2017 I guess if my brain serves me right. This is my second favorite, first is the very old fps which got deleted in playstore. The only thing I request is that the bot should get improved. I dont know if it hard or not but I'm happy with what I got.
Only Reason I gave 3 stars is because the Terrorist and Counter Terrorist are hard to notice. Like which one is the Terrorist and which one is Counter Terrorist. Please make it easy, like with Uniforms. And when playing with Bot(when he has a Sniper) when I go behind him, he just turns and shoots(when he is turning the bullet has already killed me). So these are things please fix/correct in your next update.
4.2 -New double barrel model -New Winchester Model -Fixed a bug when you can’t connect to a friend’s room -Finalized localization -Fixed bugs 4.1 - Now you can add friends -You can join friends game -Your friends will be marked in the game (can be disabled) 4.0 -Optimized multiplayer -Voice chat -ability to change the map in user rooms -improved anti-cheat
I like this game i've playing this for 2 months and its so cool but there's a problem(1) the ads its so annoying and(2) its kicking me sometimes when im in the middle of the game,plss fix the promblems.
The updates are cool awesome graphics reason I gave a three star rating is because of the map (room) bots/zombies can't go to the side of the bed any more. hope you fix this it was my favorite part of the game in knife mode I know it makes no sense giving a three star rating to something so small still awesome graphics and gameplay experience
I really love this game, it has very good graphics for a mobile game and the controls are very simple to use.I do wish however that there was perhaps more melee weapons to choose from. And it would be better id you could buy more than 1 of the same type of bomb. But otherwise, i love this game, definitely recommended to download.
Dear developers, Thank you so much for making this app. I've been using this since 2017. This was a for real awesome game. Since then on 2019, due to low version of phone I didn't manage to update it cause my storage is so low. Now that I got a huge one I can finally get it without any problem. I was so amaze of the new maps and skins of guns. And I realize how far I hadn't known it has 5 new maps added already. I'm really thankful for this game. It's really addictive game.
I can't play the game in my phone(Asus Zenfone 2) and I have downloaded this game many times but it does not allow me to play it because last time it made the whole map weirdly glitched the colorization of the player and the map, and now when I open it and the loading screen starts, it just leaves the game by itself so plaese fix this issue. I also played the game in several phones but I don't own them, so please help me fix this issue so that I could play the game normally.
I really love this game! But i would like new weapons like the SCAR-L, SCAR-H, Barret, MP9, Galil AR, M4A1, AA12, Glock 18, P250, TEC-9, KRISS Vector, MAC10, and a new version of the TMP and MP7A1 (They are the same from the first game, they deal just a little bit of damage and their scope is just awkward). Another problem is that the character has no sleeves. Please add sleeves to the character. It's awkward to know that you have sleeves but you don't see them. Please add these!
The is really cool especially sfg 4.2. Its just sometimes when i choose character as a terorist it turns into counter-terorist character. Its not a glitch but i think its a problem. When i tried to uninstall it and installed it again the problem that im telling wasn't removed I just like to improve that. But still this game is very very awesome.
What the heck happened to this game,its was not compatible anymore on 1gb to 2gb ram devices,when you open it,it crashes,i was trying to download older version of this game but it has almost the same thing,this is my most favorite game on android so please bring back the old version of it.
I love this game, since I'm in grade 1 I played after doing my home work and I have 1 hour to play this game, because the graphic is nice, but my sugggestion in this game is you can able to go inside of military truck and some more weapons, but I love this game so much.
Love this game for 2 to 3 years but im facing a new glitch. When u give ur teammate bots a weapon it will automatically disappear in a few minutes or so. Please fix this or the bots will think they are shooting but they actually are not :). Im editing this cuz im facing ANOTHER bug which is really annoying. Most of the times i log in the game freezes and i keep on reinstalling it agn to fix this but it keeps cominv back. Please fox this or my gameplay will be ruined
I really love this game! But i would like new weapons like the SCAR-L, SCAR-H, Barret, MP9, Galil AR, M4A1-S, AA12, Glock 18, P250, TEC-9, KRISS Vector, MAC10, Five-SeveN and a new version of the TMP and MP7A1 (They are the same from the first game, they deal just a little bit of damage and their scope is just awkward). Another problem is that the character has no sleeves. Please add sleeves to the character. It's awkward to know that you have sleeves but you don't see them. Please add these!
The game is great!I love it, especialy when I play it with my friends but there's some minor bugs and things Im concerned about. Sometimes I can't pick a character and choose a map at the menu and the damage of the grenade is way too weak,can't even kill a zombie so pls concider it.
This is quite good but the thing is your team won't listen to you can you please add a strategy before you start the game which can be changed in settings please if you are going to do my updated version here is the strategy's:defend which you can send a batch of troops to a specific location:attack which you can take troops and do the same thing from defend where you can send troops to a specific location and you can take some troops to follow you or stay in they're position i want cause please
Ayo,I need some nice weapons but the graphics, its a 10/10 yes!!! The frickin maps! So much creativity and the best thing is you can customize and change gamemode and most of all i rate IT A 100/5 YESSS!!!! And I've played this for almost 4 years and most of all the creator of the game did the best he/she can do! #BestGunGameEver. 10/10 And yeah...
I really enjoy this game. It has beautiful gaming experience, but please make this more smoother to control for us to aim and shoot those enemies to the head! I like the old animation when you're dead 'cause its funny and one more thing fix this problem: even my player and the enemies are hiding from the wall or other object we can still shoot them and die! Not realistic! Not Good! But I love this game, just, if you want to improve this in the next update not just fix bugs. Thank you.
This game is the best. Playing with the bots is good, but if u want a more exiting fight, play with ur friends .There's no need to be online to play with them, cuz there's a local multiplayer option in the game. Just the plain old hotspot and wifi and u and ur friends can play. I've been playing this game with my friends and even making a competition that will determine who is the best among us. Highly recommend this game.
Great game !!!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ This game is good for singleplayer or multiplayer The graphics and controls are too good. I extremely like the movements of guns and the bullet shells pop out of gun like real.But you should add some guns like SCAR-L,Kar98k XMB etc.This is the best game I have ever played in my lifeπŸ”₯ So carry on it.I
I love it Its awesome But I want an upgrade with newer places like cities,estates,jungles,riverbeds with rocks,a cinema,a school and any other new places. If the teams can be increased to 3 it'll be appreciated and let the team leaders be able to call in air strikes or drone attacks If there's anything like special forces 3,we're hoping its has these features or better features Thank you
I really like the game. Graphics might not be the very best, but gameplay is very good. Lots of maps, guns and gamemodes. However, the updates are coming very late. I would like if you would add these if not all, then some into the game. i) More maps. ii) More guns like: Tec9, Tazer, Uzi, Single Mac10, Vector, Jackhammer, Saiga12K, Lewis Gun, SKS, PSG-1, Barret M82 and explosives like the RPG-7. iii) More gamemodes like: Conquest and Free For All. Please give updates. Keep up the great work.
A great game. You should try replacing the smaller maps with larger maps like piranesi, chateux, havana etc and upgrade the maps like militia to it's full size. The bot.nav file also needs to be fixed. They move in a straightforward way, never check all parts of the map and always camp in open. If this is fixed then it will really help players who can't play online due to poor network. Glitch: Zombies try to jump even to rooftops when alternative path is available. Jump should be 2nd priority.
Its still the best game on phone it realy is everytime I get a new device always download it please can you add more characters like yagher corps and please change the sas skin to what they actually look like(im a big sas fan) and i also think your missing out on a key weapon sa187( think thats what its called), I also realy think this game should have battlepass or objectives that give you free stuff. Im saying this because I really think this game can grow a lot. I highly reccomend this game.
Amazing! This game is the best and simple first person shooter and in love it. The graphics and gun design are great! Everything is great in this game but I have one complains. It's about a hacker. I thought that this game has no hackers but I was wrong. There are many. Please make them gone. P.S I hope this rating cheers you up.
Its Superb Because its a FPS and its not a pay to win game,But there is a problem the auto aim always aims at the head when not moving so it will be an advantage to people that are experienced with this game They will always dominate the Newer Players Please make a Rank system witch Gets New Players to their respective skill and level with other players that are also new,other than that this game is Good, Keep up the work
Rather the death match sucks because the bots always target you and they can know where you are always but still other mods are still cool yet thats why i rate 5 for it also please make the bullet proof vest stronger theyre useless in the game it takes 1-3 shots in order to break the vest but i like it takes 16-20 shots to break the vest thats make the vest expensive a little and useful to the game more also watch in youtube too see more bugs like example u can shoot trough walls thats all
I like the game especially when playing with my friends,but i would like you to add a Counter Strike Global Offensive, features (for example, different guns have different weights,you can throw your guns,pistols except for knives, and most important in the bomb mode, the bomb has a timer/you have to wait for the bomb to plant). Please reply
Nice gameplay but fix some bugs ,its really a amazing game and good for lower end devices, graphics and physics are ok and it takes too low space but only one bug is we can customize our own skin but we don't get skin in any mode offline expect arms race, please please fix some bugs in multi-player mode and this would be best game and download also will rapidly increase
Great game and gameplay is very good but there was some problems to should have character lobby inventory and shop for buying guns .There should equip weapons ,gears ,grenade. And it should not buy guns in the gameplay it should have to buy in lobby shop and epuip the guns bring update soon.this game is so good then the other offline games . Bring next sfg 3 all should have there on part 3 there should have on problem in anything good luck.And when will purchase guns it should be permanent
Great graphics, realistic weapons, many game style options, kick [email protected]$ military like Seals, Delta, ect! I give 5 stars, GREAT GAMEπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘and I'd have gladly paid for it! If I could make a suggestion, upgrade a free Rome map to adjust to controls.
the game is fun to play online and offline but it needs more maps and bigger maps, because most of the maps are small or medium size, it would also be nice if there are more guns, modes and the choice to turn off the time limit and/or extend it to a longer time as well as the max money size increased from 15,000 to 50,000 which would also be good for adding more expensive stuff or guns to the game.
This game is awesome, i have been playing this for 2 years now but the latest update is hard even though the difficulty was easy so i went back to winchester update because its really cool. Developers, please make the latest version easy so it wont be overwhelming to the newbies and also.., add more actions to zombies because it only has one knife action and the bots can shoot through walls but i still rated it 5 stars because i dont have any reason to rate it down. Pls make other games!!
its a very good game, absolutely not p2w but you can buy some skins either with money you get from killing someone, or permanent skins for a cheap price, the community is not very toxic and it is a great app to play with friends or even online, great for when you dont have internet.
It's a very nice game. Please notice this. But I think to make the game more refreshing is to add more guns, because it kinda gets boring, when you play it all day with the same guns. I really hope you see this, and please please please add more guns. Please? This is a 5-star to show you how good your game is, and it could be better, thank you for making this game and please add more guns, once again ❀️🌹
This game is cool, I have been playing this since I was a kid... But it's kinda boring now. It still have the same map and guns and characters, I wish you can add more Map, Guns, and Character and make the bots more intelligent THIS IS A 5 STAR RATING AND PLEASE NOTICE THIS SO MORE AND MORE AND MORE PEOPLE WILL DOWNLOAD THIS
Great app but I have some suggestions can you add mines and explosive guns like RPG and Grenade Launcher and add more options like a day-night option and weather option and add colt45 and able to buy more types of armors like a boots to increase your speed and and helmet for less chance of being headshoted and add flashlight and night vision goggles if it is night time or it's fog or any weather that hard to see so you can navigate through the map more easily. Please Add These! Thanks! :)
You're taking too long to update this game, we do hope the next version will be much realistic replace all weapons apart from AKs rifles, and Glock pistol, replace the rest with new ones. there should be blood/solid particles sprayed on the wall or to the ground when the bot is shot ,, reduce muzzle flash from guns muzzles,. add some little smoke to make recoil much realistic.
Some minor bugs needed to be fix. Edit ver 4.2: tons of hackers are abusing your login system simply by not registering making YOUR admins hard to navigate those players who hacks. Devs you need to stop this, or this will kill the gameplay and ended up players leaving this pre matured game, tons of bug on your ui like for example: when leaving while in a game once you join another server it randomly kick (in my personal exp).
Please make some new mod,map ,weapon, new ragdoll system and enchanched the graphic please the game is great but need improvement and update. this is the best games that i had when i need offline shooting games and this game has local hotspot to play with friends
I like this game very much but in multiplayer battle the ads are so much and sometimes it hangs . My network is strong , then too hangs . (Connection error) it shows like this . My favourite game is this & I am playing from last 3 years and allow to add other languages in chat features. After choosing map we should fall from top (sky) like freefire.
Amazing work there devs, I really enjoy playing this game with my friends. All is good and I want to give some suggestions, please add weight of the weapons we carry like knifes lighter and the gun like the Pencheng hevier also add money to the game not while the match but outside the match to buy some Ex: Skin.Also add Hide N Seek. Please Make more objects around the maps to get this mode more interesting. let us pick our objects give us a choice of three random objects also add skills thx.
I Really Like This App, Even though am a girl, But I yeah , I really like this 100% like I can play where ever I go, cause it's an offline game, like Roblox, I play Roblox but it needs Connection, So when where ever I go, I can't play it, Better to this, I can play.. The only problem is that am a girl πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί, Uhh, ummm... Whatever 😏 Lol That's all I can say ! goodbye!
The game is the best. There are few things that you can add in the game by which the game can become more interesting and tactical.First of all please add some guns in the game. Second , there is no recoil . Please add that in the game . Third , please add quests , ranked multiplayer and battle pass in the game by which the game will definitely become more interesting. Hope you will add these all things in your game.
Laggy,but playable,there should add new animations for certain weapons,and improve textures aswell,but i have an issue with the latest version.When i enter the game,the screen moves in different ways and then the game crashes,this has been an issue from version 4.0 until now.Please fix it.
This game is really fun however, you need to add buy time like csgo. Most fps games has that and also ad cases so that is will be popular (like other game also) and i recomended tha move of the player should be slower and add recoil to the gun so that i will be more competitive and also add skin's to the gloves. Thank you hope you response to this. Have a nice day ForgeGames
I have been noticing in the new update the zombies can now jump high and some zombies don't die easily so I can gat killed easily. I hope the creators of this game notice this. This is a five star so can you add more different guns and make it the zombies will not jump anymore and make the zombie mode easier in castle. Thank you
This game is not FIRST PERSON SHOOTER, because fps means the camera is fitted so that it looks so realistic. When we shoot In this game only gun moves, camera remains still, you should make the camera angle realistic like other games, because of these my friends and I stopped playing this game because of this problem. please improve this in next update, I hope you will.
Addictive game. Been playing with my friends. Only lacking is bullet from sniper does not go thru enemy. This is kinda weird since bullet penetrates walls or obstacles but not thru players/bots. Does this mean the walls are made out of flesh? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Still 5 star for me.
When i have no phone i was just playing this game in my cousins phone when i played it , it was fun i haven't problems to it the graphics all of it and has many mode , zombie mode , flag mode and etc. Now i have a phone i love to download it because i like this game i will give it 5 stars i realy appreciate it. Thank you.
So the game is real good the maps guns characters etc. I did install the game yesterday i had a great time playing but today something went wrong.... my game kept crashing and lagging i couldn't play for a sec i got killed many times in knife mode when players were far from me cause of the crash and lag. Fix the problem and you will get 5 stars thank you.
Very nice game but add more control make it Third person back. did you remember the control on Garena Free Fire make it like this to see enemies at the back of you its so hard to kill on the zombie mode. zombie is very fast to attack like ninja assassin and knife mode. The other problem important to improve is about armor add more armor and add more girls police or SWAT characters. Thanks pleas.. Pleas... those comment I hope you will make the good improvement. Yes of course I give five star.
It's really good you can change the moods to zombie, capture the Flag, etc. You cam really enjoy it you can also connect and play that's what make it more fun, and I love zombie mode because I always get high Kills, you'll definitely enjoy this game...πŸ˜ƒ
Awesome game! I have never seen so many maps and game modes in any shooting game.But my sincere request would be that to please introduce an option, which when turned on, each round would have different bomb and flag zones. It would add more fun and suspense. Besides this display of the characters are not clear and there are the requirements of more guns and explosives.You may also introduce survival mode and for that big maps are required. Hope next updates bring all these facilities.
Awesome game nice graphics.. starts lagging sometimes.. i really think it need more upgrades like a new gun or a player model....i have a suggetion. Either add monthly events.. or add a new mode.. i dont have a mode suggestion right now but i really want you to come up with a new mode... I mean a rescue mode would be pretty cool.. but you will have to make a new map for it and it would be pretty cool in online...
the game was really great! and i love how my bots move.in the start of the game my bots come to their own position and start protecting the area!.and the announcer is really good cause the voise is like in the cs go. and i loveall the modes that truely offline!.but i have some suggestion when you planting the bomb(in bomb mode)i wish that my character is truely pressing the number of the momb while planting and i wish that you can make the map more bigger plss i really love your game
This game was fun and great but I get bored becos the maps are small, there are only a few weapons and the graphics I hope you can improve on it and I really appreciate it.oh and one more thing can you make players and boys enter the buildings .luv this game :v. Can you also add drones that deliver your supplies when buy one
This is very fantastic offline gun game, you can change your hud, play with friends, etc. But the problems are you cannot prone or slide to counter enemy quickly, you are still walking even if you are jumping, and there is no recoil in the match, hopefully there will be update soon that may improve the whole game😁😁😁. I'll be waiting for you to respond
Hi, It's an awsome game, we love playing it, but i just wanna ask.. I updated it and we need to download it again! How sucks it is.. I installed this again because theres load in our wifi, but friends want to play. But there is no load/wifi in there wifi. And we think something. So we share the app in shareit it didnt work! It said, you need to download it.. How to join multiplayer? BAD, ijust installed this 1 year ago, and oh! One more thing, can you minus the Mb? Its really frustrating..!
The game is great but the problem is that when you play zombie mode zo,bies have alot of health than humans and even tho they can do a headshot damage and also add more maps and modes and fix the bots!! Cuase bots can shoot trough walls which annoys me!! Fix zombie mode and and bots plssa i would rate this 5 stars if you do...
forge games take my suggestion into consideration u will hit big everywhere. 1)controller issue:basically try to make it simple i played the game and if i get my finger out of the joystick it does'nt work which is way too much problem for mobile gamers 2)improvement of graphics required+the interface can be better i mean the frontend
Liked this game more than my heart and soul, but, a bug is really annoying me. If I do not use or open it two or three times without turning on the cellular connection, it is a download is going to be prepared and download paused because wifi is paused. After turning on wifi and connecting to a network, download paused because wifi is unavailable. Please fix this bug in next update or else my data pack will be half finished and I have to continously reinstall it.
I really like it, the only thing I don't like is the weapons selection. The knife, main second and explosive icons take up so much of the space that my 4 trigger game grip is pretty much useless, even then, without it, I use the claw technique, which requires me to customize the scope and fire button at the top of the screen, which is being blocked by the weapon icons.
Great game but it needs more modern guns and new maps. There should be some more bombs in the armory (like time bombs and landmines) and more bots....when someone joins my local multiplayer room they die as they join the game.BEST GUN GAME EVER!!!!!
I like the game and it was awesome but Please make the faces of the players better not blur and the pause button and the weapon shop doesn't pause the game also the zombies are fast also why do I need to be a zombie also please add radar how can I know we're are the enemy's adding radar is better the players can kill the players that is about to shoot them because I can't win many times because they shoot me that I didn't even notice please add it still like the game but please Fix things I say
Best game ever!! Even if i am a girl, i always play this game with my brothers and my little nephew.. I play the death match and the zombie mode and it was fun. Furthermore i updated the game and it was great more than ever now you can buy knives and swords and you can choose new places.. I really enjoy this games a lot! Thanks! You deserve 5 stars.
Although the game is excellent, the only problem i faced is some time all the settings which i have done while playing changes automatically and then i have to do that again. Need some more weapons and maps. Also a request to make an on and off option for bombs.
I love this game soooo much but sometimes it wont work cuz it want update when I update it everything back fine and it's online and offline I have a hundred of freinds in this game its sooo cool u can also create ur own room with freinds play together which is amazing like for this gameπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ but I have a problem since the game was updated I cannot get into it, it kicks me out whenever I join so please tell me what's wrong are fixing it so I can't join?
The game was really fun and the graphics are really good. I love games that has guns and shooting stuff ,but this game has a such good graphics unlike other gun games . I tell u this game will make u have such a great time. I rate this game five stars because its really fun and it doesnt lagg when i play it.
This is SuPeR cool and awesome game, but can you make the map even more bigger like pubg mobule map but little smaller because i just always going circle until i find the enemies, can you also add thirt person that would be cool, and also add more guns like, car98k, one of my fav gun! Also juat wanted to say i love this game its really fun! Please make the bots even more move like a player because they being stupid at using shot guns, dont use bombs, dont use shields, and dont heal, please fix!
I really loved the game it's so cool and smooth but one thing I didn't like is that when you fall on a high place, you won't recieve any damages on your body. I hope that you guys can fix that. Thanks. The game would be even better if it has a battle Royale mode
I really love this game but the problem is bug and ads you need to fix it now and also the map you need to updated too I. give you 2 star for that and bot easy to kill. it's not too hard to kill and KNIVE. GAMEMODE is so hard to kill bot you. need to fix it too. πŸ˜‰ if you offline is not pop the ads. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰ and fix it too I give you 5 star if you fix it thank for the game and PLS MORE GUNS LIKE CROSSBOW. AND MORE ZOMBIES . AND FIX THE CONNECT TO HOTSPOT BECAUSE I CAN PLAY WITH MY FRIENDS REPLY 😎
Its a very good game especially for those who have bad internet connection its god that it has offline mode its very fun and addicting. I rated 4 stars because of the aim sensitivity and the bombs/grenades it doesn't go where you aim it and the area damage is slow and too small. Thats all and overall its a very good game.
This game have much fun in both online and offline. This is a killer game between terrorist and counter terrorist. I have played for 1 year and have done 24,097 kills . If you have not played please Play game. I love this game so much
AWESOME GAME,COOL GRAPHICS.... THIS GAME MAKE ME PLAY IN 1-6 HOURS ITS ONE OF THE BEST GAME!! This game could be great if they add colors on terrorist and counter terrorist like red and blue on the vest because its so hard to find whos the terrorist.... But its a great game here's 4 star for you
This game is awesome, when I was a childhood I play this game and until now, it lessen boredom, specially it can played LAN wifi that I am able to play with my friends easier. Although being on a years, this game should be change as well, the aiming, we players want to disable auto aim but it hard for us to shoot enemies, change the aiming like we are able to spray, also add the recoil to every guns, it is important in order for us to shoot smoothly while spraying or targeting the head.
It is REALLY ENJOYING GAME. I play this game for 12 years and I am enjoying it till now. And there is a lot of modes that you can play with others online or with your FRIENDS. I prefer to you if you like gun games play this game and you will not regret it!!!! I give this game 5 out of 5
The game was really good, not so bad graphics and a lot of interesting maps that you can choose. Why I rated this four star is because I don't like how you have to give your email address to do multiplayer, I thought it was going to be a really easy way, you just had to had to put wifi on, make a username and it's done. Secondly, this one I was really sad as if you bought a gun you could only use it for one. Ok so I thought that you could buy a gun and use it on every game but it was not like it