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Spades Masters

Spades Masters for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by YallaPlay located at 111 Congress Ave Suit 100 Austin TX, 78701. The game is suitable for Teen (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Best Spades app out there! Lots of creative rooms to choose from which is a fun touch. Can't recemmond it enough!
Spades master is a great fun way to play spades while feeling like you're on a quest. I haven't had any issues with it. I also love the league ranking feature! Great seeing my progress!
This is a really great game with lots of different options for play. The main option is a fast 60 score game and a couple options for longer games. All ads are optional (although I've noticed if I go a while without watching them I get really bad hands so 4/5 stars). Also because it glitches but that seems easy to fix they just haven't.
Smooth hands from first card played to the last card laid. Never a pause or jump in the rounds. Great pace, good flow. People seem friendly. Communication is difficult. The emojis make it a little easier but difficult to correspond and play. I play often fun, relaxing and with a competitive edge.
The new update just kicks u out of the game with automatically losing your money... I went from 20k to nothing in 3 games
There is no info available about the specific rules so you have to learn by guess and check. First to 100 wins but that's no fun because if any 1 person on the board goes nil they will always win the match unless you bust them. Scoring should be adjusted to fix this. Play tming needs improvement too because you don't even get a chance to see what was bid and consider a strategy before your first turn is almost up. Also, why play the high stakes rooms if the return % is less than the low stakes?
By far the best spades app right now. They don't attempt the aggressive money grabbing tactics others do. I'm also big fan of the modern style in the app and it's over all very well polished!
Fun to play but sets you with total bots that lose on purpose in duo. You can play solo but 8/10 the cards are against you or someone Niles the whole game
By far the best Spades game out there, great job! Im really hoping for game variations in the near future, such as Mirror, Whiz, Suicide, etc.. There are some minor improvements that could be done, but overall a fantastic app!
The game is trash, the bugs are so bad.. do not invest or spend money on the game.. I've been booted from multiple games because it crashes and you will lose your money.. the developers respond and promise to reimburse your funds and never do.. I finally had to threaten to uninstall and give this review.. AND THEY DON'T CARE .. THEY ALREADY TOOK YOUR MONEY... IF I COULD GIVE IT ZERO STARS I WOULD... GARBAGE!!!
This was just a fun experience! Best app for spades so far πŸ‘ I'm working my way through all the different "spots" and they've been cool so far! Great job, game developers! πŸ‘πŸ‘
I gave a previous review which wasn't correct. This game is awesome and far exceeds Spades Plus on Facebook game Apps. I love the game features. The league contest are such fun. The boosters or table drinks are terrific additions in game play. There's not a better Spades game and I highly recommend this terrific Spades creation. I will be an advocate on Facebook to try it out. Thanks! PS: I can't log in today though. Hope I can finish out in this 2nd league.
Highly recommended for card players. The userinterface is great and simple to user. For new comers like me who never played spades before, I find the tutorial very good and I learned to play in a couple of minutes. It is easy to play online with no problems.
Too slow of play, I don't want to look at a room, I want to see the Cards! An d they are also backwards. I don't care for this version
It's a good game, I don't know how to bet, also the game play is to slow, other then that the game is fine...
I been on this app for awhile now and my experience is the system selects who will win and lose. I don't even get a equal share of good cards. Also some of the player's seem to be plants because I've seen my partner intentionally throw away a victory for us.
Not sure if im playing with bots and fake accounts with human pictures. They seem like fake people because the play is so fast and so are their bids. Nowhere that ive played with real people does it move so fast.
day one with this applications run. So far it's all good lol . Ran a solo match first time playing and set the other 3 players first hand... ran a Boston Bully Boy on them the second hand! smoked 'em like a pack of New PortsπŸ‘πŸ‘€πŸ˜±πŸ™ƒ(😠😑😠) 3 very stunned fukaz left Confused and and abused.
This game would be great if they did a better job matching up experienced players. There are too many that don't know how to play Spades or can't bid properly. There also needs to be a Blind NIL that triples points. You can't win with the reg NIL points. I actually prefer playing with a partner, but they forget they have one as if they're playing solo. It makes me cringe. I'm not sure if there is there is an area that teaches people how to play, if not, there needs to be one.
Here is the main problem with this game; It uses AI player bots (the same ones over & over) AND will deliberately deliver just you (only human) a deck w/1 book, consistently. You will lose most rounds, meaning lost coins, meaning you will need to either watch a ton of ads to play 1 more round, or buy coins to keep playing. Graphics are nice and this could be a great game if there were more "real" players, unfortunately you get tired of losing 4 out of 5 rounds consistently.
Can't even get the game to open. It keeps saying I have the old version, update now. I hit yes and it takes me back to the play store where I hit the install button and it goes black then finally goes to a NEVER-ENDING blue screen. I've tried to successfully download it twice before.... This is the 3rd time and they have struck out with me. DONE WITH THIS APP!!!!!!!!!
Best spade game i found so far only bad thing about it is they don't have solo games to goes more then 60 well 6 books thats so short and almost all the partner modes that go high alot of people aren't good so it makes you don't wanna play partners then solo end to fast mess the whole app up
It takes me forever to get on. It says loading and it keeps glitching during the game and it very aggravating to play like that
This game is a waste of time if you go solo you will not get a hand to play.if you go with a partner they are so stupid that they can't pull two books when they bid for go nil and they will pull three or more don't waste your time
Has potential. Interface and speed is good. Not many real players yet and the AI is horrendous. My biggest issue and why I wont continue using it is solo games are to 60. Takes almost all skill out of the game as it is not high enough to take much luck out of the equation(assuming ever get real players and not the bots which you would have to try to lose to)
After my last review of the game I quit playing it for a couple weeks when I tried again nothing had changed I still only got 1 or 2 bids every hand and it would only go 1 or 2 rounds virtually impossible to beat and I played it for 4 days to give it another chance very frustrating as I love the game but not on this app the computer doesn't deal fair this just doesn't happen this often in real life very low rating from me, I give up on this game.
I like some of the features. I would like to see an option where you can choose to stay with your partner instead of always playing with random people. Other than than, fun and straightforward.
Best spades yet. They certainly have best chances to gain coins and they are definitely going to keep you playing without running out. And I play three different spades games.
I originally gave it 5 stars but I've been trying to play for hrs now and all I get is "reconnecting". I've reinstalled it and it still won't let me play. Sad 🐼
Literally just downloaded the game and it is telling me that I have to update to newest version. It redirects me back to the Play store and when I open the app again it just stays on the loading screen.
Fun game, but it gives minimal time to count bids to start your time. Gives just a few seconds to figure count them. If you don't beat the clock, it bids 4 for you. Might cause a problem if you aren't on too of it. So unless you are pretty good at spades already, I might look elsewhere.
The app has potential to be great but needs work...I am very obviously playing with only computer players at every table...they constantly overbid and can never help a partner with a nil bet. It's 50/50 chance of winning with a comp and it's not fun because of how predictable it is. Where are the real players? Also for higher bet tables you need a target of higher than 100..try 150 or 200 for high bet tables and thats more of a fair chance of winning. Try investing in some advertising!
The graphics are quality, but out of proportion. I don't care to see the room, only the cards and table. Stupid 100 point nil on a 100 point game. Stupid fees to play.
You need to be able pic your partner. I'll get a p who calls 5 and pulls 1 maybe 2. Or like a rating system like a 1800 ranked player should play with only 18 or above . Besides that I love spades no matter the platform.
It's spades. So its got that going for it. Had some recent connection issues not related to my phone or network, so not sure what that was about. The game tries to rate your skill as a player, but I can't imagine what's that is based on, I've lost many games to a partner's incompetence, watched them throw low when I've bid nil just follow up with a high card after they forced me to take a book. The default is also a "solo" game, when spades is a partner game. Makes no sense.
I'm really starting to like this game, somewhat, the more I play it.I have mostly played with the deuces on other spade games.But I'm rating it 5 stars because it's a good game and easy to catch on if you know spades.But a bit boring for me cause you can't talk to your partner/opponent,just use emojis.