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Solomon's Boneyard

Solomon's Boneyard for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Raptisoft located at PO BOX 1142 202 S. Union ST Traverse City, MI 49685 . The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
With my galaxy s10, i cant buy any perks or feats. The game struggles to select those icons. Rarely could i manage to set focus on the icon. But then could never finalize the purchase when it finally said double tap. Really wanted to enjoy a game I play in the past.
button tracking/sensitivity is a little wonky on a Galaxy 10, but nothing that ruins gameplay. a small thought, what if reading the tombstones also gave small 1-2% bonuses? nothing that would immediately change the game, but might make it more survivable if you read all of them. just a small bonus incentive.
Way more functional on the iPhone, I can barely equip any perks because the thing just slides away everytime I try to equip one, and the ads every time I level up are severely annoying.
I liked SK because it was a dungeon crawler and I felt like I was making real progress. This feels boring since I'm in the same room the whole time fighting more and more waves. Just not my thing ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
Very fun game that can take u years to master. However, it becomes boring after a while because the difficulty becomes too high to progress. The highest I was able to go was above 7000 after dozens of serious tries. Another annoyance is that I played this on a really old device and there was a skill that allowed ur character to have a backpack, that means that u can stock up all of ur loot but on my tablet that skill is replaced with the scavenger lady that wont save ur potions and u gotta pay.
This is the only game that scams money. Ad killers are meant to kill all the ads even the ads for gold, like the other games. But this is the only game that you still have to watch ads even you bought ad killer/remover. Its all about money eh? Not gonna play this game anymore. Such a waste
I remember playing this on my iPod Touch, and I'm glad to see it's still around all these years later. Excellent fun and replayability!
Played on and off for years. Brilliant game, fun and easy to use. Please bring out multiplayer to complete the game.
Great game, gameplay wise. The graphics and the sound, while I like the pre-rendered style look and the B-movie type sound, not sure about others. I gripe I have is earning gold. Unless you watch ads, earning gold from game is quite pointless. Maybe add a system where 5% of score is rewarded as gold. Will be a good incentive to play.
Played it before and played it again and it's still great after all these years! "One of the best mobile games out there." Was my first review of this game in my teen years on my clunky iPhone 4s.
Honestly, this has been my reference of game I try to find and get into. Unfortunately there are so few of them and I keep redownloading this one and get my full. Best game of its genre.
Loved this game before. It's a shame there is such a deluge of ads, and that permanently unlocking extra perk slots is no longer possible.
this game used to not have adds now it does so even though i got the game the day that it was first released im being forced to pay again to get rid of the ads that when not there to begin with. very disappointed oh how the mighty have fallen i sadly cant take any of your new games seriously and will not buy them for the fact that you are doing such shady things that I despise this the most from these quote-unquote video games now if you can call most of them that anymore
Great game... sometimes the virtual direction pad sends the player on the opposite direction. Perhaps, it's part of the game.
It's a nice game but it needs more thing to be added ,like progression of characters in stats and also in appearance ,coop would be nice but more importantly it needs Google play connect and cloud save feature.
This is really a good game and it's so easy to farm for coins. Not sure if there is any bugs yet but my game runs smoothly. Please add hack code for today so I could get rich lol! Thank you Raptisoft for this RPG masterpiece! ๐Ÿง™โ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿง™โ€โ™€๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’›
Can't buy perks or fates. whenever I tap on something, it scrolls to the right. whenever I try to buy a fate, it doesn't select it. Also, the screen is not filled. part of my home screen can be seen. Please fix this
i would rate this 5 stars because its one of my favorite mobile games if it werent for the fact that its unplayable on my phone, for some reason its zoomed way in and the movement buttons take up the whole screen
I very much loved this game at one point in time. You used to be able to buy additional perk slots for permenant use. Now perk slots are paid for use in the next round of gameplay. At 1000 gold a slot, this is not sustainable without watching ads for money.
Love this game but could you solve the problem with equiping the items? everytime i press is will automatically scroll away and i have to keep trying to click on the item to equip? but overall the game is fun and challenging.
Good game but not as fun as keep version. Unfortunately doesn't work properly with wide screen phone and click location is slightly off making selection difficult
Far too much ads to enjoy the game properly. Data are not transferable. It seems like it does not sync to google account. I lost my progress after downloading on a new phone.
It was a lot fun on the iphone. I now have an android phone and played this game on my phone finding out how ruined it is by adds between level ups. If the adds were in the store instead of the battle mode, this game would of gotten a four star from me. I understand you guys need money, but this method of adds made me want to uninstall rather than play this free version. Let me know if you have a version not riddled in adds. Plus, willing to purchase, because it is a fun game.
This would be a great game if I could actually buy the upgrades in the menu. for some reason, a simple tap of the screen makes the menu scroll to the right. I cant purchase any upgrades because of this (you have to tap twice on the same item to buy it. I can't exactly tap twice if the upgrade keeps scrolling out of the screen.)
(Updated) after comming back to this game I relize it's a lot better then I initally thought. I played Solomon's Keep first and felt it was far better then this one and was disapointed. I now relize this game is good as well just in a different way. I still like Solomon's Keep more however.
Absolutely love it, the game of my childhood! Everyone who's dissing this game in the reviews doesn't know it's an oldass game and it is supposed to be like that.
Tonic idea is not good. The old version was great. And it would be better if this game would support multiplayer co-op mode. 2 players at least in 1 battlefield via bluetooth or wifi.
Due to copyright lawsuits, development on this game and the new Solomon Dark game was scrapped, after Raptisoft being a 1-man developer for fun, had to pay to fight a legal battle. Due to a lack of progress, theres Plenty of ads, bugs, adverts, and the game will randomly close, stopping you getting high scores. "Restore purchases" is broken, for those coming back to the game. Solomons keep is no better, with one bug that permanently freezes your character, deleting all progress.
2019 checking in. reviews are correct, the ads are rampant and the cost to remove is higher than it was on ios when I first played. back then the game cost a buck outright, now it's four. if you don't pay to remove, you'll see an ad every single time you level or get a skill point, which is absurdly frequent. It feels like the game I remember, and I was so happy to see it on android, but I can't stand these ads and I don't want to pay until I see how the unlocks have changed. I'll pass for now.
When starting, half of the screen is displayed as a massive play button while the othrr half is a blue BG. It is a game load failure (probably resolution settings?) Not sure what to do.
I have zero interest in mobile gaming......with the exception of this and Keep. Please port this to anything with a controller, love this game!
Used to live this game. But now I've paid to remove ads and bought some gold and it all was vanished after I reinstalleded app :(
I have always loved playing this game. And any other time I would have given it a perfect rating. But the tonic for perks that only last one round? That ruined it for me. It was fine the way it was
Expanded perk slots are replaced with tonics you have to buy each time you start a new run. They don't cost a lot. but unless you're getting alot more than 2000 gold each run, its hard to start investing in buying other upgrades. Perma bag is also replaced with a system that requires you to pay gold. It was more fun when the game didnt seem to drive you to buy gold just to play sustainably. Gone were the old days where games try to out fun each other so that we purchase them.
Hey there. I've been a big fan of this game since my days on the first ipod touch. However, this version for android seems to have a lot bugs, and also to be much more focused on making money (and thus making it more difficult for players who don't spend). For the third time, the game seems to have been updated and a lost everything! I've had all the characters and a third of the perks... and now it is all gone. That is a terrible buzz killer. And being the third time having that happening just makes things worse. I hope you guys can fix the issues, because the game is awesome. But I don't know if I will keep playing after this...
Needs more perk slots. or a way to infinitely get stronger. It's crazy how monsters exponentially get stronger but you stay weak.
Brilliant game, played through it on IOS years ago and now recently again on Android. Would love to see a new title in this franchise. One of my all-time favorite mobile games. My only gripe is that the leaderbord is a bit confusing as to how it ranks (does not seem to be based on score? Maybe on number of kills or something, and the score is calculated in a funny, unobviois way), meaning when you power your character up, you get less score. Also the framerate dips at later levels.
This publisher nuked player data and then released an update claiming to fix a nonexistent bug related to data loss. Fun game. Questionable business practices.
I loved this game and the Keep when I had both on my iPhone 3gs. But on Samsung devices it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to buy perks or fates. Every time you try, the screen WON'T stop scrolling to the right. Its IMPOSSIBLE for us to purchase anything and even if we do we can't equip it/them. I have no idea why Android users suffer from this but we do. We waited a LONG time for these Solomon games when they were for iPhone devices only. Throw us a bone and please fix this. 5 stars easily then.
Great game but super unstable and the menus are incredibly difficult to use as tapping on the option does nothing and you have to find the sweet spot just to the side. I used to live this game but it just doesn't work very well now.
Very high quality gameplay for an app. But out of 10 playable characters, it only makes sense to play the 2 or 3 with frost jet. The other spells have glaring and eggregious flaws that make it impossible to get to the later rounds. Lightning gets rekt by zombies, missiles by imps, and neither can penetrate the front line to the archers and mages that destroy you. I paid the $4 to remove the hentai waifu ads from level ups but sadly you still need to watch ads or pay again to avoid a long grind
The game is fantastic but, on the Samsung galaxy s10, it has become impossible to buy perks/fates and select rings that you store. The menus keep scrolling and killing the double tap prompt.
I absolutely love the first game, this one just seems like a downgrade. Too boring with just one level. Getting good "perks" without paying real money takes way too long, but also if i pay the game becomes boring as i don't have anything to work towards now.
A quicker spin on the classic Solomon's Keep. I actually found myself playing this even more than the original. The monetization and advertising is reasonable, and the gameplay is damn smooth. A++
so many ads. I mean I know how to skip past then without actually having to watch them and in turn saving myself money, but my biggest problem is the perks. it takes a huge effort to buy and equip them because it does not recognize the finger touch same with the secondary skill while playing. it's a huge pain