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Space Marshals

Space Marshals for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Pixelbite located at Oceangatan 3 25225 Helsingborg Sweden. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love your game a LOT, the graphic, gameplay, and the storyline are awesome, just one more thing tho, could you make some more quest in the future? I don't mind to spend some cash for extension pack of quest, and thanks for the great game of yours!!
great game. i enjoy playing this game and space marshals 2.I've had no problems with ether game. keep up the good work .
Amazing game! My only critique is that I wish you could move about 30 to 50% faster on the norm. Would be helpful for going back for health packs & such especially. Maybe have a button to put them in fast mode and slow mode that you can turn on and off.
Amazing amazing amazing. By the way. People complaining about the shooting mechanism, that is the fun part of the game. Try to enjoy killing people through a swipe. ❤️ Thank you makers
If this game was longer or added some sort of endless mode it would be 5 stars and one of the best games on Google Play. It's way too short but it's really fun.
Not good as space Marshals 2. Way too difficult and don't have stealth attack option. Also guns and protection is lower than enemy..
The game is pretty decent, although the crouch/stand mechanism is annoying as well as how the main character walks; his stride is PRETTY shambly.
A stunning top down stealth shooter. Only game in years that has had me replaying levels to collect upgrade rewards. New weapons become useful for harder levels and are great fun to use on earlier levels, so you can go blasting rather than playing with stealth. Decent story and beautifully crafted sound effects. Some guns are so satisfying to shoot! I'm approaching 50 and this game has retro appeal. You'll need a dual stick controller to play it properly. I bought it for PC as well!
Can be a little clunky but it's a pretty solid game overall fun has lots of depth and it can be challenging
I love this game. I hope they make more of this kind of game. Their xenowork is kinda different from this, I would prefer this style of game, classic, have save points, differents weapon.
Good game. Fortunately, it does not any irritatingly long dialogs, bang in the middle of combat as its next two sequels. Secondly, l found the clues and still dont have any clue about what the clues were about.
The game is pretty decent. My only critic about it would be the Gamepad. The aiming, why must it be done with the trigger buttons & the right stick? It would be significantly more Efficient and Effective to do a 360° aim with Just the right stick. When not aiming (moving the stick in any direction) the character can be crouched (if the right stick was pressed) Instead of being stuck aiming until you pull the right stick away from the direction the character is looking.
The game is very fun to play. Tactical approach to every mission gives this game better status than to be just an ordinary shooter. Multiple mission rewards begs for missions replay but that just gives players more opportunities to sharpen their skills or change tactics all together. Game is not easy but not impossible to play which is good. Controls are easy and responsive. This is not a fast paced game with lots of running and shooting which I like. Great game and not expensive. Great work.
I normally hate skilled games on tablet, this is awesome, sometimes a misclick can have you dead but controls are good compared to others. 1 thing i hate and don't lie to me, every time i get 4 out of 5 stars, the reward if i had got 5 stars was amazing, then every time i get 5 stars the reward sucks... its far too common to happen every time.
Very happy that devs decided to make a game with outright payment option. None of the freemium kinda concept. The game is superb and the devs are responsive as well. I hope they keep bringing impressive content in the future as well. All round a very satisfactory experience!
This is such a beautiful game i ever played on mobile. At first, I thought buying this was a waste of money but now after completing it. I don't regret cuz it has wonderful storyline and not a money sucker game.
It's ok, controls do suck. Replaying the levels and not die is stupid, just to get upgraded armour and weapons at the end of it, absolutely tedious.
i've completed the game 100%. completed all the 31 missions, 155 stars, 70 clues, 108 items, 42 Achievements. The game pretty cool that you should try. Remind me of Metal Gear, Kojima's game. What i expected are the cheats after completion game like invisible, infinite ammo or such like the unique grades. or also extra stages or difficulty after completion. please mail me if there are discounts for the next series Space Marshalls. make sure more characters because it's Marshalls not Marshall.
Purchased because my experience when i played through the sequel having me want more. Defiently worth the purchase (or free with Google Playpass) Great graphics, a good story with a handful of missions to do while offering player customization for gear and outfits. Balanced rewarding system, intense moments from gun fights to stealth missions to boss fights. Enemies arent brainless but instead react accordingly so you must handle each mission like a chess game. 10/10 suggest to give it a try.
A great looking and engaging game that is best played with a controller. Search SteveWinsIt for Gameplay.
I think the game is excellent but the moving cursor is so far that when I move i often make the Marshal go into sneak mode aswell too a plethora of times! Specially when I'm jammed! Edit the game add a move the cursor feature and bigger to ones taste, come on! But game Rocks. 5 stars after this feature added.
This is the perfect mix of action and adventure, though later in the game it gets nearly impossible (if you don't use stealth heavily), which is what prevents it from being a perfect game, but besides that I had a blast playing this game. (100% everything) P.S. The disguises work perfectly fine, people just don't know how to walk. P.S.S. The timed missions are completely fine, btw keep up the good work Pixelbite
So far it's quite enjoyable. I'm always a bit sceptical of mobile shooters, but this one has good controls. I like the story too.
I played and finished Space Marshals 2 first and gave it a 5 star. But, this one was not as I expected. In my opinion, the components and flow of the game were not balanced. I got bored and removed it.
Good on graphics, good on tracks, good on ui but really bad with pain inducing bad gun toggles. You tend to throw grenades if you try to cancel it. Won't be purchasing the second game. Playable for once not for second try.
Controls are too awkward to deal with a behemoth of a man with an almost instakill laser by the second mission. For a game that encourages stealth and cover, the encounter was quite a slap in the face, having him run around my cover before I can awkwardly find a new safe spot. I'm sure I can figure this fight out, but with the game punishing each death, I'm too frustrated to bother. Maybe if his stats weren't so absurd or if the game made some suggestions as to how to deal with this. 2*
Great game, just what I was looking for. Been a fan of this developer since the first Reckless Getaway. So good I purchased the sequel 👍
Overall its solid, even if it can feel like your just too weak to fight but it has a great story the controls aren't too bad and it has replay ability. SPOILERS!!! so it makes no sense why Hyperion would have like 10 prison transport ships following a single prison transport ship the Artemis, also who even is Hyperion are they like a sub division of Graywater?
I played the 2nd one and it was very good, and the first one is the same. Great graphics good movement and decent story
😱! What a blast to play. Put on your cowboy boots and space suits boys and girls, and get ready for a serious, action packed showdown! Love the graphics, the story is fast paced with a perfect flow. Controls feel natural. High replay value!
Awesome game. The beginning of an awesome saga. Only two parts so far I hope we get a sequel. The irony is palpable. My excitement was squashed by the third installment of this series. this studio turned out to be the same as ubisoft gaming is to PC games. Overpriced, over hyped and more bugs than working code.
This is a great game. Makes you want to be strategic for every move. Only thing missing in this version compared to the other two parts is the sneak up and choke option.
It's OK. Nice graphics, but the gameplay is pretty simple and uninteresting. I played this after space Marshals 2&3 which I loved, so perhaps was expecting too much.
I loved this game! I used a controller, and would recommend it, but each level presented is own challenge, with multiple rewards. It's the only game I've played in a couple years that I finished 100%.
Irksome! I bought the game, and felt immediately it was worth what I spent. The guns upgrades were kind of lame, the enemies overpowered, switching between guns and throwables clunky, vision range way too small, but it was otherwise playable via controller. I had fun. At first. However, the game totally fell apart for me when I got to the "timed" mission. I hate timers on a stealth game. It killed it for me. It is just too slow to switch between guns and throwables and beat the timer.
Doesnt get much better for RPG games. I just wish my character moved a lil quicker at the standard. I understand the heavier the body armor the slower, but even still. Lol. I guess the slowness does make it more challenging, but I still wish he was quicker, just for the sake of being able to complete the same mission multiple times. NO ADS, One Set Price, this is the BEST OF THE BEST. GOAT MOBILE GAME
Having played both games, I'd say that I enjoy this less than the 2nd one. I know it's the sequel but firstly: the lack of melee takedowns, combined with the absurdly overpowered enemies make this game throat-splittingly difficult. Secondly: the vision range feels way too short for the map size which is often way too big. Thirdly, the disguise suit doesn't work since there is no "walking" (game only allows running). The only redeeming point is that the guns are better in this game than the 2nd.
superb game! reminds me of the nostalgic metal gear solid games. very well crafted, well made, and great graphic. if only they made it longer/more quests and add multiplayer/characters option.
I love this game and I have only one complaint. Most levels have several "useful clues" that you are trying to find. I finally found them all and... nothing. They're not "useful." They're conpletely useless. Major letdown after putting forth a lot of effort. So, definitely try out this game, but don't bother with the clues.
It decent. It would be better if the controls were better. Playing on your phone isn't ideal, makes it really hard to shoot at your target. This is the first game I've encountered with this type of shooting
Got this as Space Marshals 2 was a fantastic game. Cost 3.99 GBP but is extremely worth it if you liked SM2. Game play is very similar and is smooth with no crashes. 5*.
This game is amazing fun, and I have been playing both Space Marshals 1 and 2 for some time now. The game is a good example of how if you do something right, it doesn't have to be all that flash. Great work.
Fun game! Love the game play and the writing. I played SM2 first, so I was a little surpised by no silent takedowns, (died a few times because I thought I was doing something wrong, lol!), but quickly adjusted. Love it! A great single player game!
Played this after playing the sequel (space Marshalls 2). Both very enjoyable, think the tactical updates in #2 made a meaningful update
Wow - Wasn't expecting this. Action, puzzles and something to keep you going, trying to figure out each level. Worked flawlessly with Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 controller and holder for my phone. Played on a Note 10+ and was just amazed at graphics and action - seemless. Great game play and No pay to play. Plenty of missions and option styles to play each mission.
Great game with a lot challenging play but is not impossible. Best thing about this game is the controls are smooth and make sense. So many good game games are horrible to play because of bad control design but not this one. I do find myself just using the same two guns for everything but it is still fun. Looking forward to playing SM version 2 and 3.
This is definitely my present day favorite game. SM1 & SM2.. more the first one because I paid for it. If your not sure about getting this then go download Space Marshals 2 (its free) then you'll see if you'll be into it. But i recommend just getting this now because ull love it and it is the first part so it only makes sense.
Seriously one of the best games you can play on phones...I played Space Marshal's 2 first and then bought this one... Awesome awesome game Waiting for a 3rd version on this one desperately... Keep up the good work Pixelbite
Very enjoyable. Wasn't sure what I was to do, but it doesn't let you blow up something you need to do something else with. Not so tough that is disappointing. I'll update if something changes.
This is my second Pixelbite game, and I have enjoyed both -- the first being Xenowerk Tactics. The graphics are great, and the gameplay is fun. I like having to choose different rewards at the end of a successful run, which makes you either be strategic in your choices or do the same levels over and over to gear up. Great game!
I played space marshals 2 then I buy this.but one problem in this game no grab attack from enemy back.overwise game is ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Excellent game! I love the graphics, although I never finished the game, it's always nice to play a bit and enjoy the quality.
Great graphics, game is too difficult. You can't see the enemies most of the time. Even with bullet-proof vests, you die after just 1or 2 shots. More frustrating than fun.
Very good game , can be difficult but not impossible, weapons can feel a little weak, but overall a good game.
Great game. Have been playing and re-playing the levels time and again. I like the venox venom crossbow . It always make me laugh the way those goons go berserk and start shooting everywhere once I shoot them. Get SP Marshals 3 guys. Been waiting...
The sequel was a whole lot better. I've downloaded this couz of that. Anyways pretty good game. Hope they make games like this style. And they should always make it offline.
Once you get pass the first couple of missions, really gets fun with more gun options. Just need to get use to the controls, and utilize the cover system.
About 6 missions in but I keep going back to get 100% complete on each one for the extra rewards. Once you get used to the aim and shoot controls it's actually a pretty fun game.
Good game, a bit challenging at times to get a great T.A.M.I grade but other than that, solid overall application. 4.5 stars for me, but since that's not possible I just gave a 5. Enjoy !!
This is interesting game with the awesome point and shoot mechanics, which I love a lot. Bought all three parts already!!!!
I enjoy the experience; if anyone can remember what the champion missions were like on StarCraft, yeah this game has that vibe. The only thing I credit against it is the difficulty I have with the control set-up but other than that I enjoy it.
Well done!!! Even though there is a couple things I would like to see done differently and a minor bug here or there this game deserves 5 🌟! I'm not usually a fan of these types of top down games but dang guys awsome stuff!
When I played this game it was absoulutely amazing i finished both this game and the second one but in this one on the hurricane harriet level i could not find the last clue i looked everywhere i even was watching a youtube video of someone doing all clues no deaths and all high value targets on his screen when he killed the boss he got the second to last clue but when he got that clue it glitched or something and then he had all of the clues please find a way to fix this or give me help
This game is amazing all the way down from the graphics to the storyline I own 1 2 and 3 of space marshals for anyone that's looking for a good game with a good storyline and just wants to kill time this is a great pick
Lots of fun. I like the strategy elements and balanced difficulty. Not too easy, not too hard and deaths are due to the way the level was approached. If you get stuck you can replay missions to collect different weapons and armour. Only complaint is the imprecise aiming using touch screen. I don't find many mobile games to recommend but this is one of them.
Tremendous game, and very courteous and responsive developers/studio. I hope they keep making games with upfront purchase model. That dreadful freemium design kills the quality and immersiveness.
Awesome game, great mix of stealth and action. Lots of weapons and other items to earn as well. Controls are a little wonky until you get used to them though, but thats a minor complaint for a great game.
Amazing game for Android - usually i dont rate android games but this one is exceptional. Finally mobile gamimg is evolving :)
I absolutely LOVE this game! The stealth mode and take downs are such a unique style of gameplay. I want more!!!
Fun game very suited to play on a tablet. Hard to get tired of and high customization of your character's equipment.
Love both these games. I played SM2 first but had to get SM after beating it and enjoying it so much. Also no internet needed so works well when you're gonna be someplace with no internet.
Very fun, I'm only on mission 5 and very impressed. I am playing with access through play pass but even if wasn't, I would absolutely pay the price for this game. It's well worth it.
Fun game and it's not super difficult. It's a sneak and action game depends on your style. Graphics and voice are very good. On screen controls work great no need to use a gamepad. Solid game.
Tremendous game + a very courteous and responsive developers/studio. I hope they keep making games with upfront purchase model. That dreadful freemium design kills the quality and immersiveness.
Great. But it is annoying how you cannot use stealth takedowns (melee) in the original Space Marshals. (Edit) I lost all of my recent game progress. What a shame to see all of that hard work go to waste. It is still an enjoyable game though.
I'll give 4 star. Because I already played the SM2 and I can say, silent take down is really handy than doing disguise and I end up trap in a gun fight. And I'll make 5star if you include the silent take down on the next update or in a future updates. Thanks for the wonderful game..
This game is clever and fun, when it works, but very often infuriating. Controls are easy, but movement/action is inconsistent. For example, if you sneak, then shoot, your character is supposed to return to sneak stance, but the game changes rules frequently, leaving your character high and dry in front of an enemy who tears through your health and shields in a fraction of a second. 3 stars for concept and story. They're lucky I only deducted 2 starts for the awful game mechanics.
Really awesome game.. Slow and steady wins this game... I have played the two previous series... Now gonna play SM3...
Really enjoyed this game although the shooting mechanism leaves something to be desired, I actually finished the whole game i a couple if days. Not because it's shirt but because I couldn't put it down:)
Firstly i tride space marshals 2 and really love it. Then i wouldn't mind to purchase the original game. i found this game a bit boring compare the 2nd one. Enemy are sometimes hard to kill and in the other hand they will ambush and kill you in instant.Your point of view is much lesser to spot and aim your enemy. The guns optional also much less than the 2nd one and this has no take down attack. The final chapter and mission is to short and easy.Pixelbit really need to make the 3rd series!!
The shooting mechanic is the only shortcoming of this game, in my opinion. I don't get the "aim & release" thing. Why would they implement such a clumsy fire mechanism? It makes the gameplay a chore instead of satisfying, which it could be but unfortunately it's been like this through all 3 iterations of the Space Marshal's series. Part 3 is much more refined and enjoyable but still, that shooting mechanic. Why? For a classic that plays like it was just released, give this a go and support them
What a rip off! The directional controls suck & you have to drag the target ¤ to what ever you want to shoot EVERY SINGLE SHOT?! And It takes like a dozen shots to kill someone on top of that?! COME ON! Why can't you just tap on whatever you want to shoot at? RIDICULOUS! graphics are good, story is good. Too bad, it can be a good game but you made harder than it has to be. If I didn't have Google Play Pass, I'd be demanding a refund!
Its very fun and entertaining controls for firing take a second to get a handle on but very enjoyable
Great game but a little too difficult in time based missions. Hope second and third game will fix this problem . Stealth bass game with time based missions are annoying.
A little slow... I wish there was a pan,tilt,zoom option for better targeting of enemies. I really enjoy the style and weapons. The gameplay is very nice.
It's a fun game with a witty story line. It keeps you immersed especially with all the action in the game. The controls take a little time to get used to but they are about the best I have come acrossed when playing these types of games. I would definitely recommend this game only if you have more than a few minutes to play.
I bought this a while and it became one of my favourite games. However, it stopped working and I want to know why. I really enjoyed this game. Please fix the issue.
Great game. Takes a little bit to get used to the controls, but you have good control of the game when you do.