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Spades for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by FIOGONIA LIMITED located at PALAIO LIMANI LEMESOU, X2 BUILDING 1ST FLOOR, 3037, LIMASSOL, CYPRUS. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very unpolished. The AI is incredibly unintelligent, as well as the design and layout. There are much better spades games out there.
Nice version. Easy to play. Scoring different from what I was used to but still easy to understand. Nice time waster.
It's been along time since i played Spades . This reminds me how much fun is was . The only thing i don't care for , are the ads after every round !
I haven't played a lot but so far it's easy to play, not rushed. Game play is fine. Graphics are simple, nothing extravagent. Only playing against the computer.
I don't like when I have no cards to match and need to play a spade and the game will not allow me to play a spade. I'm in my right to play a spade. This only happens when the first cards are played at the very beginning of the game!
Love the game, can play for hours...BUT, after you have played for a time, the ads force you over and over to play store so you'll download. Not just once per ad but multiple times so that you have to quit the game or wait a ridiculous amount of time. Not worth the hassle.
Most unrealistic play...stacked against you for sure. Bots know what's in your hand & it plays that way. Uninstall!!!
Great game. Don't know how long I can hold on having to deal with 30 second ads all the time. I mean, cmon man!!! Don't you know I don't have 30 seconds to spare, in my busy life? I have all these other important games here to play. Fix this.
Scoring is not consistent especially scores against bags and points taken away for hand whatever that is. I don't like that partners don't change.
"them" side is scored to win.."us" side penalized differently from "them"..no matter how many bags or over score by 1,2,3 "us" will be penalized at random times.."them" side calculations are errant to keep "them" closer.. scoring not consistent at all...very unfair for "us"team!!!
If you Love playing spades, you will Love this one. It's Awesome, just bid and play, not aligned pushing the screen, card automatically go off screen.
Good most times, sometimes sluggish. I don't win 😭 enough. Don't always know how the points are given. Like the bonus/ penalties are scored.
Ads are fast, game is fun. The only thing I'd change is the initial show of your hand should be red/black/red/black. Having Clubs & Spades next to each other is sometimes difficult in making that first bid.
It's just too incompetent. Too many errors. Too many fixes where "them" wins. Too many 3 of hearts making a book. It's just not like the spades I play in real life. They put this game up so they can get money from the ads. They didn't bother you do it right. We don't watch the ads anyway. I do understand it's about the money not the players or y'all would have done something about this game by now. No stars. This game does not make y'all look very smart.
Game is fun but after playing for a while it's predictable. Always getting bad deals ,only one scoring option and you'll probably bump the first game everytime!!!!!
I am really lovin it. I would like a double click to confirm my card. Ads have been fixed. I read previous reviews and the ads are no longer that long.
Cons- suits are not separated by red, black, red, black. Reds together, blacks together. Partner will keep intentionally bagging after opponents already have their bid. Only has blind nil, otherwise you bid 0 tricks with no bonus for a nil.
Way, way, way to many Ads, an ad after every hand, crazy, wow, it's just spades, nothing that hasn't been around forever and a hundred other Spade apps that don't have ads every hand
It is confusing when the hand is complete and either my side or the other team goes over their bid by two or four and they are sometimes penalized, then the same scenario happens and there is no penalty. What gives? Also sometimes I go nil and receive the 100 pts other times I get no pts. What gives? Scoring is very inconsistent and confusing.
I enjoy playing this game. My biggest problem is that my "partner" drives me crazy. "She" constantly underbids, causing us a lot of extra bags, which knocks our points down frequently. I usually find myself bidding extra for her. However, when she bids high, she usually does not have the cards to make her bid, so I have to bid less than I would bid myself. It does make it challenging, which probably is a good thing and helps the game stay interesting. I find myself yelling at her a lot.
Horrible, in every way imaginable. Absolutely no skill by the bots. Throwing random cards would be better. Ads galore. Find any other spades game. Literally any other one would be better.
Love your layout. I like the options for choosing opponents, rules, etc.. I just like the overall feel of your version of Spades. Unfortunately, I have to uninstall. The length and amount of ads is insane. A full 30 second ad after each hand, outrageous. I can't find an option to pay to remove ads which I would happily do. This makes me sad as it took forever to find an offlune version that I like.
This game is rigged you will will 1 out of hundreds of games. Makes it not fun I'm currently looking for a better game only thing good is the speed of the game and not all those computer cartoons.and sound effects .I don't even mind the constant Ads.New day found another games and watch their strategy and now I'm Winning.
Plays fine, but I haven't played spades in so long that I've forgotten how to play. There's no tutorial in this game.
Not a fair game always getting minus no matter what i bid even when i make my bids . hard game to enjoy all of the spades games to me are all the same. I wish i could take away the star that i gave you. This game is no good.
If the first card played in a hand is diamonds, i should be able to throw out a spade and not be forced to throw off. I have lost a hand more than once because the system is set up to cheat by forcing you to throw off. Extremely frustrating.
excellent except when your partner says 0 and get-together card otherwise like the game also partner bids more than he makes and we go in the hole otherwise it's as close as the real game
The user interface needs to be revised. Most people that understand how to play spades never set their cards up black/black red/red, although this game probably doesn't allow renege, it's still not a good way to set your hand up. Also before a card is played, the player would have the option to double click the card, just to be sure they are clicking the correct card to be played. Uninstalling until corrected.
This game cheats so much. The computer always win. This is really sandbag spades whereas if you get 10 books over your bid you are set back 100. Try not to get bags. Thats impossible bcuz the computer going to under bid or over bid to make you get them. Your partner goes against you
This one is one of the better ones, I'm still trying to learn to play it on my phone maybe I will learn something that will remember when I play in person with my partner
Great game but five suggestions. 1) Confirm which card is played 2) Better bags subroutine...still trying to take tricks when already made bid, and no chance to set. 3) Be able to review the last trick. 4) A little better bidding. Often bids low then throws K on A when has other of the suit. 5) when displaying hand, alternate red/black But very good game.
The bots continually under bid , and your partner will not play to win , while holding a higher spade. If you bid a mil , the bots will always play a lower card than you , despite holding higher card to win the trick...uninstalling this app immediately...one of the worst I've ever played.
Please stop the cheating. I like this App, if it would work correctly then I would give it more stars. I have lost numerous tricks (books) to my trumping in and it gives the trick to the person on my right. Also, have seen too much of someone trumping because they are out of that Suite then turn around and play it the next hand. Also, please add a feature where you can go Boston, first 6 tricks only time you can lead with Spades.
Excellent and fun,because you can perfect your game without losing coins or cause your partner to loose. This makes you relax and easily concentrate on what is the best move
This is a fun game! I love how fast it moves and that you don't have to move the books yourself! I could play this for hours!😊
This would be great if you fix the glitches. It doesn't register all books won, nor all of the sandbags.
The game is OK but I don't like how the computer team ur playing against will purposely starting throwing off so u can get over 10 bags and u get penalized a 100 pts. I also don't like how you don't get all the books u earn and it'll make u get set, so yall have some things yall have to work out or just be fair about it.