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Soul Taker: Face of Fatal Blow

Soul Taker: Face of Fatal Blow for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by AndromedaGames located at 서울특별시 구로구 구로3동 222-7 코오롱디지털빌란트 1507. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Just got the game, struggled with the patch files download, had to reconnect the whole time. Got to the main screen. Now it just says trying to reconnect the whole time. Are the servers in maintenance, offline or crowded? I really wanna play, but I cant even get into the main game
the graphics were great, the build up before gameplay was great, and then complete and utter crapp. its all auto battle bullshit... not fun, cant even call it a game more like a CG animation clip.
Good graphics - could stand more instructions, especially how to Enchant and how to Manage other things. I would love to see more "Professions" 'sides the Warrior and Assasin. Would maybe like to see Ranger or some sort of Necromancer -- just be able to have more variety to pick from. Above all, I think the PTB'S are doing a good job. 4/12/16 - been playing with the game for a couple months now, still love it, but the "Timer Box" don't work, I have tried many a time - the Timer Box needs to be fixed.
Uninstalled and installed countless times, just keeps saying data corrupted. Can't load to title screen or anything
Even if i choose assassin class, i get knight equipments oftenly and almost all knight equipments i get are 3*, 4*, and more... But my assassin class equipments i have only 1*, 2*, or 3*.... And i got defeated by enemies so easily because my equipment is very weak.. I hope we only get our current class equipments... Because, this makes me don't want to play... No matter how good the equipment i have, if i can't use it for my assassin, it will be useless.. So I hope on the next update, we can get equipment that match with the current class..
Started out and Tryed the 9.99 deal worth over 20.00 of stuff. ... To Start The Game AND!!! Was very well worth it... THEN!!!! I decided to drop a another 9.99 at level 46 WELL QUOTE: 9.99 WORTH 30 DOLLARS not!!! Worth it!!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! Nice game and was enjoyable till i got to the point of spending 9.99 a second time.
G8 game but keeps loosing connection. I gotta force stop app and clear the cache in order to go back into the game so I can play but then about 15 minutes later it starts all over again. I have perfect high speed connection and plenty of room on my phone. I've also tried to reinstall. This so aggravating! I'm about to quit playing. :/
I just downloaded this game and can't connect. My Internet is very good. After clicking "Retry" like three times it starts loading, hear the music but freezes there. I force close it and try again and does the same thing.
Would be NIC if I could get my original toon back. My other cell phone is destroyed and I can't retrieve it.
First few days good now can't even log into the game. And get no freaking help from anywhere including there face book..all the dam thing does is say keep trying to connect Uninstaller and reloaded and still the same crap.
Completed daily challenge twice now, but it lags out at the end. When game is reset, you've to start challenge again, but lives have been taken during first run anyway. Pretty rubbish.
It's pretty good, you can play fairly competitive without spending money. There's still a few things that need work, a small faq section would be great for new players. Over all solid with good graphics.
Game is worst the patch is not downloading 99.8% then game is struck not working,saying connection fail plz solve this
Fantastic graphics. Just wondering. How do you get the rewards for the guild raid event? I completed more than 100 plays, but I didn't get any rewards.
Make gold an alternative to diamonds or make offers for expending them more reasonable. I have reached lvl 67 played for almost 2 months. Yet progrsses 0.12% in a day. I had to farm and grind. Worse only a set of souls repeatedly appears. Money wise, its not worthy to spend and invest since all actions consumes your resources, very minimum gain. At last i am uninstalling it. I moved to better GV games. Peace!
It's been months and still no solution for game not launching. Can't get to the data recovery screen or anything. Uninstalled and reinstalled many times and makes no difference.It crashes before any part of the game loads. The dev reply is just a computer generated spam auto reply that is not helpful at all. Best thing is to just avoid this game and NEVER put money into crap like this. If you do your stupid as hell.
Every time I TRY to load it up it just goes right to an in game ad, loads up a different app on my tablet without me loading it up, also it shuts down again and again. I mean what's the use of a game that has a good story, looks cool, but can't even work like it's suppose too. Truth me when I say that if it let me play I would have put a higher rating than ONE star.
The game won't even load. I go into the game and it loads the game indefinitely and the force closes. I was excited about this game but I am very disappointed that it does not even load.
The graphics are great and the game play isn't half bad at all. If you like playing a console game and is away from home this is the game. Just on my s3 it can drain the battery quick. I also would like to see more classes to choose from.
Hi I'm unable to retrieve my old account do you have a website where I can enter my email or something? I've spent alot on my old account and I just want to retrieve it.
Lots of fun. Many ways to get better and better equipment to be the best and strongest. I'm totally fascinated by the game and highly recommend it.
It won't even let me play what the hell iswrong with this game. I was expecting it yo be good but oh well this sucks. What a scum
Honor 8 is the phone I've got and the came says loading game data and that's it. then it shows a picture of armor and freezes its not the phone as it plays all games on max everything with ease please patch the game so I can play the game and ill rate it accordingly thanks
I'm really enjoying this game! It has good overall gameplay, the graphics are pretty good, and the ability to improve and advance without having to pay (so far...only lvl 18) is a welcome change. I've already recommended this to several friends (a few of those now play). Keep up the great work!
Wasn't sure what to expect when I found this but I'm pleasantly surprised to find lovely 3d graphics instead simple card combat, a decent item infusion system, and enough incentive to keep playing. Quests are short and perfect for a bit of time killing on a work break.
So far it's pretty cool! Don't fully understand how to do the combo attack because I hit the circles during and every time I do it says I miss lol. But still it's a cool game .
Level 16 and I still feel like I'm going good through tutorial. Still it's fun and the graphics on the characters are great. The enemies not so much
Loads of glitches and errors. Could be good if it could be played. Right now cant even get to the main menu. Connection error over and over. Reinstalled and worked once then same thing. Two stars just for how good it was when I could play.
I was all excited to play this game but then when I was downloading stuff in the game it said I wasnt connected to the internet but I am and I have a good connection can u pls fix
After download large additional data. game load. Then crash. Waste of my precious paid internet data! Uninstall! Regret to believe the reviews!!!
It was fun when I first started playing this last night. But today it hasn't let me play at all. Keeps telling me I have no internet connection which I know is bull. Every single other app I have on my phone that requires internet works 100% fine with no problems whatsoever. So I know it isn't my phone, my data, my reception or my bandwidth. I was gonna give it 5 stars, but now I wish I could give it 0.
I thot the game will be a free roam adventure!!!, it consumes lots pf mb and more over you get to fight only 2 monsters!!!! Please try to make a game free roam !!! Guys dont install it its just a waste of mb..
Downloading patch files was stacked at 99.8% ... My internet connection is good but its says "Network Fail"... Plzzz fix this.. Ill rate it 5 stars if its fixed.. Thanks
When y'all gonna fix the rewards bug won't let me accept my rewards y'all need to fix or I will not be playing this cause where there's bugs there's a chance I could get robbed of whatever money I choose to spend in the game.
I really wanted to play this but after making a character & playing through the tutorial, the game loads then opens a daily buff splash page only to shut down abruptly. Did the fix check, didn't help.
Good game when it was playable. Only makes it to the first in game ad then freezes. Uninstalled and reinstalled, still no change. A shame
I get to lading game it switches to a different screen shuts down uninstalled and reinstalled twice even used the repair no good
There is one thing thats kinda bothering me and there's not a function in which to select multiple items or cards like selling or enhancing.