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Sonic Cat - Slash the Beats

Sonic Cat - Slash the Beats for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by Badsnowball Limited located at UNIT 408B, LIPPO SUN PLAZA, 28 CANTON ROAD, TSIM SHA TSUI,. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
so many ads!! And whenever I tried to play it would lag and start playing but the cat wouldnt move and I would 'miss' even though the cat didnt move, so I cant play without losing immiteately, I also try to revive myself and the cat will move but freeze and I would lose. Please change this.
I love this game, not too many adds! Updated songs, great graphics! I think my only improvement would be to add a beat sound effect when you tap the boxes so that its easier to get the beat but thats more of a personal thing. Overall a very good game!!!
The new update really cool it's a bit hard but I can get 5 stars meankess to say this is a really good mobile ngl the ads are gonna pop up sometimes but still it's pretty good
This is a great game but the YouTube feature won't work at all instead just saying I have no connection despite my phone have perfect connection (or at least perfect enough for adds) and I don't know how to fix this problem
I like this game a lot. It is fun and I play it with my kids. But there is two issues with it right now. 1. There is no way I'm the world I am gonna pay weekly at that price. When better games are monthly. I think this is stupid and anyone that pays 7.99 a week has totally lost it. 2. When I try to watch an add to continue it's says not connected when it is connected. But over all really good idea for a game.
This game is so fun that I give this five stars because the quality for the songs are awesome and the cat skins are so cute and the weapons but I hate the ads when you are done with the song even tho this is a fun song game I still love it and the creator sho made this your amazing with this game
Love the music.!!!!!!!!!! Haveing it is so much fun!!!!!! This game is competitive to yourself. Also the pictures are soooooooooo cute and adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two problems though, too many ads unless you are a vip and the beat is off. Maybe fix this and it will be a splendous game by far.!!! If you love cats and enjoying music by the beat I would DEFINITELY recommend this game for you. Enjoy the game!!!!!!!!!
So fun I especially like how is the songs are not there you can just look up songs from YouTube and if you have a lyrics YouTube video someone has to go along because they show the video while you're playing
Honestly,this is a great game! I just would like more game songs,like the world revolving!(aka jevils theme)
this game is very nice,osm ,wonderfull,etc.,etc . this game can take out off me from the stress , this very enjoyful game and i listen verity of songs from this game and this game is helpes you to move your hand or fingers as per the beat. and this is amezing and mindblowing game I like it so so much😚😊😊🀩🀩🀩 you can try it !!! you enjoy it more than other games or other entertainment sites
Wouldn't be that bad if not riddled with ads at every step. I played 4 songs in a span of 20 mins for a total of 5 min of play time and 15 mins of ads between every menu you interact with. Any review that does not mention this is most likely a lie. There is no way anyone that plays this for at least 5 mins will not see this. Otherwise the game would have been at least 3 to 4 stars. You can button spam at least what I tried with no penalty to complete songs too. If thats a bug, fix it.
I really enjoy this game. Very easy to control and get the hang of. The perfect game for me. The only thing i would say needs fixing is the youtube thing. My internet and service is perfectly fine and have full bars at all times. Thats the only complaint i have. The rest is perfect. (Edit- okay so it works now. Just updated it and its awesome!)
I love it. No lag. Great songs. Not to many ads but enough for them to still make money. Keep up the good work πŸ˜ƒ
I love this game, I play it pretty much on a day or weekly basis but the reason why I give it 4 stars is because I paid for no ads and I still get ads! Also the youtube part of it doesn't work. Please fix this!!
Would be 5* if play with youtube actually worked, but that fails nine out of ten attempts. simply too few songs in base game. Great idea though!
I really like this app! I do have 2 suggestions though. The first one is to add a section where you can see all the songs that you already have or own, this could help a lot of players specially when finding songs that we own but haven't played yet. My second suggestion isn't a big deal but I hope you can consider adding it, please add masks that have different designs (like a black mask that has "Sonic Cat" written on it). My suggestions aside, thank you so much for creating this fun game!😁
It's a good game, but there's a lot of issues... 1. Too many ads its so annoying after u completed a really hard song and a ad pops up. 2. Ramping difficulty too quickly and too slowly. For example I was play normal, easy, hard,OK, then endless is too much. 3. I was in the middle of faded on endless, I paused because I needed a rest but the game carried on and I missed. I was so annoyed pls fix this glitch. I was so close as well. Yt doesn't work either. It works then net connection failed.
This game is amazing! There is so many good songs! But one thing i dont like is there is alot of ads but overall this game is amazing and always keeps me happy! Thanks for making this amazing game! Also i love that the controls are so easy! This game is not pay to win you dont have to spend any money!
I love this game so flippin much! I normally dont keep games when I dowload them but this one I've had for a while and I love it! The songs and concept of the game is amazing! Also, they dont have ads flying in your face everytime u click something. I love the skins, the weapons, the animations, the maps, everything. Highly recommend!
Wow!!I try this game again and i noticed you have improve many thing and solved some problems..NiceπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌBut how to get my old account? I can't find any setting to link with my google games account and facebook...PLEASE HELP ME😣😣Tq devπŸ₯°πŸ₯°..And one more thing, add song categories as well like Japanese,Chinese and English...That's my suggestions😁😁
Heyhey i just wanted to say that the app is awsome the cat is soo kawaii but the songs load so slow plss fix that i dont mind the ads ..(cuz most of them is installed on my phone)
In sonic cat's songs my favourite song is harmony.But the harmony song is gone.I search it but they say no results.they just have one results.The song name is work from home.And i search Fuzion they say no results.I don't know why is that the harmony song is gone.But i can play more song just like hello,unity,feelings,neko,without me,pop star,wannabe and more songs i can play.
This is soooo greeeaaat!! But I had one additional things, can you add the "create your own music"? Cause it would be really good. I hope this game only has 5 star ratings. Keep it up!!
I love the choice of songs and the fact that the songs or beats are not only in English is awesome. Gorgeous graphics. You just gotta download this
I love the game but there's a lot of ads that will mess you up when you try agian but rather than that it's not a bad game and probably the only one that I play a lot so overall it's not a bad game and I think anyone who's into art,background,and especially music should get the game.
The game is good.. But the only problem is.. U can also just spam the left and right button so there is no problem finishing the song... Please add if u press earlier before the box come u will also die so the game can be more thrill and challenging..
This game is too lag because of ads really hope Devs can reduce ads after end game. Plus too many Chinese song can u add Japanese song.
weird game if i play my own music it just say "net-connection failed" but my issues line is green this is really really wierd and pls fix this if this is a bug, crash or glitch
I like this game a lot! Though I wish there was like a community tab or something where users can upload their own music and maps to the game for others to play. I think that would be really cool! I would also like harder songs. The current ones are okay but aren't really that much of a challenge for me. Also, a lot of pop up ads causes my game to lag, then I lose from it and then I have to watch ANOTHER ad to replay. It's annoying .. but the game itself is great!!
This game is so good I love it so much you really should download it and the songs are amazing anything about the ads as other people say there's really not that much ads are not that many ads but still it's a really fun game that has lots of cool songs on there😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Ok i love the app but 4 because when i go to YouTube i have good internet then when that problem is solved i searched up the Youtuber i go and play it and when it says "Generating the music cube..." it stays at 100Β°/β€’ but it doesn't lode
I love the game Edit- thanks for adding the "add your own song" Option this is actually the best I've see of it most of the time no matter how well the originally added songs are in beat when you add your own songs those are out of rythem but this one even keeps the songs I add in beat so I absolutely love it
This game is amazing I've seen alot of games that have this YouTube feature, but none of them worked, but it works amazingly on this app, Music For Sad People by Zalinki, Cigarette Ahegao by Penelope Scott, Help... Oh Well by SomethingElseYT, all my favorite songs work now with that feature! The first time or two when playing a song in the YouTube feature, it can be a little laggy, but it stops after a few tries It's also really addictive The amount of ads are reasonable (In my opinion) 10/10
Best game I ever played to my favorite songs are on here megalovania and coffin dance but it will be even cooler if they add other songs like all star and remixes
For my love of cats, EDM music and synchronized rhythm games all-in-one of this app, this is truly a perfection. It literally has all of my favorites, cute graphics, EDM songs I loved and that cute slashing neko as my character. I wouldn't suggest for more music because I know that you guys have prepared something more for us in the future. I'm looking forward to it. Good job devs! 10/10!
There are to much adds, Yes this is a small app. But its ridiculous anyway! I put in "Fireflies by Owl city" and the beat was totally OFF! It didnt show some WHEN the beat was on, And showed some WHEN the beat wasnt happening. if those to things were etter i'd definently spend my money on it! But for now i'd like to see improvments, Much love and health, from A no longer user of your app <3
I enjoy the double tapping and the back and forth rythm. This game is easy to pick up on. By default, there are vibrations but no sound when tapping, but a quick setting enables sound. I turned sound on and enjoyed having it for two songs, but by the third song, it suddenly quit working. Maybe something that can be looked into. I would enjoy this app a lot more if I could hear sounds when the squares are tapped. And less ads, please.
The game is overall great to play, synchronized beats, top quality graphics , easy to play, and the music is whole. I wanted to give it 5 stars although there are quite few ads, that's the only downfall i saw. But the game is perfect, it's so fun to play, and i just love that cat! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
This game are so fun I love it when I have a earphones to listen. Sonic cat was more fun than other muzic gameπŸˆπŸ˜ƒeveryone hate this game my cat always watching me play this games. Hope every one rate the star is 5.~ Good luck ~
LOVE THIS GAME SOOOOOO MUCH!! graphics are amazing so so colorful. I would think rather download this game cuz I think the beat is the best and the game is very addicting, I had no problems in the game and i think its fair from like the offers like a sword that gives you a power that does stuff and all you have to do is watch 2 ads and boom! You get to keep the sword too! I would recommend you to download it. But I would really like it more if I can save my data πŸ˜ͺ but overall I like it πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸŒŒπŸŒˆ
Kinda hard to recommend this game because every level you play then you have to watch an 30 sec ad. I respect that they need money but the 30 sec ads are making me wanting to delete the game. Can you remove the 30 sec ads and put instead a pop up ad?
Oh my God it is so amazing they have like lots of songs and it's really good and you have to check it out there is lots of songs that are on Sonic cat s and I like a lot of them
Game is great! But optimizer is horrible. It is just impossible to find the right rhythm on headphones. I have to play on speaker everytime, because then the optimizer automatically finds the right rhythm.
The concept is great. But somehow this feel like they are just ripping off those popular musics. Hope they can hire proper musician and make exclusive song. And those weekly subs pricing are utter trash. Rather paid for the proper one in those paid rhythm game categories for the same price and you got it permanently.
It glitches some through game play. Some beats come and pauses and I miss i think. It might have problems with the YouTube videos too; i don't know. Don't like these songs the kids today get in to. I only played the first two and muted the senorita song and just hit the notes. I try to play the YouTube videos mostly and they get too hard. One miss and it's game over. You can miss more than one on the songs already there.
This app is awesome!!!✨😁 I hope there is gonna be more songs later on This app is fire!! I loved it!!!πŸ”₯πŸ’– Keep up the good work! πŸ‘
This game is so cool and the songs are are really cool we can learn the songs and for the first time it looks really hard and some few day ago and it is easy to me and why it has a lot of ads pls make the ads little bit few bye that is all I want bye.
It's very fun! Very challenging! Although, I have a small request. Maybe try to make the revive coins purchasable by gems. It's getting kind of tiring to keep playing an ad to just get revive coins. Just a small request, you (the creator) don't have to put it in the game if you don't want to. :)
I really like this game very much I never see like this before and its very easy too So please keep up the good workβ™‘β™‘β™‘ (Edit: And I like the cute cat by the way its so cuteβŒ’Β°(α΄–β—‘α΄–)Β°βŒ’
Sorry. Uninstalling. Only played for 2 hrs. 1 star for pretty & cute graphics although some are hard to see since it blended with background. 1 star for all music genre & ability to play our own song Minus 3 star for - Intrusive ads, I don't mind watching ads except that the ads always lead me to PlayStore. The exit mark is too small to exit ads. - the beat is incorrect, slow song has too many fast beats. - the beats icon is small & hard to see, especially if the color is similar to background.
Love the game, especially the graphics. A bit of a suggestion though, i would like if there's like an online version where we can compete with other people at the same time. Also how about putting a bit of sound effects when you hit perfect, good or miss notes? Thanks for an enjoyable game! 😊
I like the app and the graphics but the music here is literally taken from the trash can. Try introducing other music genres! I am not trying to offend anyone that actually likes this music. Also, the app keeps crashing and lagging . It's not because of my device( I'm 100% sure)
I Like This App Alot! I would master one of my favorite songs and try to score high! But my problem is.. There's some ads and stuff and it annoys me. But still great game. I wish u guys add sound effects from the swords and stuff so it will be 10 times better :D
Sonic cat is kind of addicting, I do love most of the songs, but there still needs more diversity. Also the music adjustment is kind of working, but I still noticed that some songs, especially FADED, are still not timed correctly. If the timing could be fixed then it would be a definite 4 stars from me, but regardless of that the game is still pretty fun on it's own. However, the other mini problem I have is that whenever there is an ad I can't exit out, I have to exit the entire game to do so
Overall, it's fine, but there are some issues, for example, one I found particularily annoying is that there is a song that plays if you pause or stay on the replay screen for too long, even when you have the app minimized. Another problem is the sheer ammount of ads, I get it, app dev teams need money but it's just extremely annoying when an ad is played every time you win or lose which is a lot at least when you first start out.
Sonic cat is really very addictive and fun. I'am really enjoying this game. The only problem is that songs like faded, bad guy etc are not original but it's still fine. Love this app guys.
This game really excelled my expectations! I expected this to be far more generic! The game is really fun, and has a nice aesthetic, as well as all sorts of songs from both the game and YouTube! Very impressive! Rating four stars because I've played better games though.
Awesome game, amazing graphics, and good music choices. The amount of adds is better than it was and they do have a VIP subscription which is sorta annoying but understandable. I would recommend that you get this app because it is a great game.
Tha gamw is good, but its not great. One of the biggist problem i have with the gamw is thr hrlth systum, why is there a health systin?. It kinda difeets the pupos of a rythum game (in my oppinyon). I didn't have a problam with the adds. As I o when i trhv to searjh a sing on youtune, it dosnt wprk half thd time say network errov when i have four barg of unlimiteh date.
Ahh! This is the game I was looking for! The animation, songs, game mechanics and everything was just wonderful and satisfying at the same time, nothing wrong encountered yet though except for the ads and it's a minute long but it's not a big deal for me, also can you add more Japanese songs? I appreciate for adding Lemon by kenshi in the game, it's awesome! Looking forward to the next update! Badsnowball, you rock!
Honestly, I'm surprised at how many good tracks this game has. The gameplay is very smooth, responsive and addictive.
This is actually a very good game and the best beat game I have ever played. The only reason that I give only 4 star is because there are song I wanna play but need to access VIP. Also,I hope the creator of the game could update the latest songs so that players would be able to play the songs they like. One more thing to remind is,that this game should let us connect the game with our Facebook so that it won't loss all things when something happened. Thank you.
This game is amazing, lots of songs, controls are easy and original, graphism amazing and super cute this game is WOW! You should really get it!
Pretty good and ads only play after you complete the level overall good gameplay and not too hard to get the hang of. I personally love this game I'm just not into the whole VIP membership but eh mobile games will be mobile games. If your looking to download it, I would reccommend it to you. It has great gameplay too
None of the music is on beat. I hate the ads. And they don't really have any of the songs I like and I like a lot of different types of music
Love this gameπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ±πŸ—‘πŸŽΆ!!! I wud like to see more games like this. The animation is great and we got the so many songs including the coffin memeπŸ˜‚ i like how the creater designed the equipments and the caharcter. The character's cute (kawai~) And also the greeting was so appropriate. great work and great game! Thank you for the gameπŸ’–πŸ‘
I like this game because the cat hits the blocks and it's a virus and also what I like about the game is that you get to pick your song
What really annoys me is how slow the game's connection is. Everytime I play one song I like it always takes a long time to load, I kept closing the app so many times, turning my internet off and on, force stop, reset my tablet nothing happens. I still like the game overall being able to play and add your favorite songs, but until they fix they're connection issue I'm rating 3 stars.
Was working, Barley any ads in the game, and was the best music game ever. But, now NONE of the songs were loading. I waited 10 minutes for one to load and it still didn't work. Please fix this. It was such a good game!
I don't like this that much i enjoy the games and songs in it but just one tiny problem. Everytime I click the thing to go to the other side it doesn't do it! Fix it!
This is a pretty cool app! I'm glad when you add your own music it doesn't just place random blocks that Don't even go with the music instead they are on beat unlike other apps :D Also there are many other things along with a YouTube Search! But the thing is that the YouTube Search should be able to work with data as it keeps saying my connection isn't stable or something. Also the music downloads that I have it keeps saying they are too small when they clearly aren't pls fix this...
For a game that already features a subscription service and micro transactions via an in-game store, why for the love of all things holy, must we endure ad after ad after ad for literally doing anythng? Not making enough revenue in subs or thru the store or something? Waay too many ads guys - 1 star!
I love this game because it is very unique 😊 But I give it only 4 stars because this game gives a lot of breaks
I love this game and it's so amazing I just I just don't have any words for it to describe how cool and I love this game just I don't know what to say about it just told me to download it now I'm telling the truth and it's so easy for me even though I wonder is here
This game is good but the reason I gave 4 stars cause it doesn't have many song . I hope creator/you will give more song . Thx
It is a great game to in my opinion because it is a fun game and I've been looking for virtual reality beat saber but I couldn't find it and this is like a replica of that game so I think that it is a great game
It's so fun and the graphics are great. My kids and I love challenging each other. The songs are all fantastic and there's such a wide variety. Loving it so far.
I love this app there's so many custom swords that you can pick and I love the diamond sword it's from my other game called minecraft and you can put your songs in the game and the graphics are so Cool and the controls are easy to learn and there's so many songs to play and try Nice App, like how the creators made the character a cat so cute
I love the graphics! I love the background changes and the YouTube mode would be one of my favorite modes. The only problem is the crashes. It crashes every time an ad pops up or when I finish a song.
Game closes out constantly. You finish a level ad then close. Open the game ad then close. Watch an ad to get extras and it closes out. Closes out after everything. I really like the game tho so it sucks.
Truly an editor's choice, nice gameplay and graphics. The only drawback is the songs are not full songs and the period is kinda short. Otherwise, a very good game to spend during leisure.
Like the game, everything about is fine. The only I would change is being able to play whole songs. If I could do that it'd be a 5 star game from me. Also would like to play my spotify playlist too, and the youtube section of songs doesn't work for me.
There are tons of amazing songs and I really love to play it and got addicted imidentally. But there are tons of adds too. I have a trick for that if you dont know yet. Turn your wifi off unless your downloading songs and play offline.
Good game, Nice graphics. For suggestion: I suggest that making the music into a complete one when doing the ENDLESS Difficulty. It's quite fun playing this game, great for consuming time while waiting for someone, I guess?
Of all rhythm games ive played, this one's the best! It has a wide variety of songs and different modes. The effects and backgrounds are very beautiful. Its very thoughtful that you can opt out effects to prevent lag and that you can adjust the beat accuracy! It does have ads but theyre skippable :)
I cannot express how much joy o get out of this game. Most misic games say they have variety , but it usually boils down to just pop music. However, this app truly has a whole variety of songs with a bit from each genre. I would recommend this to everyone who wants to listen to music while having fun!
This game is amazing, it has a verity of songs to choose from, one thing Is when you play a song when your doing easy mode, its not really on sync, so the best modes in my opinion are Hard and Endless, Overall the games great.
This is a small app, but when I search a song, "my wifi doesn't work". Can you try using spotify instead. I get this is a small app. But I'll personally like it better if I get to use songs from spotify
When I try to use the YouTube videos to play the game, it says that it can't connect to the internet, even though I'm connected. Disappointing as this is why I was excited to play this game.
hey I know everyone is talking about adds but they're all skippable after like 15 seconds so it's not that bad. also you may try to look up slower songs on the youtube thing to practice but the recommended are way easier as they are more accurate to me(: although girl in red songs surprisingly play well- huh I do recommend I don't mind adds
This game is amaising and really fun to play. It has all my faveorite songs including megolovana from undertale. The fact that it's tricky is what makes it fun and this is so much better than all the other beat saber games. In the other ones, it was hard to controll, and it had the sound of the beats in the song. The beat sound didn't even match the beat of the song. But in this game it is way better and i love the fact that some of the swords were things like mincraft items and stuff like that.
The game is good and all and has lots of songs to choose from but it's really laggy and has to many ads
Music is pretty good and it's awesome the graphics the music flage it I think it takes it out from YouTube I don't know maybe not or maybe maybe I have to write 500 letters but hey the game is good you don't have to move so much you have to move your fingers and that's all that's pretty much getting tired so and I'm also your spleen and it doesn't know by this is going to be a long day writing all this going to why is everyth how I wrote this Google app with top 10 it right there for you I'm
You can get a better one if the YouTube actually works it says you have to have perfect internet access and I do and it doesnt work fix this game jeez
This is my favorite music game ever!!! I'm so happy they have a undertale song because you can't always get that this is so fun one I saw megalonivia for 200 gems that was my glow and I have already plus it's so easy to get gems! They don't have some of my favorite songs but that's fine the game is so good and I love the animations! I love the Pikachu sword that's so cute!!! Overall I love this game and I think you should get it!! β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ˜πŸ˜‹πŸ˜πŸ€žπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
It's great and I would have given it 5 stars but it's a little hard to get the hang of even on the first song. It doesn't take too long to on that song but it seems like it took a bit longer than it should have. But otherwise 5 stars on everything else though admittedly I haven't done everything so yeah.
So far it's okay, however I don't know why it says "network failed" my Wi-Fi's going pretty well. But that's my only complaint I just really want to play my own song but it isn't working.
It's super, but when I want to load song from YouTube it says that connection is lost but my internet is not a problem at all. Fix that please
Very rarely does the music play as it should (unless streaming a YT video) - the downloaded music sounds very distorted like if the audio drivers were corrupted (which they aren't, brand new phone and every other soundbyte that comes through it is golden) Can't play to the rhythm if there is no rhythm to play to
Seriously it cheat delaying they every mistake target to touch when I touch as perfect.. it's really cheating touch after then give me ads again and again, I'm good playing of Magic Tiles 3 all the times.
Great game. Amazing graphics. Kawaii cats. But add more music. I tried to find deja vu or running in the 90s, but they are not on it. But kawaii cat makes up for itby turning 3 star review into 4 star.
An amazing beatslashing game with a lot of dongs to choose from, and if you dont like the music that they have, you can add your own or search it up from Youtube. Will definitely reccomend to family and friends!
It is unlike any other song game,i don't mind the ads but u have to add new songs ( plz tell me if u don't need more songs i don't mind that too)
This is the best game ever I love this game it's so cool it has my favorite songs I spam tap when I get to the hard parts from the songs I like it when your finish with the song you need stars to get blades a lot of them need gems thank you for making this game you should add skins.
This game is very relaxing if you are under a bad mood and it is very fun but the game should add a way to make an account because if you delete the game or change phone your song will be reset and some people may have like over a 100 song so it would difficult to add back all the song but beside that this game is very fun and relaxing so if you haven't try it yet you should try it.
Incredible app, i've never played this with such a unique background and impressive music. Keep up to date πŸ‘
This is a great concept but there are way too many adds that sometimes interrupt you playing and there is an add everytime I exit a song maybe remove most of the adds keep a few and ill consider reinstalling it
What a shame!! Has amazing potential, if only the game worked! been having insane amounts of my taps not being registered (I m used to music games I m not mistaken here)that added to the split second lags making me loose, the song choice is good, the ads are beyond invasive but as I said if the game worked I could accept that(still a bit much, no matter what I do I get an add, even if I do nothing actually!) If the fame is polished I can deal with it. Still a lot of room for improvement. GL devs
This game is the best! Try it now! Best from 2020! There are soooo many songs in the game! Very simple game! I never got a 1 star or 2 star yet! I am just 3 stars! Try this game now! Love it that's why I am putting a 5 star-if it had 100 stars, I would rate it 2000000000 stars! Thanks for making the game! πŸ˜™πŸŽ§
I love it I love some of the songs but this is my number 1 game so this is why I put 5 full rate . the 2 songs are the coffin dance and unity😁.
This game is just over all calming beautiful and exceedingly fun to play you can play this game offline and there are few adds this game shows how much effort was put into making it the game has levels to it Normal,Hard and Endless so it's not as simple as it looks and Sonic Cat is even more enjoyable for people like me who love rhythm most people also love music and their's an ok variety but I wish there was more other than that this game is wonderful to play whenever us convince to you 100%.
The game is best and cool but the thing i hate is when the song sound broken and weird. i tried closing the app but when i open the app its the same. please fix it.
*false advertising* youtube option doesn't work, also, this sad excuse for a rhythm game doesn't even have rhythm, the beats are just randomly placed and don't even match the songs
The game is nearly perfect. Unfortunately it's a bit expensive and there's still not that much music on it, I've been unable to add my own, even though it's an included function. *edit* accidentally uninstalled when trying to remove a duplicate icon of the game, all game data gone. Wish I could have synced it somehow. :(
Too many ads and sometimes has the tendancy to lag while you are in the middle of a song, causing you to miss and fail
This game is actually the most epic music game that I ever played. But eventually I think this game needs a whole new updates. This game doesn't have a category for music like English,Japanese,Korean,Thailand & other's. And some of the songs are not sing by a real singers. That's the problems, but I ain't gonna lying to you that this game are my favorite music game & the most fun, epic & awesome game that I ever played.β€οΈπŸ‘
This game is perfect I can play my favorite songs the hard mode is tough but I still love it this is great I love it thank you so much for the app😁❀
Good game if u looking for that genre but it isnt that much challenging, Too many ads and laggs alot on some devices
I love this game and it is so cute. The only reason I rated it 4 stars are the ads. There are so many ads like one after another. Also when I want to load it takes a lot of time. Especially the youtube songs. It takes forever to load and right after that it shows it failed to load which is very annyoing. I hope the creator of this game sees this and fix that bug. :)
It's fun but I had to redownload it because when you first download it after the song it says chose your prise and I pressed watch ad to get all of the items and I did that and after the ad there was no button to get out of the ad so I waited for like two minutes and there was still no button to get out of the ad so I had to get out and get back in and then it went to the home screen on the game and I got nothing.
It is beyond my experience but it is soooo good the best music game i ever played but i have one problem anytime i play my local song there is no music and i pause the game and resume the music comeback and when i lose and start again just like the same there is no music again please help me
At first it was okay, i didn't like that the youtube feature didn't work but it wasn't that bad, however most of the songs are covers which annoys me and also, the audio has all of a sudden messed up. It sounds like a broken robot toy or something. I checked to see if it was my phone speakers but it wasn't and there's definitely something wrong with the game. I do enjoy playing and so i really hope this can be fixed.
HELLO! I'm a not a big fun of slash beat games but I would love to play them to if there is a wonderful slash beat game and this is a very fun and nice game but my problem is .... I was tapping the screen but I keep losing and losing , over and over but my mom say that " every game is really nice but some of them are hard so you just have to work hard to win but if you lose its okay just keep trying hard" that's what my mom said to me so it's okay if I keep losing at least it was very fun
It's so fun and the graphics are great. My kids and I love challenging each other. The songs are all fantastic and there's such a wide variety. Loving it so far. I love the kpop songs please ad more. I love BTS
Fluid animation and easy control. I couldn't give this a 5 star rating due to some ads having absolutely no way of closing them even after the countdown has finished. Everytime this happens I have to close the game itself and restart again. Fortunately my gameplay is recorded and nothing was lost. However this is quite the annoyance, especially with the already high frequency of ads and that the length of each ad is about the same as one actual game playing.
This is the best game I ever played here are my reasons and updates I hope come I has real songs first the YouTube one is the best! So many blades and cats all are so cute! Now the updates I hope come A dueling update where you can challenge other players that's the only update I wish to come Those are my reasons to play the game