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Is a Adventure game developed by THIRTEENDAYS located at Russia, Kurganskaya oblast, Kurgan, Keramzitnyy ul., 9, 640037. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood, Sexual Themes) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Thank you for the happy ending. It was a good story. My only criticism is that the English was TERRIBLE in parts. Im an English teacher and would love to correct the script for you for free if you'd like. It's a shame to have this one problem with such a lovely game!
Such a good experience that i got from this game, 10/10 trust me it worth to play if you're a type of guy who enjoys casual game
Sorry if i didn't give this game a chance, but its hard to look past the primitive animation, confusing controls and poor english translation.
love this game, keep making more of these types of games, they are really interesting and thrilling too!! I even love Mark's Life too. love it, keep making more of these!!
Too wordy for my liking and sons of the English isn't great. Uninstalled the game after a short while
I'm sorry for being mean, as I'm normally not this kinda person, but the game didn't live up to what people say. The game has got an English version, but there were mistakes everywhere, making it hard to read. It was also poorly written: the play was so shallow and bad that it would've been better to cut that scene. I didn't see the philosophy. There were also many mistakes that kept on breaking my immersion (eg the manager saying it's left, but technically, from David's viewpoint it's right)etc
On my samsung note 9, this app will not rotate to landscape mode, so it only fills a short, narrow strip of the screen in portrait mode. The phone is NOT in rotation lock mode, so it would appear to be a limitation of the game itself. This makes the text VERY hard to read, and gameplay overall to be quite poor.
Really sorry but I need to give bad review, it has a good storry but this game progress really slow, monotone and boring, and the worst part is it really lacks of clue, Im stuck. *spoiler alert* david met alexa second time, and they will meet in pier, but before that, david check out alexa's archive, and after that, nothing happened, cant find where pier is, and there is not a single clue, I run around town and I dont know where to go
The inventory button hardly ever works when I need to use something. The music is boring and the game itself is quite tedious anyway, but at least I'd give more than twenty minutes if the inventory worked.
game moves too slow. you have to play until the next save. unnecessary walking around and why is his room up on the third floor? a big waste of my time.
I liked this game a lot! Despite the English errors and the fact that some of the plot was a little cheesy or unrealistic at times, it was quite good. The gameplay itself is very simple. There are some reviews that are complaining about the controls, but I had absolutely no problem with the controls. They were completely visible and easy to use. It only took me about an hour or two of playing to complete the entire game, but I'd say this game is worth the install!
This game has potential to be a very good game. However, the ending completely threw me off!! Absolutely positively, anticlimactic!
It's pretty bad. Horrible grammar, I have no idea what these people are talking about, very bad translation
Great! I enjoyed the game, story, music. Well, it's more a visual novel than a game, I guess. Good job guys and thanks! The only thing I suggest is to have the script / texts checked by an English speaker. That's about the only weak part. Other than that I'm already looking forward to your other productions. :-)
So I really wanted to like this... but I couldn't even get through it. It's very slow and almost all dialog- half of which is written in improper English. When you do use controls they're wonky. It's like every time you need to advance dialog you gotta figure out where to click which varies. Or when you're looking into something there's no clear exit button, just more random clicking. 3 stars for effort and the art.
The most emotional game ever. The love story is so emotional & heart touching. And the ending will make you so emotional. Also some scenes will draw your tears out if you ever loved someone ❤️
Great game, nice story, the problem is that it lacked so many details, some itemes are for no reason, third ending?? Nothing happened with it, just restarting from the beginning, more info plzz, would be phenomenal
Quite short. Intriguing story, but finished weirdly and left a lot of unanswered questions. The translation was pretty bad sadly, although I could mostly understand what was meant.
Very interesting game. It has a good storyline with two different endings which is also good. However, the game was kind of annoying because it doesn't give you clues after clues on what to do next so you end up wondering around until you stumble upon something. I got it for free but I wouldn't want to buy it.
Its a beautiful game.. We go through a lit of emotions.. The best part of the game was that the developpers give us an option in the end.. That lets us choose if we are satisfied with a melancholic ending.. Or we would like a happy ending.. I myself being a person who does not like sad endings really appreciate this option
I don't have words for it. It really got my emotions working, which is normally hard to do in games, and it's just so interesting and really good at making me feel like I was really apart of their life in a way. A few words seemed like they were put through a translator but other then that it's really a great app.
Not a bad game. I don't like how it ended I wish it would have been longer and told me more of a story after they meet back up. Overall great game though.
The controls are clunky--hitting the hotspots takes too much effort, and then advancing the dialog should just be a screen tap. Plus, some of the walking segments are just too slow. The graphics are so-so. The text font used was ugly though. However, the story, while having a potentially interesting premise, was not satisfying. It left too many things unstated about the world, and the character relationships felt shallow. And the broken English didn't do it any favors either.
I like it, but the English translation doesn't hold well with conversations in the game. People talk like they're computers.
Unplayable due to the most dreadful English translation I have ever come across. Had to quit after a few minutes as the dialogue barely makes any sense. The script needs a huge rewrite. Just read the summary of this game to see what I mean.
after updating I've lost all the saved data😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 uninstalling it right now.
A futuristic game minus the futuristic part. English is grammatically incorrect. but you'll get the gist of what they are saying. Instructions are unclear but you'll figure it out eventually. The beginning is rather dull but it gets better at the end. It is possible to get a good/bad ending(there are three endings). The romance parts can be cringe at the beginning but it gets better as you go along. A total of 2.5 hours of gameolay for me. Not really worth the money, though.
I don't care what other people say, but FOR ME this game is amazing! Trust me. I love this game so much, also the MARK'S LIFE, very nice. Basically these games are describing what depression really is, the story of its protagonists, the feel. Anyway, I am truly truly truly truly truly truly.. alright. I JUST LIKE IT.
Some of the conversations were badly translated and hard to understand. I didn't really get the premise. It just seemed so outlandish. And anticlimactic at that.
Not so much a game as it is just a linear story which involves walking from location to location to start a dialog and being told to go to another location. Gameplay, graphics, and UI are very bland.
You get no clues as to where to go. I spent 20 minutes just wandering around. When I go to the home screen, it tells me that the hint is go to the theater. I do that and nothing. There are no hints, clues, nothing as to what to do next.
The story of this game is great but after I try to get the third ending the game just limbo itself and nothing even change. I hated that you have to go do all the walk and all that all over again and nothing even change. This game is waste of your time. What a waste...it has great potential...
Perfection. Really enjoyed the game. Such a heart touching story, the music, story, characters are awesome. Really enjoyed the story!
It's an interesting story. The game itself is like a book. I'm looking forward to another game like this. I hope there will be big developments in the next game, if there will be a new game.
This has honeatly been one of the best mobile game I have played in a while, the story was great and U felt bad for David the entire game :(
I loved the game, and I can't stop playing it. It was so much fun. I enjoyed everything about it. It reminds me of memento mori
I'm sorry to say this, this game is have a good story but the game is in the low quality and the design looks not good, because of the control and else. And I also got stuck when I wanted to entering the hotel in the Phoenix Institute's chapter..
The endings are interesting, but the rest of the game is sparse and the "secret" of the game is revealed suddenly without no context and in an artificial way.
I actually finished this game and it was an amazing experience - even if the english was a bit weird. I cried at the end, no lying. For those you stuck: hints are in the main menu! I didnt know this and was lost for a while.
Couldn't get into this...very repetitive looping soundtrack. Poorly translated English story. Good luck but I just wasn't a fan.
I couldn't even get through half the game it's so bad. The broken English constantly pulls you out of the story, the graphics are really strange. It's like real people put onto a animated background, and it's not done well. The controls were okay, but didnt feel "good" by any means. The story? Who knows. All the issues above were so game breaking it made it painful to play.
I really liked the gloomy atmosphere throughout the game and how the colorless world change into colorful when he reminiscences his past. I would read it if it were a book, because I think the setting itself is interesting to be explored deeply.
English is appalling, the controls are clunky and slow, and this game just makes no sense. I'm relieved that I got this game free through play pass, cause it is NOT worth taking up my storage, let alone paying for!
Terrible. Awful "game". The English translation sucks. The "music" is just three notes playing over and over. UI is bad. Overall horrible!
After playing Marks life I was sad that it was over so I played it about 6 times. When I found this game I immediately downloaded it so worth it !!!
Really depressing game, I don't recommend if you rapidly gain a connection to characters, or expect a happy ending.
[SPOILER ALERT] although the dialog is a little simplistic here and there, the idea behind the game is absolutely genious. one of the best stories i've ever read. i have seen both endings, and still almost made me cry. great job doing this game.
Promising beginning but the badly written English is very off putting; had to put it down, uninstalled. Having the game proof read and corrected before releasing would had been much better.
At first, I thought it was a horror game with some drama because of the graphics and the bgm. Need more improvements like hints on the next quest and dialogue choice for more interaction with people or things, unless it is a full-pledge storytelling game.
Graphics just look like Google images with a grain filter over the top, the sound and music are both horrible loops that drive you crazy, the gameplay is near non-existant, it's just left, right and use, the story is straight up awful with no real effort put into it. I'm glad this was on a free download. Don't bother paying for it.
the story line is mind blowing, you created mind blowing game in 2d 👏👏👏hats off to your effort.
Slow, the story was kind of cool, but the progression was slow. The cat part was pointless, made go get milk to not feed the cat... I like the music. Inventory getting full of useless things, the English is full of errors.
Enjoyable game, really followed the story, I agree with the criticism about the grammar but in a way it adds to its uniqueness. Don't want to put any spoilers, try not to read reviews, just download it and play, that's what I did. Found myself relating to the main character quite a lot too.
Another great game from 13days. Seeing "Sullen Town" here, immediately thought of 13DaysofLife (now 'Mark's Life')... That story touched me a bit more as I could relate to him. But the ending was worth it. Here, (Spoiler alert) the theory of the revival in his next life felt a bit weird but David really deserved much better and wish he didn't suffer so miserably for someone. Liked the idea of multiple endings. Overall, as expected from 13days. Your games are on a totally different level and always bring something people can relate to. Thanks a bunch for your hard work and... Can't wait to play 'Catherine the Vampire'!!! (^w^)
One of the best games on google play I've ever played. Really. Ребята, молодцы ☺☺😊
Apart from the bad English, everything is pretty good. The game is not very hard to understand. In fact it is less of a game and more of an interactive story. The story is awesome and the two endings make it perfect. Though the game feels incomplete, the achievements and progress don't show 100% even after completing the game. Devs please correct that.
As much as the english being a bit rough, what an excellent game. Using the Unreal engine worked out an innovative concept that on the most part non violent. Good job!💎
Weird game and really slow to get into although its a great game writing is a bit small and can barely read on some backgrounds
I won't spoil the story but the direction of the story was very obvious. It also wasn't really fleshed out in my personal opinion. The graphics are 2D and done in Unreal Engine apparently not that you would know it. I can see how this might appeal to a certain group of people, but having played it through till the end I was left feeling unsatisfied by the game.
I always find myself talking about this game with someone, I will never forget this came and its history... Thank you for this masterpiece!
The game could have been better in a lot of ways... This game exhibits a lot of downsides for eg.- 1. Going your home (hotel room) is very time consuming for no use.... 2. Since travelling is done on-foot and most of the travel locations are very far which becomes boring after a while.... 3. And conversations should have a *skip* option bcoz many times it's really long and u can only make it fast but can't skip it.... 4. And this actually isn't any game . We will end up doing nothing except travelling on-foot and skipping dialogues... 5. Since there's very least to do in the game so story should have been more interesting and involving rather than sad, regret and loneliness....
Kind of annoying. English isn't too good and when I walked a long way I had to turn back and walk all the way back to get car keys for no reason. Figured there was something major I needed else why go all the way back. But nope. Just to get keys and leave again. Uninstalled.
Some of the grammar needs worked on, is there a way I can submit the mistakes so that they could be fixed?
Not fun, poorly translated, although th story is good, i feel like the dev is just f***ing around with the users, specially with the cat chapter.
Amateurish writing, predictable plot and awful controls. I'm only glad I didn't pay for the game and got it through gamepass. It's a shame, as the theme is clearly one of interest, but the feel is just that of a poor fan fiction. Grammatical issues, typos, mis-used words and clumsy language pull you out of the story constantly, and the interface is confusing and badly configured (even when you do get the hang of it, the disconnect between actions and display is jarring). I cannot recommend.
Great job dev! Such a unique experience, and one of a kind gameplay! and please update the English language, sorry to say it but it's terrible. Still loved the story lines though! Keep it up thirteen days!
I have to say, I quite enjoyed my experience playing this game. It's none too complex, but fun nonetheless.
Endings were a little disappointing. Overall the story and gameplay was really good but some things could have been big changing factors like if Evie and Alexa had something in common like the date of birth and death. Just a thought.
Best story ever, I cry, but love the end of story, I really recommend this to everyone who has come to see this app, please don't skip it, best thing to do download it you'll find no regrets. And to the creator of this story I'll give you 100 stars and thank you for having the best story and sharing your thoughts on this storytelling. When I began to play this app I finished it till the end same day, it was so interesting and I really enjoyed it, thank you for it. You really have a talent.