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Soul Hunters

Soul Hunters for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Lilith Games located at Unit 04, 7/F, Bright Way Tower, No.33 Mong Kok Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
What's wrong. I do have good internet connection. I played DOTA 2 and watch NF at the same time, but when it comes to this game, it always says "network connection failure". I change devices, changing networks. uninstalling and reinstalling the game, still no progress. I am playing this for almost 6 years with 8 VIP accounts. My best account is under Server 647 UndeadSlayer. I really can't play my accounts for 3 weeks now. Please help.
What seems to be the issue? I do have a good internet connection and I am playing other online games seamlessly. However, this game keeps on showing connection error and it consumes so much time. Please fix this.
Over all an absolute fantastic game. There is nothing wrong with it. It checks all the boxes in my opinion. My favorite game in all of the app store. Keep up the good work Lillith. Personally my favorite character is Goram. The one little problem is the Heroic Academy, I think it should grant a little more life steal for my favorite character. But of course this little issue won't hold me back from giving an amazing game a 5 star. Although I lost me account after 4 months of inactivity.
having hard time enjoying it now that there are tons of people who have over powered heroes that u can no longer buy. Batman Superman Wonder Woman Green Lantern and a ton more. Most are insanely strong. I get letting people buy them but now that players like me that didn't have money at the time but do now want to get them we cant and there isn't a way to obtain them in game. No way to catch up to that power. All previous heroes should be available still. I'm VIP 7 and sadly I'm done
Amazing game love the cute heros very good quality of the game this game is very amazing since i was 10 when i downloaded it and it still remains good:)
Its really great but now i have spotted a big issue and thats the arena. I win arena matches vs a defender who is higher ranking than me but i dont get his rank. Please fix this issue as fast as posible
I started playing a few years ago when dr zeno was a new character, but I stopped shortly after. I just came back a few days ago and still impressed with this game. There are so many new characters and so much to do. Progress doesn't feel hampered compared to other free to play games and while there is a fair amount of advertising for in game content it's not distracting and there's no pressure to buy anything. I would definitely recommend trying this game out as its so much fun
I like the game but I went down to 3 stars. how am I meant to fully enjoy it when I can't even play? when I attempt the Facebook login, I can't accept cookies because they're cut off the screen. if device is a problem, I have a Huawei p30 lite new edition.
I WAS a real fan of this game, but then the major glitch happened. In trying to upgrade my characters, I would have issues in the ability screen. I would click on a separate ability and the first ability would start adding to itself, leaving me with no more ability points and it would not acknowledge any other clicks. I am very disappointed with this, because I thought I would have a choice in how I would allocate my points. If this can be fixed, then maybe I would play again.
Game is too money oriented. Some heroes only available through purchasing diamonds and too Op. Game need rebalancing. How can 20k squad lose to 11k squad? Arbitress straight 1 hit ko all my heroes
Great game to play at free time, but loses enjoy after some time, you just get back when day resets to get some rewards.
Very in-depth game, never gets old as there's always content updates even though the description is old. Fast and friendly support team and while I've only spent around $20, this game is still very fun without paying too much. Overall very good and addicting game:)
I have been playing this game for almost 5 years now. And I have enjoyed every update, but a few days ago there has been a problem connecting and it really consumes so much time when pressing retry for the connection. Please fix this.
Great game, but can you bring back ezio as a payed hero like before. Edit: You guys should do more collabs, that would be litπŸ‘Œ.
Been playing for about 4 years(with different accounts) and I'm still in love with this game. My goal right now is to max out every character.
I left that game cause of too many overpowered heroes, now i wanted to come back and it just got worse. I enter a game in the arena, my entire team was blue +2 and the enemy team heroes was just blue, the enemy Lucifer kill my entire in just 2 second in one round only.
Really good and creative! Sad that AFK Arena took over. The game hasn't been updated in a year. Oh well, still good quality and creativity.
really loved this game once but i lately uninstalled it because i have question,what do mean by strategy if you could display the top heroes every event top heroes are the same those only can be obtained by paying i was stuck in the campaign too thuogh my heroes were fully maxed i recommend you to remove the word strategy if you continue to do so and if i say every hero has it's own pros then please tell me what the pros in gale and tell me why only the players who use pay to win are on the top
Well, I haven't seen a game as imbalance as this game, there are some hero who's so overpower that they can take out the entire team by him/herself and some hero who's so weak that they literally useless and this game doesn't let you see the information of the hero that you haven't obtained making it impossible to make a strategy against the overpower hero
it used to be good before you did all those updates and made this game easy for P2W whale people while for F2P its really hard, and it has lags and bugs, plus the difficulty is a bit over-the-top, and it occupies too much space for a bad game
This relates to my last review but I think some hero's are a little over powerd. an example would be Mariana. her ultimate deals to much damage. it is unfair and is really hard to get by her. I get that it's supposed to be challenging and all but it is a little unfair. if you battled a campaign Mariana and you also had one, the campaign one would be three times stringer which makes zero sence. please change this and I would be sad because I can't give you more stars.
It's a money game.. Even if u join in newest server, old players joining it, get to lvl 100, get all the best heros with money and totally destroy u and destroy whole server.. No hope for new players.. There r no new players getting interested for ur game no. And btw nothing from the pictures here is correct πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
One day when i was playing soul hunters and it crashed suddenly and i opened it again and played it and it started from the beginning i freaked out and closed the game and i reopened the game and checked my server list and i was in level 1 then i remembered that i had my game connected with my facebook account. I tired so many times to reconnect but when i was conecting soul hunters it crashed over and over again After a day i tried reconnecting and it worked but i was still in level 1
It's one of my favorite games and I enjoy grinding for a hero and for those who say it's a pay to win game it isn't. I am 100 level and I have some of the best heroes without giving money. But please Lilith fix the bag which throws you out of the game when you win at Crucible of fire with a hired hero. Thank you.
Gotta donate to stand a chance with the top, otherwise you're wasting your time. Been playing this game for years and now with the new update and releases, all of my free chars are obselete and cannot clear stages that used to be cleared with strategy, I get "one-shot" from barely even making it into the stage by the new OP chars.
This game is my favorite game since I was a kid, but since I wanna play it now I can't even load in into the game, I don't know what's the issue but please fix the problem I can't log in
Please adjust the EXP system (refer to chinese version). The exp needed for lvl up hero is too much and there is almost no other way to lvl up hero except using exp potion / exp food. Make it easier to level up hero by winning in all the chapters. Next, we need more ways to earn the coins (refer chinese version). Make some cards for us to use/sell for gaining tons of coins, not just using the midas touch which needs so much diamonds. Hoping you to take my advices in your consideration.
Been playing a few years and just had my first interaction with customer support. Sort of. Anyways, long story short it all worked out. Very timely response. The game is and always has been great. Yup
It's fun but there should be a "make your own character" thing so you can make your own characters and make your own powers and attacks
This game is my childhood and i hope you guys have an option to change the background music just like the dot arena era one like medieval kinda music and restore most of the heroes in the dot arena era, i miss the old background musicπŸ₯ΊπŸ€
Hello Soul Hunters, I'm been play the game since dot arena era. And it's still fun till now ngl, the problem is just that you guys always making a new OP hero and that cause the non paider little disadvantage i know this game about patient but still it's the problem there and that why it cause the game make the new player bored quickly and quit, and the old hero losed their spotlight and meta and also the older hero so weak AF, sooo.. instead of keep making new OP hero, just rebalance all hero
Been a fan since the release of Adeline (2017-ish) and spend over 200 dollars on to this game. Overall, it is not worth it. How are player stay so competitive on a game where a hero can literally one hit a whole team with it's ultimate? I don't know but the answer is pretty obvious since the top players on the servers are all VIP. The game is a no brain and it's laughable how the devs don't seem to notice the issue but somehow it's the player "fault" for not coming up a strategy? Truly a circus.
Fun for a while but the developers put out new heroes every couple of weeks that you can only get if you spend a lot of money and they're impossible to beat with older heroes. This game is fun for about a week but then gets repetitive and frustrating. Unless you've got money to spend don't waste your time.
This game is so fun I made 6 accounts and it helps u reach a respect full lvl in no time then comes the hard the most fun part is the hard part I hope u create a battle royal with only 1 character and u dnot rly have to its already entertaining
gameplay enjoyable and fun. So far havent felt like i have had to spend money to continue playing as much as other mobile game. PvE > PvP (unless this gets better after max level?) there is alot of champions in the game would be nice if there was more ways of sorting them/comparing stats agenst other champions/comparing full teams and giving a nice visual display of this could help newer players.
I like the game, but there are some op heroes and I'm aware many people pay for these new and powerful heroes. Thing is I can't, also the enemies in the campaign seem overpowered as well. I even have my heroes upgraded and awakened, but I find myself struggling to get past a level in both chapters 19 and 20. Also it doesn't help that the fact many other people are very overpowered and can easily defeat other players, even with one new hero they bought. Honestly, it makes the game less fun :/
I have a strong account in the game but one a day I tryed to play the game but I seen they have log out my account then I tryed to log in again but they told me that your log in failed because your network not conact
Anyone who is thinking about downloading this game take a look at this review, Lilith games makes aton of money off this game but neglects the game so much, the game ia fully pay to win and there is alot of hackers that use fraudlent ways to buy things or 3rd parties to buy things for them but they don't care aslong as they get the money. Do no give this game a chance to get you hooked and do not spend money on it..it is not worth it
Really good but my brother uninstalled it and I'm re-downloding it right now but otherwise good job Lilith games. You should add Obsidian to the crucible supply wagon
I do love this game, been playing this for years already. Can you please bring DC superheroes back? Or even make Marvel heroes? We wanted to buy those limited heroes. Thanks!
Sad game. I looked for other reviews similar to my problem and i read your replies saying that we need to uninstall and install the game so i have done that. After uninstalling and installing the game for 5 times it still keeps saying reconnecting and try again even though i have good internet connection and have no problem playing other online games with higher specs requirement. It wasted a lot of my data. It has no problem before though. It started after all of the recent updates of the game.
great game, but there's this problem in the sky fortress where everytime I win a battle it completely logs me out of soul hunters and makes me restart the app, it's an amazing game but I'll never be able to progress any further if it's not fixed. I hope you see this because I like playing this game but there'd be absolutely nothing for me to do if there's nothing done about it.
So many bug, 1 the new hero iris is bug when u complete a match the game kick u out, 2 arena and gladiator arena is bug when u stay in the game for about 5 - 6 minute then we cannot go in the arena, 3 keep say connecting when wifi is full force people to restart the game. This game is full of bug, terrible.
I mean its a good game for a little bit, But its impossible to do anything with all the new OP heros, But the worst part is I was playing Soul Hunters when the Ubisoft collab came out and i payed for Rayman, Eizio, and PoP, but i got a new device and i cant get my data back so yup i wasted like 30$
I love the game ive been playing it for 2 years i appreciate the gameplay and story i love the PVE and PVP on it i love the design on the characters and background i give it a 5 star for how amazing it is in my opinion the only thing i think is a little difficult is the characters but i appreciate the challenge and time it takes
I have played it before and it was absolutely amazing, but I kinda grew out of it. I did spend some money on it, so I'm wondering if theres any way of refunding. I mean I dont really need the money back.
super fun game and awsome time killer but I think some of the heros battled in the campain are in the harder levels are much much stronger then the same hero you Have. It's uneven amount ok damage and kinda unfair. And the crucible of fire I think it should be easier and not as hard. And on the pocphery pool the "death crawler" is WAY too hard and he just heals himself all the time. he is too hard and he should be taken out. But other then that. good game
I have played since the game came out. Lilith is horrible. If you ask for a refund because they sold a bugged character and never fixed it, they will threaten to ban you. Don't download any game from lilith. Google play should ban them for fraud.
I really love the game but I wish that the campaign's gave Exp Bottles cause just mining them isn't enough to level up the higher characters aside from that everything is pretty good.
I absolutely love the game. My party level is 67 and the winter I started playing was when ling ling came out. I haven't spent any real money on it. This game does require a little bit of patience. One thing though for the creators, but for the people that don't try to use money in this game, could you nerf the D.C. heroes? They're a little bit too op. Could you also add another character sometime soon that we can use diamonds to try and unlock them? (In the event section) Great job lilith and I will always love your game!
I really hate this game now, it's been a while since i've download this game, Soo i logged in to my old acc i was really excited at first but then i saw myself at level 1 πŸ’€ i was like how is this even possible? So i Logged out and back in 2 times only to see a level 1 account again πŸ˜‘ My old acc was right there!! But all of a sudden it just went poof, i'm not starting over again never ever my entire mood went from.100 to 0 Thanks ....