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Spacero: Shooter, Sci-Fi Hero

Spacero: Shooter, Sci-Fi Hero for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by TryAgain Game Studio Kft. located at Bocskaikert Németh László út 24. 4241. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence, Occasional Swearing) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
An great game with constant major updates (about every 3 months). Various updates, twitches, fixes that really make a difference for the gameplay. Respect and love for the developers!
Your game stinks... Obviously this is a knockoff of Archero. And I've studied the pattern of bosses but who cares, the boss glitches out and kills you with one shot, freezes the player in place, walks the player right into the attack or the attacks home in on you ...
Kinda fun, didn't expect the changes with the new update. Also didn't expect to see all the crystals I had saved up to unlock a character to be completely gone.
Check edit history for more details on new patch. Easily a 4-5* game if some new issues just weren't a thing. Serious issues: Support button in game doesn't work, add an email link or something to bypass. Some skills dont work, melee for sure(at 70% still no increase) but probably others Certain bosses with bad projectile or attack design making it a risk management of where to take least damage rather than being able to dodge. Ice planet Wolf and new volcanic 2nd boss are perfect examples.
Good game. Problem is, the very limited time windows on special events. 6 hours is not enough time for everyone to participate. Especially since you only get 2 or 3 runs at it anyways. We live in different time zones. I'm not going to bend my life around a game on my phone.
Excellent casual gaming. I like the way the dev extended a basic idea with lots of stuff such as character development, builds, items. And the game well balanced for my ability.
After update they add city play, it just rubish, all my skill become lock and every upgrade now need more money, new resource currency and waiting time.. Stupid update and change game play..
Decent game but it's definitely a grinder which I'm not a fan of. Concept is really cool and game play is smooth. But it is difficult very early and the weapons are weak even with upgrades and power ups. If you like playing the same level over and over again without making a lot progress, this is the game for you.
One of the best in this genre. Smooth and fun, game flows really well and there's plenty to reward a good grind.
The game deserves it's 5 star rating. The only thing I find quite costly is the required quantity and gold to upgrade the 5 star heroes past star 3 upgrade. About multiplayer it might be great but there needs to be some kind of balance system, because if I use my main hero with raw stats of 2,7k dmg and 11,8k hp (still not fully upgraded thought) it might feel unbalanced for someone who's hero is with stats like 1k dmg and 4-5k hp before skills.
Installed game on my tablet and made a purchase. Tablet has been hacked. Cannot log into it at all. Only thing i did different was use this app.
Good graphics, but this game is unnecessarily hard! Planet 4 has seeking orbs that you literally cannot outrun. 10 guys shooting 2 orbs a piece and no cover. They just expect you to run through them. But again they're seeking orbs so if you get to close they just bombard you. I don't recommend this game!
This is what happens when people skip math... Double shot power up is actually a downgrade, you deal less dps. 35% chance to trigger multishot is actually 1 multishot per room. 10% out of 620 is 21 in this game. Random cards are scripted, you'll get heal every time you're full HP. Or if you're not, you get like 200 coins. Two stars for the design and concept. Everything else is so far beyond bad it makes my eyes bleed.
Used to be fun but its impossible to upgrade weopons on e u get to the red. And the game is too difficult on ultra. Enemies do 4000 damage and u have 8000 to 10000 health and the enemies shoot faster than u can move so its impossible to not get hit. U might get lucky and get the slow down power up but if not you might as well give up. Its now pay to play. developers have never answered any of my messages. And ive sent about 10. They should answer the people that are paying their mortgage!
I tried quite a few of this...hunter type games ? Don't know if it's a genre yet and i have to say, this one is by far the best, the graphics, the sound, the music, the controls feel great letting you control your speed not only direction, i still can't believe it has voice acting. I can think of only 2 negative things to say 1) a few of the stages feel a bit cheap, like dps checks, the wall of laser point bots comes to mind and 2) the store prices are insanely high. That said, highly recommend.
This is one of the rare archero style games that seem to actually try to be something other than a clone. So far I'm having a good time with it. Here's hoping there isn't some massive difficulty wall that tries to force you into spending money.
Just as many other long time players, I feel the last several updates killed the game. The last update was the coffin, carriage, and the grave. I no longer play. 1 stars only because 0 is not an option. This type of thing is familiar to me. I played a game from alpha, was offered a job with them, loved the game and game play. Then it began these type of manuvers. I played the game for 7 years, got trapped in the money vortex, finally left it for good. It was a terrible end to something great.
just one thing from me, for the Multishot Perks upgrade, why would you put 75%? just put 100%! that would be worth investment! UPDATE ON 29th of November, 2020: EACH ROOMS ARE TOO SMALL TO AVOID ATTACK FROM ENEMIES!
Graphics are great & the fact you can go thru rooms horizontally as well as vertically is awesome, most Archero-style games just go Vertical which gets boring
Great game. It's hard to farm for stuff though it's a little boring. Also I installed the update and somehow I get less rewards than I did a few days ago. Seems a bit unfair!
After update it's terrible. Message in game support is not working. Major problem is movement sensitivity reduced and changed in a bad way, controls are harder. Resources and bonuses dramatically reduced. Enemies are tougher, increased damage& health & projectile size
Stop making it look realistic. Instead make it fun to play. The "multi-shot" ability does not need delay to use it.
Game is ok but with last update it doesn't return to played game if you exit, and went you try to return in game the whole game restarts. Fix
Yes it is an Archero (which i love) clone, but IMO (and a friend of mine who also loved Archero), it is SO much better. The graphics are cool, the weapon variations are great, the enemies are varied, the bosses are actualy unique and not just bigger versions of simple enemies with an extra attack or 2, and one of my favorite features: they have exploration (to an extent; and as much as u can with this type of game). And just to top it off, the they have good deals on packs that are worth the $
Downloaded this wonderful "seeming" top down shooter... multiple times... Freezes every single time after the opening of the level. It sucks,I'd really love to at least fire a shot once in this game but maybe next time. It really does seem like a top game,just never an opportunity to actually play it. I guess I'll try again in a couple of weeks...or months. Good luck
New update kinda screwed the people who had paid for previous best character. Should have been some kind of kickback for the people that supported this game from the beginning.
Great entry in the top down shooter genre. Weapons behave differently, not just raw stats. Characters play differently with their own active skills. Decent enemy variety including bosses.
An ok game. Am enjoying it so far, but finding it difficult to complete the 1st world, will get there in the end. Controls r easy, graphics r crystal clear
Sad to say, I only play about an hour to realized there's so many flaw on this game. The immediate problem I see is the item drops, it's non-existant. It makes the game harder since u need to keep grinding to level up, and it won't guarantee to give u a good items. Also, this is a rogue shooting game, why do u need to build building progression? And this game is incredibly stingy with free stuff, at least give us one or two chest with free ads or something. Uninstalling
Edit (October 23, 2020): After submitting a support ticket, the issue was patched quickly. Within 24 hours, the problem that I, and others had was resolved. Great dev team. Keep up the good work! While the new graphics, characters, and certain improvements are awesome, this game has become unplayable. Due to some sort of glitch in the "guided upgrade" system that was implemented, I am not only unable to upgrade, but am also unable to dismiss the option, or click on anything else. So much so, that I am unable to even send a support ticket in game!
The new patch is great, although with the second best hero (first on previous) ascending and lvlup from 30 to 50lvl require at least 2-3m gold which in the current state with 4k-6k gold per run is hard close to impossible. Keep in mind that I'm almost with perfect gear and the last two new maps second and third difficulty are unsurvivable even with backup option from the hero for 2k crystals because of the hyper speed of projectiles. But the game deserve it's 5 star review :)
Minus one star for that crappy energy system. Otherwise best of the Archero style bullet hells. Also, a purchase option to permamently disable ads would be nice.
I'm really enjoying this new update that they have as well as this is probably one of the only games that I play the most and find that it's bloody well awesome!!!
Great over top shooter. Switched from archer adventure myself from losing my file through a glitch. Much more enjoyable. Good graphics and fun elemental effects on the bullets.
Impressive game in archero genre but several small problems, 1-you must pay to fun 2-you must pay to win 3-developer destroyed all fun in this genre of games with abilities needed to upgrade many times to reach their normal effects in other games. Just uninstalled it.
Good gameplay, but its hard to collect coin and upgrade. Should give more coin when you play next level. Bonus from watching ads also not good. After reach 25-30 level, will start to bored because really difficult to upgrade.
What cheapskates! If you're making me choose between more damage or a heal, just before a boss, at least heal me to the max, not a measly 10% of my health! And if you're giving the enemy blast bombs, what's the point of having walls for cover? Maybe introduce the blast at a later stage not right at the beginning...
Can I suggest the developer to increase the chances to find item like guns, drones, and accessories. I played like an hour but did not find guns to fuse...
The new update has really reduced the value of having worked up the VIP levels the doubling up on rewards was useful, but gone now, new costs added to fusing items and additional pointless time and money sinks added. Bit of a kick in the teeth to loyal players. Won't be putting any more money in to this.
Too hard and very limited resources, items or weapons; the player needs too much time to progress and this is not fun. Spent many hours of playing to pass only to the second level/planet.
I had loved playing this game but now I cant even play it because it keeps telling me that I need to update date it but theres no update available in the play store and when I try to just click update through the app it wont do anything.... so if yall could fix whatevers going on I'll give a better rating along with a better review of it....
Love the game but it keeps crashing. I can't even load the 2nd level. Pisses me off because I actually spent money on this game but can't even play it.
Just one star now. Levels are decent and a well done. Problems are farming: takes way too long getting very little rewards for progression. Just no good balance for rewards versus what work you put in. Ads are not there unless you want to watch them. So 1 out of 5. The new update is a waste, adds more road blocks to advancing your character. Gaining characters are almost impossible without paying a huge price for nothing. Just a huge imbalance of farming for progression. A lot to fix to make it.
I noticed a flaw on the cyber spin. It says each spin increases the odds to get what you want but thats not true because the spin isnt random. I know this because i play on two profiles i get the same prizes on those two different profiles. The supply/demand for coins gems and materials items is unbalance demand is to high. If yall can make Co-op mode with ur referrer it would be nice but overall i love this game this is my daily playin game. GOOD JOB TRYAGAIN STUDIOS 5 STAR QUALITY GAME!!!
It's ok, not for me. Has potential, but there is a new trend in games, and this is a recycle of the same mechanics. I don't like not being able to choose my skill path! It's randomized. Game way to hard at start for beginners. Tutorial easy, first level not. And having lot automatically come to you after you work to kill enemy takes away a reward trait. And this starting over every time you go back into dungeon with new skills is not fun... You can't develop or plan your hero out. And rewards ar
Very pricey to play. Insanely slow to farm. Coin droprate is very low...only ads can help on that. Some maps have some bugs. But overall a great looking game. Decent controls, good varity of items. 3 stars for the insanely low coin droprate.
Cool game. Played Archero for a while and saw an ad for this game there. Bit of a slog getting gear upgrades at first. Just like Archero, coins are the stop gap. Still need to play more.
6th Planet Vulcan. One boss appears, with 4 pods that hatch kamikaze enemies every second. You only have a chance of beating it with volley & rebound. RNG skill choice means you can't progress. Added to that it's a loot box game, the game quickly loses attraction. At lvl 34 I've realised its pointless continuing further. I have 54 skills. It means every level up I have a 1:54/3 (1 in 18) chance of getting needed skill = 5.26% success & 94.7% fail rate. Rebound & volley are vital. Uninstalled.
Good game. Lots of ways to upgrade your character. Possible to do things without spending money which is great. The boss rush battles are really fun, but it sucks because the 6 hour time windows lands right in the middle of my work day. It would be nice if it was a 12 hour window so that everyone could have a chance at it. You only get two or three runs at each boss anyways, but it would make it more fun to be able to battle at a more convenient time.
Fun game as i like these types, but it seems that it gets pretty hard to fast. Im all for challenging games but this one just seems to get hard too fast. Otherwise fun game. Very clean on graphics and controls aren't sloppy, keep up the good work
Very fun, very challenging. There are a couple of bugs, but otherwise, I really enjoy the game. It's not impossible, but it definitely takes some effort to improve and I like that. Edit: Feb 20, 2021. The new update isn't good. Completely changed the set up. It's just not enjoyable for me. The vip rewards got worse, and I worked hard to get those. I just don't want to bother with a city and farming currencies. So review went from 4 to 2 stars.
I love this game, i have played similar games but this one is challenging, great graphics, its very fun and interesting to play. Cant wait to see the upgrades for this game
Mildly fun game. Grind is a little rough, resources are scarce, freezes practically 90% of the times where watching an ad is involved and there is ZERO support. Sent several tickets to report bugs and never heard anything back. Only irony is that it's developed by "tryagain" which is what they need to do...
See many games like this out now. But the scifi aspect of it, is what makes this one my favorite so far.
Install _ energy system _ instant uninstall. Why you'd make players NOT playing is a human mystery to me. Just do a premium version.
Meh. Move around. Only decisions to make are when to stop so you can shoot. Probably more involved in dressing up your team. I'll give it another few minutes, but will probably uninstall soon.
Good game good potential nice change for this style of genre but the biggest problem with this game is most gun fire in a way that makes it hard to dodge bullets because your bullets cover the enemies bullets.
Not to bad. It needs a little work though. Needs to do away with certain things like percentages on abilities gained. For example multiple burst shot shouldn't be a percentage just like double shot isn't. If you want to give percentage on amount of damage it does I could see that, but not on how much the ability activates. I do like the graphics and also the weapons and characters are a good part as well. They need to add more planets, weapons and characters.
Ok so any time before the last update the game would get 5 stars from me, 'cause the gameplay is great. However in the last update they decided to copy many bad mobile games by adding a city/base building mechanic. What does it add? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, except 2 new currencies - metal for upgrading buildings and something for fusing items. This is especially frustrating for people who played the game for a long time, because the things we had unlocked are now locked behind the building upgrades.
I play every day/night when i can. Love this game ! Needs to be on Xbox game store! Its just so tiny and strains my eyes. Overall 5 stars GREAT GAME!!
Good game. Lots of ways to upgrade your character. Possible to do things without spending money which is great. Just noticed other reviews complain about "it's to slow"in terms of leveling and getting gear. If this was a game I paid money for, I would agree. However, I view this as a phone game I play for a little bit each day, so I want it to last. I think the progression is really nice, and the challenge is fun.
I liked it because it's grindy and simple to play. Dismantling doesnt give back any cash and that's a downer. Also maybe better to adjust for the algorithm for the supply pack. It's really hard to get good items
One of The best games I've enjoyed so far... I really like how you can go into other rooms from forward, left, and right, and I like the toonie graphics. I think the game should throw in a story line to add more characters and aliens & monsters to fight. A player like me loses interest real quick when Im shooting the same monsters and bosses all the time and feel like im doing the same thing over and over, that gets boring. Please contact me so we can discuss more ideas and upgrades together.
Fun game, but once you get up in level, the gold runs out and upgrading is painfully slow unless you spend a ton of money.
Amazing game. No ad pushing at all unlike 99% of free games. During run you can come across a vendor that let's you choose to get a reward for watching an ad. Love the option to level up skills besides gear and character. Runs aren't straight forward but have an element of exploration which is very nice. You also need to find specific items to rank up. I did use the option to purchase credits but it was more because I wanted robot character but so far I see that free characters got good skills 2
Nit a review but an issue to report to support because i cant do it in game: Spent all mt energy repeating the tutorial, watched an ad for a refill, played again, and the game still tells me I'm offline and restarts despite me clearly being online. Can't rate your game if I can't play it /shrug
Good game but the devs are greedy dik suckers. Money grab pos. Rewards are terrible..10k gold for 5 atk uprade. You make MAYBE 3k per run and continues cost diamonds lmfao. Just added a whole new town system to spend hard earned gold on. A great game destroyed by greed
I freaking love this game great control graphics are cool progressing is not the most difficult thing seems like lite on the commercials so that's really important only one problem to me I hope I can change the color of the little guys equipment atleast some day it would be nice if he wasn't wearing yellow kinda makes me want to uninstall it but it's too awsome for now might just be me being neurotic but sure would be nice not being locked to yellow but I did just startplayingmaybeillluckout
After an issue with the game, support reacted finally after making it public here. Solved the problem to my satisfaction. Let's see how this will play out... :)
Pointless game ,pointless upgrades .When u upgrade in battle it doesn't actually upgrade the level of the ability next time you get the ability its the same level ...soo half of the game is a lie there is so much better chooses out there
Fun game, but it's very similar to a lot of games already on the market. If it had something TRULY unique, I'd give it 5 stars.
Ok I've been playing this longer than most if not all people.its getting better,but it's still takes to long to level your gun ,drones and everything.should give more coins .MORE COINS. Unless u pay cash.
An interesting take on an archero style game. It does have an energy system which it loses a star for, but otherwise it's fun and if you enjoy archero you should give this a try
Was loving the game but recently, it's started freezing and lags horribly. It never used to. No other apps are running while I play. Hopefully there's a fix available soon or I will have to uninstall.
Too greedy game for a similar alternatives! Later stages full of small rooms with lots of enemies, damage guaranteed. Getting equipment is ultra hard. Upgrade too costly. Each equipment can be used one hero, if you want your favorite weapon you have to de equip and equip on other hero.
Smoothest "Archero-like" game so far, yet this game gives a whole another experience and level! love the game so far! just one thing from me, for the Multishot Perks upgrade, why would you put 75% on the full upgrade? just put it to 100%, please? that would be a worth time spending for!
Good game. Lots of ways to upgrade your character. Possible to do things without spending money which is great. Only issues it's it freezes quite a bit.
Been playing for a while now. Very decent archero clone. The range of guns is fun. Updates have been neat. It's just a fun game.
I've had a lot of fun with this game. Controls are intuitive and non-janky (so far). F2P with ingame purchases that let you feel a sense of control without having to empty your bank account. A great game for killing time or sitting down and having a serious gaming session. When I did encounter an issue, I contacted Support and wow. Very impressed. Prompt, efficient, and informative. Well done devs.
Great game, it's a lot like the other archero games but far more challenging. It forces you to replay stages and grind for gear until you can take on harder levels. Even if you buy packs and chests it doesn't make the game any easier and still punishes you for getting hit. Definitely not your usual ptw rouge game
I love auto-shooters and this one is the best I've found! It's difficult, but not frustratingly so. The music and sounds ain't bad either. I like how the armor and weapons drop rates are frequent and you dont have to destroy 50 items to level up something you have already. The ads are placed perfectly and help you out with drops, but dont interrupt the gameplay. The only slight is the permanent power ups are a little expensive, but thats a minor thing. Keep up the good work devs!
Good game. In order to become a five star game, I think you should greatly increase the in-game loot drops. I've played past level 30 and still have never gotten a drop beyond rare (blue) quality. If you only get high quality loot in the meta game (loot boxes) , the main gameplay becomes less interesting. The prices of high quality items seem excessive, plus paying for a quality item doesn't give any sense of achievement. It should rather be a prize for defeating a tough level/boss.
Not bad! Love simple roguelite-lite like these. This one is packed. Give it a go for a more futuristic archero like game
Game is good. Though damages from enemy are way higher than yours. But what frustrates me is the connectivity. It loses internet connection every now and then. There is no problem with my internet connection. But still game loses it and you can't revive or get perks even after watching video cuz after video ends, game will reboot saying connection can't be established. If this continues, i will uninstall the game.
I really like your game and I will change my rating to a five-star if you will make it to where this game don't constantly freeze up and have to exit out all the way and then go back in thank you for your time and consideration
Ok ok I didn't think this game would hook me congrats , very fun game n challenging, if I didn't shave my hair i would of pulled it out , i love the levels being long , thx u , i hope u guys are more weapons I'm really enjoying this game n it's upgrades , it's basically war wheels but on foot , n longer levels , war wheel has short quick levels , this game has rose to the top of my list, update new ,messed up the game now it crash when I try to play a level , n uses up my energy annoying
Much like every other game the wait times on crates are stupid. Otherwise the concept (added onto the archero-type platform) and graphics are nice. I am a fan of the customization (of which there can always be more). I look forward to reaching new levels and getting new gear. I look forward to new content. It would also be awesome if someone finally made a multi-player addition to these types of games.
Ok I change it to a 4 only because I feel like when you dismantle stuff it should give you some your coins back u mean it's only fare if that could be implemented on the next update that would be sooo cool. Ok thanks :) by the way I love this game its freaking awesome!!!!
Yeah and the games been lagging a little still and would love co-OP mode I dont know why yall haven't written that up? Especially when its advertised that is when it's really not And it would help take people's mind off the leveling progression because it really does slow down I'm on level 40 and I cant even 100% complete the last world on normal
Gameplay is good, graphics is great. The only downside maybe is earning money for upgrades, or the upgrades are expensive.
It was great at the start. Now it's just as every other similar app. Super hard to gather items. You have to trade cards and really huge/ridiculous amount of cash for improvements. Dismantle gives back only the tokens and not the cash. Every other similar game at the market gives back the cash also. Really stupid. In some rooms the monsters that are going bellow the surface and a lot of time reappear right bellow the hero and you lose HP. What a stupidity. You wanted the review...you got it.
This is one of the rare gems you can find in free games.its not making you watch 30 second ads every 2 mins.it is fun and great for burning a bit of time.i will give it 4 stars instead of 5 because of its loot system not bring very fair.ive opened at least 30 loot chests and I can never get what I want.its like its set up to give you the weakest weapons/items unless you pay real money,but hey like I said GREAT,FUN GAME.
I didn't know if you all knew that your invite players has a error 404 when you go to share it , refferals and etc,,, Btw game freezes up when upgrading skills!
I've only been playing for about 3 days and so far its really enjoyable. Each run presents different enemies and if you get the right combination of skills, you can just walk through the levels!
I have to say, you guys making this game harder in just about every way and more pay to win in just about every way and making it buggier in a variety of ways is really not keeping my enthusiasm
Devs dont care. Event is broken...merry christmasMoney grab. I like these type of games but this one is poorly made. Rewards are horrible. 5000 credits for 15-20 hp? And you make maybe 3000 a round. You "evade" an attack but still take dmg. The skills, i have bought 6 skills so far and they ALL landed in luck..healing is a joke until you level up your cards. I still havent beat the 1st planet but i have all blue and purple gear...
As my last review was DELETED. There is far MORE about this game i hate than there is that I like. Let's take a simple genre and butcher it into complexity! The first day i downloaded this game i spent literal HOURS trying to get past the FIRST STAGE!! It's been a few days since then and I'm STILL trying to get past stage TWO! Gold drop is ridiculously low and weapon drop is non existent! You have to "upgrade buildings" to level up your characters skills?? Seriously!? Uninstalling!
(3/4/21) Could you maybe scale the difficulty back!? That is IF the developers even read this! The difficulty is insanely ridiculous! About to just give up and uninstall! I don't need or want crystals, I want the difficulty scaled down JUST a small amount! (3/5/21) uninstalling! Tired of literally getting NOWHERE! I'm done.
Latest update doesn't detect that it is already updated. Won't play and constantly redirects me to the play store. Doh!
Good game. Lots of ways to upgrade your character. Possible to do things without spending money which is great. The boss rush battles are really fun, but it sucks because the 6 hour time windows lands right in the middle of my work day. It would be nice if it was a 12 hour window so that everyone could have a chance at it. You only get two or three runs at each boss anyways, but it would make it more fun to be able to battle at a more convenient time. Lost a star for that.
I like these type of games but this one is poorly made. You "evade" an attack but still take dmg. The skills, i have bought 6 skills so far and they ALL landed in luck..healing is a joke until you level up your cards. I still havent beat the 1st planet but i have all blue and purple gear...
Very good update content wise, but the framerate went from a clean 90 fps to 30 fps, stutters all the time. (Oneplus 7 Pro) Will update my review if a fix is issued.
I assume the reason you die so easily and so often is to force you spend real money on the game. It didn't work.