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SOUND SHOOTING!! - Rhythm Action & 2D Shooter

SOUND SHOOTING!! - Rhythm Action & 2D Shooter for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by EZDAEMON located at 2-11-19, Marunouchi, Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
There was a delay at the judge line I think, but the game is awesome in my own experience throughout the gameplay and also please add replay option where you can watch your gameplay after you get the best score in every level.
AMAZING! but need a lot of polishing. It is the best idea someone can have. I have been looking for a rythm touhou for a long time and this game is just that. The characters are soo cute and the game it self is amazingly fun and addicting. But there is a lot to improve here. The game opens is what looks like a windowed mode, which i have never seen on a phone before. And the audio sync settings seem very wonky. I hope this game gets the refinement it deserves, it is truly amazing!
The shooting part of this game is fun, but the beat game part is where it struggles. I think it is neat that they tried to fuse a beat game with a shooter game, but the beat game part will be somewhat unresposive at times. If they could fix the unresponsiveness of the beat game portion I think me and others will enjoy the game more.
EZ Daemon outdone themselves with this one, fast-paced action, amazing soundtrack, and the fusion of bullet hell with rhythm games is pure brilliance. If you're interested in any of the above mentioned qualities, then I highly recommend this FREE game (and yes, there are no ads in game)
Very fun game with no ads but the rythm portion is unpolished and very difficult to consistently get perfect hits. Gameplay aside, the game is not fullscreen so the sides of the screen shows your home screen and accidentally tapping this section will take you out of the game which can and will annoy you :/
It's a great game man i could spend my entire day playing this game if not for my arm hurting the price is okay too for the premium music which sounds great overall a great rhythm x bullet hell game
It's actually very fun. There are a few bugs in a small amount of the free levels like some enemies or allies not loading but nothing game breaking. I still rate 5 stars as these bugs don't happen often but it happening more than zero times is why I mentioned it.
ITS GOT NANAHIRA AS THE V.A. ITS AMAZING. Gameplay wise 10/10. The UI needs a little edit since it looks... idk.. old style? The voices though like gg... When clicking on stuff Melody has lots of interaction voices. Such as the difficulty bar having different pronounciations when you tap on them and in the shop too when she has different voice lines for referring to objects XD. Great Game. Made my day.
this is really fun and cute! the controls are great too. i agree with others that it doesnt fill the screen completely and shows my phone background but its not too bad. i think it would be nice if there was an option for vibration while tapping notes.
I like the game because it has two interesting part which I like that shooting vs music. It is a huge combination game for me . I really appreciate the voice of game and other thing like gameplay etc. I play first game from Japan . I really love Japan and it's culture. I am Indian and I really appreciate the country Japan and Japanese.
This is an incredibly fun game. I've never played a danmaku shooter before now (I'm a very fake Touhou fan for that) but it's really enjoyable. This game has a super nostalgic feel to it. The rhythm game parts are a bit...annoying but other than that I recommend it.
Actioned packed, fast paced, brilliant soundtrack, great bullet hell gameplay, this game hits all the right notes! The voice acting matches the zany feeling this game brings, and even if it annoying from time to time, I can turn it off with ease in the options menu. Couple things set it back however with its somewhat slippery and clunky control of the shooter and the rhythm game portion sometimes not feeling natural. But overall though great game and wish they had the artists who wrote the songs
I've been waiting for this game and I'm loving it so far! I've always liked ezdaemon games because they're really fun and stylish, and this game is really fun with good voice acting and game elements! I really like how it mixes bullet hell with rhythm games! I have no problem with the shooting part of the game, except that during the rhythm game, my taps don't seem to register properly, even if I'm tapping the notes to the rhythm.
I really like the premise of the game but I feel like when I'm moving around the character stops and I get hit even though I never removed my finger off the screen but thats just a small issue overall its and interesting and fun game hopefully in the near future it gets even better
Definitely a game I didn’t expect! I can play a shooting game, play a rhythm game, and a shooting rhythm game! The music is reeaall good, too! This is definitely worth the download. My only 1 star less problem is that the rhythm game doesn’t register most of my taps and that‘s what hinders me getting a perfect score. It really bums you out. I suggest to change the format or give indication where we should tap. Maybe change the line at the bottom into circles? Maybe? All in all, unique game!
it's cute and easy to play, it's straightforward and no ads! only issue is it's not fullscreen, and you have to buy song packs or vip passes. but a great way to kill some time
This game combines 2 if my favorite genres: The Rhythm Game &The Shoot'em up! I knew it could be the greatest (or worst) blend of concepts. The developers did not disappoint. Ranging from gloriously fun to punishingly difficult, it's crazy, kooky, & over the top. Just as I'd hoped.
It's a really nice game highly recommended for people who like shooting and anime, But I think it should get more polishing like there's really no story at the start and the rhythm part it's really lazy so overall it's a great game it just needs a bit of polishing.
Great performance and gameplay experience for any rhythm veteran or even an casual! Worth give it a try even if you not in to those type of games! Highly recommended :)
Fun game and no ads. Its not optimized for newer phone so the resolution is off and its a tad difficult to tap some notes but its still a great game that mixes shooting and rhythm really well.
great concept and it's nice to not have forced ads but it's a bit buggy. game is not fullscreen and when you tap outside it closes the game. would recommend trying
Great app. As a Touhou fan I really enjoyed the bullet hell aspect and the twist with the rythm game. There's also so much to do and this game is just worth my time, really good, would recommend.
Smooth gameplay but rhythm notes are as good timing but hey it's a special attack move I understand, so I still give it a 5 star Alot of music and 3 level difficult
Very, very fun game. Has just enough challenge. Very good game to grind and just pass time with, but I wish there was a little more. My main problem has less to do with the game, and more of the placement of the headphone jack on my phone lol
really creative rythem shooting game, I like it a lot I also like that it doesn't use any predatory monetization, you can either grind more to level up and unlock new songs, or you can buy a VIP pass and just get all songs right away for one price I love how the enemies fire shots to the beat of the music, its really cool to play and honestly helps me predict their shots and dodge them love the game!!
Really nice game, Its all fun and enjoyable and evwn free to play. What i just recommend is to update the game often and add new songs/levels. And try adding character skins and outfits and themes on the rhythm part. It will make the game alot more fun
Nice game sorth of download, but one problem is that when my finger doesn't go away from screen, the character just stop or on rhythm portion, i got my hold to miss, thus cant get perfect score
Most shooter games are too complicated or simply use the bullet hell gimmick. Most music games try an over-complicated concept and make their games awkward. But not Sound Shooting- The game beautifully integrates both sound & shooting together, matching rhythms with enemy gunfire and amusing sfx for mild laughter. The voice work by the various actors are simply incredible for their character roles and light-hearted gameplay. There's a little grind at the end, but nothing too horrendous to work for. Not a lot of extensive features to work with, but if nothing else, a good timekiller for when you want to play a music game for free (no stamina limits) and also want the paced excitement of a shooter.
I can't believe this game is free. The game is FUN, very enjoyable with a unique spin on the rythym genre (NO ADS, seriously its a blessing i haven't run into any ad). Plenty of songs and lots high scores to achieve. The only issue i have is the screen not being fullscreen. Other than that, this game has it all and i just can't believe its free. There is an ingame cash shop but it's to purchase a v.i.p song pack
Sound Shooting is an odd mix of the bullet-hell and piano-tile genres. To be precise, it's a bullet-hell game with some piano-tile game spliced in. It sort of works (the piano-tile sections feel uncalibrated), but the two genres have almost no impact with each other and has a weak transition. The game is separated into music levels, with the goal being to obtain points to unlock more levels. I appreciate the concept and level progression, but the piano-tile sections still need improvements. 3/5.
Well Made Games... Have played it like a year Ago... Still like it... Unique Concept... Nice... And this need improvements in effect... Maybe like tap effect... And some particles or Bloom Effect would be nice...
The shooting half of this game is phenomenal, quick, snappy and loads of fun. There also isn't too much visual confusion as, although detailed, both the characters and background easily stick out. However, my praise ends at the rhythm half. It's incredibly slow, painful and unresponsive at times, even changing the speed doesn't help. I hope this can be improved.
The game was great, I loved the rhythm aspect and it mixed well with the shooting part of the gameplay, it was good to play and you really need skills (by skills i mean be able to carefully thread your character though the bullets, and time the taps to the beat), also i had a bug about the game not fitting for the whole screen (i think its for my device only) but I didn't mind about it, good game to play, totally recommend
I believe this is a fun game but there's something that makes me can't play this. When i done download this, there always a "bzzzz" sound everytime,when a character speak, in the main menu, even in the game that bzz sound didn't disappeared pls fix this i really want to play this
Great Game! The shooting is fun, very entertaining and hard in some areas, the only downside is that the rhythm part of the game is somewhat unresponsive sometimes, it's actually quite hard to get a 100% on the rhythm, but dont let that deter you from getting this Heavenly F2P With no ADS whatsoever
Amazing Game! Fun and Addictive A Touhou like game with funs of music This Game mixed up the Bullet Hell and Rhythm Game. This is really fun but fix your UI and Graphics, they are unique but fix it sooner or later. Keep up the great work! Edit: I didn't notice the Media Quality and it the background and the quality brings back early 2000s, such nostalgia. Rather to suggest than not, I want to know the artists on the song select; so please put the artist's name on the song select. Thank You!
It was fun and I really love the songs but then you had to pay money to get more songs but besides that, it's fun.
Things that i think can be improved: 1. The smoothness of the character's movement when shooting. Sometimes when I move the character in a fast pace, my character would sometimes stagger in between movement, im not sure why(im using 1 sensitivity, so i have to move my finger a lot) 2. On the rytm part, maybe add the function so that you can tap beneath the line and not only at the line and above. Sometimes when i try and tap beneath the line, it did not register, and thus i miss my full combo.Ty
The concept is good, but the during the rythm mode, the tap sometimes are confusing since it didn't catch my tap input, ending up missed a lot of 'tapped' notes.
This Game Is much fun and it gives an arcade feel like experience.. 😂😂😊 With all this pandemic happening I missed going to the arcade. Tq for making such a marvelous game.
fun game, i liked it a lot. i recently checked to see what other games you made, and was unable to find one of my favorites. unfortunately i do not remember the name since it was in a language i dont understand. it was pink-themed and had these two girls on the menu. why have you removed it?
A really good game the music perfectly fits the characters, and the voices blend in so well, and the normal mode is always the perfect difficulty
"Danmaku (shmup) with rhythm and also with great soundtrack" I never knew this combination would create something cool like this, the gameplay was smooth and the graphic is well done... except rhythm part, tbf the way the implemented it was already good, but the rhythm control is kinda...clunky sometime the judgement line read perfectly and sometimes it doesn't and i know it needs to get used to but still it just kinda bad tbh, even without rhythm this game is a good danmaku game.
Very cool game, feels underrated. I like the mechanics of the rhythm game parts, hopefully the mechanics can be used for an individual rhythm game.
Classical graphics with new concepts. Noice. Even the characters are fully voiced and the songs are not bad. Rarely seen such a good game i can enjoy.
I really love this game, but I have problems with it detecting my touch, and I think that's because of the "Great" radius. I think that you should put it farther from the line when going with the beat. That way, people won't be made to believe something's wrong with their device, or anything. All in all, amazing game, and I wish to continue playing it in good conditions.😊
Game is fun, but upon download and trying the game, I ran into audio issues. There's an audio bug that sounds like static. Unplayable since I can't play the rhythm portion.
I really love this game!!! It's so cute and colorful!!! And the music and grapuics are amazing!! As well as character designs too!! Although I wish that there were an album or something, cause I'd love to listen to some of the songs just by themselves, cause they're so good!!!
It's good, really good. I love the concept of mixing a shooter with rhythm game aspects. My only gripes are that it is not optimized for a larger screen and it keeps crashing for me. Fix that and you can have my 5 stars :))
I thought this just gonna be one of those awkward game but it isn't. It's surprisingly fun and what surprise me is that this game has a voice! I didn't expect this game to have a voice for their dialogue, considering the game size, but I love it, it's adorable for me..