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Space Armada: Galaxy Wars

Space Armada: Galaxy Wars for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Azur Interactive Games Limited located at Cyprus. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Pay to win with spawn camping. This game not only rips off iconic ships, the pricetag for it is exceedingly suspect of what their intentions for it. In addition, whenever you fully upgrade your ship and need to replace it, the amount of money needed to upgrade all of it doesn't just come back. The equipment system is flawed as well being tiered. The reason why this is also bad is tied to the upgrade system. This is a money sink with practically zero return. Overall, the game isn't good.
Good graphics,smooth gameplay with plenty of weapons to play around with. Plenty of ships aswell. Please fix the ad feature...cant get any extra stuff or anything..cant open crates. Found a hot fix for the ads. Minimize the game or ad right as it finishes then with the tab screen open just tap on the app and presto...you can open crates again and take advantage of the free stuff. Your welcome.
Had high Hope's for this game but everytime when I try to play it for the first time it ain't loading up for me, it takes a very long time to load. After the failed attempts I lost interest in it
Great game! Really enjoying it. My only issue is the ad/prize. I've watched 20 or more ads to achieve a little extra prize, but I'm not getting the prizes...just a spinning loading wheel EVERY TIME! If I'm going to spend money(and I've definitely spent over $100) id like my free prize for watching videos. Please make it right and I'll change to 5 stars!
I love this game I am playing it for 1 year but you should also unlock the premium ship terent of gold (level 100) so 3 star only
Doesn't require any input from the player at all, the guns fire at a certain range. You don't really move at all, just swivel the camera pretty much. And when watching videos to get rewards, the game just stops working.
I should have read the reviews before playing, updates can be an issue,lost everything and they say they needed to do the update for future updates. It changed the game completely. They say they refunded my actual dollars in game credit. How about refunding my actual dollars for me considering what I payed for no longer exists. What's to say you don't just up and swap our money again next time for something we didn't buy or want? The new game is not as good as the old one.
Copy Cat game where you have to purchase to win. So basically play the game for an hour, either watch 100 videos adverts to get stuff or pay to win. Realise the game shots on the play store are nothing like the actual game you're playing. Delete the game as bored of continuous adverts. Basically your wasted hours of your life you won't get back.
Doesn't work at all...just keeps on loading...for over an hour...i thought it was getting unzipped...but...just turned out thrash ..
Worst game in my life πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’ don't download this game ever because : 1] Graphic quality to low. 2] Controls are very glitchy. 3] Most of the ships are (paid) means we have to the paid ships. 4] The weapons takes to much time to reload & when you reloads suddenly someone kills you. This is my one of my favourite game making companies.(But this game is worst than games that this company has made). Please improve this game.
It used to be a great game, but then it got pay to win. Also it had an update where you lost all your stuff and they gave you worse ships
This game is good its graphics is good! But its reloading system is very slow! and add a friend thing
Watching adverts makes the screen go black till you force close. You only get decent rewards if you watch adverts. So basically can't get good rewards. And you can't open chests without watching the free one. So if there is no advert available then you can't open chests. Brilliant design. Blatantly pay to win.
Trash. The graphics are good and thats it everything else is just trash. The game is a bit laggy , does not even have a tutorial , bad controls , bad UI. Just bad not worth your time.
Pros: graphics are nice. Cons: Russian language (no English), no settings, controls are bad, only automatic firing, steering is bad, camera doesn't turn automatically.
I was pretty excited to try this game. Have now installed it on 3 devices and it just endlessly loads at the start up screen.
One mistake, pixelation settings. In detail: the game has every thing good excepet pixelation customisation. What im trying to say is lets say the guys and gals using a lower level phone cant be playing the game because of how detail it is which is a disadvantage to many people especially students because thats where the gamers actually come from as : a frame rate limiter would also be a good addition to the game , otherwise the game is always my favourite
Gr8 app, but after an ad, it sometimes goes to a blank screen and does not return to the game. Also a tutorial would be useful as game can be confusing at first. 10 5 2021 Still goes into a blank screen and doesn't return to the game.
Lol, nice app logo - that's the Avenger Titan Renegade from Star Citizen by the way. Look it up, you'll see. Just like all the other crappy android games. Ship models ripped from various games and movies. Nice to fly Star Trek or Star Wars ships but come on man have a little originality.
Overall graphics are good ..but theme is way too simple and old school . And it's more of a pay to win type game , really sucks sometimes.
New update ruined this game for me. The new UI looks cheap and unpolished. They took out leagues and no longer reward you for making a top %. Damn shame cause I was so addicted. Even spent a good amount of money on it. But the rewards were good enough to not even have to spend a ton of money. Now they took that away. This was once a great game. Guess it's time to move on. 3/10 do not download.
I bought the color pack for 24.99, and got nothing for it. My ship still have the same colors that it came with. I don't think it's fair to take people money and call it rain when you just pissing on us. I want a 24.99 refund for the fraud that they claim in the advertisement. All colors for 24.99 but no new colors.....Google can you help!!!
Every time I watch a video for free rewards i keep getting a black screen and have to restart the game which also means i can't open small chests because it always has a free chest open if I watch a video which I can't so can't open chests i spent money to support you guys and this simple thing is the reason for the 2 star great game though other then small matches should make it bigger maybe 10v10 fix the vids pls then i will gladly rate 5 stars
Can anyone in the DEV team pls answer or take notice????? The loading takes a long time.. still stuck at loading screen. The flyng fleet are already gone to that planet but still no tabs to click om amd it says loading
This was my goto game for months until the latest update. Everything I liked about it is now gone and it no longer holds any appeal for me. The worst part of the change is the inability to choose between team play and deathmatch. This is a mobile game, something to be played on the go when you have a little free time to kill. Team play provides a strategic playing field for both strong and weak characters, essentially you win some and you lose some, but deathmatch is a drunken free for all that provides entertainment only to those willing to waste large sums of cash. This game started going down hill since I lost the ability to set my speed and got stuck with stop or go. It was a good run, dont think I ever played a mobile game for this length of time but all good things come to an end.
Been playing it for a while, and after the November/December 2018 update I was disappointed. All good weapons removed, even if gold and crystals was added to the account as a gesture of goodwill. In fairness they should have just nerfed the weapons, but we can't go back...Saying that though, the developers have listened to what people are complaining about and are actually in the process of making the game great again, slow steady steps, and I enjoy playing the game again.
I ran the game for almost 15 minutes and it displayed nothing but space and floating ships, I had high hopes for this game and I see no reason this game should not have worked on my phone which is an Android 10 and has a 2gb ram.
05/12/20 Good game ... Broken at moment. Will not load on any device .. friends having problems too .. please when will it be fixed ? Was fixed for a while now back to not working been one week n still not loading on any device Devs saying please wait for update ..... Where still waiting yet again
This is a nice game but it settings is not really good . And it doesn't turn around nicely and very slowly
Having a fun time but I am having an issue with watching the ads for the additional items. I can't competed certain task. Can this be fixed please
If your looking for a World of Warships that takes place in space this is that game... The controls are perfect. the graphics are good. the customizations or ok. all in all worth the try. If you like Pacific Warships or WoWarships then you will probably like this one.
not sure if its just me, but i can't even get into the game. when i open it, it keeps me on the loading screen for a very long time.
Pay to win and hasn't changed much since I last played years ago just as old as I remember. Added a few new maps and ships but the gameplay is just as pay to win as another mobile game war robots which I smear is just as old. Thought I'd redownload it for a little fun but as soon as I got back in immediately hit me why I deleted it in the first place simply put pay-to-win hours upon hours of grinding or huge money expenses when in doubt don't get it unless you got cash or are dedicated. πŸ€‘πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜ 
It wouldn't even load on my phone SGS10. Stuck on the beginning load screen for 30 minutes while using high speed WiFi.
The game is super fun if you want something similar to dreadnought on the phone. It's been simplified a lot, auto locks your target when within weapon range. Like all free app games, it is pay to win. Yet the best weapons in the game, are actually easy to get. Once you get to lv 17, sluggers are your best friend. They're cheap to buy and upgrade. They beat pay to win players easily. I have my doubts that matches are real multiplayer. My teammates move the same way each game, might be bots.
Progress is slow af. And it's obvious yall are making a p2w game not trying to make a game for people to just enjoy. Or you'd have more people can earn by just paying the game.
Horrible slow controle ,makes only one way to deal damage u gotta take some , there is no room for manurability I had great expectation for this game however after downloading it was difinately dissatisfaction I would personally request developers to improve the controle
No basic maintenance, no updates, no customer support and now I can't log in. Is this game finally dead? Hopefully just down work in progress. 1 * for memories.
Very poor control and graphics, don't wast your data and most important thing it's violate your privacy phone data.
I loved this game very much this is really a fantastic game everyone should download it once but the only problem is that premium ships are really very expensive
This game is horrible it is full of pay to wins even if you wanted to buy somthing it would cost a fortune for a actully good thing
Just an amazing game, I've been playing since it was released. Just one problem. The shop is a tad expensive but it's not a pay to win game. Not much more to say, 5 stars
Ok for starters, why do i move so damn slow? Second off, the controls suck ass. Third thing, the game is just boring in all. I can see the apeal but they just didnt do it right. Its like any other plane game only with crappy controls and moving speed isues but a space texure slapped on there.
I love this game before level 24. After level 24 of player it is impossible to give any contribution in win or lose most of the player buy very advanced spaceship it is impossible to complete with them.
I used to love this game, I played it a lot and it was incredibly fun, but now the entire game feels like watching a loading screen, this may just be my device but it could just be the new update. Deeply disappointed.
Pretty good game Nice controls Good graphics too for a game that's just 100mb Though there aren't a lot of game modes I suggest adding a game mode where each team has bases and who's base first get destroyed loses Or a friend function so that if a add a player we can both play games together or privately chat Or adding a chat function in battle so that a player can talk to it's teammates or chat with the enemy Overall it's a very good game just lacking features
First ad watched ended in an infinite load loop after watching the video of course. This is first rating if game gets better will come back and edit review. 2nd ad watched infinite load loop after watching the vid. No rewards so far.
The resale value of everything is EXTREMELY low, it's just horrible! I put 100's of 1000's of credits into some things and can only sell it for like 25 credits. I should at least be able to get 10% of what I put in, if not more. Also, it is so hard to upgrade when I have 10 guns, each needing 3.8 mil just for one upgrade, but I only get 16-32k per kill. It takes forever just to be able to upgrade something once.
The game will not load past first loading screen please fix this error I'm not sure if your server is down or if I'm the only one experiencing this issue
Great action and space shooter game. Only a few things could have been improved... SIZE OF Graphics, spaceships very small to see, even when zooming in, with magnifying glass on controls. 😭 Still gameplay keeps the player engrossed and wanting to get each enemy spaceship in order as it is targeted. 😁
I think this game has the potential to be my favorite game. The ships are just a tad slow for my liking, though... If there was an offline functioning campaign, store, and/or a Bluetooth capable local multiplayer, it would dramatically increase my opinion of this game. Which, when taken in the context of 4 stars, should tell you exactly how I feel about Space Armada. My siblings would love it if you could make this IOS accessable. Thanks for this great game. Please, don't ruin this.
(edited) The movement control is horrible. The attack system is weird and confusing. some of the later ships are copyed from star wars, star trek I found 4 ships that are copyed from other shows and games so far. Although controls and mechanics are simple some of it is confusing without a tutorial which it doesn't have. Only thing good is graphics. I installed for a cool space battle game with ORIGINAL big ships, but instead I got a info stealing game with almost no effort put into it.
Too good game I love it . But the problem is with some ship prices they are too costly even a mobile game do not cost like that pls decrease prizes and make some ship free.
It's too big. Once on my phone it accesses too many private areas. Then it continuously loads without an end which forced me to uninstall and avoid this game altogether. It may be fun but it's no fun. Zero stars for going nowhere fast.
Changing my review... Irritating that $22 on keys produced nothing.. Extremely irritating that the top 3!!!! Ships, are all bought with gems. 80k, 80k, and 70k. So, basically don't spend a single gem, or spend a ton of $, (cheaper to just buy a top their ship for $100) or just get owned constantly. Also, don't bother working toward multiple ships in your fleet. Put everything you ever get toward one top ship and hope no one you fight paid...
Ummmm it's not like loading for me it's just STUCK on the loading screen when I boot up the game (PS I have a Pixel 5 newest Pixel phone btw) and it won't load PLEASE help me what do I do? I played it before 4 years ago and it's was phenomenal!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
I was looking for a 4.9 button on google play store. Turns out there is none. The 0.1 is because there is no tutorial. I sort of had to figure out the controls. The controls are immersive, the graphics are AWESOME. Thank you for the game, Azur!
Good game its graphics are normal but you can add some more ships into it. I hope in next updates we came to see new ships and maps. Good team work.
I really love your game it's really fun but there is a problem it doesn't load I tried to uninstall and then again install but it doesn't work please fix my problem
Its just amazing i never planned that it would be a much beter game than i thought.good graphics. Exelent playrole. Its just awesome
Good game a little money hungry and few things don't work very well. But overall it deserves more than 3.6 for a review i would give this game a solid 4.2 rating. Good battles maybe a jig around here and there it could get higher marks. 4.2 is my rating
The game is not loading at all . It keeps loading and loading but doesn't go beyond. Please fix the problem. I wasted my MB by downloading.
Its an ok game but it needs a lot of work and its a pay to win game plus it takes for ever to get into the game
Solid game, I really enjoy it. I just wish there were more than two game modes and that ship costumization was more open. Maybe use this game as a basis and develop a really awesome one through updates?
I love this game! Finally a space fleet shooter that actually let's you manage a fleet that shoots lol. The graphics are really good. I do wish the weapons were stronger though. And the smaller ships should be much faster.
RESTART THE GAME AGAIN??? Yeah so every time you watch an add to get what ever you're trying to get, the screen turns black for a long time till you have to restart the game only to realize you didn't get the item or coin you watched the Add for in the first place after the battle. Been playing for an hour and have restarted like 30 times
Games good feels alot like Dreadnought would of gave 5 but the in game bundles are asking for a lot and can't find the tec tree if there is one.
complete bs. the game used to be great. now its trashy and more arcade style. I dont normally write reviews, but I got on today and my account is wiped. I've spent about 120 dollars on this game and my account is gone. the game used to me simple, and easy to navigate with many options for settings. now it's like an arcade shooter.
A little hard to understand at first. The intro to the controls could be better. They lack explanation to how to play. How to target the enemy in gerneral. Other than this it is a good game.
Graphics is very good but their controls are difficult to manage so please fix this problem but game is very good . Thank you
Here's some tips if you if you want to be an overpowered tank check max out the upgrades and then one shot kill for most things 2 Shot for overpowered things 3 shot will be paid for the best thing so yeah and thanks for the game Space Amanda is Galaxy Wars is the best
It's a fun game except the stuff you get for free for watching video clips almost never works just immediately sends you to blank loading screen until you have to close app and reopen very frustrating
Good game but my progress didn't save at all I played this game around a year ago and I had my account linked to my Google and it didn't save any of my progress super disappointed
it is ok. but I have a few suggestions. 1. There needs to be a way where you can choose the game mode. 2. either make it easier to level or make the level cost for the locked ships lower. 3. make it more balanced! you shouldn't lose 20 damage just because you have a different weapon equipped. I respect the game but I would really appreciate it if you could make the changes listed in my comment. please.
Cool game. All the ships are powerfull and fair. Until you get at a higher level your forced to pay unfair prices ranging between 12$ to $120. And all the higher level ships that are free are worth 1 million gold.
I don't even HAVE to play this game to know this game is gonna be bad, most reviews talk about how this game is bad in more than 10 different ways and the preview images for this game are stolen from other games too, i have seen these images TONS upon TONS of times on ALL SORTS OF GAMES Don't get the game, the images are faked and stolen from a popular PC game, i do not remember the name but if you wanna see gameplay of it look up CaptainJack Dreadnought on youtube and it should be easy to find
This is an amazing game. Its usually not to buggy, but sometimes it does have some connectivity issures, but it usually works perfectly fine.
You changed it used to have an operating system and a game progression that was authentic legitimate capable of being a real computer sport like PUGMOBIL you change the gamble on the slab so you could press people for money OR people could gamble no longer fun I LOVED star forces i scored so high you won't load cuz JELOUS you know I live on a street I STILL BOUGHT A $25 game play card I don't do drugs all my game progress was stolen when I had to switch you make me suicidal tie the dancer PRIDE
Game is a good time filler if you're bored with nothing else to do. Repetitive game types, absurd price tags on items, and a broken ad system kill the fun.
Heavily dissappointed!!! Typical pay2win game ( no problem so far), but: - Payable ships/modules are much better than usual ones and rediculously overpriced. - it is single player, not multiplayer! It pretends to be a multiplayergame, but it isnt No incoming networktraffic, bots as players with endless random generated names, - pictures shown are from another game; - I bought a small ship, after 3 days I am no longer able to login. No error message, no replies from devs, no reaction at all.;
Good game could do with a bit more speed with the ships so to avoid the opposing team. would make the game it a bit more challenging an existing
Great work and great game to play at ones leisure without having to always consecrate time you may not have at your disposal. No group commitments needed to play or enjoy this game to its fullest. Your level of commitment to the game depends on you alone as well as your progress does also. Pay to play options available for those that enjoy a little more but in all i love this game. Id love to see improvement with the ship controls though. That would be awesome!
Okay for starters they do not monitor their game at all you have players that will cheat you have players that will reverse the life for battle one player almost had it completely killed his life went to zero my life my life was at 50% and instead of him exploded I did second there is an area where you had a b c d e and f and I had five minutes on the board was losing but still has 5 minutes and instantly said I lost the time limit never reach 0 so therefore this game does not get a star!
It's good but some ships are too expensive there like 130 quid but beside that the graphics are good the game is brilliant
Really good game but it foes have its problems. I keep getting disconnected from server quite alot wheather on wifi or mobile data. It should have a better UI,br nice to change size of buttons and placement of them. When your respawning its unfair that opposing ships can attack you straight away and you dont get chance to do anything before being destroyed. I think its unfair putting paid players in with players that have played the game for free and worked for what they got when on lower level
So far I've loved this game and had great fun leveling up and playing against others in some great battles, the ships are well modelled and the controls are easy to master and the gameplay although repetitive is fun and rewarding, I'm Level 25 and still enjoying pushing the leaderboards, Biggest problem is the adverts, you don't need to watch them to play but free crates require you to watch a 30 second advert and that's fine except the game will crash after nearly time and it's super annoying.
As of 12/9/2020, it just keeps loading. The game is fun when you can play but right now its not. This problem has persisted for a week by now so the developers may not be paying attention to this app anymore πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
Great experience for free and paid players I still haven't spent money and still running up the numbers
I used to love this game. A little while ago, I would have gave this game 5 stars. But it seems to be in a very broken state right now. I'm pretty sure all the fights are with bots, at the end of a match there is like a whole minute of nothing, the scoring screen doesnt display any info, the in-game tips dont even match the current game setup, weapon/ship description is gone, upgrading is less intuitive and there are still things I haven't mentioned. The game is fun, but not as good as it was.
After saw Ads, Game Turn off..Many times. I must clear phone every time! My Phone Android 11 8/128gb. Snapdrgon Chipset. But Play this game like I using Mediatek Chipset..
Literally the most annoying game I've ever played and there's one reason why to know how dumb you are for just spending your big saving just to become op at this game plus to many tough apponents that I can't even deal damage to them so you better fix that or your game will just be in the history book
After i installed this game its start simplely but its freez/(stoped) in home/(staring) page and i was thinking its take its time but after 15 min it was never start and still on home page so pleas fix this bug
The game is trash. Thee controls are weird and the physics even weirder. The ships don't act like really ships. And don't let the pictures fool you. I agree with you Z3r0!
Hi. This game is a bit slow for me. It is challenging with awesome graphics. I feel like I'm going to have to spend money to really enjoy the game, but it needs something else for me to buy it. Heard an idea. (No offense as I know it cost money and hard work to develop a game like this.) Maybe make a dog fight (like WWII Aces) mode where your inside smaller fighter ships with cock pit view, hyper drive controls, ship, engine, and weapon upgrades. Choices to protect or attack larger ships or space stations with a death match mode smaller fighter ships that can be upgraded to do planet missions. Keep the 3D action with planet missions to fly to bases and carry our land missions with the option to protect or attack. Thanks for letting me share. Happy ones and zeros.
Takes a bit of getting used to, the controls are a bit finiky due to know real instructions the ships are hard to track also. And it's a pity that it's not a within game
I rate this four star because I don't know that even though this is online do I get to fight with real player's and not computers because I love to play with real player's.
Nice game,but advice, dont watch the ads,the free coupon is just a lie..I watched several ads for free chests only for the game to continue a long endles s loading.Then No free chest later on.
The cover art for the game isn't even yours. The ship in the background is an Aegis Avenger Titan Renegade from Star Citizen, and you guys just saved a picture of it, slapped "Space Armada" and then called it your own. wow. Other than that, the game is just plain garbage. Don't know how there are so many 5 star reviews. The gameplay is horrible, the controls are wierd, matchmaking sucks. Everything sucks.
Why is the loading screen take so long to load... The spaceships in the loading screen reached another planet but the loading is still 'loading'πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
It's a very great game. There's not many futuristic space battle games out there, I played a few of them but this one is the best. There's just one problem, every time I watch an add the game loads for internety and when I restart my phone I don't get the rewards even though I watched the entire add and had to wait in the loading screen.
Not worth the download. Dont waste your data the in game control is very clunky and they have clearly stolen spaceship designs from other sci fi shows and not worth buying them for the expensive prices the go for would give a zero rating bit lowest i can go is 1 star
Its a pretty fun game seems a bit easy in the beginning but im sure the difficulty will pick up soon later on 😊
Fun facts, the icon is litteraly a screenshot from another game called Star Citizen (aka Squadron 49), the vessel in this pic is called Avenger. definitly check out that wonderful game on pc platform if you got a powerful pc. Now, as you already know at this point, a game that doesn't give a slight fc about copy rights tells u the quality of its content lol