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Space Commander: War and Trade

Space Commander: War and Trade for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Home Net Games located at Teresa Dymek HOME NET GAMES Lusina, ul Zdrojowa 29 30-698 Kraków . The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game. One of the better ones out there. However, there are some issues like lack of information/tutorial (like why are my stations demanding nuclear fuel, but it does not consume it?, etc.), and the auto-docking option should be free in my opinion. But its another great game from the developers. I highly recommend trying it. I gave it 5 star for its potential (and to invite more people in). Hint for players, dont buy stations or invest in the Sol System. Do it in the second star system.
Can you add more like Visual Radar for it is useful when calculating the distance between enemy planes, another concern Enemy Gunboat is too OP, and also i think there's this bug that even enemy ship is just shooting Plasma weapons it can still damage my ship with shields on. Anyway it's a very nice game, hope you still continue to improve this game...
Super fun game! Great time consumer, only down side is once you finish the story line, and explore the wormhole. There's nothing else really to do except the same kinda side missions, You can't really buy stations that are outside of the starting system either. Also there's no possible way of getting the AI to build the jumpgates to other systems without constantly damaging your ships. Also would be nice to get bigger ships like the battleships you have to fight in some missions.
This game is loads of fun, albeit kind of empty it feels. The gameplay itself is fun, controls are simple and very entertaining in execution, and the simple customization systems in place are equally as fun. But, the game suffers from a lack of depth to it, which creates a sort of void we as players feel after completing the storylines. That being said, I'm sure these can and will be remedied as the dev team works on the game. Going to put money into the game when we know the devs stay with it.
This game Is HIGHLY enjoyable, I love it, but when I was registering for cloud save it wouldn't let me click "yes" to the T.O.S, therefore not letting me sign up. Pls fix it. Other then that I HIGHLY recommend this game to anyone though
I loved this game to bits when I first got it, making a trading empire, completing the campaign ect... But when I went through the jump gate at the end of the campaign was complete disappointed. With no story missions and the wars being meaningless there wasn't much to do, although this review would be a 5 star if the devs allowed transport lines between systems so I would have to have completely isolated trading empire. Devs please keep developing this game as I want to live it again
Great game . One of the best offline games . The game needs more ships though , mainly passenger and capital ships . Drones will be nice too , like Attack drones swarm and repair drones . Also , I would absolutely love it if we can roam freely in space like in the pirate series . And please add some space traffic as well , we aren't alone with spaceship after all . NPCs going with their daily lives . It would be a dream come true if players can make their own spaceships too .
Good game! I really wanted to say it's great (it has that potential). The story line is good, combat is good and the UI is good. In fact it's all good. But not YET great though. Its let down in a few key areas for me where the building blocks are in place but a bit more work is needed. Ie. You can buy stations that produce goods and your stations supply each other with goods. But your stations can't buy or sell goods. You have to do it for them. There are lots of areas where its almost great.
Great game, and it can be played offline as well. There is only 1 complaint... it would be nice if there 1 button to load and unload all transporters when at port. It takes way to long constantly loading and unloading transporters, and for unloading all transporters into warehouse.
Cute, and I enjoy the game, but it has several fatal flaws. 1. After paying $12 for the premium pack, I should never see ads. At all. The offer to double the pay shouldn't come up, the pay should be doubled automatically. I've paid for the game, take away the ads. Period. 2. Unless you plan on doing a lot of cargo runs, having a network of stations to create a production chain is mandatory. But there is no way to see what modules can go on a station before buying it. More, but char limit.
A real gem, very enjoyable. Building up my fleet slowly, love the customisation. Lots of ads 😴 but it's free I guess. Nice combat and tactics required against certain ships etc. The different reputation systems and choices were a nice surprise a shame there doesn't seem to be an option to have a second game. I'd like to try the pirate option too. All up a well deserved 4 stars 👍 Adding an Edit, I want to be able to set a marker to follow in case I get stuck out in space and can't fast travel
Very good game, I'm hooked on it but one thing annoys me, it's the intrusive ads they spoil the fun (and no, I'm not paying to remove them) you should get rid of them and give us the option to watch them ( I know you place a few here and there so we get extra creds but it ain't enough) You make enough money, I just wonder how many people you have lost to other games. Other than that it's a great game.... But don't be greedy with the ads guys.
Plz remove the fuel system!!! The current means of travel between destinations is atrocious, would be so much better if you added a Jump Gate system at near every docking station and other places to get where you wanna go without worrying about fuel cost or not having enough fuel. Plz take note of this and implement it in an update I'm begging you!!! That's the only thing wrong with this game and the reason why it's not doing better.
Love the game, just needs an adjustment to the credits, income doesn't equal out the costs of refueling, rearming, and repairs. Buying stations is okay as well as those prices. Just adjust the income, great game though.
Fun game, but it has a few holes. Impossible to make money unless you ONLY trade, and then it'll take you an hour to save enough to buy one ship. Has mechanic to manage stations, but it's a slog to supply them. Has wormhole, but only empty planets on the other side, and no way to build new stations. Keep getting $1000 missions to take out massive fleets that always cost $5k to rearm/repair from. Story starts out getting a corporate backer, but still get no cash to upgrade/repair/rearm.
This is a good game, you can freely roam the space. But its not a perfect game, i think you should add more features, buying capital ship, improve controller support (i have an issue with controller, my controller is connected but it doesn't work at all.), add more mission, etc. Overall this game is good, its a great potential game.
I feel like once in a while you come across exactly the type of thing you're looking for. This game is top notch IMO. Perfect controls, good concepts meshed into one. And I get to be a space pirate. I like the gameplay and the fact that I can ignore the storyline if I want to just be a merchant traveling and improving his ships. Or I can join the mob and become a pirate, or some sort of space cop. There's options. It's well built, and a great way to have fun. :)
Good game, it's like mobile elite dangerous, although the graphics aren't the best and the travelling/docking is just a screen change but it is really fun, if you want you can make a fleet of 30 maybe even 50 and that's something that makes this game unique. I really enjoy it
It's super easy. Simple game, designed for people that find 360 ship rotation complex (looking up and down has a cut of point) with a basic landing system, hold a button to auto target, hold button to shoot, simple trading system.
It was fun, but I find the massive prices required to repair/refuel/reload your fleet to be a black hole in my pocket. Also, an idea: I think as a player who loves fighting in the corporate wars it's always a pain to have to take on corvettes, frigates and capital ships without having any of my own. Maybe you could implement that? Like being able to buy corvettes for 15k, frigates/capital ships for 20/30k would be awesome! Also, I'm always ready for new ships to come out! (Bombers/gunships pls)
I decided to rate the game 4 stars due to the lack of quality narrative or intriguing game play. The NPC allies and enemies do not feel like actors at all and form more a part of the background. They are easily killed and never do anything unexpected. Trading also gets dull quickly. Overall game feels incomplete. Great potential but lacking atm.
I love how people ask you to remove the ads altogether but they're not going to buy anything even if you do!😂 HOW DO YOU IDIOTS EXPECT THE DEV TO MAKE MONEY IF YOU DON'T BUY ANYTHING? THE AD IS HOW! That's why every game has such expensive packs because the dev don't know any other way to make the money they need to keep going, it's expensive to run a company and game development is real expensive. I know if you have lower prices In-game items more people would buy them but ads are necessity🤷
While i have suggestions that i think could make the game better, that doesn't take away from the fact i have nothing but good things to say about this game. You're free to explore as much as you'd like, the game play is fun and engaging, but my favorite thing, i have not gotten 1 single ad the whole time i played this game. Well done to the creators. My only suggestions would be very similar to things already said, campaign isn't fully flushed out, buying capital ships would be nice. great job.
This is a enjoyable game but it lacks in dept. The trading systen is ok but its going to take a while to grind for cash. There is no way to build your own stations to provide the stations you buy with raw resources such as water and oxygen. There is no way to create passive income in a manner that makes it profitable. The comabt is extremely fun , which is what carries the game . I think you should add a skill for every kill you get you will recive credits. Thay way it makes sense to fight.
First, great game. Not many games that I can't wait to play after a long day at work, but this one just has that appeal. Not a high learning curve once you figure out the lock on target button, then just blast them to bits. This game is f un and challenging but not offsetting or frustrating. The storyline is good, keeps one entertained, ship designs are cool, can paint them in colors of your choosing right from the start. I recommend playing this game it is on my A list. Oh, Mamba fighter, yeah!
I just ordered the Mega Pack for £8.99 and it didn't give me anything, no credits, ships, colours or auto docking. I checked my phone balance and the money was taken. Had all the notifications to say I purchased the pack, email, txt but nothing in the game. I feel like i've been robbed. I purchase a lot of ingame content in most my games, it's the first time this has happened. Edit* Don't care anymore, impossible to get a refund or the content, uninstalled, staying clear of your games.
Amazing game, fantastic graphics and the main campaign couldn't get any better been playing this game for days, only thing that's missing though is that you can get out your ship and explore the stations and shipyards other than just doing repairs, refuel, and reload but other than that it's AMAZING!!!!!#
I finished all the campaign and its getting boring after that. Please update and add more gamemode and campaign, exciting storyline, & spaceships. Put hostile aliens lurking in some star system. We need SELECT ALL in squadron command ...its really hard to click 100 spaceships. Add options to AUTO repair, reaload, and refuel. Some Planets and its names looks similar. Please add more details and make the Planets what it supposed to be look like and its name.
There are no decals idk if this is a bug or not. Also We need a throttle slider to controle speed. We need capital ships like dreadnoughts. The option to name and color our purchased docking stations. The option to start our own faction and wage war against the other ingame factions for system control. cosmetics for our ships. Revamped economy. Longer story. Auto target needs increased range. Vornior alien ship variants we can purchase and pilot.
Overall great game mechanics aren't too hard the playability has a long potential but can you please add the ability to transfer the player(not ships) to a station with one of the players ships are docked and maybe an open world mode. It does get hollow after the main storyline and it can really use alot more npc activity like being able to choose what you want to sell and buy in your stations and their prices and some random ships like merchants or military fleets flying around the map.
The controls are awkward and frustrating and the main missions forced on you are enough to make you broke. "Spend fuel to fly here so a guy can talk to you. Spend more fuel to fly halfway across the solar system. Don't get paid. Then spend more fuel to fly in the other direction." This game could really use a play through by the devs for some fine tuning.
A very competent space-ships-combat game. It looks and sounds awesome. The campaign is actually interesting. But was disappointed to find it is unfinished, was hoping to get alien weapons and ships and then involve in some alien/corporate political intrigue. The game does have potential for more, and hope to see such potential relized in the future. The only thing that bothered me was the whole mechanics around owning a space station, ends up feeling like too much with few advantages.
Amazing game you can play offline and get no interuptions! it runs amazingly and I've played it for 17 hours since I first got it. My phone is only a samsung A 20 and it didn't overheat once. The game has an amazing story, incredible combat, great graphics and tons of ships to choose from I have a fleet of 3 gun boats 2 bombers 1 large carrier 1 interceptor and a fighter and they are all amazing. The trading side of the game is really in depth as well. overall 0 flaws or dislikes with this game.
By far one of the best games I've ever played on mobile! I think it would make a good platform for a console game provided they did a lot of work on the story and maybe make the ships customizable. But still for an offline mobile game it's crazy how fun it is. Hopefully they will do an updated version with more to the story.
Overall, this game is fun to play. The control are simple and the game transaction is balance enough to enjoy to gameplay. The favourite thing that I like is you can make a massive army of your spaceship fleet. Although this game should have go further to be a open world map. The pirate serie prove that you can make a decent size open world and enable the player to sail manually. This should be applied on the system map where you can fly and randomly spawn a pirate fleet. That's all
This is a great game overall. But I think that there are more things that can be added to make this game better. Like being about to make another fleet of ships that you can send on missions without the need of leading them and put some ships to guard the cargos that are on route to my other stations. Even having transport ships being able to go to other organization's stations and purchase the needed products with the credits I own and bring it back to that selected station. It'll be easier.
Fair warning, the player needs to take their time to slow down to build their fleet, construct stations, make money before progressing with campaign. You can't stay with the pirate faction for very long, so don't feel bad about loosing them. I hope the game would continue to receive updates.
So, this game overall is a really, really good game, one of there best by far. But there is one issue. It ends far to quickly, there is not much story, and you get to endgame way to fast! The mission for the picking up and delivery, it gives you so much cash, you could buy a fleet I have done it already. But overall, it is a really good game, and I really hope this gets noticed so I can post more for, YT. The last video did really well, but personally I am fineing it hard to make content for it.
The games is absolutely great. But there are missions that are so difficult that makes it seem as though the game doesn't want you to progress. Either i am just a filthy casual who likes to play on easy modes, or the game is just a teeny bit rigged.
This game is GREAT! Get extra credits for watching adds( only if you want to). In game purchases are reasonable. You can make multiple bases. Lots of missions and side missions. Lots of space exploration and you can make a great fleet of ships to customize and with verious loadouts. Give it a try. Lots of fun.