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Solomon's Keep

Solomon's Keep for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Raptisoft located at PO BOX 1142 202 S. Union ST Traverse City, MI 49685 . The game is suitable for Teen (Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A cool and fun game, but there are some things that I wish were there. Like a "Reset Skills" that would reset all of your skills to have you choose again (the 3 skills they give you on each levelup is randomized). And also an auto-save, I have had times where I got killed, but the last time I go to town (it automatically saves) is like 5-6 rooms before, because I'm good on potions and don't have enough money to buy anything worthwhile, so I just get frustated and leave the game for some time.
I'm amazed the developers have succeed in making a dungeon crawler this boring. The game would be a lot less tedious if you increased the mana regen everytime you level up. There is a skill that increases mana regen but it never shows up. You find yourself going to town to buy 3 potions at a time or waiting 20s for your mana bar to recharge at least every floor. Flawed game.
I absolutely love this game! Only thing I would add is more "Feats" (challenge reward system..with actual rewards!) AND being able to open up the map to a "full map screen." Your overlayed map is perrrfect, but a lot of times I find myself reclicking my map to try and see what rooms I need cleared. I am one to clear an entire floor before moving on, as many do in a dungeon crawl. Regardless of wants, such a beautiful dungeon crawl, perfection at it's best. ≤3
The game is simple and a great game to play it your bored but I'm just so mad that each time I level up it just automatically chooses my new skill
2/5 - Fun little game. Unfortunately it crashes between levels if the wifi disconnects or resets. The game then deletes all the items in your inventory...including the magic key you can't buy or sell, and any money saved up. Would be a 4/5 if my data wasn't randomly deleted during a wifi hiccup
I remember playing this on my old Ipod touch many years ago and the fact that it has been brought to Android is amazing. We who kept up with the forums know it was hard and we appreciate you.
Simple and very playable. It's short and not that difficult but isn't overly easy. Many difficultys settings, special challenge modes and semi-random skill options make for suprisingly high replayability. Not much story and cheesy villain lines however. Only real complaint is a bug where your invintory can disapear forever, if this happens you can fix it by dying but if you save before dying your characters screwed.
Ads are so intrusive that it becomes unplayable. In addition, it has game breaking bugs. Game crashes often and does not save your progress. Game crashes while in item store, and when I relaunched the game, my items were missing.
Delightful simplicity. The cheesy one liners only add to the allure. This game is simple yet complex and is great for when you want to scratch that dungeon delving itch whether on the go or when you have time to devote to it. The prequel game is a different experience and both can be enjoyed simultaneously. I do wish it had gamepad support, however, octopus keymapper works well with it. Great job dev!
Love it ! This is the top down dungeon crawler we miss. If you all factor in some new style features it would be a must have for all! Make it faster paced multiplayer and multi class and just make new classes and I'd pay good money.
Great but i need to reinstall it to change magice so make it so going to the place where you get magic will give you a good place to change magic
Cmpleted the game on least difficulty. Review : Good : 1. Functional. The game works. No broken areas 2. Leveling up feels fun and empowering. 3. Destroying waves of monsters is fun. Bad : 1. Controls are not good. Joystick based combat is too slow. 2. Game lacks variety in map design and enemy design. 3. Skill progression felt unbalanced to me. I upgraded mana to max but once i started with mana upgrade I never got the option for health upgrade. I had to play till end with my starting health
This game is pretty bad i played it before it was a good game but now when you use your powers it will only shoot backwards it will not shoot enemies
Boring.... One dungeon that gets a bit harder level by level... Not much imagination put in this one if any..... Some may like it a lot but i dont see a seasoned rpg player getting much more then a headache out of this one.. It is however a very welcome addition to the mobile scene, given it shows devs exactly what they should " NOT " ever do in their future project designs... Prolly make a killer brick counting sim!!
It has a very simple design and gameplay where you can dive in and out to play. Lightweight and easy to learn. My biggest cons mostly is diversity in its gameplay other then hit and run. I would play it and enjoy myself but I cant see myself keeping it in a long run.
I thought this game was great. Definitely worth 99 cents for 20k gold which helps ALOT. Fireball is hard to aim, upgrade the lighting spell. You won't be disappointed!
Alright, best game ive possibly ever played, first off i like the small details and hilarious things that happen during the game man, solomon made me jump after attacking me and then running away, i laughed at how he placed a banana peel when i backtracked and made me slip, his laughter just made me feel dumb XD
The inventory crash bug... how long has it been since this issue has been in the game? I love the game... but it os unplayable now. Even if it doesnt happen the first, second, or third time... you live in fear everytime you go to sell an item.
Not too bad, only problem is the joysticks are a little troublesome. Your first spell hardly ever shoots in the right direction if your thumb doesnt hit it quite right. And a rediculous challenge increase between each level. The first 4 levels you can sleep through, then all of the sudden no amount of leveling up can get you through . Game is rather fun outside of that
This is the best mobile game ever created. They don't constantly beg for your money. It's just a simple, fun, diablo style, twin stick shooter. It's been around since the iPhone 3gs and is still a blast to play. They even continue to support and update it. Why haven't you downloaded this game yet!? Stop reading and start playing!
I love this game so much! Solomon's Boneyard is even better!!! Although I think you should nerf fireball. It is better, not by much but clearly better than magic missile, and lightning, and ice. Area damage is just too good with that high damage. Or buff the others.
The game is pretty good. Although it can get very monotonous at times (like enemy pinned down, waiting like a minute for it to be destroyed). My advice to reduce the slow times: level up damage and mana RECOVERY each time you get the chance (make sure it increases damage, not all atk upgrades increase damage). Also keep high damage staff and rings in your inventory, but save it for tedious times. The rest of the time use experience ring and staff to lvl up faster.
One of the best free apps I have played. Good graphics and gameplay, runs smooth. Also many levels and a storyline. You can play to the end for free. Fun leveling up your character. The Boneyard game was ok, not really a fan, never got very far. Would like to see a Solomons Keep 2. After the first one, I'd pay a few bucks or watch some ads to play it.
I downloaded this game with high expectations, based on several reviews. Ultimately I was disappointed. I played three games before figuring out, that by investing in Mana and the teleport spell the game was virtually unlosable. It's basically one long tutorial. The responsiveness of the controls and the premise were all that warranted the two stars. The game includes microtransactions, however, anyone who utilizes them are as lazy as they are stupid. Character limit. Try exiled kingdoms
I really loved this game until it crashed and deleted all of my items including the recall key. I was using a staff that gave me +2 to all skills and a ring that gave me +2 to my main skill as well as a +4 damage +1 to my main skill; the game is now annoyingly difficilt mostly because it takes to long to kill the enemies without the items I built around, and I don't even have mt potions, or the recall key to go back and buy some. Pretty bummed.
This is a simple and easy to play game with $5 spent ($1 20k gold and $4 removable adds)...this game was just exactly what a old RPG'er wanted!!! 5 stars, I didn't mind spending $5...!!!!
This is a really fun game. It's simple, easy to play, and with beautiful old-school graphics. The difficulty is well adjusted (something rare to find in a mobile game). I beat it in about three hours but the game offers you some rewards if you play it again in a harder mode. I give it five stars. If you like action-rpg games or Zelda kind of games you'll enjoy this one. Totally recommended.
Such a fun dungeon crawler RPG game. Crushing skeletons and blowing up zombies with flaming whips of lightning or massive rays or ice feels very satisfying. The spells and skill tree is super expansive, allowing for a lot of replayability. The addition of Hardcore mode also makes this game a great option for fans of the Rougelike genre.
Personally, love the game. Enjoy playing it during times off or when i have a chance. My only issue is the game crashing and after i reopen the saved file my inventory it's blank. All items, money and return key are gone.
This game will punish you to no end of you're not willing to invest the time and research into playing this game properly. With it's unfairly punishing dungeons, frustrating random stat upgrades, and very, VERY steep power curve, this game will seem easy, but eventually, it will rear its ugly head and bite the unassuming player in the arse. This game will NOT simply give you a power fantasy. You'll need to do everything, fight and scream and kick, to rip out that delicious victory from the game.
i loved it but since several weeks, i am not able to play it anymore ! :/ regarding my ongoing game, i am invincible and i can't kill enemies (i hit, but no mana is spent, my spells don't work etc). when I begin a new game I see the first sentence « it was a dark night » and nothing else ! I really enjoyed this game, but why isn't it working ?
This was once a fun and easy game. You've somehow ramped the difficulty to where I die in every room, now. Level 4 is suddenly so hard, with flaming skeletons and 6 skeleton magi in. EVERY. ROOM! All casting Magic Missile so none of the attacks can be dodged. The missiles don't dissipate either, and chase you all over the level until you finally run into them just to get it over with. What kind of bs is this? Add a difficulty setting so I can take it down from HELL. Thanks.
It's a good dungeon crawler/ twin stick shooter. Graphics aren't the best but they aren't bad either. Visual effects and atmosphere is great. Game has a good amount of depth which is a bonus for me.
Loved the game on my old ipod touch and was really excited to see it on Android. Paid for the ad free version and was happy to see the gameplay was as great as ever. However, the inventory crash bug completely ruins the game. Extremely frustrating to lose your items over and over again. If this is fixed, easily a five star game. But until then, it'll have to be one star from me. The bug is that frustrating. Been quite a while now with no update or info. I'm assuming this game has been abandoned?
No way to go back to town easily?? And also when I click on pack there's nothing listed on my pack. There isnot a gold notification as to how much I have. I'm pretty sure my pack is about full. So what's up? Weird... I'm just running around aimlessly progressing floors with no way to use my gold I earned
Absolutely no tutorial at all, only can play in Hard mode, a lot of beginning things skip over cuz it's too difficult to know where, when & how to press to bring up things, I couldn't pick a skill because of that, it flashed by before I could read a thing & you can't go back to try again. About 10 enemies come at you when you first enter the first castle & since no tutorial you don't know how to aim, shoot, nothing so can't kill even when facing them. Could be a top game but NO TUTORIAL
Same issue I have seen noted on other reviews . The app crashes and you lose all gear, good and the ability to collect items thereafter. Kills the entire game . I paid for the extra ability to pass items between games . Now I can't even keeping them in the game I am playing . Until they fix this, it's a bust .
Forced ads at every zone change, starting at level 2, some of which contain male nudity. Crashes some times during zone change. Too bad to because the game play seems like a good rogue like. Don't waste your time here, download something awesome like Pocket Rogue.
Love this game. its so simple yet enjoyable. Just wish it would be updated with maybe new map areas and such. Just to break op the manatany of the dungeon so it doesnt get boring. Would 100% pay for this game if some new content would come out.
For such a small-sized game. I have to say im impressed. Although, i wish there is some way to reset the dungeon, so that i can farm more exp, and stuff for the upcoming fight...
my favorite game ever. i never get tired of this game. would like to see an update with some new bosses and equipment
This is an ancient PlayStation 2 game rebranded as a mobile RPG. Handles like a rusty butterknife, graphics are boring and unimpressive, nothing to see here.
I love the game but I experienced a bug. After my first death, all my items and potions are gone. Because of that I made another hero slot. Good thing is that it didnt happen again. I happened to kill the boss in just 1 sitting. So I suggest to make the game longer. More types of monsters. More missions, not just the castle.
Only problem is after a while the enemies get waay to strong where the game starts to get impossible. And in the boss fight the boss lures me up the stairs and then I have to go up and down and up and down the stairs to try and get the fallen gold. But each and every time an ad pops up and its soooooo annoying because I keep going up and down because the cornes are too big. Like invisible corners or whatever. Too many ads. But overall good. Change the placement of return button. My ui blocks it.
The original version of SK never had all these bug issues. it was a solid game. Please fix inventory bug crash, that wipes all ur gear. When you sell an item. It randomly glitches and kicks u off the game. when you return, all your gear is gone.
This game is pretty fun honestly. There is a glytch in the game that will delete your recently aquired items. This can be used to your advantage however. The glitch resets you to before having said items. Not gonna say how to do it but this glitch can be used to duplicate items instead of losing them. Happy glitch hunting. Smash tv style of play if you're old enough to remember that arcade game.
the game is simple and fun kinda addicted to it spcially you can play it offline until one time my screen blinks and i can no long speak with npc and my equipments are gone and i can no longer use item. i didnt spice it up and even if i do, i think i can still speak with npc to buy exp and upgrade my skills right? hope it can be fix.
On the 4th floor i just gave up after 3 hours of trying. You cant progress without putting in real life money into it. You lose the xp after death. The only other way would be to grind gold but its reaaaallly slooow. And ive been molded to grind by diablo so im not the type who gives up easily.