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Random Defense : All star TD

Random Defense : All star TD for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Clegames Inc. located at [email protected]. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its fun but I'm starting to realise that those are not real people I'm fighting. There attack pattern are of that of bots.
This game was my only favorite game. After maintenance i enjoyed playing after updated. But now the game cannot be played cause i wait for too long stuck at loading startup. Please fix this error ASAP.
Game play is nice, but there is hardly any match as timer keeps on running. Need to add A.I. / bot when there are no opponents available.
You lose a star for asking me to rate after literally EVERY match. Skill descriptions can be very confusing. But this game is better than most of its counter parts. I personally like using skills instead of leveling the units in battle
No didn't like this. It's very lazy done. I'm sticking to destiny's child defender wars. Almost everything in this except graphics was just thrown together to make this. The abilitys is to much the merges is all good but what about the charter star lvl? They are getting lvl up but I think something is missing and it really needs to be added in quickly.
Lov the game, good job. The reason i only give 3 stars, its because the game seem unbalance, i just dont get it my team is already stronger than my enemy, but im still lost, n sometime suddenly so many monster keep showin up nonstop in my area, while theres only few monster that show up in the enemy area, its just look u wanna make me loose intentionaly, if this keep happen then, ill think twice 2 keep play this game. Its so frustrate it. Fix this man, give us more gift 2, thx
Very good "Random" defense style game. I play all games like this, and this one has potential to be one of my favs.
It's a random defense game so you know what to expect... I've played alot of random defense games, this one is just a little different than the others in a good way took me a little while t ok get into to it but now that I am I'm hooked deserves a dowload
Best game ive had but im getting annoyed how it keeps saying network problems even tho i have fast connection and i cant even ay without logging in several times please fix it
Honestly addicted this game, lots of different combinations to try. I would like to see an option to levelup skills rsther than just focusing on merging but still a great game!
It's fun to a point wish there was single character play throughs nothing to long just like a background on there past something like that I think that would make it even more popular
The random disconnect after a battle is found is annoying, plus it will freeze the game and if you end task it and be fast enough to log back on you will end up surviving with 1 hp left.
Seems fun, but only played 10 matches or so. Still have not seen option for changing out spells witch seems like having 1 or 2 spells even at beginning of game would allow players a tiny bit of strategy control.
Locked out of account, filled out a support form in game and received no response. Messaged FB page multiple days in a row zero response or help. You just lost a paying customer...
Pretty good kinda obvious play trend on other games but not bad at all I enjoy it to mainly pass time
This game is so incredibly unbalanced if u want a good random defense game destiny child defense war 100× better
Games was nice, but after update the networking was so bad. It always said, "network unstable", but the network was good and play other games smooth. Please fix it developer. Thanks.
Its fun and simple but like other Pay-to-win game, this one is quite enjoyable. I mean, everytime you purchase a hero in game, the cost will increase time to time so you WILL DEFINITELY need to own a strong low level character on early game so that in the late game, high level player dont f you up real bad. I enjoy the game but my only problem is that the cost increases everytime. So yeah.
It's TD with simple, fast, and strategic tapping. It has s fun theme and a decent combat style for a TD. You can pay, but just for better odds in the RNG of chest opening.
Good game but it's making my poco f1 turn really hot, I've played some other 3d games but it nvr goes this hot
i pre registered for this a week ago and i was happy to see that its out!!!! i love tower defense games alot and with characters and not towers? AWSOME cant wait for the next update and just saing this game doesnt deseve a five star rating it deserves a seven star rating amazing game and hope to see more soon also can u make a new tier for merging towers orange if you can please do its my favorite color and orane is a uinqque color so it might help get better reviews and itll make me so happy.
Gone from 5☆ to 2☆ because we have been waiting months and months for the events tbh its been around 6 months for me and today we FINALLY get a good sized update only to find out it was all for more paid packages what BS im sick of waiting. Think I'm going to uninstall and go back to random dice if nothing has changed in acouple weeks. Like seriously just copy all the other games of this genre for all I care I like arena on the other ones anyway.
So much potential for this game. I suggest to dev that player should be able to move unit. But the name is random afterall.
Not a bad game. Hate waiting for tier chests to open. Adverts don't work, so can't reload shop. Seems to be a lot of waiting for little in return. Oh and nothing for maintenance. Never been in a game and got nothing for maintenance :( could be better by miles. Don't be scroogy devs!
Really fun. Graphics are decent but could use a little sharpening up. But other then that I like all the different new abilities compared to random dice. And the merge power skills are an amazing addition :) well done
Pretty good game so far. Haven't run into any need to spend money yet and i like that while I figure out if i want to commit.
So far so good. Good progression without p2w. You don't feel preyed on or pushed to spend your money, thus actually want to spend some on your own will. Many strategy combinations that works. Still waiting for any event though
When I try to get into a game without an internet connection but a Data connection its stuck at 70 and says Network connection unstable. Other than that its enjoyable. 《Edit: I'm able to get into the game now! Great Game! :) 》
Great game one of the best of its kind. Only thing I have a problem with is there are no other modes yet but is says coming soon so that's no problem I guess. And so far it seems they are always improving like just today they added player activity in clans so now it's easier to know who is active. If you download this amazing game join VIP just made it and going to make sure it's super active.
The game is fun its nothing new i played the dice game and then got hooked on this, whats lacking is events and its pretty slow to progress, i think you should add more co op modes, other than this i enjoy it,also i cant log in i get unable to connect error error 005
I like this game a lot. But after updating, I couldn't open the game anymore and that's disappointing bevaudr I cannot play it anymore.
Quite complex I should say and random, determine which character u form as a team to achieve victory but kinda challenging. This game has huge improvement if keep up to date. Keep it up. Will edit review from time to time.
I'm enjoying the game so far. Its brand new but seems to be working very smoothly. I love that there is already a Clan function. Hoping to see some sort of Monthly Pass that allows you too Skip Ads and collect diamonds daily' as well as hopefully some extra Co-oP attempts. Hoping to see some Clan Activities or Events too. I think engaging Clan members yo play with one another for some form of either co-op benefit or for Clan rewards at certain goals would be great.
I like it, I have really good internet and wifi, but I have to keep shutting the game down then opening frequently because of connection error. idk if it's other players against me or the game itself having connection issues
Great game very unique, not a paid to win, which is rare. Hope there's more modes and keep it this way if possible. Pls don't go down on path of other games of spamming deals in people face.
It's just another pay-to-win game. Don't even play the game unless you're willing to put in 1000's of dollars. Or else it's completely pointless to even start playing because you eventually you will never win.
The game is good but i think u guys should add horizontal position to play that would be more fun,and i like the way u guys added clash of clans vibes and td vibes on it i like it but i would give 5stars if the running app is in horizontal position.
Loving the game, so addicted already and it just makes me wanna play every day! Also considering there are new chances to get rewards and new characters each day you login! Super cool, 10 stars!
You make this game extremely boring, by creating a combo where people can practically spam skills that makes opponent's board empty, and/or deal no damage to creeps, thanks to their amazing roster from buying pass. Defense card is expensive and is totally useless against those skill spams since it can only block ONE debuff at a time, making this game no longer DEFENSE game. Unless a lot of stuffs being reworked, you should change your game name into All Star Random TROLL or something like that.
Why do i play battle after 7k? Theres not enough incentive to, if it gives me 1 gem, or maybe cards i would, but right now theres no point to. And do i really wanna watch an ad every single time i want to play party? You guys should be asking these questions otherwise ill see a dead game very soon or a game with constantly renewing player base but keep getting lower nonetheless at best.