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Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Classic

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Classic for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by SEGA located at Sega of America, Inc 6400 Oak Canyon, Suite 100 Irvine, CA 92618. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's amazing It is the best way to play and it even has the mythical hidden Palace :)! But debug Mode is annoying bc any time I go in debug Mode it pauses the game :/ But other than that I'll say it's worth to play
Yeah so the game is awesome nice story but while you Sega removed the multiplayer i say that you suppose to returned again
It is great to play as the sonic heroes. But I am sad I don't have debug mode on. I play on an ipad so can you give me debug mode on this game and Sonic 1 please I beg you
Used to work perfectly fine until the most recent update, even on a new phone, I can no longer play this game.
I love the the game so much I just want for you so many time so I can do final boss the boss boss boss final final boss before before I get Super Sonic and get all the chaos animals ..
I love sonic boom but if your in 2021 They made amazing sonic games with better graphics I like a lot of games but some have horrible graphics but this it's not bad or good 50/50
This is the best sonic 2 remake EVER!!! but only one thing bothers me and that is the 2p versus it doesn't work when I enter a room nothing happens I wait for A LOT OF TIME but nothing happens please fix this issue
I love all Sonic games in the past you can do debug everything and when you complete the whole thing I think it give you a item or something but I still like the game it's really fun and Sega made more super fun games so you should all check it out.
Great game and love the nostalgia you get and ad every time u pause which is why 4 stars but everything else is amazing u even have debug mode 😁
I think it is ok but I don't like the ads and I'm not the person with a lot of money so can you remove them?
I basically love the game itself because it's fun to play because you can bounce on enemies, defeat all of the bosses again in a boss rush and more basically... If you can do that in sonic 1 and 2 then you could possibly do it for sonic 4 ep1 and sonic 4 ep2.
I love it when I heard the reviews I thought there's gonna be alot of ads but there is not alot of them
I love all of the games! Infact I beat them all! There so fun to play not to much ads its perfectly fine even know this was made in 2014 I still play it today!
This game is cool,nice and good because it interdused super sonic,tails,silver sonic and the death egg.first of all super sonic if u get every 7 chaos emerald and i did it and i obtained flying, running more fast than normal sonic and no taking damge but while u fall of the map u die because when he fall of the map then he will go to the space.some people tell tails is useless but not for me because he can fly sonic and he can fly too.deathegg robot,silver sonic are to take emeralds and world.
Got to play it once. Now I just get a white flashing screen while the Sega logo tries to load. I'd pay to remove ads, but not if the game is unusable.
Thank you Christina Whitehead! This is a really good remake of Sonic 2. Everything is just like the original. Which means the Death Egg zone is just as bad as the original. But I understand that you were only allowed to remake Sonic 2 with no changes to the level design. But a really good remake regardless.
Just installed this today. I understand there will be ads for the free version but the ads pop up right in the middle of game play while sonic is running. This is unacceptable. Why would you create a game with ads directly playing in the middle of gaming? You couldn't have the ads play after the round is over? I've only had this game in my phone for 10 minutes and I can't even play without constant ads playing. I'm already deleting this game now.
The touch controls are horrible, I would imagine it's much more enjoyable with a physical controller.
Its a great game the controls are good the game haves the player play as knuckle please have a sonic 3 to mobile
Noice, better, and free characters totally better than the original but the debug mode is not working everytime i activate the debug mode in a level it just takes me to the pause menu pls fix this
I get hit ONCE because of the stupid star things and I fall and have to go ALL THE WAY back up again. Also, because the base game sucks already.
Besides the ads, I genuinely can't think of a single negative aspect about this port. It controls extremely well for mobile standards, it has a save feature and multiple save files, it's in wide screen and improved the special stages, there's multiple options for how to play, the added modes are neat, and I mean... Come on! It's Sonic The freakin' Hedgehog 2! If you like old school games but don't have the consoles to play, this game and the port of the first game are easy recommendations.
I HATE the final boss at least give the player one ring. Couldn't you have made them I little more were you can actually now wich way to press.
I absolutely love sonic 2 but I hate all the ads and it has some bugs in it like why are there so many ads and why is there bugs in the game where it the pad stays down only and you can't jump at all
Good game but too many ads.. Its virtually impossible to play with so many ads and the swaure of the ad remains in the game
The game is really cool cuz the controls are great, you dont need to play the game to unlock the characters (sonic, tails, and kta) and its free. And sonic 2 is my fav sonic game (but sonic mania is better tho)
The game itself is legendary and this port is just as good, the controls are great, not much ads, they don't bug you to buy the ad free version, you just get to play a great game.
Why does this game require internet?! Before I even start a level there are 2 ads and If This was a classic then make it a offline game sega people wont enjoy a game which they can't play offline like the original!
I know Tails he is a flying fox. Where was Tails in Sonic 1? Because this game cool What is up with Hidden Palace being under Mystic Cave? I think Mystic Cave is under Hill Top. Wing fortresses lazers hit Sonic's plane with Tails in it
One there are no ads debug mode u can play as tails and kunckels sorry if i spelled it wrong in debug mode can play as super tails in debug mode level select its a perfect game good work.
Amaizing game Sega ,ill tell you some secrets to get level select first at the sega screen tap S,E,G,A quick then before the background starts put your two fingers together then tap ,debug mode code 1,9,9,2,1,1,2,4 for proto palace you must first enter debug mode code then use this code 3,3,3,0B,10,10,10,4 when you hear a ring sound go to hidden palace then done for all emralds type 4,1,2,6 For game config type 0,0,0 Thats all codes bye ;)
I have always loved this game and is one of my favourites in the series, this port only makes it better and i love it. The only problem though is the amount of unnecessary ads that are really annoying when you are just trying to play the game. If it wasnt for these ads i would definitely rate this 5 stars.
It's a high quality game all though there's a few bugs in Oil Ocean Zone like at the boss with the Lazer Hitbox if you have 0 rings then jump in the middle part of the Lazer Canon The game crash's.
if I click the one to the debug mode the game pause if I off the debug mod the game pause and a bad one is a ad if the game pause debug mod is broken I think up where the pause is bug 2 me is up where the rings is
I loved sonic growing up and never really grew out of the phase. I like the game but the problem is sometimes when I try to get sonic to fly with tails it often doesn't work. Have a great day :)
It's a great game! Would love if the drop-dash from Sonic Mania was implemented into a future DLC or update of sorts for both this and Sonic the Hedgehog Classic
It's easy to get all the chaos emerald's if you're a pro like me but i don't like that sonic doesn't have a power but the game is very fun the final boss isn't to hard the game is a bit better than the first game the chaos emerald's are easy' re to get in sonic 2 i didn't like sonic 1 and in sonic 1 you can't even go Super Sonic and in sonic 2 you can so sonic 1 is StUpId sonic 2 is way better πŸ¦”+7 chaos emerald's =😢 sonic sonic 2 where are you we've got some work to do now i love sonic 2 cool
This is a really good game, but every game has it's flaws, and 2 player versus locks the game up. After a special stage in 2P VS, it keeps freezing for me and the other character as P1 is now Stage. That's what it says, like I was Knuckles and P1 was Sonic, and after the special stage they were Stage. Please look into this. Another thing is when I try to start a 2P VS it locks up saying, Waiting For P1... I don't understand this and I hope you fix this. Thank you!
I purchased this app a long time ago, and it was replaced with an ad-riddled version. When I click the "Restore Purchase" link, it just takes me to the Play Store to download a different version of the game that is extremely out of date and doesn't work well on current versions of Android.
Ok this is good so far BUT I am a little irritated right now because I paused the game and went back into it and the ad was stuck on my screen and I couldn't see, I had to start the level all over again AND lose my chaos emerald that I worked so hard for
Paid for this about 4 or 5 years ago It was fine as it was then I guess you guys got greedy and put ads on this game that I already paid for
i like the game but the ads.. i cant skip them and its THE SAME AD EVRY TIME SO if this happens to you play on a another device
This port is way past cool! Controls great, I have never played the original one on the Sega Genesis, but I imagine it is just as fun! πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈβš‘
It was a great game but I have a small problem when l deafet the deth egg robot it make me to out of this game it show the ending plese set properly
This is an otherwise fantastic emulation of a classic but the sound delay is unbearable and forces you to mute sound effects at least. If this vital element could work correctly then absolutely a 5 star app this would be. Great controls, fun features, and smooth graphics even moving at a frantic pace. Please fix the sound fx lag?
Some people say that this has ads but... they are right i'd rather download the rom off my computer than get distracted by ads. And hopefully the game is fine due to selecting any character.
Fantastic mobile port of an amazing game. Adds widescreen, Hidden Palace Zone and so much more! Please port this to Consoles and PC Sega.
This is really good but the thing i do not like ia the lack of the bass because in the origional there was alot more bass in the music
Hadn't even started playing before I got hit with an ad. And for me personally, the joystick simulation on a phone just doesn't work well. It does play smoothly and looks good, but I probably won't keep it.
Ok. The game is good one thing is that there is. A creature in the bushes that is confusing me u know wat that is Sega tell me game is really good love it
Sonic turns Super and it's such an amazing event and when Sonic turns Super he cannot die with Knuckles Knuckles can just punch robot so he don't have to spend a dinosaur jump all you have to do is Glide and punch until God can't say nothing about Tails heaps but he's a great sidekick for Sonic Tails can fly Sonic everywhere but that she wants things wrong when you play Sonic on a phone you cannot turn tail super and it's so helpful when Knuckles can like climb stuff I yielded to find secrets
Idk what's going on, but the game wont even load at all?!? But on the other hand 8ts a great game. P.S I would also like if the developers give us some rings in the death egg zone and make getting the chaos emeralds a bit easier😊
i love this game the only problem is the ads please take that out please or I will be very angry 😠😠😀
I've had this app for years and love coming back to replay through it. I'm also grateful for the bug being resolved which would cause the game to run in slow motion on devices with high refresh rate screens. All I would change is to add the ability to move the controls to a custom location on the screen, but other than that, this will always be installed on my device.
Neat, it's pretty close to the real Sega game. I feel old as hell now, but thanks. Just kind of laggy now matter if I'm on my wifi works wifi, my cell data or anything. Even on my tablet it lags a tad
I can honestly tell. This is 1 of the best games of Sonic. Sonic 2 has great level design and it's a lot of fun to run throw the level's with SONIC speed. This game is just awesome in so many ways I can't describe,play it yourself to truly find out the MAGIC of Sonic 2
Every time i go into debug mode by pressing Score, Time, or Rings, I just pauses the game and i am getting pretty annoyed by it, if you fix this i will change my rating to 5 stars.
I gotta say christen whitehead did a pretty good job porting Sonic the hedgehog 2 onto mobile devices however I am only rating the game 4 stars ⭐ for two ✌️reasons one the controls needs work sonic will sometimes roll into a ball when I don't want him to and trying to perform a spin dash with these controls is near impossible and second the two versus is broken and doesn't work so if you please try to fix that in a future update
You removed the pit in mystic cave 2 and gave us hidden palace! And a new boss! Much better than super mario run! Super mario run costs 10$ to play the whole game, and nobody likes that! Also: please make: sonic 3, sonic and knuckles, and sonic 3 and knuckles! All with debug mode! Please! Also, put music options for if people want beta versions, and put sprite editors for colors! It'll make it 5 star, and sooo enjoyable!
Hi sega I just want say I love the game but there is too many adds while I'm trying to play with debug
I love the Classic Sonic games so much! But honestly I think they ruined the game because theres an ad on almost every single thing you click. Its really annoying and worst of all theres thisi stupid ad called 'Guardian Tales' and this ad pops up eveytime I try to play! And worst this trash ad has not exit button! So the only choice is to watch the ad and its impossible to play because theres no exit! Please fix Sega!
This game showed me, how cool Sonic really is. Its fast, easy and has PERFECT physics. Bosses are enjoyable, (final boss too!) and controls are easy.
Everything is fine about tthis game except the ads but its ok after you purchase it. Other than that, i hope that sonic the hedgehog 3 classic will come soon. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»
I love debug mode and good and that stuff but when I try to activate debug mode it sends me to the pause screen and when I try to continue I have to watch a ad it's kind of annoying but I like debug mode to get first go to no save mode then tap the s.e.g.a once you hear a ringing noise that means you activated it now you just need to hold your two fingers on the screen then you go into a little blue screen go to that thing has numbers put 19921124 to get debug mode
I liked this port of the orginal sega gensis classic with a save feature and extra playable characters this game has but I have a problem and thats with the 2 player online mode the problem is that I couldn't find my friends name and only see random ones overall this game is great
this game does not have ads and glitches maybe its because of phones and i love the silver sonic in death egg its easy and cool oh almost forgot please make a update new maps and new robots also update silver sonic and death egg change sonic to a evoulotion of sonic chaos please
The game is awesome. As it should be, but theres one problem, every time i tap the top left corner of the screen to enter debug mode, it pauses the game, can you fix this please
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Classic, like the 1st game available on Moblie is the definitive version of the game. But includes more than the previous port, being the additional of a new level, the scrapped Hidden Palace Zone. This is a great way too make the game have more replay value. Again, it has the original 3 available too play with save states and achievements, but now you with more levels and more reasons too play, Sonic 2 Classic is the best out of the two.
A still falwess remaster a better yet the bug that crushed the game has been removed now if only we could get a remake of sonic 3
Not only have you not ported these to consoles or remade them in mania's engine but you also killed the app with adds that ruin the multiplayer experience, plus you can no longer play the game offline. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU SEGA WHY CAN'T YOU MAKE A GOOD GAME FOR ONCE ALMOST EVERYTHING YOU MAKE ALWAYS ENDS UP BEING RUINED FIX THIS GAME SEGA.
I found 2 bugs SEGA. Please try them out yourself. 1. If you jump at the exact frame you touch water, you will jump very high. 2. Tails has Super Sonic's speed and jump height when he dies the same time you turn super. To sum it all up, super tails exists, but as a bug. Second, make sonic's colors brighter, not darker. Tails has the same issue, and he looks yellow, when he is supposed to be orange. My rating will change until these SIMPLE changes are made.
I tried to get debug mode, I went to No Save, tapped all the letters in the SEGA logo, which resulted in a ring sound. I tapped the title screen with 2 fingers. It should've brought me to the stage select, but it didn't! It brought me to Emerald Hill Zone! Is this some glitch?
Thanks for fixing the ending but however there are still some bug when i play the debug mode and turns into the item it just keeps go into the pause menu it a bit annoying please fix it
Pretty good.... But there are some background pop in graphic issues. The controls are looser than I'd like them to be. The bonus ring stages are nicer but the controls are too sensitive in those stages. Hard to beat the retroarch genesis plus gx emulator version that's exactly like the original.
This is actually a very good port. You can play as Sonic, Sonic & Tails, solo Tails, and even Knuckles! There's also a save feature, something the original Sonic 2 definitely doesn't have. There's a time attack mode, many achievements to unlock, and (I think) even a hidden zone! I haven't found it, but I'm pretty sure it's in the game somewhere. My only complaint is the constant advertisements and the difficulty of the later special stages. The ads can be remedied with $2 though. Good port!
My favorite Classic Sonic game same thing with Sonic CD on my phone but this one is 5 TIMES BETTER but ads pops out everywhere sooo I'm give it 4 stars!
Controls for the special stages are annoying and why am I still seeing ads even though I paid to remove it?
Doesn't work with newer phones. Keeps getting stretched out and zoomed in. Will change my review once this has been fixed.
My experience was horrible it actually needs data in order to work, to the developers you failed it's actually the most foolish and worst game I've ever played.
I REALLY LOVE THIS GAME IT'S PRACTICALLY MY CHILDHOOD but there is one problem. On my Samsung S8 there are some glitches like trying to change for debug mode to sonic it always pauses for some reason, the achievements not saving for some reason & etc. (And yes I tried to get the achievements on a Samsung J3 Pro but it also didn't save)
It takes an eternity to connect one of those 2p versus rooms (even if you create your own room) and while I connect it crashes the game. It would be great if you bring back the old method to connect with other player on 2p versus.
Having a classic game turned to mobile is a great experience while on the go. If you're a true sonic fan, you'll play till your hearts content. (This is an updated comment from 4 years ago)
Debug mode: go to no save mode and choose a character and when Sega appears tap on the sega letters like s,e,g,a and u will hear a ring and when sonic appears hold 2 fingers in the bottom and u will get level select play the sounds 1,9,9,2,1,1,2,4 and there u go debug mode!
Great game, really brings classic sonic gameplay back, but however the amount of ads IN GAME is infuriating 😑 and just imagine that your playing sonic right and when you get to the hard levels and you need sheer concentration and ad pops up and messes everything up. Please resolve. Edit: I am actually done with this port, ads popping up when you pause the game is one thing, but an ad popping up during gameplay is another. I'm going to set up my genesis, at least I dont have to worry about ads.
1. We can play as sonic, tails and knuckles. 2. Press the + button to play as sonic and tails. 3. Use the joystick to move forward and backward. 4. Attack enemies by jumping on them or spin dash.
It's a great game, but I took two stars because the fact we need WiFi or internet to play. I mean that is the most retarded thing you did to these games. Make them offline, then I will add two stars. Oh wait, I forgot ad revenue. You listen to the money, not the fans.
No wonder why I'm a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog I really like this game because you can use debug mode and you can go on debug mode and go to the final boss in one more thing that I like about it I can use the Tails flying sound effect for my animations
this game is fantastic its so close to the original or even identcal and it doesnt have any bugs so yeah i recommend this game if your also a huge sonic fan.
So i dont know how to ride on him (flying on him) also using tails and sonic sometimes its annoying and he messes up making you lose rings. So its kinda hard. Can you also put a option to change you character in a game please. Its also hard to get some chaos emeralds can you make it easier?
I love this port! Theres an autosave feature, the debug mode, and even a cut off level from the sonic 2 prototype! I even found it! Somewhere in mystic cave zone, theres a pit that when you fall into it, your taken into hidden palace zone, and theres also a boss at the end! Theres also a cutscene with a falling animation which in never used in the normal game, this mobile ports hidden palace is different than the original prototype version but hey, its worth finding it!
its a really great game but some bugs need to be fixed. like i can't 2p versus mode and it has an ad for everything i want to do. so if you can fix this i will consider rewriting my review. and make sonic 3 and knuckles mobile port.
The game is very cool. I like the game.It is awesome The problem is the ads.Please do the following SEGA I am a big fan of the sonic franchise . 1.Make sonic 3 mobile. 2.Remove ads. 3.Make sonic mania mobile. 4.Add peelout into sonic 2. 5.Add super emeralds into sonic the hedgehog 2. All though it is an amazing game I really hate the ads.
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It is fun,but best of all you get all three of the characters without having to work to get them.However, whenever I go in and out of debug mode it gives me an ad.
I love how you can play most of the geniuses games and Sonic CD. But I wish you can release S&K, and maybe 3. One of my issues of the game though, is that it dosen't activate special stages. So... Overall, the rereleased versions are like the old 90's ones, So keep up with that
This is a really fun and exciting game to play, I also love the new update with better graphics and gameplay, But I do recamend sonic one too because that game is also a really good game 😁
I love this game. I love sonic. This game is a super faithful port. I dont have any issues with the game. I even can play it with a controller!
Not really worth the headache for the controls, I'm better off using a rom version because the controls for the special stages are egregious and it disappoints me. Some control hiccups for the playthrough too. If it weren't for that then its an easy 4*s but 5 is a long shot due to ad infesting the game.
i love this game so much because there are so many levels, so many ways to beat them, and my favorite part of all: there are so many ways to break the game!
I love the game! But one problem here is that I get too many constant ads, everytime I enter the game it always gives me 2 ads, and not to be rude but like c'mon don't be a sellout man.
The best version of Sonic 2, hands down. Unfortunately, the achievements in this version are completely broken. I've earned the same three achievements multiple times today, but they just do not unlock on Google Play Games. It always resets to 0/12 no matter what I do. I imagine this is a bug, but until then, it's not five stars. (Edit 9/12/20) Achievements are now unlocking correctly! Easily five stars, and highly recommended.
It is very good. My problem is that with the debug mode on the pause menu is having the wrong grapics and when i use and turn off debug mode it puts me to the pause menu. I only see it happened to me im not sure if anyone else has this problem.
this game is great and awesome the only problem is that the end is almost impossible on mobile compared to the original I've been stuck on the final boss for a week and also for some reason u need to be connected 2 the internet to play even though it's not online
I don't know why you need Internet for this game. Anyway I still love the game. I am invincible with Tails. Thanks SEGA for making me invincible LOL!! There is a bug though, but I don't care. This is best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And also, sometimes my controls get stuck, but still, I don't care
So far I have to say Awesome job! I remember when this game hit the shelves and I remember the 1st time I beat it. Nothing shy of what you got with sonic and Sega back then. Another positive is the fact that I can play with my Xbox controller and the button mapping is correct. It's almost NEVER going to happen like that. So for now, amazing job! I'll update the review once I've had a good chance to sit down and play a little
Love the game but please add blaze when or if you can shes my favorite character in sonic and as well this game doesn't need any stars it needs some good super mega flaming heart's soooo here you goo β™₯️πŸ”₯β™₯️πŸ”₯β™₯️πŸ”₯β™₯️πŸ”₯β™₯️πŸ”₯β™₯️πŸ”₯β™₯️πŸ”₯β™₯️ still giving it a 5 star and please add sonic mania to mobile please
I love this game. It is one of my favourite games ever. This mobile version is also the definitive version of the game. But I have one problem and it's that whenever I delete a file and start a new file in the save slot, it would just say that the new file is complete. Deleting and reinstalling the app does not help. If you can change that, I would definitely bump it up to a 5.
I was addicted to the whole sonic series on the Mega Drive/Genesis as a kid and its just as much fun now as it was then. This game is an absolute blast and I can't get enough of it! I just want to know when Sonic 3 and Knuckles is coming......
Sort of a jerk move. I've got a 4 year old who can do without ads. How is this accomplished? Turn off wifi and mobile data. This means I'll forfeit anyone needing to contact me in exchange for some ad free play. I write apps and just live with this. This author halts gameplay all together. It's his/her right but come on. And for what, so you can mimic an emulator? You'll never see this and if you do is be amazed if you changed anything, just calling you out.
This game is great except that I can't turn into super tails 😭. Sega I would suggest making some more games accessible for Android and iOS devices like sonic 3 and knuckles, sonic 4 episode 1, sonic mania plus and more sonic games (now the games I'm saying I suggest I hope you are going to put them on the app stores). Over perfect πŸ‘keep up the good work. From G.C.
Sonic two is a good game. Good special stages, charming graphics, and decent music. I love all of the classic games, because they're just so fun to play through. I'm still stuck on death egg zone lol.
Its awesome i encountered a wall glitch with knuckles in casino night aldo the gun things wont open when i play as sonic
It's perfect it even has the knuckles in Sonic two things that you can do with your original Sonic 2 and knucklesmy only major complaint is sometimes the bosses are too hard in the controls get really wacky
Paid $2.99 for Sonic 2 years ago, then Sega turned it into the free to play, pay to remove ads mess. Attempting to restore my purchase of the ad free version just directs to the old version on the Play Store that hasn't been updated since 2015 and doesn't display properly, so I'll either have to pay *again* or uninstall. I'll choose to uninstall.
Is good, but you ain't going anywhere if you didn't play it back in the 90s. although the graphics are like graphics today ! Best game ever.keep up the good work sega.ps.is sonic the heghog 2 Scheduled yet if not the movie then at least the trailer.but don't make it like the original
Hello sega. Like I say last time this game's graphic is good but the problem is the ads. When I start the game they have ads and also when I pause and start it back also ads, please fix it okay. Also please publish Sonic mania on Android because I am the big fan. Just title it Sonic mania classic okay. I'm sorry for what I say okay
I do like thos game a lot but the mobile port jusst throws out too many ads... and during special stages the controls feel heavy
This is a good port of the original genesis classic... But I have somd issues. The controls are fine, and the game is fantastic... But the versus mode doesn't work at all! If you make a room and start it, you'll just be stuck on a black screen while the same 11 notes play. Last time versus mode was implemented, it worked perfectly, even though it was WIFI only. It's a good game, but you'll only get 4 stars when you fix this problem.
Amazing game! This was the very first Sonic game that I ever played and seeing where the blue hedgehog is today is amazing! Its a classic and they even made a mobile port for Sonic 1 (official)! All I request is an official mobile port for Sonic 3. I don't know how to download the fan made mobile ports because my laptop is the worst and I'm afraid it could be a virus. So overall, its a really good game but I really wand the official mobile port of Sonic 3
This game was doing fine for awhile. Then after a few weeks, it started doing weird stuff. First, Tails started appearing alongside Knuckles in his games. I thought it looked cool but I knew that wasn't supposed to happen. Then the game started slowing down at random points and shutting off by itself. Then certain controls started activating despite me doing nothing. Pretty soon, the game was out of control and before I knew it, my phone was going haywire. Please look into this and fix it.
Perfect! The special stage dont give me a seizure anymore! The only problem is sonic and tails. Please add online multiplayer versus!
The game is great, but what happened to the old port? The game was free and didn't have any ads. Now they want me to pay for it, I owned the old version but I got a new phone so I cant play the old version. Sega, please remove this.
I love it but...... The Adds are way too much i wanted Sega to ya know You now i love Sega but you have way too many Adds i hope you Remove 'em Because i was collecting Chaos Emeralds but at the end There's an Add. REMOVE THEM 😠😠😠
Does not work on samsung sm-t230nu at all, immediately stops, but cool on other platforms! Would you like to suggest any ideas on why?
I love this game it's one of my favorite games. my only problem is using the debug mode pretty much every time I use it it just ends up pausing the game and then using it. I understand that you have a choice between ad support and no ads but literally every time I pause or exit the is always an ad. The rest of the game is fine it's just that theres way too many ads
First when you get the second chaos emerald. It's impossible and make an Shadow the hedgehog event not too hard
Best game very nostalgic. People who leave bad reviews with no reason behind them are just bad at the game. Ads are a bit annoying tho..
i don't understand why i have ads when i brought the game before the ads were adding in. i find it annoying to have to keep exiting out of ads when i pause the game or beat the 2nd zone of every map i feel that was a waste of money.
How to get all chaos emerald is get 96 rings and get a check point and jump dont move and get all rings in special zone for 1 chaos emerald I like it so much um owner did you just put my record in a vid also can you make silver char or shadow the hedgedog + giant chaos emeralds for super char pls
This game has to be hands down the best recreation of sonic 2 but it does come with it's problems such as the game randomly crashing in the Oil Ocean Act 2 Boss and debug randomly making you pause so you can watch an advertisement. I know you can buy the no ads version but I have seen from other people that it doesn't work, 2 Player Mode only works on IOS which is stupid since people on android can't play it. Overall it's not too bad of a game.
This was one of my favorite games when I was a kid. This mobile version is nearly impossible to play. It was fun for a few seconds, but your thumbs block part of the screen. Platforming is nearly impossible since there are no physical buttons to feel which direction you're pushing. I had a much more difficult time performing some of the most basic jumps. It was a great idea, but the execution of the game was disappointing.
Controls are horrible. Every time I press up, it pauses the game. To resume, I have to watch ridiculous ads first.
I like the graphics Sega the half pipe special stages are cool im using debug mode hidden palace is cool and proto palace stage select