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Sparkle Drop! [Free Coin game]

Sparkle Drop! [Free Coin game] for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by COLOPL, Inc. located at 東京都渋谷区恵比寿4-20-3 恵比寿ガーデンプレイスタワー11階. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Uninstalling. Game gets stuck at a certain %. Has done this several times in the past. No option for help. Have bought coins for this game.
I've amended my rating as you have now altered the brightness and it is 100% better so hence I give you 4 stars........ Thank you , now I can play more often without blinding headaches after,!! WELL DONE FOLKS!
I really like this game. A decent, smooth coin drop game. The only reason, however, I haven't given it 5 stars is that I have been playing this game on & off for years (I've completed it 3 times) and in all that time there have been NO updates! No new gems, jewellery or indeed any new goals at all! Come on Colopl, please don't just walk away from this game! It's really overdue for some new, interesting content.
Love that it drops constantly coins diamonds Ruby's an I know its a little girls game but this is one of my favorite game to play... Like making all the jewelry.. Tngs that people wish they can have in real life but its only in my dreams .. Soooooo I recommend it to anybody keeps u accupied an my little girl loves playing it to an so do all 5 of my grand daughters... They argue to who goes first all the time..
The menus are too small. Once I try to make the fourth piece of jewelry I can never get the colors I need! For the fourth one you need platinum topaz emerald and diamond. The spawns I get at this point are aquamarine, diamond, black diamond, pink diamond, ruby, sapphire, pearl, platinum, and gold!! I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling it only to have the same problem. Please fix and I'll give five stars!!!
I'm stuck making the same darn piece for a month...I have two left to complete but I'm stuck making the same piece 5 times now...one that takes a lot to make... frustrating
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I Love playing this game, However It is not possible to Read the Information at the top of the game or the jewel information on the second page. PLEASE make It large enough to Read and I am not able to close the game out without force stopping the game. fi× these two major problems and I will change my Rating!!!!
But can't sell ur jewellery u make shame really that would be good pls add that then I will keep ur game on till then I'm gonna uninstalled this thanx
The graphics are a bit dated. With the lace and doilies it looks like my grandmother's dressing table. It needs more sparkle. They are very generous with the coins although the big coin that drops seems to be more of a punishment than a bonus....the way it knocks everything off the sides. All in all it's not bad it just feels like it's in the beta stage.
Love it except every green coin dropped falls off The side 99% of the time and when the stars say "even more more green coins" it's false, my board is still flooded with red and blue coins. If that was fixed, there would be absolutely nothing to criticize.
Unusual coin drop game, I love the graphics, and enjoy making jewellery from the gem drops. But there are some issues that let this game down:- No rise at all in your coin stack at higher levels, the resetting of the table when you close the app to regen coins is a bit harsh (especially if there's a gem you need, it's even more annoying at higher levels when you need more gems), and the game physics can be very frustrating. Feels like the majority of gems and long coins go straight over the side.
Hi! I loved it so much! I got my coins of 1,532 and I can created my earings,necklaces, and rings too!! So I will give you 5 stars.. And you need to download this because you will be enjoyed everyday you will be happy in this game.
This was a great game at first but i am at level 157 and i need notuing but topaz gems, AND YOU HARDLY GIVE ANY OUT. i am about ready to delete this game. I know you want to make it challenging but this is impossible.
I just recently upgraded from Galaxy Note 4 to the Note 5. All apps were easily moved to new Note 5 except this one. So, my question is can all my game progress be transferred or must I start all over?
It has to many adds and the green coin is always falling 99 % actually it is always running out of coins sorry for my opinion but i didnt really like it maybe those players will hate it to like my opinions.ill rate you five stars when you improve it. my tita clara hate it to so she uninstall it and rated it only one star # hated it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is a cool game. Luv the bling, & when you get enough gems, you can create the jewellery items...love the way you can rotate them for a better look. Also luv the long stack of coins for extra coins to use. Giant coins are good too.Teddybears, gems & jewellery a girls good mix..just fun, l like it. Cool game.
Its pretty addictive but it is pretty boring too,well if you want to spend some time with a pretty fun game , this is it
Thought this game would have been updated by now . Box doesn't stay long enough to collect coins. In no time you lose all your coins . Back to waiting till you've gained some
All my daughter wants is to see me create the tiara. And Ya'll make it impossible because you are now making me recreate jewelry I've already made. It's getting super boring. I'm on level 336. I have 5000 coins. And I am nowhere near the tiara because I have to create everything AGAIN, sometimes multiple times. Stop making me do this.
could you please bring back colopl runestory back to the US been having major withdrawals and really miss the game
I can't see! The bar display at the top (# of coins, exp bar, etc) are so SMALL. The jewelry craft menu is SUPER SMALL, zoomed all the way out. I can't read anything! I didn't have this issue on either of my 2 older phones. Love this game but major display issue, please fix!
Its a good game I love to play but the only update I want is that sharing of diamonds should be there like I have many green diamonds and lack of topaz whereas my friend have many topaz but lack in green so I want that sharing of diamonds could be there according to need
I think a few of you guys should install this its so easy I'm level 50 already so if you want install it cause its so so so cool guys
i love this game .i am a 40 year old man . i know its a wee girls game , but it has that certain somthing that draws you in . its bloody good . lol . started playing about 2013 or 14 . been off and on 9ver the years but never gets boring . I want that tiara! I need that tiara, I will GET that tiara !!! it's my main goal in life . I will get a princess and Mary her and give her this tiara when I eventually get it . she will be my queen then .
i love this game but it keeps stoping on me cant play for more rhan a couple pf minutes and thats it before the game stops on me.
I like it. Wish there were a few more ways to earn coins .or sell the jewelry for coins. Nice job keep up the good work.
Pointless making jewellery if you can't get coins for it, please make a way to save game and sell jewellery for more coins!!
This is the best game I've ever played in my life time!!and it still works! How could you not like this game! It's one of the only games in the world that has no ads! This game has been around for like 6 or 7 years and is not out dated! I like how it looks like the game was made by an 86 year old woman (I bet it was!) This is a game every one can enjoy! Thank you for this amazing game and I hope the 86 year old woman who mad this game is OK and has not got Corona! 2020
Other than the pretty retro looking 3-D graphics.The menu screen is too small to view the number of jewelries needed to create it. I agree with some players who say the physics gets more frustrating at higher levels. It DOES slide to the sides more often. The middle section becomes too high where players have to use more coins... The 'power up' effects doesn't seem to work...unless the creators made a clock to count down the time it takes for the effects to wear off.
I've been playing this game for 6 yrs. I got so bored of "Build this one again " bull! It's makes the game boring building the same things 5 times. I'd like to get to the tiara b4 I die! And what good is having the ability to collect jems you never get to use. You could add a design your own jewelry, with the extra jems or even be able to trade in unneeded the jewels to be able to finish off other jewelry. I won't play this anymore, to burnt-out on make it again feature...needs a new look
game is really addicting and fun to play but I noticed all the green and red coins are heavier and harder to push off and the game needs to drop more green coins not enough
I played this through to the tiara a few years ago, and both happy and sad it hasn't changed at all. The coins glide across the jewelry box, so you get more coins. Perfect for going into the mind numb zone we're looking for with these games. And collecting for jewelry is adorable. I just wish the jewelry had changed a little in the years I haven't played. Cute cute cute!