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Space Wars 3D

Space Wars 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Shiny Box, LLC located at Po Box 928 Manvel, TX 77578. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is slow paced, aiming is sluggish, and every 2 secs an ad shows up. This game deserves no stars
There really isn't anything I do like about this game. The music is awful, the graphics are terrible, and, the worst part, advertisements will pop up during gameplay which interrupts everything. Dumb game. Not worth the pop up ads. Easily uninstall.
The graphics and controls are good. The navigation animation is too jerky and it lacks any real sound effects, because of that it lost a star.
Controls on my Droid 4 are a little less responsive than I'd probably prefer, but they're workable. Graphics are varied enough to bee fun and not repetitive. The ads might be a little much. I realize it's a free game and needs to generate revenue. That's just fine. I could understand having ads pop up when you complete or start a game. But not in the middle of the game. Kinda self-defeating.
Nice game. Don't bother downloading it. Just installed and played for a few minutes and you need to get rid of the adds. One popped up in the middle of the screen while playing. Get rid of the one's in the upper left too. But otherwise nice game I look forward to wasting a few hours on it. Went back for more play, hoping I was wrong and just a glitch, sadly I was slammed with adds that absolutely ruin what could be a cool game. I'd pay for this game with no adds.Recent update,still relentles add spammage.
It needs more like boss battles and levels and lets you customize your ship and lets you aim.and too many ads that's really buggy
this game is my childhood i even remember when i played it in 2013 on my dads Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360
Ads during game play make this pretty much unplayable. If you disable internet connection or have a firewall to prevent the game from accessing the internet the ads go away. Then the game becomes fun until you're overwhelmed by enemies.. Weapon strength should keep increasing as enemy numbers do.
Advertisement pop up during gameplay that is very annoying advertisement should be displayed before the game starts and when you die not while you're concentrating on something else.
But needs work to perfect. Thumb stick joystick works ok but virtual joystick was hopeless. It was good to play for a little while but I soon got bored of the game.
The only reason I didn't give it a 5 Star rating is music and aiming. The graphics are great, the styles a classic. But, add some longer music. A 10min Dubstep Mp3 would even be better. The 60sec loop they have can get annoying. But the other sound effects are definitely creative. Good game for LG G2 I just bought.
There are two things that I think should be improved. 1) The ads shouldnt pop up in the middle of the screen mid-game. Or at least pause the game when the ad is shown. 2) The movement feels wonky at times but I can get used to it after about 5 mins. Other than that its great. The grafics are good, the game adds challenge progressively instead of throwing insane enemies at the start and I think this game will keep me occupied for a very long time. If the above items could be fixed then 5 stars it is.
Awesome game, great graphics however I just hope that the ads wouldn't be popping up dead center of the screen in the middle of the game because it's really annoying. They only go away when you turn off the wifi. Overall, I haven't played anything cool like this since Star Fox. 😎
Great game that I think deserves at least 4 stars however the ads kill it. Its one thing to have an annoying ad pop up at the side of the screen or during start up before the game starts but this game has ads popping up blocking the entire screen while you are playing and getting shot at. Very irritating!
Solid gameplay and pretty graphics but there's no sound! You know, it usually helps to add a little audio feedback so the player knows what's going on. Don't be cheap, musicians and audio artists also need to eat.
Stupid game, if your going to use a vtech fighter as a hook then the game should have at least soming close to robotech in it Also this app requires way too meny permissions, i susppect its a sniffer
It gets in the way of the game and can kill your game..and the controls are weird.fix them for now don't get t wast of time
horrible aiming I downloaded it becaus it has Rick Hunter's Scull One Verytech fighter from Robotech delete after a few seconds play time. Not cool ripping off Robotech.
The game is very addictive yet there's much work needed.. the control system doesn't respond properly and needs parameters expanded for the aiming and flying spectrum. Also the game is extremely buggy with the health/hit parameters.. also after you reach a certain point the joystick fails to respond and you can't move... the adds are also extremely annoying during gameplay which gets you killed durring gameplay... anouther game for delete.
Its has no continuacy like arcaDes of the .... new space scapes will be nice , plus More avatars weapons to interest a newbie
I love space combat when you can manually drive them in a direction you wanted to, this game had only a one way direction where obviously the enemy would show up. However, the graphics are good. Good job for that.
How many ads can you put in a game whilst playing? Impossible to play due to an ad popping up about 30 seconds in to gameplay. Thought it was a great game until I picked up on this. Yeah it has great graphic with annoying sound effects, but do not recommend
Bad gameplay and controls. In the first seconds of the first level it forces you to close an ad obscuring the actual game. If there's a more effective "go away" in a game I've yet to encounter it.
I like the graphics and the controls. The sounds throw me off. Also the music could change up and not stay the same all the time. An upgrading system while you aren't playing would be amazing. Good game, but it is missing a little something. Keep at it.
I have no poo idea why others hate this game .for me I his game is insane!. But one thing can you add some other space ships that you can but from your points that you get plc! :D
Developer stated they would fix the adds during game play issue, but now almost 2 years later. Add after add and adds on top of other adds during game play makes it impossible to enjoy! Suggestion: fix adds, prevent them from popping up during game play. Pop-up adds before start or in setting recommended. Kyocera Hydro 4.0.4 (rooted)
When you are playing and a add pops up in your face and gets you killed because you can't see. Also the ads are very distracting. Even if thay are off to the side of the screen I'm going to most likely uninstall it.
Cannot play with ads. They pop up in the middle of the screen, take up the whole screen, and controls of the spaceship are ceased. Then you die. How are you supposed to play this garbage? Game looks fun if no ads. Until then, not playable. Uninstall.
I'm using a Double Power t708 tablet. 1.2ghz cortex A8 processor ARMv7, Mali-400 GPU,512mb ram.ICS 4.0.3. Great graphics. The update improved overall game performance. Reminds me of playing star fox in a way. The fps could use a liitle boost to make the space shooter super smooth. Would love to see some capital ship boss battles also.
I have to say, I'm pretty impressed. A fairly generic shooter, but worth a go just to experience the beautiful/trippy visuals and music - very reminiscent of TRON. Runs great, even on my budget tablet. It is sometimes unclear how damaged your ship is, however, due to the absence of a health bar. I'd like to see that improved.
The game is addicting an alot of fun. Except for adds poppin up an gettin you killed or you leavein the app by accident. Or by the semi-faulty controls that get you killed.