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Spades Free

Spades Free for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by AI Factory Limited located at 23 The Avenue, Hatch End, Middlesex HA5 4EN United Kingdom. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game the only problem is that you can't communicate with your partner which is pathetic because your opponent can communicate with theirs.
I play spades can be broke any time,might not want to get on cuts that way.lol can pass two cards,if your partner nils.i like game,works off line.later
If you can't see that it's clearly 3 against 1, you really don't know how to play. Just played a hand where my partner bidded nil and he's holding an Ace of Spades. He had an opportunity to pass the card to me, but he chose to give me a 10 of club. Explain that genius?
Does not understand the basics of spades. Doesn't protect nils, takes avoidable bags when bid is made, basic convetions of spaces are not followed. Almost always, bids add up to 11. Computer's bids defy logic. If you play spades, you will be disappointed.
I'm getting tired of my computer partner always cheating. I would say at least 60% of the time it will play incorrectly and it ends up screwing me. It doesn't matter if it's a novice or experienced partner. Please explain that to me.
On the start of a new game, I received an excellent hand (at least 9 books), and my team ended up winning the hand (which first of all should have been an automatic win because we bidded a bubble (that's 10 books; we ended up making 11 which leaves 2 books for the other team [not to mention the first hand should bid itself anyway]). So how is it that the other team didn't even make board (4 books), and they still won the hand (120-101, them)?? That's not how you play nor score! Screenshot taken🀬
I played exactly five hands and in four of them my partner bid nil and failed. That proves to me that the AI in this game is horrible. And I even chose two different partners. I'm uninstalling.
the rating and difficulty levels dont make sense and decreasing the Nill aggression isnt doing anything and all 3 npcs are constantly Nulling. the 2, 3, and 5 star players seem to all play the same way and need to be readjusted. if Im a recent player and have a 5 star partner, we should be takeing down a 2 and 3 star team no problem. but we are not.
I'm leaving my rating 5 stars because I love the game however the screen continues to go black during the play and I don't know if it's the game itself or the tablet and playing on any suggestions?
The app and game are great, but you guys gotta work on the nil AI. I play with a five star partner and they will not protect you when you are going nil. They'll throw a lower card, you end up taking the trick, and then you find out a few hands later they could've easily taken the trick.
The game does not play to win, your partner will cut you out, play the most ineffective card if you bid a nil. Your partner will bid a nil with to many book making cards to bid nil, very frustrating I received the same standard message that all the other users received when attempting to explain the same issue.
This game cheats. Free game consistently cheats especially if you're winning. I even backup a play a different card to get my partner to play something different only to find out they could've covered my nil or blind nil. I also don't like that my opponents can talk to each other(cheat) but I can't talk to my partner(computer). Response to the developer: It does cheat. I go back and replay hands and find out that my partner(the computer) had cards to cover my nils if played correctly!
At times when you are on a winning streak the computer works against you. Even your partner will make mistakes to help your opponents when bidding nils. Also you need to get rid of the undo play , and the over bagging is to continuous.
I just got an update from lastest version and it keeps crash everytime I press play. What's wrong? I can't play now.
Wow what a f#&$ up. Why would u change the vane to this garbage? Serious mess up Who ever decided this should be fired. The game was simple with no problem. Now it runs laggy, looks horrible and to boot you put in ads after every hand?? 1 star isn't low enough
This game is the best. Thank you for your fast response and fixing the issue. I will recommend this game to others.
I had a hard time understanding the bonuses and the penalties because we never used them in scoring, but seeing the score as displayed here made it easy to understand. Key is if you bid nil and do not win a single hand, you get a bonus; you get a bag for every trick you win over your bid and when you have 10 bags you're penalized 100 points. Understanding the scores make it easier to play.
I've been playing this game for years and it used to be great but now there are so many damn ads that it super annoying. Very close to deleting it!! Used to be a 2 star rating but since I wrote this review now I have more ads much more frequently and the game play doesn't seem to be as fair as it used to be. Somehow my partner seems to be dumber and the two opponents always seem to win now. Game straight up CHEATS!!!! It's crazy how many people say this game cheats but yet y'all deny it. Cheats!
The only problem i have with this game is that the score is not always correct. I played a hand and it was the first hand of the game and we didn't get any score when we won the hand and i have had many times where it doesn't give you the correct score.
So I really like the options to play how u want . I would be great if you could play online since the players on here underbid big time and they seem to be avoiding sandbags even when sandbags are turned off. Also just because I turn off nil doesn't mean that I want to bid 1 if my partner has 4 and I have zero
It used to be a fun game. All of AI games are fun BUT they have sold out to 30 second ads between every game. They have ensured that you can't get out of the ads b4 the 30 seconds are up. Being a prisoner to ads is not fun and it makes AI suck as their product is insignificant to the ads. Yes you can buy out of the ads but not really as they pop up for 3 to 10 seconds. Pretty schitty AI.
Enjoyable, but sometimes I keep getting the same cards and basically is the opponent will go Nil most of the times. It not fare a game. I keep challenging the game to see how many time I lose and win and most of the time I keep loosing. I'm a good spades player!
Good version, just wish A.I. was a little more intelligent. And more players/styles. Otherwise great game.
It's a fun game but I keep catching the AI cheating by not following suit. For example they trumped my diamonds in the last game then next time someone led diamonds in that same hand they just happened to have one. I've only had the game for 10 minutes and I've caught them doing this 4 times already.
Your AI teammate will do his best at making you lose. This AI is by far the worst I've ever played with. While yours will actively do everything in his power to destroy you, the other AI team plays like mind readers. It's such a poor AI that it's actually funny. Download and see!
Great app overall but the AI still tends to make the same basic mistakes it does over in the Euchre app. I.E. The AI apparently has yet to grasp the concept of "second hand low" and not to automatically trump into a suit when partner might be able to (or is counting on) taking the trick. Like having the option to turn off the bag rule as when I was taught the game as a kid it was not mentioned nor was it used in an old windows program I played that had spades in the games library.
Overall, Enjoyable!! I enjoy playing with different players, and like the option of changing settings. Some players "renig" which is cheating and that must be addressed. I love the different players I encounter. When I lose, I learn something new which helps me become a better spades player.
Partners do not cover you when you go Nil and they CAN. On a blind Nil especially you expect to be covered. I've watched what they have in their hand as it plays out and they clearlyhad the card to cover. This happened on more than one occasion. That was when I started watching.
The game is fun I have been playing for hours since I installed the app. I feel like I am playing against actual people. Im still trying to understand the scoring, which is why I gave it four stars instead of five.
I have tried every spades game out there. All of them constantly interrupt the game for intrusive ads. This one doesn't. Fast play, no ads, love πŸ’• it.
Since the last update having an issue with the display driver. The screen flickers and changes color randomly which makes playing extremely annoying. I really liked playing till this bug appeared.
This app is good practice, for a novice like me. I enjoy the fact that you can pick and choose your partner and opponents.
Love the layout and avatar ability to speak, although, I'm very disappointed that my avatar is not shown and that I have no ability to respond to comments or cheer on my partner. Please try to adjust these exceptions. Fun to play.
If you can't see that it's clearly 3 against 1, you really don't know how to play. Have you'll even played to make sure that the complaints are legitimate or not? The AI holds an Ace of Spades when bidding nil. It doesn't know the value of an Ace when bidding. Just played a hand where my partner bidded nil and he's holding an Ace of Spades. He had an opportunity to pass the card to me, but he chose to give me a 10 of club. Please check this issue.
It was good until, they started with flashing lights along with the advertisement instead of normal ad, few days ago. This is annoying. If it does not stop by next week, I will uninstall.
I love this game. I play it every night when i go to bed for hours. Wished the apple store has this same one.
I use to love playing this game but I am so angry because you cheat. A lot of the time when I get the chance to bid nil my partner can't evan cover me half the time. And I am talking a low card. But the other team plays nil every other game and makes it. Plus the fact I get the worst cards all the time. Once in blue moon I get a half way descent hand. This game sucks....
Would rate 0 if I could. The AI cheats by playing spades instead of following suit. I provided the developer with proof and they refuse to acknowledge much less correct the problem.
Before I decided to leave a rating, I read other user comments to see if what I was experiencing was a fluke or more than usual. I don't care what the developers say, this game cheats. Your partner is garbage, regardless if you choose to use a 1 star or 5 star partner. And the AI opponents, if they bid nil they will get it every time. Yet if I bid nil, I get nailed right away. I've been playing spades for years, I know what a good nil hand looks like. And I don't want to join your damn beta.
The application has stopped working recently! You cannot join the game!!! Play button doesn't work. Please check the problem. Samsung A50 - Android version 9
I want to know why the Human player is not able to talk, like The Virtual players. Can this be Changed?
The Computer starts to cheat. Not a realistic game. It's like they are looking in your hand. Don't download. 11/15 Sorry I don't agree with your response. Like others say the AI Players consistently under bid or over bid and their score continues to win. The math does not add up. The game issues unbelievably non winning hands in an effort to make sure the game wins. I have played this game for 5 years and always enjoyed it. Something has happened to it. Need to be updated. Fix the problem.
Need page to discuss strategy and terms. phrases from other players does not stay on screen long enough or cannot have them repeat are refresh phrase
Zero hiccups. GREAT JOB! I will happily pay for it... $10- $25 ok... Stumbled into hiccup... can't give feedback RE is this a logic game? I will still happily pay $10-$25 for permanent license
I loved this game and the app, but the ads are oppressive. I am more inclined to NOT patronize these vendors because the ads are rude, constant and insistent. It affects my enjoyment and so I uninstalled. Too bad, it was an, otherwise, great brain relaxer.
The friendly AI is broken, too test it I played 3 different responses too the first bots card (3 of hearts) , if I played the ace of spades to win the hand my partner bot plays the king of spades even when I've already won the hand, if I play a diamond in response to the 3 of hearts my bot also plays a diamond losing the hand instead of playing his King of spades, an entirely rigged game where the AI knows what card you have and plays extremely well even at lowest level.
This is one of the better spades game. The only thing I would change is the size of the cards. I have bigger fingers and sometimes I hit the wrong card.
I use to love this game, but it sucks!!! Why can't I use a spade if I don't have whatever suite that's played. I wanted to use a spade to cut but it wouldn't allow me to use it.
The problem I have with this is they always give you not much to bid on. Other than that, it's a fun game My dad would sit at the kitchen table and teach us how to play.
Once again, the background keeps flickering along with the players. I have deleted & reinstalled it, still have the same problems!! Downloaded the newest one & it's horrible! Have deleted both games. I do not recommend to download either of them
I dont think this game deserves a rating at all. The most cheating game ever. Dont understand why a free game needs to cheat. It is really nonsense.wouldnt even give it one star but it forces you to rate it to give a reveiw
Very fun game; However, the system is rigged against you! It's very hard to out score the other team!
Opponents do renig! Score favors opponents when they receive penalties for getting tricks on nil bids! Partner sometimes plays like he has cleaned the bar out! Who plays to lose? But the comments players make are really funny! Fix the quirks and you will have a 5 star app!
It's a good game, simple and challenging, but the problem is each hand is rigged 100% iv experimented by playing out hands then clicking undo and redoing things and undoing multiple hands to the beginning, the AI will always play the exact same card, which will replay the same ones after, and if you led the hand, doing this experiment produces the same result, when clicking undo, but if u change the card then AI will change as well rigged
Thank you for the game. It is a good game. My observations are that if you turn off bag penalty, it seems they still give away books. At times, your partner will bet you. If you had a character the just plays to win the current book. Blindly playing a king when the ace hasn't played while having another of the same suit is never smart. Where I am from, we play you have a minimum bid of 4 and if you double your bid you are automatically set. We also play if you win all the book, you won game.
If you can't see that it's clearly 3 against 1, you really don't know how to play spades. Your partner makes sure that opponent make their bid. I'm playing with the rules of no penalty for collecting tricks and we can pass 2 cards to help us with nil. They don't take tricks that are clearly there; throw away high cards when a lower card is available; and hold onto Aces when bidding nil. I've played one hand when it bid a nil and held onto an Ace of spades. Card distribution is a joke!
The AI is incredibly biased. When playing this game your partner continuously over cuts your books and your opponent always seems to know your hand. Also Higher difficulty settings only means that you will not receive a good hand until the game is a few books away from losing there is no sense of random card dealing everything seems like it's rigged for you to lose majority of the time. Terrible AI at least your partner should know not to over cut you if it isn't necessary. Uninstalling now...
Your partner works against you after two or three times of playing the game. For instance, if you play A❀️ that is the highest card you can play for hearts, your AI partner will cut it with it with a spades, anyone who plays spades know no you play a lower card and saved the higher ones because your partner has already won that hand. I don't like it that you're AI partner will play a card that will cause you to loose the game.
I'm bumping this up to a 2 star. The updated game has some nice features, over the old one. The reason I'm not giving it more, is the AI still sucks. Perfect example, is my partner threw off on a suit, while I am nil. Threw a 7 of clubs. At the end, it leads with a 4 of clubs, and I have the 5 of clubs in my hand and it busts my nil. There is no reason for that. It should always prioritize protecting your nil, over busting the opponents nil. Seems like they grab unnecessary bags sometimes too.
Love the jokers !! Do they appear in the updated version ? All of my "partners" will take a trick if I'm winning ?! High cards are thrown-off when the bots don't have the suit ; for example, the king of hearts is thrown away & the next time "hearts" is played, the player who throw away the king, then plays a low heart and lose the book they could have taken w / the king ? There is too, too much under-bidding. I think it's very un-professional.
I've had a lot of fun playing this game. You can vary the bot that you play both with (as a partner ) and against (as opponents. )
Best game ever. It lets you choose your own partner according to their level of skill and yours. If Game seems to cheat you can undo cards if you choose. I play it to my advantage by undoing or go all the way back to resubmit my bid. So far I am a bit ahead in wins verses losses and enjoying the heck out of this game because of all the rules that can be set to my advantage. Its an awesome game to play! πŸ‘οΈπŸ’–πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ, πŸ‘οΈπŸ’–πŸ΄'s, πŸ‘οΈπŸ’–πŸ’, πŸ‘οΈπŸ’–πŸŒˆ's, πŸ„'s & πŸ’'s too. 🀠's & 🀑's too. Have fun.
I enjoy being able to play the game without a lot of interruptions. Also like how fast the cards move
I couldn't even see where to make my opening bid, much less the hand i was dealt. the screen was too crowded with text and pictures. ----- You do not seem to understand. The game app was so cluttered with images that the "PLAY" was obscured to where i could not see it.
Most horrible Spade game l have ever downloaded. Your teamate seems to sabatoge every hand. When they play against you they never lose. When they partner with you they play like a beginners.
they cheat on scores .first I didnt understand .then returned to scoring .you get penelty over nothing.you reach end of game always losing even if you privatly do the math to discover doesn't match .I didnt like plsyers comenting .it affects yur concentrstion
ok except game cheats by looking at cards in hands. Developer responded game doesn't cheat but I beg to differ. there's a vast difference between making deductions based on play, and always stealing a trick. I've played this game for more than 50 years both online and in person, and my performance in this game way off.
The background is glitching....been doing this for days now...kind of annoying and distracts you from the game....I literally love playing this game.. please fix...
This is an old school classic game. This game is famous for creating positive atomosphere at all types of recreational settings. I love❀ this game very much.
Some time it is setup so you want win ,they alter the game to much ,like if I bid 4 and my partner bid 3 ,if I ch get the bid before I select ,and change it to 5 then I noti es my partner goes to 2
Feature allowing choice of partner and opponents of varying skill levels takes this game to a new level. Also like the undo feature for those occasions when the wrong card gets thrown into play. This is definitely better than the others I have tried.
Yes this game does cheat because the same thing has happened to me my 5 star partner will let me take a book when I have bid nil and that partner could have thrown something else I mean I played after them and then they bid nil and on purpose lost ... And it's funny how the other team seems to know when and how and what to throw when their partner bids nil... And they seem to know what you have in your hand ...I know it's a computer but still it's anoying...
play is interesting, but currently taking up 96mg in my new cell, including 46.6mg in cache memory. too large for my cell! uninstalling. Odd screen flashing also constantly remaps block of the screen into odd patterns/colors. Looks like lightning & repeating short-circuits! Hurts my eyes/epileptic fits!
Excellent game. Have been playing on for years now. However, latest update has crashed the graphics on my Redmi S2
Real easy to use. It's like playing with friends but they are not as mean. It's making the slow hours past with ease.
play is interesting, but currently taking up 96mg in my new cell, including 46.6mg in cache memory. too large for my cell! uninstalling.
it just seems like the AI that you play with as your partner doesn't really play that well at times it seems like they underbid theirselves or overbid theirselves too much and the opposing enemy team AI likes to underbid on purpose to sandbag you out that's a little much
Seems pretty sharp on the AI aspects. Some players have shaky bidding skills but that adds to the variety. Very good graphics.
Good flow and fun to play but partner doesn't always try to work with u and sets us for no reason at all. Partners keep getting worse as time passes and play more games. They intentionally trump your play when they can throw off another SUIT??? We are suppose to be partners.
Same as any other game against AI, it doesn't play the game but only it's bid. I don't see a difference between 1* or 5* AI play. AI lead almost always hurts you. You need to play with what your AI will do to win the game and not the table.
I have played this game for months with absolutely no problems! As of now, the background keeps flickering along with the players. I have deleted & reinstalled it, still have the same problems!!
It is fun but my partner throws me under the bus too many times to count. He is my partner, isn't he? I want a new partner! Also the cards are real small. If they were bigger, this game would be my go to game all time. See if you can enlarge the cards.
This a good Spades app. Unfortunately the playing partners (even the highly rated ones) frequently sink us by making poorly judged Nil bids or by not winning as many tricks as they bid. There is an option to tweak the bid behaviours of the CPU players but I would prefer to play without a partner. I would recommend adding an option to play solo.
Overall this is a good game but sometimes it has glitches. i just played a game and on the last hand my partner took their 4th hand. I had already got my two. This program penalized us 60 points saying we only took 5 hands. Even when I used "undo hand" and played it again the same thing happened.
Fun game to learn playing the game. Gameplay is fair, even though sometimes the bots are very stupid. It always seems like the bot on your team is dumb, even when they're 5 stars. The bots on the other team are flawless, even when 1 stars. I've had my partner pass me an Ace of Spades before when I bet Nil. Ads are non-instrusive.
I had high hopes for this game. It was the only spades game that I came across with more rule options and joker play, but the computer play is awful. Nonsensical card plays. No clear reason why partner wouldn't lead with an ace, underbidding every single hand from all AI players, partner not cutting when they don't have the suit and we need the books, but they have spades. PLEASE fix this. I've tried on multiple skill levels.
Stats change in favor of the CPU. Bid nil and your partner plays against you. I've played a lot of the spades apps. This is the worst one. I bid nil, played an 8 of clubs opp. Plays 7 partner plays 3 opp plays 2, I take the trick. I lead with 6 of clubs opp plays jack partner play 9, NINE HE COULD HAVE SAVED MY NIL AND DIDN'T. The CPU partner plays like an idiot. 11/19 can't send pics of a game that was only worth deleting.
Update: I wanted to update my review from 1st review. The maker of this game got back to me within 24 hrs to make my 😠 toπŸ˜€. I can now play this game without adsπŸ‘
Game played well until a few days ago. Now the graphics colors bleed and change making playing pure misery. Reinstalling doesn't fix the issue.
I am enjoying it. It is hard for me to win at spades so trying to learn with the free spades first to get me better acquainted with learning spades better will help me to jump into other spades
Really fantastic game! I love how your partners and opponents can talk, and I love the selection of characters. Plus there are so many settings so I can play just like I learned! Ten stars out of five, if that was possible!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Have you'll even played to make sure that the complaints are legitimate or not? The AI holds Aces when bidding nil, even ace of spades, the highest card in the deck. It doesn't know the value of an Ace when bidding. The developers refuses to check this. Most likely we're getting automated responses.
The only spades game that doesn't have any ads after every trick. Play is done in clockwise order. You're able to chose the difficulty level of your opponents and your partner. And it's free! But makes me want to spend money on it.. After dealing with the all of the other failures! This is the only one worth any of my time. Good work on this game.
Awesome app best spades app ever... only one small problem played everyday nonstop six months now every so often game forces me to start a game and changes my option to include nil bids on it's own and I have to throw in the match to start over with my personal options and it counts as a loss it keeps doing this every so often and my statistics show several losses at my expense .... still awesome app and worth the aggravation
Entertaining for about 10 hands then you realize the reviews have it correct. Love to play hearts but when you see how many nils the ai bid and get, the fun and entertainment are gone. Thanks but no thanks. Uninstalling. Update. I changed the settings as you provided. I enjoy the game much more now. Thank you. Why not 5 stars? Only because of the ads. But I understand why they are there. No ads would = 5 stars.
The game is fine, but the color intensity fades in and out, just like the Hearts card game. Once you start playing, the whole screen gets really dark and hard to distinguish much.
Best thing about this game is the speed. Other Spades apps have such agonizingly slow card animations. This game is nicely streamlined. I deducted a star because the strategy used to protect a partner's nil bid can be off.
Fun for a bit. Then got stuck on a must buy page and couldn't get back to playing for free. Removed app.
Best spades game on the market. Please add option to the rules to: -100 points behind for nil and 200 points behind for blind Nil -pass 1 card on Nils and 2 cards on blind Nil
As one reviewer said, its almost like 3 on one. My 'partner' bids nil and has a better hand than I have! I bidded nil and made it while my partner also bidded nil and made 6 books! The best spades game in the world? More like the biggest bust in the world!! Also my partner passes me a 4 of spades and a jack of diamonds. Later on in the hand my partner plays a queen of spades and an ace of clubs! Try the game for yourself!
I love this game but the instance of Nil bidding instances are still way too high statistically speaking. Not all regions embrace the nil bid and simply accept 0 without consequences unless they exceed an agreed to amount. This needs to be a feature.
This app used to be a 10 on the 1 to 10 scale. However, in the past few weeks after each hand we play, we have to endure or ignore a 30 second forced ad. They have ruined a once-great game.
The AI, no matter the skill ranking, cannot accurately bid their hands. They constantly underbid due to not calculating being short suited. The parrner AI constantly lead out spades as soon as its broken, pulling trump from the playes hands. The code needs to be corrected so the AI knows it's a cooperative game with the player across from them. Unplayable for anyone with any actual skill in the game.
Too much unnecessary trash talking and once I did 3 and it gave me a blind nil instead graphic design is okay except for no wide screen, card's are bunched to close together and partners don't bid hands correctly. I did manage 1 win with, My over exaggerated partners bidding strategy\(°o°)/
I used to love this game. However, it currently is having difficulties. The background keeps flashing to black. I have tried changing backgrounds and have uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Right now, it is not playable. Please correct the problem. Thanks.
Updated rating. AI has greatly improved the advertisement cycle to a more realistic and acceptable level. Hopefully it stays this way. One improvement I would make is to avoid the access request to my pictures. I can understand why you need to save the game data and you need write access to my file folder, but I don't understand why you need access to my picture folder. Too much advertisement. The advertisement pops up and interupts the game experience for 15+ seconds after each game
I enjoyed this game for years, but now I can't stand seeing the treasonous MyPilliow sponsor. The game itself has some bugs. Your partner makes stupid bids and doesn't always help you go nil.
forced ads that take over your screen. ill never play a game i see a forced ad. The developers gave a long explanation as if that changes that PEOPLE HATE ADS! PEOPLE IN 2021 ACTIVELY AVOID CLICKING, WATCHING, ENGAGING IN ADVERTISING. You almost have to be an absolute moron to condone the use of pop up ads that FORCE PEOPLE TO WATCH. That 5 seconds is bs because half the time the x doesnt work and why do companies think we should give up time out of our lives to watch them?
Pretty good Spades app; arguably the best one on google play. It gives a fairly lifelike representation of real spades. There are a couple little quirkes that if fixed would make this game a lot more fun.1st: your partner will NEVER bid for the 10 for 10 hand if you bid first. They will either bid over or under it every time. 2nd, if you bid a nil hand when you don't have a really good nil hand, it is difficult to get them to cover you, even if they have 8 spades and high cards of other suites.
This game is brilliant and for the mind of any Spade player novice to expert what a great experience and teaching aid
It's a great game except for the ads, but ads are not too bad,since I can't afford the free game without ads for money.
The game cheats to make it almost impossible to win hands. The opposing team underbids to force you to take bags or to try to make u set. It makes ur partner overbid and play badly, will let a Jack walk when they have the ace. The last hand i played b4 doing this review n deleting the game, 1 of the other players went for 2 books but had both jokers and the 2 of spades. My partner had the ace of diamonds. When i undo the hand my partner no longer had the ace of diamonds but had a joker
One of my all time favorite games. Although I have been noticing their math is off sometimes. Been checking it with paper n pen and they really messed myself n partner out of points last game. This game they added us an extra 20 points. We would still have won, but hey, let's get it right. Thanks for the cute little molly partner so cute. Reminds me of my daughter at that age. Love it!!!
I cannot believe how terrible the AI is on this game. Probably the worst spades game I've played. Your teammates will waste good winning cards when you've already won the trick. If I've already clearly won for us with the King of Spades, why would my teammate play the Ace of spades?? Complete waste that could have been used to win us another trick. Fix your AI
This is the best space game I have seen, Ive checked out 20 others easy this game is way cool, They give you a fair deals, Good graphics on the cards and especially the Jokers It's extremely hard to win, If you can beat this game you're super good, I recommended it fully, real talk I finally found a kick butt spade game
This game is a good one to enjoy if you have patience with understanding the game as long as you don't mind looking for a good partner who is in the same process of being able to play and understanding your way of playing the game if not I'll just say it can be challenging because not everyone plays the same and you'll probably have to go through the game a few times to win but you'll have a great streak of luck with the right partner
This is one of the car games that I have been playing since I was a teenager. Having it on my phone now to play it like this is a great in joy meant. Guess what, I 'm still a good player, & I'm 63 years older. I love this game. Thank you so very much.
GREEDY AND SUSPECT! Not only does this HACK YOUR PHONE to promote Ads while NOT CONNECTED to the Web, it also HACKS YOUR BLUETOOTH Devices to lower its volume. Giving itself precedence!!! Even when you you DO NOT allow sound from the game!!! ADS WILL STILL PLAY EVEN ON AIRPLANE MODE. WOW!) Currently looking for a new lifetime game. Maybe one advertised in their ads.
Lowered rating: I think my AI partner isnt paying attention most of the time. I wish there was a way to see the last hand played. There should be a penalty if the AI reneges. Has anyone else experienced this or just me? Is it a glitch? They also hold onto aces. Just not realistic play in my opinion. Most real players want to make their books not hold them and risk getting cut
Once again, the background keeps flickering along with the players. I have deleted & reinstalled it, still have the same problems!!
To many commercials and the pic of other player's are lousy. U should have 4handed spade's with no partners I mean it these computer players are lousy. I would rate you two corners of the one star rating, the reason I gave you the one star is because I couldn't give you the 2 corners instead. So I looks like I gave you a higher rateing.
If you bid first and bid 10, your partner always bids 3 to screw it up. But, if you bid 9 or lower, they bid Nill. BUG which needs to be fixed.
Ai partner is an idiot.. It clearly is 3 against 1. Stupid moves and bids.. It bids a nil when holding high cards. Doesn't recognize the value of an Ace when bidding. Holds Aces and passes me a 2 or 3 when bidding nil.I aslo watch my partner hand the opponents tricks when he could clearly take it. He cuts cards with high cards when he is the last player. He could have used a low card if he is last. I have to compensate for bad play. My only remedy is the 3 of them against me and the undue button.
Scoring system is flawed. 11 tricks on a 10 for 200 with partner getting her nil also resulted in a score of -200. Should have been 300. I can handle flawed ai but flawed scoring is unacceptable!
I love this app! Advertisements are few and not annoying like other games. You can change the players at the table to suit the way you play. Which helps your bag penalty. Ive had this app for years and love it. No wifi needed to play.
I love it! It just needs to be able to have multiple human players and 3 man spades. I have learned a lot from this app about spades so far!
The moves are all pretty much predetermined. Your partner will make the same stupid moves no matter what. The cards will all play out the same no matter what. The AI plays as if they know exactly what is in everyone's hand. They throw out cards that don't make any sense. Like your partner throws out a jack when they have the ace and lose the trick. Or they run spades for no reason.
Great game. It has different settings so you can customize the game as well. You have different opponents (and partners) with different strengths to choose from also. 5 stars.
Generally a good app for playing spades. I like the ability to set the different rules. but there are a couple issues with the computer ai that negatively impact the dynamics of the game. the biggest ones are as follows: The computers both with me and against me are incapable of going blind nil. And when I go blind nil they dont bid as if the cards passed will help their hand, causing my team to always go over on bags.
You guys cheese a lot with the aces so it takes away the realism of the shuffling of the cards after each game i can remember one game where Rob didn't cheese with the aces.
Was great, now horrible! A few years ago the AI was quite good, but in their attempt to improve the AI game play, they have made the AI do some really stupid things. If the total bid is under 10 tricks, why in the workd would my AI partner be trumping to take a trick when both teams already have their bid? Nil play is worse than it was There was so much to love about this gane at one tine, but I can't handle the stupid AI moves anymore - on the highest rating. Uninstalling the game!
The AI is awful. If you go nil.... your Comp partner does not try to protect you. On many occasion it threw the lowest card it had and a partner would never do that if you are going NIL. Fix that and maybe I will move up the rating.
Good game except cpu players are idiots they cut your winning cards throw away kings,aces and high trump cards which could make your bid if i really had a partner like that i would -ill them
Not bad .moved to sd card..clear animation & game settings..miss playing opponents for real though but overall pretty neat app..good job !
Entertaining for about 10 hands then you realize the reviews have it correct. Love to play hearts but when you see how many nils the ai bid and get, the fun and entertainment are gone. Thanks but no thanks. Uninstalling.
Great app when working. But now will not work. Colors change and go in and out. Can anyone tell me why. Tried reinstalling app and still does not work. Definitely would have given this a 5 star if it worked properly
First, I'm fairly certain that opponents have reneged on several occasions. The developers should add a feature to be able to pause the game, review the tricks and take appropriate action if warranted. Secondly, tricks are not always credited to the winning player/team. Lastly, the shuffling algorithm could be improved. I have received some of the exact same hands repeatedly. On a positive note, the AI players make the game fun with situational comments.
Game was good, until graphics were corrupted with flashing screen colors and avatars' faces changing from normal to ugly. Developer seems aware, but my fix is to go onto Airplane mode before opening the game: this not only stops the corrupting graphics, it has the welcome benefit of cutting out the banner ads ~
Unfortunately even though I've turned sounds off I still get ads blasting audio which is startling, annoying and pauses music or podcasts that I'm listening to on my phone.
Computer does not bid their hand correctly. I have to over bid to compensate for my partners book. Wish it was more realistic
I have never been cut this many times on one hand alone. Your teammate will top your card even when its the highest on the table then play the card under that and selfishly get both books over letting us get three.
For the most part, I really do enjoy this App. However, I have noticed that the majority of the characters I play with (no matter what level) tends to make "bonehead" moves that cost us the game! Programers really needs to tweak the characters responses to reflect "real-life" spades gameplay scenarios.
I downloaded this game b4 this is the most realistic spade game! if you enjoy spades this is the app to download try it! 5 stars is no joke! Have fun, and don't get mad if the other team bet you it's a game, a very good one! Feb 2020 still enjoying spades on tjis app! Thanks Back again March 😊 i see how the computer switches or replays cards but its cool its only a game πŸ‘ i'm still here! β™ 's Enjoying this app 09-15- 2020 its still the BEST! 🏁
Problems with this game is your partner is a complete idiot ! only sometimes your partner will follow along ,when you have your opponents in a cross fire. plus your partner likes to cut u out knowingly ,you have already won the book . also your partner is so eager to throw out the spades .also your partner feels the need to bring out the lower cards when they got the ace in there hand ! I wish there was a fix to this game .the only time I say I hate the player but I love the game . Smh
I really like the you make. The ads are after the game. My only issue is the image has been recently bugging out. I can still play but its annoying. Sure its fixable.
Fun game but a lot of times your teammate plays badly and you lose because of it. It's been a great occupier for me though.
Suited card games are fun! Your version of 'Spades' with options, is exceptional! 'Programed fairness' is easily noticed and enjoyed ~ many thanks!!
I like playing Spades. The game play on this app is good, the rules are flexible and allow me to play it almost like I am used to playing it. Unfortunately, the AI is terrible. I have seen multiple comments from the developers in reply to reviews that almost all reported wrong plays are actually correct. If the developer thinks that, they have no idea how to properly play spades. I've been playing spades over 50 years and I assure you their plays are regularly wrong.
I have not played spades in a long time. But like any other partner in a game, you have to figure out how your partner plays (even though my partner "rob" screws me on neel a lot). If you can't: YOU LOSE!!!
Needless to say, I like this game, A LOT. It's probably the best game of Spades out there. However, it could be improved upon because it has some frustrating glitches. 1. Your partner will outplay you with a higher card when they don't have to, thus wasting a trick. You would have won it, and he the next trick. since all players still are able to play the suit, IF he had played a lower card. Something real players would have done. Also, 2. You can force a high card play from your opponent.
This is the 3rd time in a week I've had to unstall this app... it's got a bug or virus that's freezing my phone causing serious problems.... I have no problems with my phone after this app is removed...
Numbers are to close to each other. Keep missing the ace and hitting the next card. Also they should be red black , red, black or visa- versa
Flashing background. This has become irritatingly annoying. It used to be good, but since the update it has become unplayable
Very poor game. Almost impossible to win. When 2 5* players are matched with 2 1* players you still lose. The number of successful nil bids by opponents is ridiculous. even from1*players. Also the number of high spades dealt to the player is ridiculous and effectively prevents the player getting nil bids. The computer software is heavily biased against winning even to the point of playing duff cards by your partner. Not really worth playing this game. Thankfully it's a free game.
Good except for after each hand I have to it the screen again for the winning person to get the hand it should automatically be able to go to the winning person. Other than that I love it
Really fun and accurate. Ads are there but only each time a game of 500 is won. There also is a bottom bar of ads during the game but it also is not intrusive. Enjoy!
Overall a great game. I play all the time. My partner usually refuses to bid 10 for 200. If I bid 9 he bids 2. If I bid 8, he bids 1. I keep hitting undo trying to get him to bid smart. It just ruins the game for me. It doesn't come up often, but when it does it's annoying. Especially when we're far behind and have a good shot
You've made the worst partner in the world. He purposely tries to sabotage you. Not realistic, this is not what a partner would do. UPDATE: Whether the partner purposely or mistakingly sabotages our team from bad play, if you make a bad game with a partner that doesn't follow proper game play, properly returns leads or knowing when NOT to lead spades, how can you know good play from bad play? I just reloaded the game to try again and it happened to me on the 1st hand! This game needs much work!
Sometime I will be playing as a team and my partner you cut my book, or if the opposing team play something and my partner will not cut it even tho the next play ,the partner would cut the be by that time it's to late ,because my fail to cut it ,we have lost .
DON'T UPDATE! If it ain't broke DON'T FIX IT! Bug and security, yes. Anything else, NO! It's perfect! Thanks.
I used to really enjoy this version of spades until they started changing the background colors. Now I'm looking for another version. The screen now flashes and is irritating. I cannot even read the scores page because of the dark brown background with black numbers. I miss the old characteristics.
well theres a bug....if an overlay screen is up at the end of a game and you switch out of the app, and you go back later, the overlay is gone and you cannot click out of it so you have to close the game completely and relaunch it. The AI partners arent very good - if you make a bid they will NEVER bid to go for 10/200. And the leads arent great - they will throw low to prevent bags before trying to protect a Nil. And the cards are hardly random - opposing players ALWAYS have better cards
It isn't right to play against my hand because it's on computer. The way it should be is to have the 3 computer players through it's own cards like a human being. The computer shouldn't know my hand to play against me!! Make it more realistic!!
I really do like this game. I got a new phone and re-installed this game on it however it is a bit different on how the "players" play. It seems that the stars nominated to each player is superfluous as it doesn't matter the skill level. A one star seems to play in the same way to a five star. Also I have found my "partner's" bid high, they will almost always trump my card in order to get their bid which annoys me, hence the three stars.
This game becomes more frustrating the more you play it. Forget the star system, which supposedly controls the AI's ability to play. Even on the easiest difficulty, the computer gets much better cards every turn, and the supposedly "bad" AI players play their hands perfectly, with no bags,turn after turn after turn. Your teammates will play like a five year old, even if their supposed to be one of the best players in the game. Two stars because the game looks ok, and the ads are not overbearing
Pretty good app. I wish there was an option not to play partners. But at least you get to pass cards when one of you goes nil.
Terrible AI! They either overbid and get set or have NO concept of bags and unnecessarily win tricks. Clearly programmed by people that either don't know how to play or program (or both)!
Great fast expert players lots of fun.. Only why cant i have a bubble to make comments like the other players ? What can i do to be able to b a part of the conversation?? And fun.. I want a voice.. Please. Can you fix it ?? I know my partners wonder why i never respond to their comments.. Its embarassing to me..thx.. Sandra... Great spade player.
I would have given this game zero stars if possible. Want to watch your opponent play the Ace of Spades 3 times in one hand? This is the game. Don't expect fair play or random card distribution, you won't get it with this game! Negative 5 stars is the rating it deserves. Your response is nothing short of a lie. I know what I saw with my own eyes. Are you saying what I SAW UNFOLD WITH MY OWN EYES, didn't really happen? Your cheating card game is off my phone and will stay off.
Players are constantly making stupid plays Plays the king before the ace has been played. Plays a low card even when they have an ace. Partners will top your card or play a spade on a set you would win
The AI is terrible. They underbid and when you go nil they throw low cards and dont cover you. Not good. You bid blind nil and pass 2 cards and they still underbid.
Hi&GoodmorningπŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ Is there any possibly way we can have holiday costumes or decorating us for Halloween &Thanksgiving&Christmas please this would be so awesomely cool if this could beπŸ’– Sincerely ReneeMinton P S I Love This Game Been Playing for 3 plus years Thank You With HugsπŸ’―πŸ’Ÿ.
Somebody said the game cheats. I'm not sure it does but it does stack the odds against you. Partners don't cover nils when they can at times. They also will bid nils when common sense would tell you they shouldn't. No matter what combination of partners and opponents you choose, your partner makes stupid plays that could be avoided and you lose 3-5 games for every 1 game that you win. I love spades, and in person I'm a pretty fair hand at playing, but I'm looking for a new version to play.
The updated version SEEMS to be better. It's a cut throat version of the game which I don't care. The AI players will intentionally bid low in an effort to set you. Learn how to quit a game when it cheats and it's okay uh
Saw the 1 star reviews that the AI is very weighted against the player, so I hopped in and put the two lowest skill bots (supposed to resemble "new" players) as the enemy while giving myself the highest rated bot. My partner kept going nil with 5 spades or an uncovered ace (nil tendency of 2, the default) and the opponent never sandbagged. I didn't have any problems with the opponent "cheating", but for some ungodly reason the bots are just very balanced against the player.
The cards are spaced so close together that the game would often throw out a card next to the one I chose. This also makes the cards more difficult to read (break out the reading glasses if you're over 40).
I loved your game. Notice the past tense word. The I.A's that I have ALWAYS get the exact amount of bags that they bid. If I bid 5 I will wind up with 10 and the same for my partner and her partner also! And it winds up making me angry and I stop playing. This time however I'm not just going to quit I'm going to uninstall. And that makes me sad because I did like this game a lot until this happened.
Updating my review!! I have played this game for years. But now every hand the bots are bidding a Nil! Not a challenge anymore! I tried adjusting the settings, no good! I uninstalled the game. If they fix this issue, i would try it again. UPDATE: Developer mentioned adjusting slider, did that and more....nothing worked. So until there's a fix...I'll pass.
This game is very entertaining. I sometimes have to make myself stop playing because it is so addictive. I like the fact that you can choose your card style, background, game rules, and level of difficulty. I've played other online spades games, but I like this one the most.
Good game, not great. Partner sucks. Leading low cards when bidding nil. Doesn't recognize when over bid, and takes unnecessary bags. Doesn't set other team when close to bag limit.