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Sort Puzzle: Fun Ball

Sort Puzzle: Fun Ball for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by PLAYCUS LIMITED located at Thiseos 9, Flat/Office C1, Aglantzia, P.C. 2121, Nicosia, Cyprus. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
An ad after each level and they take 3 times as long to watch as to solve each puzzle, too easy = boredom + way to many ads
When I saw the ad it was completely different from the actual game. It seems a lot more fun in the ad then in the real game.
A little boring but addictive. What can I say? Ads are annoying but games like this you expect it. Simple game can't complain.
Way too easy...this game is probably fine for grade schoolers but there was no increase in difficulty or a way to select a higher difficulty. A lot of ads but whatever. Just too easy to be interesting for me.
Ridiculous amount of ads. You cant even play two levels in a row without an ad in between. Uninstalling it.
My favourite part of the app is when I select to not watch a video to get better or extra things and then I get to watch and add for free!!!
Terrible game, this was nothing like the game advertised to me, the controls were poor and jumpy and after the first three levels the gameplay was so repetitive that even a 6 year old would be bored.
Too many ads however the gameplay is decent, the two custom modes aren't too shabby but the difference between Classic and Mixed Balls is non existent so seems a bit pointless. It isn't too bad if you play without internet but really who decides not to be connected to the internet
It worked okay for what it is for 10 levels, lots of ads, but level 11 was impossible to win, forcing you to skip it by watching another ad. Look, I know what I signed up for, which was to be bombarded by ads between every level, but making unplayable levels to force me to click skip is infuriating. Uninstalled.
Although the game is interesting, additive, & fun it has a problem that is irritating. When moving a ball to new holder or stack the ball bounces back into original spot or refuses to move. Please fix then game will be much better. Also need to include exit control.
It's a good game, as most people have said there are far too many adverts but this can be avoided by turning the flight mode on and game progress is still saved. I saw the game as an advert on Facebook, unfortunately the game isn't as advertised. Nevermind. Good game, reduce adverts.
This game is way this easy and boring for me, I actually expected it to be like the ads for it and that what made it think it would be abit of a challenge but I guess I was wrong, sorry just not for me
I like the game & how it progressively gets harder but the ads are annoying. I know the ads allow the for the game to be free but there is an ad after EVERY LEVEL! At least place an ad after every 3rd level or so. It is no fun when the ads take longer than to solve the level. I'm willing to pay for no ads if I can at least advance far enough in a timely manner to ensure I will enjoy it. It would take forever at this rate. I'm looking for another similar game w/o the interruption of so many ads
Broken, unplayable levels and more ad time than gameplay. Tried to keep playing anyways by skipping the broken levels (with more ads) but there is no difficulty increase or changes to anything to make it fun for me. Company clearly doesn't respect their customers and just wants the downloads.
Ok for one you don't need to put an ad for every freaking level thats a little much and the fact that its the same ad over and over again I like the game there are just way too many ads for this reason I am deleting this game fix the ads and I'll re-download it
The game was advertised differently from the actual gameplay, no game mode actually resembled the ad I saw. It's very disappointing as I've seen many games like this, so the idea is very far off from being original.
I like this game except every few games it doesnt give me an empty tube to sort the balls with. How am i even supposed to be able to play that round if all the tubes are full when i start? And after i gain a bunch of gems to unlock new balls it stops giving me the option to unlock them. I am deleting this app because of the issues. I would rather find a different game that will let me unlock all of the balls and one that i can play all of the levels.
What the hell w/ the stupid ? Game is fun to play. Graphics are good. I'm not to high in levels yet, hope it's more challenging later on. For now it makes u think,and it's fun to play. I'm on level 15 !! and this game is still just too easy !! You must make the whole game more challenging !!
Game could have been more fun with more challenging levels, but the ads are not even worth it. To complete a level in under 30 seconds and i have to view an ad for 30 after almost every level?? no thanks.
This is a great, thinking game! But the ads are almost after every completed game! Some are long...some connect where I'm asked to install there apps...continues, I will uninstall!
Too many ads. I understand that's how they make money and keep the game free, but there is an ad after every level - and the levels aren't that hard! While this is a slightly more challenging Sort game than others, I spent more time waiting to skip ads than playing the game. Uninstalled.
The levels go quick and there's a lot of ads. But my level 11 is literally unsolveable??? I have the screenshots and recordings, the point of the game is to move one ball at a time between tubes to organize them. Well all the tubes are full!! There's literally no way to move balls and solve the puzzle without skipping!?
I only got through 2 levels and had to watch at least 4 ads. Way too many and way too long to wait just to play
Cannot get passed level 11. It is literally impossible as there are 5 vials that are all full with no empty slots to move the balls.
The advert on Facebook was not what the actual game is, every twenty seconds you are interrupted by advertisements, and the different modes are really not all that different. Would not recommend.
Awesome time killer. Ads are a little much some days and not too much other days. But I wouldn't give it up because I think it's a great game. Keep up the good work.
Game is nothing like the ad that got me to download it in the first place, very disappointing, why show a version of the game that is not even remotely the same?
Fun game, but the ads will have you wanting to throw the whole phone across the room. I play lots of games with ads but this games ads are ridiculous. Uninstalling after only 3 plays.
This game is an ad riddles nightmare. they asked if you want to see an ad to unlock something, so you say no. Then they show you the ad anyway, and that's why mobile games are dying.
$3 to get rid of ads, but watching ads still required to unlock new vials and special levels. Level 11 unsolvable. Levels repeat after 200. Unable to unlock last 4 ball designs. Few colorblind friendly ball types, none of them unlocked automatically. I actually do like the game and hope it improves, but it's just not there yet.
This is a good app 9.5/10 the other .5 is that there was an impossible level were everything was filled in and there were no slots open pls fix this level. Thank you!
A 30, second ad after every single level renders this game completely unplayable. Waste of time downloading.
Uninstalling! I understand needing ads but this is absolutely the most redicilous ad infested game ever! You have an ad before you play then you have to watch an ad to earn a reward that you should automatically get for solving the puzzle then you have to watch an ad to get to the next level!!! Then it starts all over again with an ad to start the next puzzle! Outrageous!
Fun game bjt like all, way to may ads to make it enjoyable, finish a level in 10 secs and forces to watch a 30 sec ad... so watching add more than game play
Fun, but waaaaay too many ads. Went through 3 different ads just to move to the next level, and between 1-2 ads for every level if not collecting a bonus.