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Speccy - Free Sinclair ZX Spectrum Emulator

Speccy - Free Sinclair ZX Spectrum Emulator for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Garage Research Emulators located at 11 Plato Terrace Winchester, MA 01890. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A retro buzz! I love playing these old games from my youth. So dated but so much fun. Thank you for this way of playing them again!
Good emulator but the file selector toolbar only works for the free apps.Developer , I'm not stupid, I have purchased all your apps but the toolbar will tell you that you don't have the app and guide you to download the free version. Please check it out, ps its been this way for years.
There's a huge flaw with this. The colour scheme for the buttons in the screen corners is not colour-blind friendly. I could not read the text on them, I had to get my daughter to tell me what was on them. This isn't a trivial issue, one in 10 men (one in 30 women) suffer some level of colour blindness.
How do i reset a game to start again? i start a game without defining keys, so i open menu and hit reset and it opens basic. It's saved basic as a save state so that's all i get now.
ace just ace. gives me those good 80's feelings. really great emulator. just takes a little time to work it out. like the real thing. i love it
Love this app. I use it on my Chromebook where I can add a joystick if needed or just use the keyboard on certain games. I never had a Spectrum as a kid so have got the next best thing with this app. Games work really well and some of those old Spectrum games are fantastic, free and give hours of fun.
Not a bad program. Would like to add covers as some of the ones program finds are wrong got far cry 5 for the big sleaze but that is only problem. Thanks for letting me know.
Difficult to use as no proper instructions. Only got a couple of games to load most crash and some take forever to tape load then don't work. On screen controls appear randomly but don't seem to do anything. Couldn't find how to switch between machines. Glad I only tried the free version and didn't waste any money.
Maybe it's just me but I managed to get some games and even play them but now it won't load any of the games now so a little disappointed because I was having fun for a while there..
Excellent free spectrum emulator, unintrusive ads (just shows you an option for some full price emulators each time you quit a spectrum game), and also emulates the Sam Coupe :)
Great emulator, but seems to run at about twice speed, which I can't figure out why. Also a few games straight out crash after a second of loading. Edit: The recent update fixed the fps, near perfection now, but some games still do crash
Trying out the free version for now and it loads my games with ease. Tried a couple so far. The virtual directional pad does not seem to respond. If looked at the settings but doesn't seem to make a difference. I'm going to try my Bluetooth controller later and if that works I'm definitely going to upgrade to the paid version. Thanks so much for making this emulator.
Incoming cassette volume is too loud. Misses most of the turbo (Speedlock) data blocks when loading .tzx format files. Keyboard seems to be lazy and only appear after a couple of seconds. Screen itself seems blurry, not as sharp as another emulator I use. If auto load is on, system is in 128k menu and go to load a 48k game the tape noise starts before the LOAD"" is ready resulting in missing the initial data block. Seem a bit of a steep price considering Spectaculator is free and works flawless.
My phone is old but Speccy works well on it. Not many of the games I like are playable on a touch screen but I still like that I can carry them with me.
Charging to play games which they didn't make when there are free emulators around. Hmmm. Edit: Really disgusted by response that you don't have to pay to use this, I tried to play a game and it wouldn't let me without paying.
This emulator is great just like the ColEm emulator, but didn't you need to update fMSX, like updating the icons, using more stuff, using different versions of the MSX computers, changing it to disk basic and command prompt and more?
Really good, just about the best Android emulator I've seen. I'm going to get the full version - it would be great to see support for the Recreated ZX Spectrum keyboard. It's fine for most games but it doesn't pick up Symbol Shift. But really. This is superb work.
My keyboard issue is fixed i use swiftkey keyboard on my phone I think this was the issue as when i used stock keyboard seemed to work, thanks for the support I've had a play on the app and works amazing, I'm just wondering if i can get this downloaded onto my firestick so i can play on tv 😊
Crashes every time I quit a game. Show stopper for me that. Shame as emulation and controller support is good. Will try another emulator
Looks good but did not get the chance to try as when I installed i clicked on a link on one of the boxes and my Norton anti virus popped up and flagged it as a malicious website so to be safe I had to uninstall.
Runs my favourite old games flawlessly and brings on a wave of nostalgia when you bring up the on-screen keyboard, what's not to love?
not fully functional the free version seemed to work so i bought the ad free version and tried to use the the +3 but all it does is crash so i tried the pendragon and that didn't seem to notice a tape or disk running so tried to switch back to 128k but as soon as I tried to load a game it went back to the pendragon bios so restarted it and still stuck in 256k mode getting a refund and going back to the free version
Only used for a bit but first impressions are good, using it on my lenovo tablet and all seems to work