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Spades Plus - Card Game

Spades Plus - Card Game for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Zynga located at 699 8th Street, San Francisco. CA. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is infested with cheaters and somehow zynga never like to take strong action against such cheaters. All the time you will find at least 2 tables of cheaters on board. Worst is zynga never bother to check top 25 winners daily. Atleast 7-8 in top 25 winners are cheaters. Otherwise there is no other spades game as good as this. I have personally reported in all possible ways about cheating with multiple ids. But they are protecting them.
I feel very bad giving this app 1 star. It should be 0 stars. The card distribution is awful. I just played a game and my opponent bid bn and his partner had 10 spades. how can this be a good app? The deals are always like this. I am dumping this app. Good luck if you try it.
constant "connection slowed down" which messes up your bid. partner can just leave and you get stuck with a computer that must be stuck on easy. they will ban you from chatting without any warning nor reason. there are plenty of spades games out there, scroll past this one.
I love this game, that being said, once i started making purchases of more coins, the games algorithm change to which i was never dealt a good hand, if i got more than 3 spades, more than likely their value was under ten. This game is a money sponge, deleting!
I love playing Spades Plus. The only issue I have is when there is a connectivity issue, sometimes your information is incorrect. (number of books you have/need) I lost a game this way. The game automatically played a card for me while my connection was down.
this game is full of bs there coins are high and they band you for no reason I have reported multiple people and nothing happens but I chat with the opposite side and get band from the chat not for 5mins or 1 hour but for 5 days wow what a gimmick I would not recommend this game to any one and they can kiss my business good by the reviews about this game is very true and I wouldn't download it the people on there are racist and rude but I get chat band wow damn fools and I give them the ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿฟ
I am complaining about this app that allow people to cheat endlessly on the supposedly free game... I believe the developers think if u continuously get cheated then in return you will buy coins from them which is dumb on their part because the reason behind the cheating is so players can sell other players coins for monetary values... Thus leaving the developers to generate less revenues... Secondly this game chat bans people for calling out cheaters on a continuous basis... DON'T PLAY NOT WORTH
I love this game.. I don't play any other games now.. Brings back memories of my 20's playing all night. Is there a way to change my photo and spell out my name. My friend loaded on my new phone for me and this was the end result.
in the game of spades there is no such thing as a nil. In real-space it's called board .If a player doesn't have a lot of books they must bid a minimum of three. fix that flaw and the game is five stars until then I'll give it 2
$80/month premium subscriptions.. How? In what world does this work? Even my crazy internet bill is not that expensive... u guys bugging...
Not good have proof I havent said or did anything wrong to get chat banned but they will not do anything about it! I spend good money on coins and it seems the people who buy lose. I can spades and I went from a 64% where u get good hands to a 37% because if cheaters then bad hands.. like I'm talking make it a nil table u get stuff that you cant go nil but 1 book then u take the nils away and get nil hands. . I have emailed and sent proof of the cheaters.. I don't see them getting anything done.
Like All Zynga Games The Algorithms Are Designed By For-Profit Humans Who Know If A Player Makes A Purchase Based On Their Accounts. The First Time You Purchase Anything You Will Acquire A Losing Streak Requiring You To Spend More Money. For People Who Are Homebound, It Can Be Bad. Be Careful.
Game is designed to make you pay for coin. Make a big bet, you loose. Made a big purchase, bet big, 10+ straight losses. Law of averages, especially in spades, no way to loose that may in a row.. Predetermined hands. 3+ straight opponent NIL Hands??? Something is up...
i wouldve given this a5 star i even reccomended it on another review of cause its easier2get coins. HOWEVER2x now i have done the watch8videos2get 16k coins and it has cheated me.1sti got past video8and it froze so restarted n it was gone. then today will not load past4videos. also on the1video for1k coins after every video i have2force stop,and restart app for to play another video. frustrating that twice ive been cheated! been reported heard nothing.
3 games now that I haven't received my credits. It constantly gives you pop-ups to purchase packages and unless you do you don't get credits for the ones you win.
should be able to pair with people on your friends list in a game and not have to pay 10k just to verse them in a table you create. should also be a tournament for lesser entry fee as well as solo game at a cheaper fee.
its a terrible app. it does not simulate real spades at all. hands are always one sided. when youre logged out your coins are stolen and it doesnt keep scores right! customer service will never respond at all.
This game seems ok at first glance, however, i seem to be getting crazy good hands every hand and the other players are all well under 35% win ratio. This simply is unrealistic. Clearly the other players are bots and why am i getting such good cards every hand? I mean at least 5 books up to 10, every hand?
I've played a handful of different Spade games, and this is hands down my absolute FAVORITE!! The cards are delt randomly, and there are different spade games offered. Keep up the great work yall!!
Scam. bought some coins just to not have to watch ads. it doesn't pay you properly, and after opponents forfeit, it doesn't pay you either. what a joke.
you have some serious connection issues, this has been happening for months. the updates have not corrected the problems. every time I tap on a feature a warning shows saying there's a connection issue then it will buffer forever until i restart game. getting to a table is a nightmare then you lose because of your connection issues. each time a hit a different tab it does the same, watching a video for coins doesn't work. zynga has taken a decent game and have fun it into the mud.
A free game and you only pay back 80% on wins?? GTFOH. Game play needs less AI assist. If two players are 33% winners and they want to play against 75% players that is their choice, the game shouldn't help them win. I could see it if it wasn't a choice who you play. they have the choice to not play against better players.
This game is a scam. Never buy coins. once you do they will give you horrible hands so you lose and will buy more coins. the only one that win are cheaters. And reporting them does nothing. It's all a set up.
Game is defective. False claims that I have not played my hand 3x and therefore kicks me out in the midst of a game and/or disregards my chosen card with a different card. Does not consistently acknowledge my bid and will bid for me so I end up losing. Although I throw out a card, game does not acknowledge it and continues with snapping fingers and switches my card out. Game gives our win to the opponent. Until this is cleared up I will never use real money transactions with Spades Plus.
i like the app. but when you want to chat with someone, its not a qwerty keyboard. its old fashioned flip phone style keyboard, and you have no time to type anything between turns
Been playing this game for about 3 years now and joyed it until they started banning you for the silliest things I got banned for saying the word poop which was ridiculous but I guess they consider that offensive towards somebody but now they're taking away your friends per their choice because they're saying you have over a 1000 friends your system is going slower than other a their eliminating my friends I'm their choice which is ridiculous I should make the choice of who to get rid of not them
Customer Support doesn't care and wastes your time. I experienced an issue with the app and when I reached out for a solution I was not helped nor offered any compensation for the money I'd spent, even though it was their mistake.
I really liked this game, but it's starting to become very frustrating. Hands delt in knockout are totally one sided, either you are chosen to win by the game or you have no chance of winning, due to the hand that is delt to you. why can't it be fair and hands delt as though it were a real deck of cards. You may say that its random , but it is not. you need to fix it them
I really like this app. The only bad part is you are rated on Win/Loss percentages and sometimes your partners are terrible giving you a loss that you had no chance, even when you played great. But it's a lot of fun!
play small tables. 90% of high stakes are cheaters, meaning same person play on 2 to 3 accounts vs you. zynga doesnt do much about it and so it can get out of hand. my advice is play small. people are less likely to invest there time making up several accounts for a 2500 table.
"Old school and addictive. Abuze it and lose it, for a day or so. Miss it and wish it wasn't you that had to go. You can holla. You complain, cause your partner doesn't know. Just remember, big contender, wasn't long ago; was confusing; you were losing. Now, you're PRO? Take a breather! Ditch the fever. It's a game; that's competition. Let it go away or cannot play; oh how you would be missing heavy graphics, crazy tactics, opportunity to play. Comeon, now, ain't got all day. PLAY! ๐Ÿข
I use to LOVE this app. But the longer I played it, the more I realized it was rigged. The company constantly puts people on the table to play horribly in the hopes that you'll lose and buy coins to continue playing. At first I thought I was being cynical, but when the computer took a Nil...note that I've been playing for over three years, I knew it was rigged. The computer never takes a Nil. But it happened, even though the cards didn't it. It's rigged to get your money.
I don't understand why I was banned for an hour of chat time, I was talking with my partner on the game having fun the both of us even got a friend request from this person. then next thing I know is that I'm Banned, So unfair of your program to do that to me. thanks for your time in this matter.
This app dev is laughable. When you first download you have all the good cards and partners and as you progress your luck gets worse and worse to suite the 50% average. Your best bet is to sign in as a guest and delete every few days and start a new guest profile.
This spades app is a complete joke! How can you Ban me from chatting for 5 days! because i said good ass game everyone!!! This is ridiculous! i see people on here being racist, rude, disrespectful, CHEATING! but i get banned for 5 days! because i told everyone that was a good ass game! I am uninstalling this game right now. Spades Plus you are a joke. I remember when you could play with your friends, and have fun. Everyday you sit with people with low percentages. Uninstalling this cheating game
this game is horrible no skill involved an unusually very bad hands continuously the neal bid is way over value and punish for a decent hand if you have a couple books and bid 0 it's your advantage in this game really how many of us get 0 constantly in the real game the worst part is partners it's not hard to get a neal bid with a partner in this game it's a whopping 100 points and you hid 0 your partner bids 3 your partner gets 2 you made 1 to mess up your neal but that's 3 books you still make
love it!!! hey developers, Could you please consider adding a deuces high version for us old. timers?? suit value could be done with a randomizer at the start of a round, or left simply as all deuces are 2 of. spades. theres many ways. to add deuces high. awesome game. though.
only about 3 %of ppl know how to play. Everyone is pretty much a sfc with an IQ less than 70. the cost of coins is outrageous and theyre impossible to get. I had a 69%rating on level19 but only had about 40000 coins.How is that possible? Its easy to lose to absolute morons who have 0 clue how to play but dealt amazing hands.The algorithm is horrible. Also u can be chat banned for an extremely long time for next to no reason.best part of spades is shtt talking.nils cant be worth 100 in 150pt gm.
5...i have no problems like described in your critical reviews... ive never had to purchase anything..u have great variety of games to choose from.. only thing i do see problem.. is some people who complained of being banned from chat are right--- i have had the nastiest/extremely racist/ disgusting comments -- for no reason while playing!!! other than that, this game ive had installed the longest out of all my other apps i play. try to monitor the nasty comments from players a little better!!!
I rate this game a 5 star because I absolutely think it's a great game to play I've only been playing this game for 2 months now and I reckon I'm a pretty good player. Hey Zynga I've noticed in these few months that I've been playing I haven't earnt anything but the cash I win plus a deck of cards or something is there any other way to earn emojis, card decks or cash?? cos all I've gained is the cash I win and that's it what are the other ways to get those things? or do we have to pay for them?
For the life of me i will never understand why people pay a bunch of money to get chips to play a free game. this is by far the best free spades app with live players. If you chose to purchase coins and lose them that is definitely not the companies fault. I've been playing the game for years now and have never done an in game purchase. if you run out then send coins to friends so they can send back or just wait til tomorrow and spin the wheel for more free coins. its a game have fun
speed of play is slow, bagging messes up gameplay, too many ads now. I used to like this game alot but everytime I get a few million dollars my hands are terrible. I know its supposedly computer generated but Ive been noticing this for a few years. Also when ppl are losing they dont play and they dont time out fast enough and bid 13 to end game prematurely. Spades Plus has fell off.
towards the end of the game u can be up 150 pts then u start getting hands that u can't even play. idk how many times I have been up over a 100 pts and the other players would catch up and win. its pathetic and unfair
Love the game but hands do seem to be dull bit I do not get the scores how they come up with the numbers I do understand how but at times is not correct it seems. At times feel cheated but great fun. Wish it was more accurate but one of my favorites.
way better then spades royal. you actually get to play with your friends. and if you tun out of coins they send you messages with 3x or 10x for the price so you get 4.5 million instead of 1.5 for 20$. and when you play 10,000$ games youll be playing for a while! i love this app out of all 5 different spades games ive downloaded.
Pros/ Addictive, Just like sitting around with a group of friends๐Ÿ‘ Cons/ Addictive, How slow the players can be, How players can just leave in the middle of a game and place on computer, more bags lowers your score ๐Ÿ˜  how childish the players can be not being able to get more coins with the ads you have to be subjected too.)k(kl
the computer on this game is a peace of [email protected]# you can play 10 games and only get 2 books per hand also when you purchase an in app like coins you want get them,and there's no way to get a refund! But it's also addictive,lol can't stop playing!
dont ever buy coins...Waste of time if you win too much they put bots in to make you lose.Fake players... Reporting then to the bbb.Also when they want you lose you get lost conection...I was going set a team it lost conection till last hand and they won.. Again game put bots in.Also cheating is big you play against friend that are partners..One play went 5 on first hand and partner went blind while my partner and I went 4 total.
I actually wanted to give it 0 stars. I wouldn't consider myself an expert, but I can hold my own at spades. Well. This game will mess you up. I went for a double nill, and I would have actually pulled it off, but the game glitched and threw out the wrong card. I selected the 10 of spades which would have been the right move in the situation, and in stead, to my horror, this game decided to throw the other card I had in my hand in stead causing me to lose when I would have other wise won.
Not liking this game anymore its not giving me any cards and its making me lose i played like about 6 games iy made me lose every game at different tables . playing classic and mirror . u think the owner of this game is making me lose and dont like me for some reason
This spades game is a waste of time. If you win a couple of games the computer is gonna make sure you get hands where you can only bid one and start losing. DO NOT SPEND YOUR REAL MONEY ON THIS GAME. I promise you will lose more than you win. I am uninstalling this app. You cant play with your friends anymore, they ban you if you say something wrong. If you like playing spades delete & uninstall this app. This game use to be fun. Now its a waste of CHEATING TIME & MONEY. TRUST ME YOU WILL SEE!
Lag time and auto picking cards I have been playing this game for almost a year but i never chat as i know sometimes people may let their kids play and some people are just rude so i always have the no chat on. Also, the lag time is now on day 4 for me and its exhausting playing this way. I'm glad that others are experiencing this as I thought it was just me. Never purchased coins as I feel that takes the fun out of it but only got to 1 million coins once.
The "Deck Collection" card deck choice has not been working for (6) consecutive days, now! I have submitted an email with a screenshot attachment, regarding this problem. It has not been resolved. The Deck Event is still playable, but the card collection does not distribute the cards to the winner. Other than this issue, this is a great app!
They are unfair with language control on their monitoring. Their policy doesn't have any guidelines on which language can or cannot be used. They let all people that cheat stay and get banned from chat for 5 days for calling them idiot. Then I get a reply like they are working on making spades a better place which I have been hearing this for months. A simple programming can blurt out profane languages but they do not take action.
Used to love this game. it forced me to update last week, and now it wont even load. i hit icon, it throws me to the play store momentarily then it goes to the spade plus logo and says "connecting for hrs on end...can you please tell me what is going on with this app?
Dont like purchasable cheats. Cards have a limit to how many times you use them after you give your left eyeball to Lucifer to win them. Best spades app hands down though. Easy to use vast number of players.. it gets cutthroat. You will be hooked.
The game is controlled and rigged by it's creaters and if they don't like you, you will lose more than you win! Deals are not random they are planned. Players are nothing more than pawns. They banned me from making comments for a day. Really! They are control freaks! Your algarythm theory is moote because you created the algarythm when you created and programmed the game! Which is to say you control the algarythm!
lately the app hasn't been prompting for me to spin the wheel. its hit or miss. i understand its a once a day deal, but sometimes its every three days. i didnt know if it was suppose to be like that or maybe theres a glitch in the program and i wanted to bring attention to it if it is. thank you. great game regardless!
they have raised the the price of Emoji, they have lowered the pay out price. they allow people to play slow & has been reported I'm sure. it cost alot more 2 buy in now. wheel spin daily, payout of $300 but cost 10,000 to play. sad
I have had this game for a long time and play daily. I had several glitches and emailed on the game to report them. This was months ago and I have never heard any feedback. Some of the glitches are still happening. BUT the worse thing now is this new chat ban deal. I have been banned for nothing other than winning and people being mad. I'm reading on here people receive bans from playing for several hours. If this keeps happensing, I will find another app. I enjoy it but no worth the hassle.
A great game overall , actually one of my favorites, but every time i watch ads for coins it doesnt give me my thousand coins....it happens too often. If im refunded id go back and give five stars.
i can't give it a five until there are ranked games. This game piles on bad hands with bad players time and time again. If you can't give me proof that the algorithm is not set up to trap players into buying coins I will never believe you Zynga.
Every time, and everyday I spin the wheel, they ONLY award 300 or 400 EVERY SINGLE TIME, AND NOTHING ELSE. I am fed up wit this and I'm convinced that the spin wheel is fixed, and all of my friends agree. So we're all going to uninstall the game, and tell everybody we know and don't know to uninstall the game. This is officially a protest.
best fast play tourney app. SAD bs risk 200k chips on a crazy wheel that has an offer of 4 pathetic table felt covers?!? lol... blew my 200k 4ร— and 3ร— got the felt" color change for a week... haha.. never saw NOR noticed a change ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ™
free tokens for rating your site would be nice. it makes the site look great having 5 stars but does nothing for the people leaving it for the site. just my opinion.
where can I give this game a 10 gold star rating???? connectivity -10, percentage player ratings -10, card selection per hand -10, eliminate the computer playing, when someone quits the game, stop the play, return all coins otherwise have the computer take all the bags. create an arena to play against the computer only.
Great game gave only 3due to being ban for unknown reasons and sum times the bottom button can be hit while playing and causes you to jump into a game of a set value lastly they did fix the bid button to not change till you close and reopen app good job on that
I get to play my favorite game and meet new ppl.. not every hand is gonna be a great hand so you take the good with the bad. I think they could update like the gifts they had the same ones forever.. then the cheating. Overall i still love this app
The "Deck Collection" card deck choice has not been working for (6) consecutive days, now! I have submitted an email with a screenshot attachment, regarding this problem. It has not been resolved. The Deck Event is still playable, but the card collection does not distribute the cards to the winner. Other than this issue, this is a great app!....AND THIS SAME PROBLEM STILL PERSISTS TODAY 08/06/19! UGH!
Savvy players. But I request you remove the min. ANTE limiter. when buying credits, Ur then kept from playing at $1-2.5K tables.Allows only $10K or $50K games. I'd rather play 50x- $1K than lose $50K x 1 game loss.This Spades is DESIGNed like a revolving money pit, if you want to play, U buy credits, and your bid takes notably decreases. you.cant win.
It is a fun game. Issues I have are 1. hard to distinguish spade cards from clovers cards when playing mobile 2. hard to see the cards sometimes when the deck changes and real hard to see bcoz dark 3. you can block rude people but somehow still end up in a game with them and have to suffer again
stay away from this game, it's trash. All players do is bid nil and automatically win. I've uninstalled this trash heap. Not to mention, good luck if you need to set a team and you're playing with the A.I., because it will not help you and will keep throwing off.
I like most things about the app except the AI doesn't cover your nils and covers opponent nils. If someone disconnects they are forced a 1 bid. Lost many games for these reasons. Also, if you click the scoreboard during play, it often shuffles the bids and shows the wrong bids for people. They say to use the feedback in the app for complaints but they do nothing. Got stuck with a lot of dumb partners and I get chat blocked for 10 days for saying someone was a monkey. Well they did play like one
I like the idea of playing spade on my phone and it's fun, but the friends list needs updating. I'm trying to add people and my list is still showing nothing.
play the game several times a time, but over the last several weeks I've noticed there has been a lot less winning for myself and opponents. I've noticed a lot of 3 & 4 L's in columns. I myself had over 2 million coins and lost all of in less than week playing between 10,000 & 20,000 hands, ended up getting back to over 100,000 coins and lost 8 strait hands down to less than 10,000. Now I have to wait to spin the wheel and hope I get 4000 and not 600 . BY THE WAY I WILL NEVER SPEND MONEY TO BUY.
I'll be uninstalling this app soon... it used to be alot of fun but I bought coins once and from then on I have to pay to play and it's no fun anymore especially when there are people cheating in most of the tables in VIP and Whiz... no point in contacting support. Play for free with ads only because after you spend a dollar they will go away forever!
The lag is horrible, even my friends have issues with it, it makes your time bonus score practically impossible to get. The game randomly closes which makes you forfeit games. I've had the game for 3 days and have reported the crashes so many times its ridiculous. Once I piss away my $10 dollars I spent, I'm deleting the app. It just isn't fun when you can't even have the basic game play work.
I love the game, when I invite friends, but when they join I don't get the coins, and my friends are not in my friends list. can you solve this problem? if not, I can try another app, because this is false advertisement, plus it's not fair. I hope this can be fixed,
I have lost money so may times from glitches and bad service and it wont give it back. Still nothing and it did it again this time on it's own. And I'm waiting to hear from yall
I think you guys keep freezing my game for some reason plus you all keep banning me for 5 days. Y'all believe what everybody reports. Do you even go back and check the chats. I see people in here cheating everyday but as soon as I loose my coins i will delete your app. I will not spend another penny for your coins. You guys are full of it. Hope your applications get taking out of play store and hope people will join another spades game like I'm about to. You guys are delusional. Quit sending me m
I use to enjoy playing this game faithfully until the administrators decided to place a three day chat ban on me when making innocent, non-offensive or non-threatening remarks during game play. I got banned for telling my partner I had a crappy hand, as well as saying to my opponent that I was get him like Scooby-Doo while everyone at the table were enjoying one another with no crussing or insults. No matter how much I pleaded my case they still didn't remove the ban. SMH!!!
great game!! just wish it was easier to play with facebook friends. having to create a table and not having ability to adjust the betting cost any lower sucks then having to invite random players and wait for them... wish there was option to play against computer or any random player requesting to join a table at that time just immediately get assigned to a created table.... regardless .... there has to be a better way. also the help section waz NO HELP in figuring it all out either.
This game has potential to be really good but unfortunately a lot of people on there have no idea of how to play spades and don't care to learn...with that comes tons of losses and your win rate gets pretty low unless you almost always play with good partners, then together you're pretty much unstoppable! Also, if you spend money on the game, you tend to get crappy hands and lose more... 4.6 rating, only if the negative stops...until then it's really a 3.0 rated spades game.
There is an issue with lagging, I have even been kicked out of games. Do I need to uninstall then reinstall to get better results. Can you fix this issue...
this is a great game i would advise everyone to download it..... but then it wont let meeh get on it n i know it aint my internet... this needs to be fixed... but other than tht its a great game
There are obnoxious people who purposely try to make you loose by bidding nil with an Ace of spades or bidding 12 points and then leave the game before it starts. If they would ban these people, then it would be a great game.
I always liked to get the Spades game started but had trouble finding players... Problem solved!!! I LOVE THIS GAME!!!
If you buy tokens you get great hands for a while then it goes down hill quick so you will buy more Alot of cheaters. It used to be fun. Now not so much. They will say its random program but programs are easy to alter.
been on spades plus for about 4 years now, I enjoy it in my free time, fun to play with different people from all over.
I really love this game. My only problem is that I'm not able to send my friends points, without doing it one at a time. I would love to be able to send gifts to them by just hitting send all.
I love the game but as of today i cannot play on my kindle fore tablets. I emailed support but have not heard anything from them. Please someone fix this! Can someone address the problem of the not loading on my kindle fire? At least let me know that the issue is being looked into. Thank you.
Can't really fault the game itself the players on the game are mainly the problem Those who don't know how to play, others intent to lose on purpose, people bailing out after 1 bad hand and abusive players calling you a cheat or just plain bullying My win ratio has gone from 74% to 50% because of players like these. You only have seconds to report a player not easy doing that during game play.
Awfully bad RNG after playing the game over months. Losing streaks are LONG and are lead on with bad beat after bad beat. Cards are (randomly) dealt thru a computer programmed algorithm that helps to lead to those bad beats. Players at the table will also play/hold on to, cards in ways that makes the game seem rigged. I'm starting to believe that most players are AI controlled due to the recent gameplay that I've experienced....
Entertaining at first but it started to get boring. players acting like the game is real,anonymous players trying friend you and chat about adult things, the game dealing rubbish hand one after another,and don't get me started on the point system, it's foolish and the game is too. save your time and money,play something else like candy crush.
We all just want a fair challenging game. If i lose..it should be my fault๐Ÿ˜’. Or just got beat on the fair. Not anyone elses call ๐Ÿ˜‰Did ZYNGA Enterprise move it's home office to Turkey? Oh here we go ...๐Ÿ˜’...they don't want me to play. Wont let me in..smh.Cause i know they cheat& how its done. I'd buy coins...& On payday, half my check was gone๐Ÿ˜’to ZYNGA...
I win 75% of my games playing to 100 points so it cant be rigged. i see alot of complaining about that. it just isnt true. ive played this for years and never have i felt cheated. if you play for a while and youre a good spqdes player you develop a sixth sense for the game. People have to learn that this game is mostly skill with some luck thrown in and a good partner. The only thing the app could inprove on is adding content.
u guys are always banning Me from the game. you are never aware of why I get upset they curse me out. but when I curse back. u ban me. what a godam joke. I give you 4 stars because not because you deserve it only because your a joke so do whatever. PS verdell
Great game to kill time with. Love it. You guys should have a version for play on playstation, Where you could actually talk to the other players via a mic. I think this game could be as big as Fort Night for adults. Love it!
cheating game , i been playing with a cheating community service of the team of the Games. I always got a negative number can't beat anyone. even if I play zero bid , I still get lost. They know my number in that game? hey i want my money back, you are cheating, no fun but suck .
Waste of credits and playtime while partnering someone who doesn't know how to play doubles regardless of how much you pay. U can play a $100 grand game or a $2500 game in partnership and still lose because ur partner has no idea. This also affects your own win rate too no matter how hard one tries to build it up. Perhaps having a rule that if u want to play partners one has to do a tutorial. Change the normal or auto games into solo games for everyone. Have partnerships on another level.
This game has become a joke. Ive been chat banned 4 times and 3 out of the 4 times i havent done or said anything wrong. ive emailed twice..Ive emailed with a screen shot showing i did no wrong. The respond i recieved must have been a automated response. I emailed back with no reply back. Now if people or cheaters lose they can report you and get you banned. This has put a bad taste in alot of mouths..People who have played for a long time have eithered left or are leaving. Zygna ruined it. TY
Nothing but cheating and stealing, it's hard to believe adults would stoop to this level, to win a free game..Help me by correcting the player in your game, there is no way in this world you don't know how to solve the problem.
here are my thoughts as of now. at least your app is less rigged then the dwayne wade spades app. in reality, i hardly lose spades so when i play on a supposed computer random generated game and see it's not set to random, it makes me realise that it should be and takes away the fun. i'm honestly better off going to a live tournament and winning just to prove my point, but i don't want to hurt your feelings for at least making the game. stop giving spenders the edge
I was kicked off game for 2 hours this morning why I have no clue. I have been banned several times. Some I can understand the majority I can't. Please review for me and give answer. I really enjoy playing game but don't understand why I have been targeted so much.
This will not go on the sd card.This gets you a 1 star no matter how good it is,it dosen't mater how good this app,or any app is if takes up my phone space.I haven't even opened it,but tried to put it on my sd card , then found that i could not, then i came straight here to make this review. AFTER READING SOME OF THE REVIEWS,I UNINSTALLED THIS PIECE OF RUBBISH....
Fun, but with flaws. Watch videos from free coins for game, well only if the videos load. 50% of time they don't, leaving user with a black screen, wasted time. Edited and added review...8/24/19. God [email protected] nightmare dealing with this company in attempts to remove data and cancel account. Back and forth for days.
Game works great but I can't figure out how to add friends if I'm not on Facebook. Is there any system in place to add them if I don't have one, and signed up with Google play? Can I add people on facebook or with the I'd #?
I lose more than I can win. I win 1 in a million. my hands are always a bid of at least 2. I even buy coins just to lose them all smh. I'm deleting this game and I'll find something else to play!
Another money hungry production. There is the option to purchase stuff in game (like most games) but in most games you get to keep what you buy. This game only gives you access for a limited number of days. They also turn off chat in certain games to force you to buy "emojis" to be able to chat. They also allow people to see every card that has or hasnt been played during the game.... last time I checked that is cheating. I also feel like the game cuts you off from good hands if you do well.
it was great in the beginning, they actually have mirror and whiz. it's hard to find variations. but if you dont buy coins, you get dealt nothing but garbage hands and cannot win. total garbage hands. total. garbage.
The game itself is fine, minus a few minor quirks. However, the ridiculous chat ban is too much. In talking with other teammates I've surely used adult language today, but nothing directed at anyone or cross words. Yet, I just noticed I'm banned for chatting for 5 days. This is not the first time it's happened. Am I being wrongly reported by sore losers in the game? It's a joke!
This game is really fun, and plays like real spades. OR you can choose one of the creative options such as solo or maybe "mirror" spades where your bid is automatically set at the number of spades in your hand. Different decks of cards are available, as are choices of tablecloth colors, making for little changes of atmosphere to keep things interesting.
The systemic algorithm issues that have become extremely targeting to certain accounts. I have had this app for several years now and prior to this company taking over the system was not this disruptive. I'm EXTREMELY ANGRY about the fact that my accounts are consistently targeted for chat ban. I make contact with specific ppl and am sure not to chat with others at my table. I have been victim to other players being horribly offensive, racists, etc and yet they continue to play. REPORTED
HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE. The support team here oNLy pretends to care. Various times I have addressed multiple issues this app has such as banning me for speaking innocently.They banned me for 5 days and I sent them a screenshot of my innocent words and they STILL DID NOT unban me from being able to chat with friends for 5 days.So that right there is unjust.Lack of integrity. Also problem with the SuperWheel not being offered to my account when it is offered to others& they have not fixed that
this is a pretty fun app to play. my only complaint is that the computer "player" basically gets a great hand every single round. i had a good hand only once.
game sucks worse now than before. why can't you just put the simple spades game up? very greedy people. they make a joke of making friends you will never play with that person in an open game a game once they become your friend. hundreds of coins in trade for a partner which you could win Millions. I sent feedback and get no reply. these guys are a joke.
This game always screws me. It cuts off in the middle of a hand. i spent real money on fake money that I can't enjoy. Don't buy the money. Reply: I have already tried reporting it in the app. You said there was no problem. It's still cutting off in the middle of games.
I get too many partners who don't have enough experience playing. so they either leave in the middle, leaving me holding the bag or don't know how to bid right. Too many losses ruins the fun, and the game.
The game is great. I just don't think it's right that you have to purchase the emojis over & over again. Some of the decks are impossible to even make out what the numbers are. Very very frustrating !!!
At first I thought this was a great game. Now however I have noticed something. After winning a couple tournaments, everytime I play, I get horrible hands so I lose. what are the chances that out of 8different games,.I would continually get dealt 8 or 9 cards of the same suit and only one or 2 cards that are spades? I'm so sick of reading about the algorithm. if that were true, I wouldn't get 3 hands in a row with 1 spade after winning a bunch. Tell the truth...
I played game for 6 hours and rcvd only 2 good hands! Its ridiculous. I get 1 and 2 bid hands thats it! I love the game but Im getting tired of it. Stop using algorythims.
fun game as long as you're spending money. once you stop buying, thats when you will start to lose no matter how good you are. (in response, its obvious considering my percention of wins have dwindled from 68% to about 45%. ( update... so i opened another account, paid for coins, that account I'm at 72% after about a month playing everyday. This account is at 42%. I've played the same way on both accounts. i believe the algorithm they speak of is flawed or they are just not truthful.
I love that I'm playing with real people. in fact I love everything about this game except that some players won't bid their hand then won't play their hand the way the game is supposed to be played. you guys are no fun to play with.
Funny how u play 5 hands just find out u only bid 1 or a 2 bid the whole time. Or the same player bid nil twice in a row unrealistic cards dealt here. Seems fixed and a perfect around on how its dealt. Teammates have the right card most of the time on nils. Just not a fair game sorry computer cards games are horrible....
This game is garbage. You cant cuss at all or else you will keep getting chat banned. my acc is banned for 10 days for litterly talking with a friend. I give this app 1 out of 10 stars because the gameplay is kind of okay besides the cheating system. Everything else is garbage.
Creative game with different modes outside of the norm... the one thing that prevents 5 stars though is the gaming process... when a person leaves a table during any tournament they should be automatically disqualified with no possible means of winning... the same way it applies while in classic spade mode... tired of losing tournaments to computers after setting the actual person and taking a commanding lead...
At one point in time I used to love this game, but it started going downhill. first by stealing my money and not wanting to refund me. I disconnected my card after that. now this chat ban mess for any little word you say. I'll be deleting this app soon. bad thing is I used to play every day. time for a new game
great game .i love that you can see people's percentages before you accept to play with them. also like that you can conversate with your partner and opponents. so you can wish them good luck. or a good job
Challenging and entertaining. Daily free spins allows continous play without having to spend big dollars. However, when money is required, transactions are secure, accurate and at an affordable price. Personally, I enjoy knowing the app's address is also from the bay in Californi i a a.
this game is without a doubt, the most fun, lively and unique gaming experience i've ever enjoyed. I just cannot say enough good things about this game. It satisfies yer competitive side, while also allowing you to make friends win prizes and earn respect into the bargain. This game is easily the best card game around, and may just be the best game period.
game lags a lot, which then means auto-moves are made by the computer for you. Generally they are not the moves you would've made and many times have costed me to win games and tournaments.. I suggest you find a spade game that can keep up, or that at least has better A.I. if it's going to make moves for you
I once said this is the best spade game online but i spoke to fast,This Nil garbage,is un fair and to easy for anybody regardless of there ability to play to get a easy win,And what is a double nil?How in the world can a game be competitive and fun plus realistic,when u have garbage like 2 players niling at the same time?Most every one who plays this game just nils because its so easy,and by the way its worth 100 points,so to all u ppl who suck at online spades,just come on over to Spades Plus.
This used to be a lot better when we could play with friends on regular spades tables. Now we have to play with friends on the VIP tables and they're all cheaters there. Maybe if there'd be timers for each turn it would eliminate some of the cheating. Some of the name calling gets pretty bad also. Instead of making improvements they made it worse.
Several glitches contacted customer service several times and they have done nothing. I even sent a screenshot of the glitches lost money and still they did nothing. Very poor customer service this game has become the worse.