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Sonic Forces - Running Battle

Sonic Forces - Running Battle for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by SEGA located at Sega of America, Inc 6400 Oak Canyon, Suite 100 Irvine, CA 92618. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good game like the update but don't do the same sort of events at least there will be some difference don't take it harshly I still love the game. (25th October 2019) I changed my review from a four star to a three because the new tails volt you have to pay real money for . Please can you change it to in game money I Know it will be expensive but I would not care as much and I will even turn it back to a four star. (12th February 2021)Lots of events but trofey system needs work.
It's so cool game because you get to play as baby Sonic and Excalibur Sonic anyways they have Chloe Vince too and it's just a really big game to play Sonic on it's better than all the other games that every other company has did anyways it's a really cool game
This game is great. It's really smooth and easy to play although I would say that maybe the game should make it slightly easier to get special.
SEGA could you do me a favour? Please let me in another race if I lose connection to the other one. Also I keep lagging too much when I'm in the middle of a race. Please sort this. Also, it would really give that Sonic Force feeling if you added Infinite in the game! Edit: WHY HAVE YOU NOT REMOVED THE "cannot race due to DISCONNECTION" THING?! IT IS SO ANNOYING!! THIS IS THE REASOM IM DECREASING MY STAR RATING.
Good game. When I first downloaded I said " I got free characters!!". Then I really thought the game was amazing.
The developers did a phenomenal job on re-creating a game that .are my childhood. This game is really smooth and the characters are clean looking. If you're a sonic fan this is the best app on Google play by far. The best part is that it's NOT PAY TO PLAY!!:) Ads do just as good rewarding you so it's fairly balanced.
Pretty good overall. They should fix the match ups and make ultra rares easier to get. I'm tier 7 and only have 1 ultra rare and its Zavok. Also, zazz stars are too op please fix that. Maybe make special cards easier to get as well. Thats all I have to suggest but I recommend playing this game.
I love this game so much.Its really good and it fun.But i would say in some chests You fet to choose between different card shards of every rarity.And you get to choose the rare person you want to get.Thats all i have to say and it a really amazing game!!
Very straightforward and visually impressive, just fun to race! There's not much to do other than race but it's pretty fun and that's all we want really right? There's a nice collection of characters BUT no infinite...yeah..thats right the main villain of the console game with the same name isn't here... its the only suuuper silly thing I found with the game.
Alright, I actually have a suggestion here; An endless runner style game mode. Like, you're still facing of against three other random racers, but it's like the race you partake in as a tutorial, against three NPCs so that you can play offline as well. As for rewards, to keep the pvp element intact, I think that much more than any rings you collect is too much to ask for. I also think that when you crash, you lose 5-10 rings. Crash without rings, and the run is over. Just a suggestion. Bye! πŸ‘‹
The gameplay is really fun, racing against human opponents keeps things interesting. However, my patience is tested when there's an ad after EVERY match. Racers and character leveling is behind loot boxes. Biggest complaint is the good free boxes take real time hours to unlock (3, 8, 12, and 24 so far), that you can only open 1 at a time, but at least you can unlock early with premium points.
I really like this game alot. It is cooler then the other games you people made. But there are too many ads. Just add a thing which just sometimes play ads if we win in a match. (i mean if we are first)and yeah I got so happy when I saw that there will be two new characters added to the game. Punk zazz and dj vector. Open the game then click on news.there will be the information of the new event and the new characters.
I actually initially enjoyed this.. Then there came a point where matchmaking broke, and now I'm constantly pitted against players that have character levels of 16 and player levels of 14, Vs my 5 and 10. No thanks. The game has some nice love to it, and I'm fine with the adverts, but there's just balance issues that kill the game at a point. Also, I've yet to see a Zazz player lose a race. His stars are pretty broken, and people who have him love using him. He needs a fix, DESPERATELY.
Its a good game... but... Google has already sent me a message saying that this game is slowing down my device. I've just installed it the day before (writing this) and I've had 10 erors already!! Please fix your game! I would love it alot more if you would, thank you!
Super fun game, but Ads after every game! The annoying kind too! It kills the game. You want to binge races and after two im so tired of 15 sec ads (not skipable usually) kills my mood.
Love this game, I mostly love how it's such a timekiller! Like when I'm bored it wastes so much time. So like if I were waiting for something, I play this game a lot! I love all of the characters aswell. Only problem is, that sometimes when I start a race it kicks me out. I've only had this problem 3 times. Also for Sonic lovers this game is a blast! If you're not a Sonic fan, I recommend you play this game! You can't really join thr same race as your friends though, there might be a way though.
It's good, don't get me wrong, it's just the game has a lot of adds and I can never get a new character, only upgrades on the characters I already have, I have some suggestions, At the end of the chest I think we should get a new character, and balance the, upgrades and getting characters.
I'm experiencing a MAJOR problem on my end. Let me tell you how it goes: The Main Loading screen. Loads and enters the other main menu. I choose a character, and push play. Then it just loads until it exits me out, taking my points in the process. My internet connection is fine, so I don't know what the issue is. My phone is an Android. Please help!
I realy love sonic games, but this game is a multiplayer game, but we can't play it in our country, Iran, and there is so much sonic fans in here that they want to play this game, but they can't. Please fix this problem, SEGA.
As of writing, I've had the app for almost a year, and have all but two characters. One thing though; the collection of Special characters. I feel some are great, but some are unbalanced. For example, I find it easier to win as my Level 3 Vampire Shadow, rather then my Level 6 Witch Rouge or my Level 5 Lantern Silver. Also, I want to see more Commons and Super Rares, such as Sticks or Ultimate. But overall, truly stands out! Highly recommended, 10/10. (My in game user is PrOfessOrGOaT)
Best runner game ever!!! That's the game. really cool. But if this game perfect it will be 5 stars. Firstly, can you add an option to discard the tails vault? Because it's really annoying when after claiming chest the tails vault comes. Secondly, zass star trail was just to powerful. Thirdly why must there adds after every single match? Imagine that you are furious because losing 10 times and there's suddenly an add just get in your way. Pls fix this now!!
The games doo cool I haven't replied yet but now after update I'm getting craaazy with those adds!!!!I'm likin the new update but it's ads ads ads!Pls get loads new characters and avatar creator!!!!😁It would be cool!!And when you get more stuff you'll get more powers,looks even pets like chaos in it!!Pls get more characters like sonic lost world also add eggman I've always wanted to see every single character and some of them having skins for like events.
Love the game it's very entertaining but I wish they'd add more characters like sonic boom characters or like super sonic infinite or even mighty but other than that I love this game
The game was okay... until i updated it😀.it tells me that i lost connection to battle speed whatever!! even when the connection was okay,it just pisses me of 🀯 .i haven't even played a single match after its update , its just keep disconnecting at every attempt to play a match
I'm always going against people using characters that shoot stuff behing them and take all ths items before I get to them. The character matchups are just awful. It used to be good, but now to many people are obviously using cheats and hacks, which ruins the whole experience. Ads after every round really slows down the pacing. The ads are usually something that is innapropriate, very baby-ish, and even in a language I can't even speak!
So far the game's been pretty good but with a few exceptions, there's been times when someone run smack dab into my attacks and there's no effect, and the hit detection when i jump over sometime i still take damage. There's also the win chest cap its annoying due to certain quest requiring me to get chest's. Then there's the event quest timer which practically has a mind of its own due to it not counting down outside of the app and maybe in app.
This game is so unfair for so many reason, some of the characters are way overpowered due to the abilities they have which makes the game is annoying and frustrating, the trophy system is complete utter rubbish, there are moments where you become 2nd place and you get zero trophies or worse, taken away from you making that hard progress of earning trophies pointless and when you're in a race against others, one wrong move and you just failed & lose the entire race immediately. I hate this game.
I would rate 5 stars but I keep having trouble in playing matches, it can't be just me because it works sometimes so that needs to be fixed.
I have no issues with this game its really fun to play when I'm bord. I dunno if its just me though but I think the red coins should be a little easier to get, but that's just my opinion 😁
Wonderful Game with updates almost every week. I love it.😍 However recently the game has been extremely laggy. It will stop mid game causing me to lose trophies. Plz fix this
Very good game, can't play it everyday reason is you have to wait hours to open a chest, if you have 4 chest you can't open all after the timer is up only 1 at a time. So in 24 hour you can only open 2-3 chests.
Very good game I've been facing this glitch ever since I installed it, there are s few ads so theu aren't disturbing but once there's a ad I can't close it no matter how many times I press it! please fix this when ever this happens I'm forced to close please fix this and add a way of adding people as friends and a two player race and there should be atleast 7-10 chest slots you can't even get things you earned, very disappointed...
The game itself is pretty fun, but due to space issues a while back I had to delete it, since then, I came back to it, and after some updates, it seems like the game simply won't load for me, I can pick a character just fine, but the moment I try to enter a game, it crashes on me, I deleted it and re installed it to see if it helped but, nope, nothing, which dampered my mood towards the game overall, as I have no other device to play it on atm. Either way, fun game to play, when I can.
Very fun game, but now almost every time when I try to open it, it keeps saying oops something went wrong, we need to restart. ☹️ It is really fun when it actually opens though.
. The point system is TERRIBLE!!!! . Big is WAY too overpowered!!! . There loads of hackers and cheaters who always win by spamming Zazz. . And whenever anyone else comes last they get -6 or -8 yet whenever I come list I get -24 or -27. THIS GAME IS SOOO UNFAIR !!! I'M SICK OF IT SO MUCH!!!
This app reminds me of when I was a kid. I haven't encountered any bugs so far, the graphics are great, fun character selection, games are short and intense which is ideal imo- all around just a great game.
This is fun but probably the funniest is playing against people to see how you can react to the obstacles but the only problem is that you NEED internet to play of course.
This game has to many glitches and I always loose! What happened to you SEGA! The game has way to many glitches.
I love this game and I would make it 5 stars, but I've been facing a glitch, when I join a game, there's a chance that another player disconnects or crashes, then next game I crash. I don't know hoe to fix it, please help!
This is a good game, but it could be better! You rarely get any red star rings. I wish you could trade rings for red star rings and red star rings for rings. I alsobwish for Metal Sonic's pickpocket attack, its way too OP. And the last thing to change would be the profiles. Lets say somebody could choose their own favorite characters or friend someone, or even chat with someone. Otherwise, this is a good game!
I hate this game because when you come in first second third or fourth it takes away a lot of trophies,and it's not 8m order how much trophies you get.and you don't get a lot of red coins .plus we need more time to get those special people.and maybe when you fix that I'll give you a five star rating
THIS GAME IS MY FAV!!! I love how we can battle and race with anyone! And collect all characters! THE GRAPHICS ARE EVERYTHING 🀩 But the thing is why you gotta place me in a group of way too powerful than me!! It's not fair because I'm a noob and they're too good and my trophies keep falling down :( please make it fairer πŸ₯Ί Can you also put a lobby so that I can play with my friends through online πŸ˜” overall good games I recommend this to everyone I LOVE THIS GAME 😭❀️
Love this game been a big fan of sonic forces this pays great respect to sonic forces I hope that that in the future you will be able to make your own avatar just like sonic forces and chose their skills, I would love to see also wispons added to the game too as well as solo games and boss fights. Keep it up Sega this game rocks.
It's OK i guess. However they need to fix the reward system. Once I came in 1st but it gave me 5 trophies and when my opponent came 2nd they got 15 trophies. How does that work?! They really need to fix that quickly. Because it is really annoying. Also they should make it in a way that if you come last you should just get 0 trophies, not deducting the trophies you already have...that's not fair.... also get rid of Tikal! She is annoying!
This game is really fun IF the developers stop those cheaters from cheating. Its really frustrating to build up your wins only to be taken away by someone who uses cheating apps to increase the speed and everything. Imagine being beaten by a level 5..(im level 14 btw) . With so many updates...why can't they ban all those fkers who are cheating from playing this game..it really takes away all the fun n skills!!!!!!PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!
I like the game, but it could use other characters e.g. infinite the jackal, honey the cat, and other not very known characters in the sonic franchise. And my game sometimes glitches and it's hard to play it, please fix this issue.
After last update this game became too much ads. Usually, ads are only obtained when you want to get double bonus, but now ads is a must see and must be watched every time you finish a game. It's a lil bit annoying and it's not like sega game. It's like a random game that the ads come every minute.
I've always loved Sonic, just got my daughter a Sonic backpack, and this game is just like the original, in my case I play it on a tablet.
Three stars because its pay to win.Well mostly after reaching 5000 trophies. Heres a suggestion make the battle chests give you rings permanently so More people can level up the characters.
Its a preaty good game but my problem is is sometimes stopped working so i need to uninstall it and download it again TvT, pls fix this bug . Now im sad i need to download it again and start again TvT. And other features that i want to add here is that you can add players ,that will be cool if you can play whit your friends!.
The raw gameplay is so fun and I found myself continuing to play matches even after all the daily rewards ran out because of how fun it is. Matches are short and vicious and it's so easy to justify one more game. The game really tries to get your money with tons of ads and pop ups, but none of it appears during gameplay so I don't mind.
It's pretty great. They have characters that are more represented than most Modern Sonic Games. Even unofficial costumes from Sonic Runners. But the ads are randomly weird. It's random what the ad is, it's random WHEN you get the ad, and worst of all, the ads are the same almost every time. If you play this for an hour, the ads are just one or two different ads that get repeated.
It was a really fun game to play when I did play it. I just came back to it after a while when I saw that eggman was added, and I was hyped to play. Problem is that I can't play. The game immediately crashes when it loads the game. I never get past that list of 4 players before the match. Please fix this glitch
I love the game it's only that it's really hard to get a super rare character and red rings and I don't get the cards for the characters that I want to use.
This game is awesome! The play itself is smooth,and the rewards are great. Just a couple of things I think will improve it: (1 more characters. I would love to play Shard and the other Secret Freedom Fighters! (2 playing with your buddies. Maybe over wifi or just others nearby,but it would be fun to beat my friends! (3 fix the trophies! If you have more trophies than anyone in your battle,even if you get first place you'll probably get less than the second placer! Not cool!
I like the game but they cheat slugger sonic and all star Amy when I use there home run sometimes it does not work, I had 4200 tropies three days after I had 4000 I did not play my player sometimes when I am controlling them they keep running
The game is OK but I really dislike the ads. Just got one for the Discovery Channel that my only option was to install it - no way to close out after it finished.
This game is fun I like it because you can get coins characters and they update the game so much so like I gave it a five-star because it's so fun and I hope you like it to download it it's free
Love the game !!!! So much fun, and love the characters you can play with, especially the IDW sonic comics exclusive editions of tangle and whisper, hopefully one day you guys add SALLY ACORN in the mix then you really can have my money lol
I love this game and i love sonic, but i gave it 4 rating because its said its a multiplayer game, but we cant. I searched for it in every option, but i just couldnt find it. Please fix this. And where is the battle pary. It would be better if there were two modes: battle and racing. And please put an option in settings for INVITE FRIENDS.
I cant believe this game still gets updates and events. Too many games have been left to rot and im really happy this one hasnt. Amazing game, recommended to everyone.
I love this game! The skins are cool, and the human opponents have weird names LOL. But, you should make tail's vault free so I can get more skins. And names shouldn't cost so much red stars. It took me 3 weeks to save up to change my name from Charlie to KA ULTRA. Other than that, I recommend downloading this game.
So fun and I upgraded mindful if you upgrade it in so much much fun but they're both fun and I collected some of them I can't wait to see if it's anymore new ones of Sonic forces.
Sonic Forces is pretty good. Most of the things feel like a big upgrade from Sonic Dash. The only thing that's keeping me from putting this as 5 stars, us that the races are WAY to short. Overall, I would give this game a shot.
This is a nice game and I really enjoy playing this, though sometimes it's unfair that the person who came 2nd gets more trophies than the person who comes first but overall, good game!
Ok let me first say this is an addicting ass game. I'm an extremely competitive player amd absouletly HATE LOSING. What i can't stand most about this game is how the reward system works why the hell am i coming in first place but the second place finisher gets more points then me??? Why when i come in 3rd place 4th place finsihes higher? Why when I'm in 4th place i get like negative 28 and everybody else is in the positives that grinds my gears. You guys need to fix that asap
This would be 5 stars if the ads werent so intrusive, a 5-30 second Ad after every race, twice if you want x2 rewards is just annoying. Id pay for an ad-free version.
Not a terribly bad game but there are some problems. There is something seriously wrong with how the game counts a victory you could win first but the game says second or a player wins second or third place but they end up winning more medals than first place. Next the characters pay to win maybe some seem broken and overpowered you can just spam really annoying attacks especially with Knight Sonic my advice needs fixing but not too bad and bring back the original sonic runners no paid stuff
The game had been good so far, and it looks really nice for a mobile game. The controls might need a fix, because it can eat your jump. The gameplay is good, but I really wish unlocking characters was easier, because I'm Tier 5 now, and I still have only one rare. Also, the warning symbols pop up to late. I think the rest the game is pretty good though.
Sonic Forces is a pretty decent runner. The game has good graphics, a rocking soundtrack, and is quite fun all around. Overall, it's a pretty good time.
This game is very good game that makes most of your time, dissappear. It is very addictive and I love playing it. It's constantly updating, Not some abandoned project. It listens to the people and It is played a lot. Overall, This is the best game ever!
Too many ads that could not to be missed. There is no way to select zones. You cannot receive bonuses if the storage with chests is full.
Great game but i have to gice it 3 stars because there is only one mode, and why have multiplayer when you cant challenge your friends? And clans would be perfect for this and some sort of story mode, 2v2 mode would be a nice start and friend lists.
Sir, it is amazing game. Only one thing is please add characters like infinite, Emerl, Honey the cat , Scoruge the hedgehog, because Scoruge Is My Fav. He defeated Sonic and Shadow .The thing that Scoruge Has its super and hyper form,Please add Super And Hyper Form,Add Sonia And Manic . All things are amazing But one more thing ,Make a update on Darkspine sonic
This game was a lot of fun and a great way to kill time. Now it just refuses to load. Every time I click on the app and it starts to load, it just freezes on the loading screen. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but the same thing happens. I don't know if it needs an update or what. Please fix this!
This game has gotten really sad. Cheating everywhere and a scoring system that can literally give you negative points if you win. It's been fun for a bit, but now it's pretty much garbage.
Wow. This game is so legit. Thank you so much all for SEGA. You'll always improve your courses. I couldn't get Excalibur Sonic but they are a few bugs. 1. Every time I exit and return to the game I lose trophies. 2. The game always acts weird during playing it. 3. I sometimes land in 4th place and sometimes it wouldn't even respond and I keep losing rings. Pls fix this game.
Just redownloaded this again after getting a new phone, and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to jump back in. (The Sonic comic characters- Whisper for me- were a neat addition, too!)
This game gets a 3 star for it's crazy network problems I could be on the best WiFi and still see the red "no connection" signal please change this and maybe a 5 star.
Came back to the game after a very long time The matches are still very engaging and it feels good to hit the first place. Micro transactions are all over the place, but they can be ignored I think, unless you desperately want that one character and it's super rare..ehem.Metal Sonic..ehem..the temptation to just buy it definitely exists and it can get pretty upsetting trying your luck at the 1000th chest and not getting those points to unlock it. So I recommend trying pursue high ranks instead.
This is a great game because of character variety, progression, and events. Only improvent I can think of is more characters like marine, maybe dulcy, knuckle's ancestors/family, scourge, and the other three members of the sensational six
I like Sonic forces speed battle. So many characters. I Wish for classic Tails, Classic Knuckles, and classic Amy Rose, and Classic Metal Sonic. I want to play with friend and family but there no add friend. Sonic team listen to your fans. Sega team please add this on app.
I do like the game but there are a few lag issues as well as some of the characters are broken with their abilitys and so many people abusing the characters ability just to get the win. Another thing is the awarding trophy system is also broken for second place.
The thing i give this game 2 stars because everytime i got first place the second place got +20 and i got +17, and every time i got first the game glith and give me fourth and every time i got fourth i always got -20 rather than any player that got fourth place they got -17 what is that all about the thing is i love this game because it made from sega because of the glith i got to 5.200 in to 4.279 and thats no good sega you need to give me some thing so i can give this game 5 stars review
Been having a phenomenal time so far. Currently tier 6 in this season and I only started 3 days ago. Only thing that's missing is constant stream of new content. Been following this game for 2 years now, but not much has happened. It'd be great to have fun modes. An example would be: everyone's speed is set to 1, but 15 strength. Or no power ups. Or 8 player carnage maps. Get creative with it. While it's tremendous fun, I need way more content if you want me to spend any more money.
Love the gameplay style, roster is really big and variant as well as the constant events. Although i've been encoyntering a problem preventing me to play which i'm sure many are familiar with. (whenever I press run, it gives me an error meaning ut doesn't or can't connect to a server and always gives me the retry button. Tried a lot of stuff to solve this and it won't budge.)
This is the best Sonic game which I have ever played. The best thing I like in this game is the characters. Hey SEGA, please add Sticks the Badger, Infinite in Sonic Forces, and many other characters, and make more than 1000 characters in Sonic Forces. Thanks SEGA!!!!. And DON'T STOP to repeat events. Repeat the events of Special Characters (For someone who has not unlocked Special Characters yet).
fun game, however I wish they would stop giving me redundent points. I had over 20000 sonic points and that could have been 20000 points for other characters.
I like this game very much. if you wondering why i give u 4 stars it is because sometimes the game crashes when im in a race. also can you increse the chances to get super rare charcters jn the next update and add sonic.exe in halloween.sorry for the request andthx for the game
Its a fun game. The characters are great with the upgrade abilities. Major problem is the infestation of ads. The bombardment of in your face buy this loot package garbage. Ease off a bit you money hungry scum.
There is something wrong with the ads, I'm F2P and that's how I get my rewards, so, sometimes, the button takes forever to load, and I need to play a race for it to work once, and rinse repeat, but sometimes, the ads don't work at all now, just give me a black screen, and no bonus rewards, I tried it with the free rings ad, and got no reward, please fix this
This GAME IS AWESOME best game ever! But one thing weird is sonic only has 3 strength and ......WHAT ABOUT THE STUPID HAKERS. YOU HAVE SUCH A LOW CHANCE OF Winning against them. Sega Hardlight please try to delete the accounts of the hackers. I like that you got Eggman in the game he is cool... But I don't like his boost.
Awsome game when u get every player it will feel like flying in the air,but the graphics should be improved,other than that everything is awesome
I would rate it more because at first it was great but the higher up you get the more cheaters you find. People invulnerable to all your hits. Or just straight up 100x faster when you are speed 10 and full coins. People finishing races before you get past the starting line. Its just got too many cheaters.
I uninstalled game so I could update it and I have lost my save and purchases and I have tried disconnecting my account and reconnected an it still has done nothing to fix this. Its come to my attention that once you uninstall the game you lose your save, kind of a dirty trick specifically if you spend real money in the game just to lose it can't even recover your purchases so be warned.
This game is so nice there are no adds at all and you can try so many sonics that aren't in the classic game and last but not least it is actually a challenge unlike the classic game mode
Amazing game! Its one of my favorite games and I love playing it! However sometimes I encounter a glitch where it sometimes freezes the game at the start of a race (its rare) and I can't do anything. Sometimes I have to wait for it to unfreeze or exit the game and wait 'til the race is over. Other than that I highly reccomend this!
Fun enough in short bursts. If you make any purchases you can remove adds which is nice. The major downside of the game; it is incredibly Pay To Win. Your speed and strength are directly tied to your character level. Without paying you can get to about level 10 but will then hit a near impossible wall. At that point it would take hundreds if not a thousand plus hours to continue progression. Unless you pay for chests of course. The difference between a lvl 10 and lvl 15 is hilarious.
I like it you do kind of get used to the pay walls but seriously?! Disabling reward chests after a while... there is no longer incentive to play your game! Like I would be okay getting charmy points or knuckles (those are common characters as the game works on leveling your characters to level up in general to play new maps and junk) but nope if you really like this game and you reach your daily chest limit/ do all current missions the only thing you can really do is wait on your free chest
Fantastic work overall! I love playing this game to kill time and it has a great cycle of characters and events. Only issue that I would have is occasional lag putting your runner in different positions at the finish line. If I were a developer I would also add sprites to runners while in the main lobby and possibly hoops for players to glide through. regardless, huge fan of Sonic Forces and look forward to seeing what Sega has next for mobile apps!
I would prefer if ads shows up every after 2-3 games rather than every game. Also the trophy reward system is kinda off, I got max ring and finished 1st yet the 2nd player receives more trophy. Also, when I place 4th place I lose more trophy than others when they are at 4th place. 3rd placer is a 50-50, but I still loses more than the 4th placer. It pisses me off. Why not have it fixed reward than random.
Best game ever! I have unlocked Shadow from the beginning. There isn't even no problem. And,I also unlocked Storm. Ok I thought the new character would be infinite or the avator, but eggman is also ok. And I have unlocked him today,and l upgraded eggman.
I love it i mean sonic and those guys are my jam I play almost every single nintedo game of course I have a suggestion like maybe you could use rings to make characters like you take a character and use a color pallette to recolor them and then you could choose 3 items and rename them finally you could add accessories and you could post them so other players could use them for some rings then maybe add the invite freinds I would love to see this as both a nintendo fanatic and a freind.
Like the game, but there is one problem with all-star Amy. Her dash doesn't work... When I click Home run the home plates doesn't appear. Please fix it. :)
An EGGcelent way to kill time. Tons of awesome characters to unlock too. It's like Sonic Dash, but vs 3 other people online
This is a very cool game. but can you add when opening chests an "are you sure you want to open this chest?" option? because i accidentaly wasted all my red rings on a violet chest because i thought i said "watch ad" and made me sob, this hasn't happen to me just once it happened more than like 5 times, Please fix these kinds of problems so it wont happen to anyone and the game will be more enjoyable :)
it was good but now I realized that if you try to change your name it cost so much. It shouldn't cost red star rings to change it. it really shouldn't cost anything. Not only that but if you try to change your name it doesn't work. Also if you play the game long enough it will stop giving you chests
It won't open. I think that's enough description of the issue. I only ever got to see the loading screen before it sent me back to my andriod homescreen. Yes I'm calling you out Shadow! XD
This game is super fun. The gameplay is pretty darn entertaining for a mere freemium mobile game. I've also found the community surrounding the game is really great, too.
This is a great app and I have all the 47 characters and it has battle, events like elf classic sonic vs jingle Belle Amy and team merch dragon vs team merchs, Knight of the wind, lunar blaze vs lantern silver and more πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸŽ„
This game is very good but sometimes i wish i could join my friend or you could add friends mine is not freezing or anything but sometimes its very laggy in the game and i hope you make it so u can add friends in future updates ☺ bye!😁
Have never played this one yet. Used to spend countless hours on my GameGear to play Sonic during my childhood. Am now just happy to see the Sonic app logo on my samsung A7x installed. 5 star just for the nostalgic presence
I like the game but the reasob i have 2 stars is because i BARELY get any sonic cards,there ahould be a pause button,and you shouldn't have to pay 100 red star rings just to change your name but overall i like the game.
I really love Sonic Forces Speed Battle! I could play this every day! And 1 of the things I love about the game is that there's a lot of different characters. My favorite characters are me, Shadow The Hedgehog, Excalibur Sonic, & Sir Lancelot! And when the season is over i want my Commons to be Sonic, and Silver. My Rares are Rouge & Wave, and my Super Rlove are is will be Shadow The Hedgehog, which is me. So I really love this game, Hardlight! Thank You!
Tis is a very cool game and would nightly recommend it but the fact that there are and after almost every run is annoying, it would also be better if there were more ways to get red star rings.
It's good when it works every time whatever I try to play it always happens the second time I try to play that the whole thing just glitches out it like shows the outside area and all that stuff while everyone's running and then like everything just slows down so Sega can you please fix this
Lots of Fun to play with tons of sonic/crossover characters. I just wish there two things to help the experience. 1. a way to pay to get rid of ads not the ads that you can play for rewards but the ads that randomly play. 2. A way to transfer your data from device to device.
That was a nice game, but can you add new feature? like can play with your friends, funny match with friends or something like that...Please
It's a really fun and addicting game! I can play for hours on end! There's a catch though, its constantly freezing up right when a match starts and it seems like the developers are all about the money. Items in shop too expensive for the actual benefit of what your paying for. Then after every single match you are forced to sit and watch an ad. Making it really hard to enjoy the actual game play.
I love the game and each time I reached out to customer support I actually got supported and they fixed the problem I had.
So I like the game a lot, I play whenever I get the chance, but It'd be nice if the abilities get switched up, a lot of the Characters share the same attacks but it'd be nice if they get their own unique attacks, blaze has her own special attacks, so does tangle and whisper, so someone like silver should have abilities related to his power, like a psychic boost instead of illusion boost, shadow should have chaos spear instead of the lightning, things like that.
This game is nice but when I start matchmaking sometimes net is slow and lose connection to the game πŸ˜” and when the game has over I see that my cups are cutted 😭😧😠 so plz at least don't cut trophies when someone has lost connection to the match don't cut trophies plz
A very nice game, however, when I mention it to my friend, she thinks of Infinite and the other game besides the mobile version. If you can update this game and add Infinite as a playable character that would be so cool! Infinite is one of my favs and my OC, Clover is dating him. Can you also add a custom character option and you could make your own character for maybe 1000 rings (not red star rings) please! I need Clover in my game!!!
The ads are somewhat tolerable until 20 min unskippable ads play every match. Then this new update won't let me in any match. It would just force me to load then kick me out saying "You can't join a match until your previous match ends."
Very enjoyable and fun especially for pros. I know from experience! 😎😎😎 Maybe reduce the ads though, as there are already a lot of special offers and in-app purchases.
Okay game. Just a clone of other runners with some extra gimmicks and a tiny bit more love. But ad's ruin it, Hell I'd even pay to get rid of them but I cannot find the bloody option!
I like the game. It's on online so it get's alot if challenge and sometimes there are cool events too and geting characters are not that hard if you get 1st place or second place.
It's great and all but when you get characters you get less parts of them and it's not fair you want to know your player games you better when people get like 10 characters or 15 and you would get 5 stars every day you should give 5 supper rare and 5 rare and 5 common
Even though my account cannot be recovered, I'd still like to thank you guys at Sega for hearing me out. The comment team had an immediate response, and the tecnical support team was able to nail down the importance of taking a screenshot of your account information in case you lose it. Purchasing in game will also email you a recipient you can use as well. Hopefully you guys will implement some sort of log in system, otherwise, you'll probably keep getting this problem.
Its fun, but theres so much bonus stuff and obligatory rarer currency that costs money its sad. You can play the game itself and it is fun, but upsetting so much stuff costs money. Also limited missions and once you finish them you have to wait for more missions. I wish there were less waiting and less money stuff
I LOVE this game! Tho only thing I dont like is that they limit the chest you can get after winning(but mabye its just a way to stop people from getting OP idk) Otherwise do download!
AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Sometimes I regret resetting the game, but if I hadn't done it, I wouldn't have gotten all the commons, Jet, Wave, Storm, Big, Zeena, and even Tikal! Okay, now I have all the commons, rares, super rares! Can you believe it?
I love this game it's very entertaining but I am having technical issues ever since you guys did the current update!!!! It's not letting me enter any races now I have tried 10 times to enter a race and it keeps booting me off!! This didn't start happening until you guys made us do the new update!! I would appreciate it if you guys were to fix my technical issue because if not I'm uninstalling.
It is a good game. It has sooo many cool characters to unlock, but I think there should more effort on charcters move sets. Example tangle she has two tail strikes, you could have made one of that tail strikes into a tail swipe it could work like Excalibur sonic and reaper metal sonic. And some characters are missing like infinite. I still think the game is good but it needs some fixes here and there,
Pissed 😑 OFF Why You Say "Multiplayer" when there isnt the Option. Sonic Dash was the best you've made and the more you try it seems to be alittle of genius but alot of stupidity at the same time. Please Fix!!!
I love the game but every time I try to play it on my phone it kicks me off I tryed to contact support team but it kicked me off again
way too many ads You shouldn't be seeing ads when you don't have chests to open and you don't have enough red stars but that's just my opinion maybe as I played a little bit more it'll change
This is a very fun game it doesn't have minigames and it isn't a multiplayer game even though it says "multiplayer " and you can also play offline this game is awesome get the appπŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒ
Too many ads. (Every match). Sometimes unskippable. Fair at the beginning but as you progress, the game relies more on your character's level and your status. The amount of ads just ridiculuous that I decided to uninstall this app
Really good Sonic game for mobile. Fun to play and has a lot of well known characters, but there are still a lot more of our heroes that could be featured in this game, including Super Sonic.
Fun at first but it gets pretty unforgiving very quickly when you get to the higher ranks. You can come in 2nd and get 2 points while 1st gets 30. Meanwhile you can lose 1 match and lose 2 or 3 matches worth of points. It gets worse when you have 2 or more bots in a match and they start working together to mess you up. Trap walls you cannot avoid, backwards attacks you cannot see coming, that sort of thing
It's a great game but for the past month it wont let me into a speed batle this has mad me vary mad and after numaus atemps it only let me play 6 batles but I pritty much just sat ghere and waited for the batle to end cuz it as playing its self so can you plz fix this. But thank you for adding whisper the wolf and tangle the lemur,plus having most of the characters but, you are missing creams mom vanilla and sticks from sonic boom so if you could add them that would be greatly aprceated!😊
Love this game! And will never stop playing it. Hey Sega could you maybe do an elimination race event like kinda like you did for TSR? Despite how scary and stressful it is my sister and I actually enjoyed it
Takes a lot of 1st and 2nd place finishes to really advance without paying, can be annoy to see a low level with the same as, or more trophies then you, (proof it's definitely a-pay-to-advance-quickly) though if you're willing to invest the hours of battles, you'll get there in the end. The characters are a lot of fun.
This is a really cool game the best thing.. is that you're not really going to need to pay for anything. The first time you download 'Sonic forces' if you win, you get a chance of a lot of characters and quintuple chest (which is 5 things in the chest) and I got EVERYTHING that I said.
Its a great game, very f2p friendly, the only issue i run into is occasionally my game will crash after disconnecting and reconnecting with the server, even though i have a strong internet connection. I'm running this on android 8.0 if that helps, and i hope this is patched out sometime in the future. Edit: I have a big issue with the name changing in here. Forcing people to pay 100 star rings if they want to change their name a second time is stupid, especially with no warning about it at all.
Sonic Forces Speedbattle is awesome! We can play with different Sonic characters. But I hope that there will be another Teen Sonic, Baby Sonic and Longclaw event, since there is only one event of those characters. And, you raise your ranks when you upgrade your characters. I'm Rank 14 so far, since I always upgrade my characters when I get the chance. My highest level special character is Excalibur Sonic, who is level 8. Actually, I calculated that he can get to level 10.
Look, don't get me wrong. I love the Sonic series and I appreciate this game. But the grading system for points at the end of races is lousy. People will come in lower places than me and either score more points or lose less points than me. I love Sonic games, but this is a little difficult to get by with. If the devs are seeing this, would you mind fixing it? Also, I really like your games, I don't want to stop playing them because of a small issue like this. Please fix it? Thank you
This game needs some work on please. It's a good game πŸ˜ƒ but I think it will need a little bit more time on.i LOVE SEGA games! the character's are great!!!!πŸŒžπŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•! It's not the best of games, because this game has a lot of lags.😞
I can't give it zero stars. There's no option for that. It gets worse with every update. Sega should not be proud of this one. They have no way of tracking cheaters and hackers. Have fun getting destroyed. This game should rejected by Sega and the Play Store.
Pretty fun.. I find the fact that the game about banning together results in a lazy pvp racing game instead of something involving idk CO-OP... Making it worse is tails popping up every time you're getting some points towards a new character to take some of the already miniscule points away just because sega wants to get 10 while dollars out of me is disgusting and only serves to piss me off and inch new closer and closer to just deleting this
I love the game so much it is the best it is so fun I play it every single day. I will totally recommend this game. If you like racing with awesome characters. You better download that game 😜
It's a fun game. I like the faxt that I have some characters to choose from but it is quite boring. I mean I would like more events everyday.
It's a pretty cool racing game, has potential to be mainstream, but SEGA just had to make this game looking like a low-budget rip-off by making players watch ads every minute. Sure, watching ads give players x2 reward, but, if you choose not to watch, at the end of the next race, it will FORCE you to watch an ad which has NO MUTE BUTTON. So, the whole game's currency is pretty much half the real deal.
It is a great game and I rate 5 stars but the thing is that we need a leader board and a new event but you didn't put sally or sticks can you plz put these new characters and even black knight
The Racing in this can be quite competitive, I've had some fun battles. Nice variety of characters too although it would be better if I didn't keep getting put into Lobby's with the same character as me.
It's ok but you can't even get the other special characters like the Halloween and Christmas ones. You have to buy the pieces with real money. And you have to pay $10 just to open a vault which is ridiculous. What a let down good thing this game is dying out.