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Sonic at the Olympic Games

Sonic at the Olympic Games for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by SEGA located at Sega of America, Inc 6400 Oak Canyon, Suite 100 Irvine, CA 92618. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game deserves 5 stars but unfortunately you have to pay after a few games to continue. I believe to get more players make the game free and only have purchases for SP and other things in the game store. For an update, make the game free to play and refund those who paid or for further games don't make it so that you must pay to play.
It's just an awesome game Sega keep up the good work on sonic and his future work and ye done so well with the Sonic The Hedgehog movie which us great all the support and help you need Bros sonic number 1πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί
I love this game but why do pay money for it if we want to keep playing. I understand that y'all have to make y'all money but jeez ._.
Great game!!! I love it!!! I am a big sonic fan!!! The reason I gave 4 🌟🌟🌟🌟 is because you get to a point in the game where you have to pay 14.99 (only 1 time) to continue the game. Other than that great game!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
It was a really cute game, simular to the older Mario and Sonic Olympic games (only this time just Sonic). I would have preferred it if it had stated before level 8 that it was just a demo. It was very annoying to have reached that stage only to be told you where playing a demo. I had so many glitching issues with the game that preventing me buying the full version, even after 24 hours forcing me to skip some levels. Would consider trying again in the future when glitches are resolved.
Stupid how after very few games you have to buy a pass it makes nk sence sega has made much better games and they didn't make you pay a few levels in come on you're better than this.
Overall the game is great, it's fun, the graphics are good for a mobile game and the events are somewhat addictive. Despite all this though, it still could improve on a few things, like the controls for the Skytree minigame feel a bit tanky and the obvious thing that is annoying as hell, you can only play 11 stages for free. What the hell, SEGA? I knew you only made Sonic games now just for the money but deceiving is into thinking this is free and then pulling an Uno Reverse Card? What the hell?
Why is this not advertised more. I love the Wii games. I like how it's not over the top for money grabbing as of me writing this. It's a fun game and it nice. If you liked the small Wii mini games it's similar
I have to pay money just to continue the story mode and I don't have any money! this game can be a bummer πŸ‘Ž but my favorite part was running. Also if you do not fix this I will forget sega ever existed, and I will become a nintendo fan, how do you like that sega😠
Well, it was fun while it lasted (i.e., until it said I had to pay for the all-access pass). Won't let me play the next campaign event (1-9: karate event). While it is a pretty solid game, I think it's a little unfair to say it's free, then make people have to pay for the rest of it. Other people are obviously having the same kind of problem. I know Sega has to make money somehow, but we (the players) wish they would make it more enjoyable by not forcing people to pay to play the rest of it.
The graphics are incredible for a mobile game, and I would say that it's really good, even compared to the newest mario and sonic at the Olympics game!
Very cool app I love this games, the sports r really easy though but the real problem is that there isn't any thing free in it I really want to play the karate sport but I can't have to pay for it with real money and it's really expensive.
First a black screen, then a white screen, and nothing else. Either the game doesn't work for me, or it's decidedly uninteresting. I got the Amazon version to work, but the free access is limited, and it didn't hold my attention.
Awful controls with the rock climbing event was about all the faults I could find, apart from one. A paywall. I would be fine with this if it was something reasonable like Β£1.99. Nope, Β£9.99 for the whole game. Some people would say "that's not a lot of money" but, it is. This immediately turned me off the game as I just couldn't pay the money. Then I wondered, where does it say there's a paywall? Well, it's at the bottom of the app description which nobody reads. At least make it clearer, guys.
Good game but needs monthly updates and remove the content pay to play the full game and every weekend events also.If you guys do like this your game will get popular and, also got award also its sure,trust me.I likes sonic games.Best of luck hope you guys try to do these,So thankyou
The main problem is that you have to pay money to go to a lot of levels. Apart from that it is good but not as good as Sonic and Mario at the Olympic games.
It's fun until you have to pay money just to play the majority of the game! You might as well have made people buy it from the start. 😑
I love the game but, once I get to the boss fight with eggman, it wants me to pay for it, please remove this, please, I'm only 9 years, I don't have any money.
The only thing keeping this from being 5 stars is the progression system. Sometimes you need to use points to unlock the next event... This means you can grind for hours, or do the faster option and SPEND MONEY. if you guys remove this progression system, then I'll keep playing!
The graphics are great, Music is catchy as always and the games a fun to pass time but is very limited if you don't buy the All Access Pass. You are able to play premium events for free with SP but it changes daily. If the pass has future updates that aren't patches then I'd say buy the pass but for now, enjoy while you can.
Only allows you to play 8 events all that you have no control over then you can no longer progress in the game at all past 8 if you do not pay Β£9.99 for a all access pass the world records are all also ridiculous which are held by people in mostly China which shows you there country playing with the max boosts unlocked becomes pointless even trying game looks good but is a total RIP off hiding the price to play all the events why not just CHARGE PEOPLE Β£9.99 for the game from the start
I hate that you have to pay for the rest of the game like mario run. Overall the beginning of the game is fun. Please make the rest off the game free and have in app purchases. That is all.
fun game to play then when you reach a certain level (I think it was level 9) to progress you have to by the pass or you just keep repeating the same levels you've already done and the price of the pass was shocking uninstalled straight away, up to then was really enjoying the game with my granddaughter
Dont watse your time on this game, play another mobile Sonic game. Like Sonic Dash or Sonic forces speed battle, aleast they dont ask you to buy a pass to unlock the next stage. This is something EA would do, only giving us a demo version for free, locking up the rest of the conent behind a pay wall. Edit: You know what would've been better? Instead of buying some silly pass, have some mircotransactions like buying SP to upgrade charters faster or paying to unlock esclusive charater skills.
Ok so I already rated the game 5 out of 5 stars cause the game was amazing as it was. I was playing the game and then all of a sudden I get hit with the old "Hey you need to pay for something to play the rest of the game" which made me drop my rating. SEGA please remove this and make it to where you dont need to pay for this and I'll come back and play
Was fun at first but u gotta pay to play ruins the fun I might as well play the old ones on my ds. But hey cant spell Sega without EA am I right.
seriously this game is a ripoff it was good at first but when you play the karate level you have to pay because the first part is the demo
My day be so fine, then boom, pay to finish what you started. Literally the fastest way to destroy your rep
It's a good game but like always SEGA Always buys paywalls behind things that you NEED to ay the game. Like super sonic in sonic forces. Encore mode in Manila. Why is there a paywall on a mobile game? Especially where if you dont payike 15 buck you cant even AY IT.
Horrible, I have to pay to get to a stage i don't recommend this gamewhen you beat metal sonic you can't do the stage unless you buy the access pass WHY DO YOU DO THIS😭😭😭😭😀😒😭😭😒😀😀😒😭😀😒😭😀😒😭😭😒😀
Wow nice game. It's like we're doing sports at home with that corona virus time.Keep up good work πŸ˜‰ Can you please do the same version of the game but offline ? Thank you sooooo much.
It was good. But a DEMO!? Seriously SEGA. I would give this 5 stars because there was no ads and because the game was great so far. But a demo, SEGA, why are you disappointing your fans right now? Please improve this game by not making it a demo and make it the whole game. All of this wait for nothing.
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I had high anticipation for this game and it let's down in everyway! The controls are shotty, the story is boring, and the fact that you can't play it without buying a freaking pass?! Are you kidding me SEGA?! This game is one of the worst games of the year and it can join Mario Kart Tour in the shovelware section! The next main series game better not be this bad! Play Speed Battle or Dash bc this is garbage! Bring back Sonic Runners!!!
The game is great! But after a few stages, it asks to purchase some pass to proceed furthur. And the pass should be purchased with some real huge money. That's such a dissapointing thing about this game. This shouldn't be done. However the game is very interesting.
I cannot play all stages what happened to this game? But seryously it's super fun so I am giving 4 stars. Yeah when I need to go to the karate stage, I need to pay but I am still 10. I think that's what you need to fix
A fun causal collection of minigames to keep me entertained for hours and with the added benefit of a one-time payment. I'd give it 5 stars, but it doesn't let me play offline.
I was enjoying this game so much but when you get to Shinobazu Pond (early in the game), you are required to purchase an "All Access Pass" or "Premium Demo Pass" to even continue the game. This game SHOULDN'T be CONSIDERED FREE when you have to pay for everything in the game. PLEASE MAKE IT SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY FOR ANYTHING IN THE GAME SEGA!! I'll rate 5 stars if so 🌟
I'm not having any issues with it at all. It's a smooth game play so far. It has a fun story, so far. Was playing until I hit a snag.all of a sudden the "in-app purchases" have to be made. What?!?! You can't go any further until you pay. I'm only 8levels deep and now, it's demanding money. Let me break it down 4 you. You're asked to pay 5$ to unlock all areas. And 2$ to have more friends. Then 3$ to unlock the next word? With 2 more hidden pages of payments? Free game for 8 levels πŸ‘Œ
Was fun while it lasted, but feel I just wasted 45 minutes downloading and getting to level 1-9 Karate, after defeating Metal Sonic you then find out to play any further you need to pay for a pass, very poor and should be made clear that its a demo only and you neex to pay for the full game
Great game until you can only play a few levels before the game is blocked costing Β£10 to continue. Very poor optionπŸ‘ŽπŸ»
Just downloaded this game. Honestly it's super fun!! I REALLY like it, except for a couple of things.. First of all, it sucks/is totally misleading that u only get to play the first few things for free. Then u have to BUY the rest of it. Pretty upsetting. Secondly, this game is CONSTANTLY CRASHING?!?!!! I just downloaded it & after every few events, it completely exits out. It takes FOREVER to open, so it's pretty irritating. If it was free & the bugs get fixed, it would be absolutely AMAZING!!!
Cool game but i have never got to play this but I have liked it tooo my mobile is stuck on the screen.
Cons: Cannot get over many boss levels. Stuck now at Stage 6-21. Can there be skip options or difficulty settings per stage to continue with the game? No offline gameplay available. Pros: Greatest Sonic at the Olympic Games game ever! Very high definition graphics for mobile and there's plenty of action to play with Olympic story style. Thankful for the 50% discount off the in game passes
It is a pretty good game but for my phone when i complete a tutorial for some reason it would crash but it would start off where it crashed would give it a nice 5* but sadly wont got new phone hope it works
I love this game so much I have mario and sonic for my switch and now this I love it so much I only don't like how I need a pass
I love this game but I gave it a four star because I didn't know it was a demo πŸ˜… and I was mad that I had to pay to finish the game btw I hope SEGA releases the release date for the Beta
I love the games story but its required to buy the pass to progress to stage 10 which makes no sense Sega please fix this I love sonic the hedgehog and this demo is a bad image for him
I'd give it 5 stars but the game is ok the the thing is....u have to pay for level nine so I would like to have an update so that you won't have to pay for every level but although the game is good good job
I do wish that I would have my premium demo pass by now because it not fair I mean why do you need a venue pass Anyway they should also have a mario at the olympic games when it's 2021 That is
Why would you want to waste money for this game I mean come on why Sega very disappointed and some of the games are laggy it's a good game but still Why would you waste πŸ’° for this game like there other games you don't pay to keep playing this is stupid. This is the first olympic games on mobile at least let us play the whole game without spending money
It was a good demo experience. I understand the reason for the cost and stuff, since it is the official mobile game of the Olympics. I don't understand why others are complaining about it, it takes time and money to make things like that. Also this is 50 dollars less than the official game, so stop complaining and take it.
Beautiful, excellent. Yet am hesitant to invest. Will this just be taken down at the next Olympics? Or will we have to pay again? Kind of wish each event was it's own game with The Olympics just being a theme I could buy for it. That might be more affordable and require less space. Know I'd be way less nervous about the whole game suddenly disappearing. Also, please seriously consider adding the international flag of planet earth to the location options. I'd rather be playing for that team.
UPDATE: ALL ISSUES FIXED!! Would like to play. But game crashes instantly when opened. Phone is Galaxy S9+ (SM-G965W) UPDATE: Would still like to play. Phone upgraded and game still crashes instantly when opened. New Phone is Galaxy S10+ (SM-G975W)
A paid game. The Sonic Olympics Series is on console, and it was never that good. If you want a Sonic Olympics Game, get the newest one you can on console. If you don't have a console, buy this. It is not free.
Very incredible game!! But I have a problem, I played this game on my Galaxy S5 for a little bit. Then, I installed this game on LG K20, but had to start over. The transfer account is confusing. You need a password? at the beginning you don't make your own password. You write the ID number and the "password", which I have no idea how it works.
It was a great game for sure. But it's just so annoying that you have to buy a stupid pass to play the rest of the game, just as it was getting good!
This game has alot of sports and the instructions are easy to follow ....ig the game is too difficult they would make it easier. I'd say this game is AMAZING
It is a good game and once you start playing the games you just don't want to put the game down. I will say it not a game for children under 8 years old
WARNING! You have to pay to play past the first area. Don't waste your time unless you plan on paying for a pass.
You get to play 5 mins before you uave to pay Β£10!! For the whole game. I think we all prefer ads to have a full game.
Everyone knows that: 5 stars mean perfectly amazing, 4 stars mean great, 3 stars mean good enough for now, 2 stars mean okay, 1 star means omg this is bad no more this game sucks I give up literally you can't even focus 😭 because the view is on the front right if it's on the back it would've been better but not just that it even needs to be paid and it doesn't matter what choice is there because games aren't that cool if needed be paid I mean if it's a game normally played by laptop it's fine
Really fun game, probably worth paying for, though the odds are that this game will vanish after the '21 Olympics so I'm kinda reluctant to pay for a game I won't get to keep.
It's great! I'm so glad they made a mobile version since I don't have a console and always wanted to play it. It doesn't have any less value than Mario and Sonic at the Olympics. πŸ‘ŒπŸ₯‰
Please sega do not keep game pass remove the game pass if you remove it you will get 5star please do this and it is a good game. Please do something about this. THANK YOU
Awful, you're expected to pay Β£10 to basically play the game and is terribly primitive if you choose not to. Nintendo proves a great example of showing how a similar company with a similar target audience can enter the mobile landscape with a similarly widely loved and nostalgic game like Mario Kart and don't have to compromise much for an ultimately great game. This 'Olympic games' app is simply a basic imitation for the same (free) price point and honestly fails to captivate from the get go.
I have enjoyed this game surprisingly even though its the frame rate look bad on my Samsung tab, its very good and would hope this game will last even after the Olympics
Add more characters and costumes. Fix the graphics. We need graphics settings. And Frame rate. Add more games, events, and we want to vs our friends. Add the characters from sonic forces speed battle moblie. And add a store.
After a few minutes of playing, you get asked to rate the game. This is how you know youre about to get hit with a pay wall. Thats right give them $15 to keep playing the game.
It's absolutely Awesome love the game play and also the graphics spot on well done to all the developers who contributed to this app πŸ‘πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
I played the game once and never played it since . The concept of it seemed interesting and fun, but now that we have it, it immediately lost my interest within the first game. From there I figured that it was going to be basic controls and it was pretty much that. Oh and the pay wall, it's dumb, it's ridiculous. Having the pay in order to play the actual game it self is Mocking. When I get a free game, I expect some micro transactions but not a pay wall for the main story, it's outrageous.
I was waiting for this game for months since the trailer was released but it turned into a big letdown, i have to pay to continue playing what the hell?! I thought you would be better than Nintendo and do things right not as that mario run game where you also need to pay but at least they changed that, learn from them sega
I do not even know what to say. Thanks to the stupid glitch, I have my younger brother bugging me all the time! The app won't even open! Thanks a lot, Sega.
First a black screen, then a white screen, and nothing else. Either the game doesn't work for me, or it's decidedly uninteresting. I got the Amazon version to like, but the free access is limited, and it didn't hold my attention.
Bait and switch. Play about 10 levels for free, then you have to pay 10 dollars to do anything further. Uninstalled, terrible business practices by the developer.
The game is good but i can not pay to play the other levels so pls sega remove the game pass and make the other levels for free in the next update.
The game needs to be able to work without wifi. This could be a soild 4.9 out of 5 but the need for wifi basically renders the game useless outside of my house. Otherwise a great tie in game with the other '2020 olympics games' games, that is briming with content, and sonic references. Fun game wifi not considered.
I want to give this game a 5 but I can't i'm a big fan of the soinc Olympic games since it start 😒 πŸ˜” it's not fair that the game is considered free to play with a storyline that you can't even complet because of the need to buy a pass just to play the rest of the game. I can understand if the in game purchases was for exclusive characters to unlock them faster or items that can help get characters maybe just items that can be used for training a favorite characters it's not worth paying πŸ˜• πŸ˜’
πŸ€¬πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ‘ΏπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜¬πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ˜ŸπŸ˜• Why demo? haha those emojis were from my 9 year old siblings. They were soo disappointed when they found out this game is needed to be payed after 10 stages.I can't pay because i live in a country which has a separate banking system from the whole. I'm kinda disappointed... this game is a very good game to motivate children doing sports as well. i some how feel EA made this game because this is not something sega would do...
This just like Mario and Sonic at the olympic games. But In this game, you have to pass all the levels. In Mario and Sonic at the olympic games you can play all levels at whatever order you want. Anyway it is the same (without Mario and friends)
[Edit] I pay for the full version seen July and the game is great but the problem is that some of the controls of the games are hard to earn a metal on. Like for example, Swimming. I swipe down and it sometimes dosent do it
its a good game. you have to pay to unlock other areas but its fine and worth it. my only compliant is that the controls for trampolining are far too hard so at level 3-4 its nearly impossible to get a gold medal. There are nine different controls for the trampolining and what happens is you would flick the correct directions fast but the game doesnt pick it up.
I like it it's really good when you get all the medals I think you should get to make your own Character and unlock a special story mode and maybe you can be able to do more story modes as different people! And you shouldn't have to pay to finish the rest of the game. I just got to the point where you have to pay to continue. I don't think that's very fair for people who can't afford it. Maybe you guys should take out the paying thing. Love this game overall it's AMAZING keep up the good work!
A very well done version of the console Mario & Sonic games. Best of all, it's a one-time fee to unlock the entire game. No microtransactions. If you have $10 to spare, it's no doubt an addicting minigame collection.
It always sends me back to my home screen and that is unacceptable but i like the gameplay. Please fix this and please make it playable offline. Fix every bug in the game and make sure the game does not make me pay anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hmmmmm.. the game works fine for me now after the latest update. It is really fun and I love playing it, however I am disappointed to see that passes are needed to progress and partake in the other events .-. wish there was full access and that passes allowed for some premium goodies instead (like most games involving passes). But I am a man of my word, 5 stars since it's working and pretty solid for me. The SA Rand sucks 99% of the time so the passes are a tad bit pricey.
I loved playing sonic at the Olympic games they done the game really well better Mario and sonic version they have overdone the game with the outfits for each sport but what I would love for an update is to add surfing and more events it will even be better
One of the best games I've play on mobile so far this year. I've always loved the Olympic games and this one is just as good as the console versions. It seems people don't like that fact you have to pay to continue the story line, but my honest opinion is this... Coming from a guy that can't afford a Nintendo Switch or the Mario and Sonic Olympic game for it, I honestly don't mind paying an extremely small fee to play this game. Especially considering the price of a Switch and the game itself. 5 stars for this game!
Such a super fun game and story. Takes a little bit to finish the game and a lot longer (depending on your skill). But after that, there's really nothing to do besides beating your and other's high scores. It's fun while it lasts.
Awesome! Please port Winter games DS to Android with Wii graphics! I've got a gamepad and Dualscreen accessory.
Its good for a mobile game but i wish that you didnt have to pay because i did pay to unlock everything but not everyone can and it just is not a good idea. I do love the karate and bmx levels those were awesome😜 and the graphics are good. Good overall. Nice job SEGA πŸ‘
This game is WAYYYY past cool! The graphics, the controls, the gameplay, it's fantastic! It is kind of a bummer thst you need to buy to play more, but that doesn't mean you can't play it. Best mobile game i ever played.
Welcome to the worst scam game that requires money, I appreciate their effort to create this scam mobile game to trick others into paying money, Kids stay away from this game. Wish I could rate 0 stars for the good trickster studio SEGA, Who developed, parents keep your kids away. And there are better games to play than this one. Scam😴. Nintendo charged for their game because they only had that one, you have a million other games and u are charging to continue?!, lol
After i installed this game, i was reqlly excited to play it but as soon as i tapped on the app, it was loading then it crashed on me. I tapped on the app and it crashed on me again. About 5 or 6 times it did it to me now and i haven't started to play it yet. Please fix it and ill change my rating once this issue is resolved.
Ok at first I thought this app was going to be free but after the demo you have to pay if you want to continue the game why sega why you should have made the game premium instead of free when download
I saw other reviews and it said it was good but a demo also they're is a mario and sonic at the Olympic games already sorry for this review I guess it is good for people who cannot afford a nintendo switch that is why it is 3 stars
Bruh at start it was a good game but then after I finished metal sonic boss fight it said you have to pay to continue I also thought it would be better than super Mario run but there is no other way to continue
A pretty awesome game but I think it needs to add new characters and similar to sonic forces mobile and it needs to have sports like football, rugby, boxing, equestrian and 100m swimming. Also it needs to fix the frame rate.
I have to give it a 1 star cause I try buying the pass the money was taken but I still do not have the pass. Unless this fix I can't give it higher cause it mean I wasted money.
Thanks for the $4 option to paying just the two first regions.(I am playing this game from my home computer)the climbing ex game is just aggravating. when the screen moves up as you draw your character to the rock it messes you up. and the line sometimes goes the other way from where I'm drawing from. That SP gauge doesn't last long enough. The shooting skeets ex game, the extra help bots distracts you more than help. I guess the controls is fine.
Can't even open the game. As one of the previous comments said error code comes up and says it's not able to access online at this time try later. My phone is on the wifi have also tried it on 4g but nothing. Sort this out please as I would like to play the game. Will change my star rating when im able to play the game.
Well its a great game but I wish for a teggetable option you can make make you look like the classic mario & sonic at the oplympic 2012
Horrible this game pulls you in saying its a free game but just after a few games you have to pay Β£10 just to play a game on your phone all they did was rip a normal Olympic games add a few cut scenes and put it on a app store, i know you have to make money but your sega a billion dollar company so its not bank breaking for you
I'm a sonic fan. But with purchasing a pass just to continue on, I'm not doing that. I think you should take out purchasing a pass since purchasing the pass would just make less people play the game. It shouldn't be necessary to just buy something from a game that was free
One of the best mobile games I've played in a long time. My only complaint against this game is the fact that the game forces you to pay to continue on
Amazing!This app is fun,time consuming and a good game in my opinion.For some reason this app reminded me of sonic&Mario at the Olympics(a game not on iPhone or Android but at an arcade game.)I would have given a 5 star if you had a larger choice of characters like maby between sonic,tails,or knuckles but other then that it is a perfect app!
Fun game! I wanted it bad enough so I purchased the full version in the app and I'm having lots of fun! Graphics are wonderful and the characters look great for it being a mobile game, lots of details and shadows are good too. Loving it!
Ten bucks for a pass if u wanna go any where after playing a small portion of this game smh the game play easy though and u can always review the rules and how to play part ill have to come back maybe when i get cash to continue playing it though
I purchased the game a few months ago and now the game no longer launches after I recently update to android 11. Please fix this.
Well it's a good game and really nice idea very unique really but after just 9 stages and you have to pay 3 times to get full game access!! Even if it's not so much money but why you say it's free and after downloading the game you have to pay to play?!
This is something that EA would put out. Blocking the rest of the game's content behind a paywall. And you can't go back to previous games, so it's pointless to own it afterwards.