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Spades 3D

Spades 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Toni Rajkovski located at bul. Jane Sandanski 83/3-31 1000 Skopje Macedonia. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I updated this morning, it started out good then when the ads showed up I lost the ability to see my cards, it went straight to make a bid still can't give 5 stars. You developer's have a good game here if you could work out the bugs
GOT to change how the BID\TRICoK Info is, It takes me five minutes just to figure Out Who Is Who in the bids, Atleast put a COLOR MARKER or something next to the player who's color is the BID\TRICK info....Great game OTHER WISE for ONLINE PLAY WITH 4 HUMANS otherwise the A.I. SUCKS!
An example of play. I play a king of spades, next player plays, my partner plays the ace of spades! Further play shows partner had three more spades. Too many plays by partner that don't make sense.
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I like the game a lot. It as if you have real partners until your partner plays as if he is playing against his own partner.
It a cool game but can't play with facebook friends its said connect to fb but it don't when i try fix it plz
Bot players make stupid plays like trumping a suit that they don't have with high spades even if they have lower spades that could have been played. Also bots take books from their partner even when it's not necessary. Bots also love to run out spades the moment it's broken every time. Basically bots play stupid and unrealistic. Uninstalling.
It passes the time. I like the 3d aspect. I would like the option to move my cards around by suit so the clubs and spades aren't together. The setup was a little confusing in the beginning but overall enjoyable. Also it would be nice to see the game ending score for both sides not just my team score.
I Have Notice That! The computer be cutting cards a lot. Then comes right back and plays that card suit. At least! On my device. So! Have anyone else have noticed that too?
Had to blind bid during a regular game when we were up...bot throws cards that take your tricks...cards were mixed up...gong! Try again.
Doesn't like loading the game sometimes. And way too many commercials. Plays pretty smoothly. But could be better.
Great game to pass the time and a tad bit addictive for me since I absolutely LOVE Spades! Would rate 5 stars but there's room for improvement in everything.
In the beginning...I was ready to drop this game in the garbage. I didn't understand who my partner was, why the cards weren't separated red & black, why the button to view your cards once in awhile never shows up, & why does this game have no real info. After I gave it various plays, I figured it out for myself b/c I love to play spades & this game has a challenge w/ the computer/components.
Computer needs to turn up the skill level. Don't want to continuously win. Hard level is not difficult at all.
It's stupid how you have the computer cutting your card when they don't have to. You add the computers score with my total but you (have the computer playing against you also) are it against me also. That's stupid
I love playing with my friends but since we r different now, they computer has became a great partner!!!👍👍
Wish their was an option for speed. Appreciate it doesn't need special permissions, huge plus!!!!!!!
Okay. The bot AI needs some major work. They will over play their partner and play their highest spade to trump, even when their the ones breaking spades. Also, had an instance where it didn't ask me if I wanted to go blind nil. Instead, it asked me what I wanted to bid, but didn't show my hand. So I picked a random number and it finally revealed my hand with only 1 book. These seem like things you'd wanna fix before releasing the game...
I haven't had any problems with the game except: the computer's logic escapes me with some of the plays it makes.. I would love to change it's logic, at times...
I am uninstalling the game because the bot is clueless as to how people actually play spades. It is a team card games. But the bot plays as if it is clueless that I am his partner. Then space drain thing it does is not the way people play unless they have all face card spades and like 8 books. Doing it the way the bot does decimated his partner. Deleting now.
This game is so much fun! It's just like the card game. You may find yourself playing for hours at a time!
I feel like I'm playing against my partner all the time. If I bid Nil, it's usually my partner who cause me to lose. Either they bid too high or too low. It's a brain struggle.
I love ❤ playing Spades ♠, I'am the person that puts the card 🃏 on their forehead!!!! Great game, Developers!!
Doesn't allow you to see all your cards. Once in a while it forces you to bid blind because cards never show.
This is a very good game but when try to connect to Facebook it shows nothing. Developers plz fix this issue so that we can play with our frnds..
Can't see wtf is going on lol. Half the time doesn't show my cards during bid ooo u can move the table.
Just started this game. Guessing the computer is your partner when playing alone? I used to play this year's ago, kinda forgot how. Have to get back in the groove.
My "partner" unnecessarily cuts me and starts their cutting with their highest possible spade consistently. Makes no sense.
This game will have addicted to it. I love this game. It is a challenge to play against the computer. Sometimes the computer will get you but you have to be smarter next time. I recommend this game to anyone who love to play spades.
Why when I bid a nil....would my partnrr play his lowest club and make me take a trick....then...throw a high club next trick....rediculous!!!!!!!!!!!
Game is pretty good except when going nil your partner WON'T cover you. Example, I go nil , play to spades where one of the opposing players plays a 7 my only spade is a 10, my partner throws a 4 then returns 2 hands later with the ace , king , jack in that order!! Blew the nil hand because the damn game is stupid!! If they would fix the stupid partner this would be a great game!! The logical play is to cover the 100 point nil over covering the 30 point bid...and should have had both.