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Sonny for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Armor Games located at 16808 Armstrong Ave Irvine CA 92606. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I was browsing the internet when I remembered that I used to play Sonny 1 and 2 on my laptop, then I tried to look it up on the internet if there's this game in the store. And boom! Here it is. This game is good, graphic's fine, but there are some features that can be added into the game, like speed up or double speed, the option to lower the graphic setting, etc. The downside is that there are too many intrusive ads, time spent watching ads is longer than playing the game itself.
Game is absolutely terrible. Jumped into the game to find out it is half voice acted. No animations, equipment doesn't show, only ONE skill tree vs the 3-5 you could have on the originals. And then the ads. I would've paid up to £5 to play a polished reimagined game, but this, it's not even worth my time.
Pretty fun game, pretty disappointed that the gear doesn't display on the charecters like it did in the other sonny games though.
DEAR ARMOR GAMES, I am a massive fan of Sonny but this reboot is disappointing. The SOUND AND MUSIC are really good. I like the main menu music and the sfx but it just wasn't enough. The ANIMATION has downgraded. The animation where you swing your arms before you hit doesn't exist. When you're stunned, you're not in your knees. Even the items you wear don't even appear on you! Only a few words were said, the characters doesn't say the whole dialogue like before. Skill tree is very short and tiny
Big Sonny fan and this one starts off super fun, but the difficulty creep after zone 4 or 5 is ridiculous and training gives you very little experience. Even when you do level up, it's not worth much because skill upgrades are trivial.
I loved the flash game itself and was excited for the mobile game, but frankly disappointed. With the replacement of cutscenes, remodeling of sprites, removal of visible armor, downgrading of leveling system, and ect, the game has lost a lot of its personality. In all honesty I would have preferred it just being the flash game on the phone without the revisions and changes.
Enjoy the game a lot, I also enjoy how the game has turned out I played it originally when it was just a web browser game on armorgames, but the only thing that sucks for me is that the ad revive for the team doesn't work I'll watch the ad but when it's done and I close it so I can play it only shows the enemys and my side is empty the only thing I can so is pause and resume or quite the stage.
I do really love Sonny series, but this game is not bad, but there's also nothing to praise except music. New mechanic about evolving is a good idea, but it doesn't feel to be really useful. Battles are going really hard which send you off to farm exp. The storyline is kinda goes away from the middle of second location and then it goes all by itself with its new story. Pretty sad about clothes... All in all it's not that bad, but it feels like it's not that game i knew before.
Good experience, the original games were more complex, but it's still good, thanks for keeping the original creator's legacy alive. May he rest in peace.
Having played the old 'Sonny' flash games, I can't help but compare them. This game lacking. No attire change based on equipment, No class selection, less voice acting, strange and disfunctional ad placement. Overall a disappointment. However, the game is pretty. So I guess it has that.
Would like to be able to control other party members. The AI party members often use their abilities very inefficiently. Requires a bit too much grinding per area which gets worse with each area. i was 1 to 2 shotting area 5 enemies and area 6 enemies 1 to 2 shot my guys even with resistance to their element and max level gear for area 6.
Definitely one of the best games on the play store: characters are likeable with great voice acting. The game is beautiful to look at, especially the comic panels. The combat and design is clean and well done, although lacking compared to the original sonny games. Recent updates have bugged the game(?) so element cosmetic changes and revives don't work. I did hope for a post-game boss or ng+ but the ending was still satisfying enough.
I really love the game, and am glad it has improved on the app store since it started. Everything is almost flawlessly amazing, but the only concern I have is that when given the choice to revive in exchange for watching an ad, it doesn't work. The ad will play, but afterwards it will leave me back in the level without respawning. Please have this fixed
The game was not bad, but I could not deal with the ads. You give an option to watch ads for extra XP or $$, but I hit skip and you still push an ad. I get everyone is trying to make money, but at the rate you are trying to get clicks per ad, nobody is even going to bother playing this game at some point. I would have eventually watched some ads for XP and money further in game, but I got turned off before I could get there.
I have played the sonny flash games and I feel like this is a great remake of it. I love your flash game version and wish flash player doesn't die so I can play all Sonny games.
I loved the old games and this one is a pretty cool reboot and much better than other reboots of old games I've seen. I only have 2 complaints though, 1) no control over allies, normally not that much of a problem but from time to time the ai does incredibly stupid things and 2) revival doesn't work. I'd like to see a more in depth skill tree in the future and maybe 2 power wheels for active/passive abilities for more varied play styles.
Honestly, it breaks my heart that this is a downgrade from the older flash games, but its still an absolute gem by app standards.
Outstanding refresh of really good "once upon a time..." flash game. I still remember playing it on Newgrounds while it was just realesed for the first time. It brings back sweet memories of the sweet youth when I still had a lot of time, and I really mean A LOT of time to play video games. It feels really good to find something you know well and you loved (honestly, it was one of my very favorite browser games!) and it got pretty and rich :) Sonny, my old friend ;P
Not too difficult and not too easy either. The game gives you a sense of knowing why and how you should balance your stats; there's no OP statistics on items and overall you can only rely on combos of your own movesets. I just wish there's something to do more with your allies, like maybe add more abilities to them and like in the previous Flash installments customize their behavior, but the follow up of the AI is good nonetheless.
Its good, but not the greatest. I was disappointed to say the least, when I realized the gear you put on doesnt show up on your character, the animation is noticably downgraded, I've also noticed the lack of attribute points, the story doesnt compare much on how the original Sonny games were written. It just feels like it was rushed. I hope that guy who's making Sonny 3 (4th adaptation) ends up with a good product, I have high hopes for him. Love the soundtrack though.
Decent reboot. However there are few big problems that reduce what you can do as player. Not being able to put teammates in defense or offense like older games so you hope they do what you need them to do. Skill wise having to put passives into your active skill tree for them to work limits your skill choices way to much, even more considering you ger to choose strain later that results in even less skill slots. Little detail like moving models and visible gear would be nice but that's details.
You get the option after every battle to watch an add for extra gold or exp, or you can skip the add and receive a normal amount of both. After a while, even if you choose "skip" you still get forced to watch an add. Ok.
Damn I played this game 1 and 2 in flash games and finished it. I thought Sonny was like on flash games that you can change his outfit and weapons with excelllent animations like moving hand when they attacking. unlike this, no body movements animation and unchangable outfits and exaggerating skill animations
If you are a fan of the original Sonny games, don't even bother trying this. You spend more time watching unskippable ads than actually playing the game. It's nothing short of pathetic and wasteful. The combat doesn't feel nearly as good and the only plus side is the improved graphics, which oddly feels worse in some areas. Loved the first two and this just made me sad. If this is anything close to what they have or had planned for Sonny 3.. Just kill it now and be done with it.
I have played this game before! When I downloaded this game from my old phone, it is will only take me about 100mb + Surprisingly it is already 200mb to download this game. I guess, there's a lot of upgrades. For those gamers who have better phones, I am telling you this is an awesome epic game!
This remake are just terrible. It lacks of consistency of improvements since the last game(whiches Sonny 2) on flash version. Imma huge fan of Sonny series since it was came out on AG, how the animations are much more fluid, more dark and tron-like vibes but the new one are just static, i mean sonny will stay shirtless green zombie... like forever even though i put tons of clothes and equipment. It's ridiculous
Similar vibe to the first game but just not the same game. It's missing so many of the features that made it great. The skill trees are simplified, there's no animations and the gear doesn't appear on your character which really hit me hard. I like the art design but without the above mentioned it's just lacking. Love that this is available but it's not going to cut it for me as it is.
I defanetly think that this version of the port sucks comapared to the origanal flash version. apart from the improoved art style I think that this version of the game tries to butcher the origanal in a way that almost disrecpects the the people who made it. overall i would give a score of 1.5 because of the poor exacution of the combat and skill system and the lack of a good ui and map. im also im bumed out becaust the combat anamations were taken out along with refighting the area boss.
This is a sad shadow of the original Sonny. I had hours upon hours of game time in the original. Loved it. This, however, is a terribly dulled down version of what WAS a revolutionary RPG. When did the original come out, 10 years ago? In 10 years of technological advancements, you would think Armor Games could come up with better than this steamy pile of manure. What a shame.
you can't control the alternate characters in this game. most of the time the creatures you're fighting kill your main character first. so most of the time you just end up watching the computer fight the computer. this is not fun. if I wanted to watch a video, I'd watch a video. if I could give less than 1 star I would.... But unfortunately one star is the least that I can rate something on Google Play. I also noticed that the app monitors don't even respond to the reviews. This shows no support.
Games broken i watch ads to revive my team but they don't revive so I'm just stuck on a screen with monsters and I have to restart the battle over
I loved the game online, and I love this version. unfortunately, there are some annoying bugs to be worked out still. every time I die, and watch the ad to revive my team, the game glitches, and I'm stuck at the battle screen, no team or stats visible, and the only option available is Exit.
Love this game. turn based strategy. free to play. good graphics. I was playing this game since it was on armor games website.
We spent so many years waiting for a Sonny game, but this is even worse than the first game that came out 10+ years ago. Where are all the animations?? What happened to the original combat system??? How is this somehow worse than the games made in Flash so many years ago?
This is terrible. Not even close to being like the original. One does not have any control over Sonny's stats or class, Veradux's stance cannot be changed and therefore you die so many times because of getting no heals since you don't control it. The skill tree is poorly designed - it is not even a tree, you get all the skills within a few levels. What's even worse is that you get a long ad in your face once every few seconds. And you can "watch to win" even in legend runs. Not worth it.
Recently played through the originals again and it reminds me why this one didn't take off . The skills are too few and aren't as interesting. Random evolution can dictate whether you win or lose instead skills and strategy. Graphics have gotten messier and less animated. You're stuck with 1 tiny skill tree for 3 full zones every playthrough so replayability is worse. Less customization in equipment and stats. No bonus zones either. Final boss is a political joke which will soon be dated.
I played the original on pc so I'm farmiliar with the game. I dont like how when you equip weapons you cant actually see them. small details like that which were in the original. It seems you made graphics "better" while taking out the combat animations, weapon holding etc. Quit being lazy and do it right. All you had to do was transfer the game to android as is.
A 99% backwards turn gameplay wise. Your model no longer changes based on current clothes and armour, models are just jpegs that go across the screen occasionally, and Louis isn't blind anymore. Big boo. If you had taken the 2% brain power required to put ads in the game to Google the first game and more or less copy it but with better graphics this would have better reviews.
I extremely hate how there's commercial. You get the option to watch the commerical for double XP but even if you click it there's another commercial! I would pay to disable all commercial. The animation isn't great, not like the classic Sonny 1 & 2, your equipments will never show, the attacks graffics aren't that good. I also dislike how there's no option to either pick your class (Assassin, Guardian, etc.) Controls are easy to use like the classic way, with new feature.
Excellent game. Unfortunately, the revive function doesn't work, and a couple of the power trees aren't strong enough to make it very far. My last complaint is more my own problem. It feels to me like, in EVERY Sonny game, the Baron is overpowered. Even when he's not the final boss. As for positives, I adore the controls, and I like that you abandoned the old version of focus. The characters are fun, and the graphics, as always, make me happy.
Many people hating on this game miss the original from a point of nostalgia; and whilst that is perfectly understandable, I actually love the new changes! The combat system is more realistic, fair, and challenging, the points system encourages diversification of abilities so that you can really get a feel for the classes, and the new story is excellent! Two caveats though: one, the effects should have been the main focus - not healing or damage, and two, finish the original story and this one.
The Combat is intuitive but being unable to put allies into certain fighting modes like defensive or aggressive causes a tremendous lack in tactical options. I have been in way too many pinches that I lost due to my Teammates doing some stupid moves even tho the tactically required ability was off cooldown. The music is awesome and has *that Sonny feeling*. Not seeing equipment on chars sucks. Story reboot hit me right in the feels. Now the real Sonny 2 ending will remain a cliff hanger forever.
great remake! I would like to remove the ad's though. am willing to pay as well but don't see any option... as for the game, some visuals for the items you equip would be awesome! cheers! edit: I've changed my mind. I tried to put up with all the ad's but it's getting increasingly more annoying. please make a purchase option soon! edit: game uninstalled please please please let me know when i can make a purchase!!! <3
Great game. However, the revive feature doesn't work: the game makes you watch the ad, then freezes every time, forcing you to exit.
Well-made reboot of the old classic. I played the first and second Sonny years before, and Im impressed on how they managed to come up with a good reboot all the while keeping the story intact. I have a complaint though, Id like the game to become playable and beatable using each and different elements. Tried and tested them, and so far, the shadow and ice combo was the best Ive come up, beating bosses even after the final story boss.
Bro this game is awful. Literally the other team gets a full 2 rounds of moves, then one of your team(normally not you) gets to make 1 move, then the otger team gets to go a full round of moves again. Like you guys gotta do something about order of moves, and just stick to it. I get hit 6 times by the time i get to do something, so im basically already dead and have to heal. Then repeat.
Good game in general but it lacks some few points. The equipment doesn't change like in the pc version. You don't have any additional info to your stats. You don't have tactic option anymore like in the pc where you can set each team to be aggressive or defensive.
wish extra special content unlock after beating the story. gameplay just drops off after beating it. like a wave of enemies you have to defeat for special equipment, also add an incentive for watching ads. Maybe like points that you could use for unlocking special characters, or extra special abilities
Doesn't nearly match the depth or weight of the original flash games it's derived from. Feels far too simplified for no reason when this was an opporunity to *expand* on the depth of the originals. Graphics and interface and clean, but bland, uninspired and generic. I was a huge fan of Sonny back in the day so I'm disappointed to see this is such a wasted opportunity.
Gameplay wise it's pretty close to the original but that's all. Every other aspect of the game is pretty lacking. Theres no animation and equipped gear doesnt even show. Disappoonting
I like this game, but it's nowhere as good as the original 2 games. I feel like it's good in some games to reveal secrets and clear up the mystery, but sometimes it's not good. Here I like that they cleared up the story but sometimes it's better if you don't. The combat in this game I enjoy but I wish they put in more things from the original games. In my opinion something makes this game feel a little rushed, I mean it took 10 years for this to come out. Play without WiFi, lots of ads.
I've played this game before in armor games so i try this, the game is good, the graphics and the story line, still 2 stars, cuz where are the animations, they dont move a muscle when attacking and wearing armors dont show on your character, the sonny in armor games is way better than this sonny, and besides, the 3 major types of magic that they will let you choose from the start is missing, i still remember the color of it, blue, violet and red though i forgot the names
Great game. Nothing to pay. A lot of option to evolve. Not a lot of ad. Good graphic. It's been a while I am looking for a game like this!
Great gameplay, great art, just a lot here for a free mobile game. Bosses can be pretty challenging, but it feels very good to overcome those obstacles.
Now, let me just say this: This isn't the best remake. I like some of the visuals and the music remakes, however, the gameplay and other visuals I feel are just not faithful to the original flash game. The gameplay is unfair, as you must pick a certain class unless you want to get wiped every single time. The original is just so much more superior, and I'm very disappointed with this.
Linearized five times more then other entries. riddled with ads, gear doesn't appear on characters unlike past entries. Resurrection from a battle doesn't work, and forces the player to leave the fight. The soundtrack is really kicking though, and just makes me wanna go play Sonny 1. When declining a bonus so an ad won't be seen, one is played anyway. Ad after EVERY battle past the tutorial. tl;dr, Just go play sonny 1 or 2 on Armor games, you'll have a much better experience.
Different vibe that the OG flash games, but still fun. Skill trees are not as complex as I was hoping for - but still allow for lots of unique strategies. Game is challenging, and prob yields around 8 hours of game play with lots of replay ability to try new moves.
As a fan of Sonny 1 and 2, I'm very excited to hear that there'll be a release of Sonny 3. The game takes on a differrent approach on story telling, strategy, and artform (which is fine, though i miss the dark-and-abtract of old Sonny). There're pros, and there're cons. Sonny 3 does not resemble Sonny 1 and 2 at all, so it's hard to say if it's better than the latters or not. Overall, I think Sonny has done a good job entertaining its players.
Needs: 1)I would pay to remove ads if there was a way to do so but as of now, there isn't. 2)It would be nice if you could see the armor that you put on the characters. 3) There should be more stat based abilities to change the players play-style in the game and what armors you use. 4) More than three save states. 5) Voice acted cutscenes 6) 18:9 Aspect ratio support. I loved playing the Sonny games back in the day, and this is not Sonny. This leaves a bitter taste in my nostalgic mouth.
I love Sonny. I played both Sonny 1 and 2 on ArmorGames and Newgrounds countless times. I've beaten this version twice in the past, and I've thoroughly enjoyed every run through. I just started again and I'm upset. Not by the optional ads that give you 20% more xp or gold, but the unskippable ones. If it were a free game, I wouldn't care. I deal with plenty of those, but I paid for this game. I shouldn't be forced to watch advertisements for a game I purchased. I'm disappointed in this update
I think the game is great. The only issue I have has to do with the features that have to do with ads. Whenever it asks you if want to watch a video to get an exp boost or gold boost, if you click no, it will play an ad anyway. Another issue is that if your team dies, you get the option to watch an ad to revive your team which is great. The only thing is that after watching the ad, your team doesn't revive. The game just stays with the enemy on the screen and nothing else happens.
I like the game but there are problems. #1 Revive function does not work. #2 way to hard like I can't get past the mutant zombie boss at all. I have been playing non stop just to get past it.
Three long ads within five minutes of playing the game. Not worth your time guys, there are so many quality games out there.
The game gets stupidly difficult towards the end. Area 6 is where the complete bs starts and from then on it becomes hair-ripping, eye-gauging and screen-breakingly difficult to the point where I find myself wasting my time with this game. I'm a completionist, I play games to finish them and this is honestly the first game I'm giving up on. When I have all max stuff and so does my team, the best abilities, yet my health drops to less than 20% before I even get to make a move..really?? Wtaf....
Here for the nostalgia, but was quickly turned off due to the sheer number of ads. Sure it's not P2W, but what's worse is that even if you chose to skip the ads, you get force-fed with it anyway. Higher level gets stupidly difficult, which means you need to do more grinding....and more ad watching as you progress.
Too much ad. You choose NOT to watch an ad, but it shoves one onto you anyway. The game itself was good though.
The new Sonny game is missing body animations and clothes on characters, as well as only two skill trees to use. Music is better now, and story is ok I guess, but as I said some features are missing including attributes and using more skill trees.
Great game brings back the old Sonny, couple of glitches need fixing though; Revive after watching an ad has never worked, you are forced to exit anyways. The evolution that grants an extra strike at the sacrifice of 50% damage glitches on attacks that strike more than once, particularly Pulse on the lightning tree. The attacks now heal the enemy instead of damage.
design and overall playability 10/10 but the game keeps forcing you to respec before each fight since the bosses require specific loadouts. You can't play what you want even if it works on normal mobs. also gotta restrict connection to the internet since it floods you with ads after each fight otherwise.
it is Sonny.. it's just not like the old flash version. Armor doesnt even appear on Sonny when you equip it sadly, which was one of the coolest things about the actual one. it plays really well tho! so if you dont care about all that then it's a good game.
Ads every 2 minutes of gameplay. be prepared to grind for a few hours in prep for every single level. Some features simply don't work. Boring, repetitive, and overall, a chore to play.
Too grindy and difficult. Lots of enemies that can one shot you, until later in the game, when you can get skills that can only slightly delay the one shots. Even then, still very difficult. Also, apparently the original two games in the Sonny series, while crude, had actual animation. This does not. Also, so many ads. Almost after every battle you get an ad. Honestly, a remake of the first games would be better than this reboot.
playing the original on pc as a kid they downgraded massively, no option to skip tutorials. weapons dont show in hand. just moving static images. the ideas still good but they have changed it too much. after every fight a repetitive option to watch an ad shows for a measly 20% extra gold/xp. even skipping this and refusing an ad still shows up i have to wait to skip!
exactly what I'm looking for considering I was such a fan of singid shadow of the warrior, buuuuuuut can I not pay to buy a version without ads? it really takes me out of the story when I have to watch an ad every 3 battles :/
This ain't half bad. But the previous ones were better. They look like they're just bumping into each other when they attack. That and no gear appears on them. Yoy would be better off making a port for The Last Stand series.
I like almost everything, but some things can really be annoying. The ads aren't too bad when you get used to them, but some levels just feel god damn impossible sometimes. I'm not sure if I'm missing something but when I picked shadow strain, my appearance didn't change. Again, I'm not sure if that's a feature, but I really hope it is.
I think people have too much nostalgia to enjoy this game. But I think the reboot is well-done. I love the focus on lore and characters, as it provides an immersive experience the prior games somewhat lacked. I understand that most think that the gameplay lacks complexity, but it is still intuitive. My main complaint is the final boss: when he does his shadow attack, you either heal and let him gain power, or dispell him and get a teammate killed. It's impossible with nature/lightning.
Much worse version of the main game. No animations, gear doesn't show up and altered story and visuals
Tried 3 times to revive once per battle by watching ads... ads finished... didnt revive... heres an idea. Make the game playable or take it off the damn store.
Finished the game, I do love the story of this game, it's art style, gameplay mechanics and also the earlier Sonny games before this. Though it would be awesome to see the characters change their outfits and the weapons they are holding change whenever we equip a different one. But it is still a pretty fun game.
Vety Nice and addictive game but also distracts from the serious work. I had to uninstall it but I like it very much.