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Solo Knight

Solo Knight for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by shimmer games located at 中国成都市天府五街菁蓉汇6栋A座2楼. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game. I'm truly amazed by the amount of builds u can do in a mobile game. Reason for 4 stars is the stupid character movement. He takes stupid routes when u command a movement. Adding a joystick movement system can address this problem. U can make it optional to keep the feeling for veterans.
The game developers doesnt want u to succeed with this one. It's hella difficult to play! And if u want to succeed, u have to pay! Too bad. Its a good game tho.
I revived against a boss and the game froze and took my gems. So literally just making me waste money. Ontop of that since the update all I can get in arena is people who stun lock you the whole entire time so you literally can't do anything anymore.
Too slow interm of leveling and the item drop low quality equipment...cant proceed and need to stay in lower level for very long time, so unless u can wait for 1 week to level 1 item up, i suggest dont play this game
Been good. But I don't understand why I got get any xp when grinding previous stages. Especially when you get down to the harder floors and monsters one hit you..
This game has some serious potential! It could be fun but its wayyyy too limiting. I got up to stage 5 and then died, and now when im on stage 4 trying to grind so i can beat stage 5, theres no way!! I dont get xp or loot on stage 4, and i cant beat stage 5. So either it is forcing me to afk already after 2 mins of gameplay, or its frickin impossible lol
Missle wand with zero mana use + elite monster with blink pupet skill make this game actually stop running. Boss with spike skill are hard to evade because camera start zooming in while he used the skill. Sometimes fish dagger make the boss stuck while being drag, especially white digger bos. FIX IT.
Awesome game but enemies do to much damage and please add a joystick controls because it's very hard to evade enemies attacks when they do so much damage :( If you do it I will make this 3 stars into 5 😉
Great visuals and fun gameplay, but would be better if 1. there was a joystick option 2. option to turn off auto-attack so the character doesn't wander on his own 3. more skill-based shots 4. more elements on the map to interact and strategize with (walls, trampolines, slides, portals) or provide dangers (traps, etc). You already have the visuals down pat, get more creative so it doesn't feel repetitive. Thanks.
good game, bad game... boss had knockback 3 orbs skill, while it can be cast before the previous three is perished, but if you had boss fight without path, then you die. the upgrade stuff so scarce, green item not so different with white one, then boss had life steal ability, while mana not regen the boss keep sukking your health
What a great company solve the problem once received complain. Very good gaming experience with this game. Will keep support.
Great game, Joystick control will make 10 times better for me. Some minions qol: maybe add a way to control the minions ai, and if at max minions maybe summoning more would instead heal the current ones instead of replacing them.
The game is good but I think it better to have a joystick for movement rather than tapping the screen and should be able to customize the position of the skill button. Keep it up!
Pretty fun game. I would have played it and probably paid money here and there however I've lost interest because you don't get any basic rewards or items when offline unless you earn "offline loot time" from what I can tell. I came back after 48 hours and had no loot. Apparently you have to earn time to have offline loot or pay for it. Give normal idle offline loot, XP, and gold without having to earn or pay for it and I'd be happy to change my rating and play it.
Lowered to 1 star as I had to consult my bank to retrieve stolen funds. Only got 2 charges returned out of 3 for buying the season pass and still have no access to it even though my purchase did go through. My old review was apparently removed.
It is a good game but there are some bug items that are annoying, also, the scaling and skills of bosses from floor 100 upwards are ridiculous specially the boss in 126 which is almost immortal because of its healing, im an archer therefore i dont have any displacement in my skills so it is impossible for me to kill that boss.
Great game! Graphics is very unique and creative... Just hope you could do something with regards to character level up... I wish character level up be included during offline... Great Job guys!!! 👍👍👍
Please keep on developing this game. Highest potential to grow. Love the game. Keep on upgrading. I suggest that it has a monthly reset on pvp/arena which will have a reward. Keep up the good work guys. ❤️❤️❤️
Needs an option to skip the tutorial, especially when creating a second character. The tutorial was super annoying and miserable to play through. Having to do it more than once is severely limiting the replayability of this game.
Amazing game. The best of its kind with very origin graphics and build systems. The combat remembers me of cat quest
awesome game. great work for the team who created this. the grinding and the level is well crafted. I sometimes experience about the internet where it pops out says theirs a problem about the connection eventhough my net is functioning. anyways i have so much fun with this game. keep up the good work guys
Edit: I get that offline feature is just an addition to the game. But how come you can farm more items by going offline instead of going online? You can just get items while online only on dungeons. Maybe on floors but idk if it's just super low rate. At least make a feature where players can farm equipments not just on dungeons but also on floors. Reading and answering suggestions on the discord channel is highly appreciated
The game concept is good, but you have to work on it. The proglem is that you don't get xp and items if you repeat the floors, i let my caracter farm for 10 minutes and no change.
Edit: I changed my rating from 1star to 4star since the devs really made changes regarding the controls. I appreciate the devs listening and improving the game via players perspective. Repect. I also would like to suggest that you calibrate the games stats and attribites to the total value including the buffs, gear, random attribute and perks. Because as i can see, there is no way of seeing the total value of a certain stat when you sum up all those variables, especially the random attribute.
Difficulty scaling is too high, some bosses have attacks that can't be avoided, wands that summon minions aren't much use if the minions die instantly because of low health and split up during boss fights to fight enemy minions instead of the boss. Auto character movement doesn't automatically move to collect mana on pedestals and there shouldn't be 3x more melee weapons than everything else and only one wand to summon throughout the beginning of the game.
Connection missing since a few days, my connection is fine, cleared and even reinstalled the game and it still says I need an internet connection...
Entertaining idle game. The control is torelable since the character auto moves so I do not have to bother about it too much. The game has a charming aesthetic too!
Is a great game I think they need to put manual control and more exp...too much perk but no make sense when the exp is limited you only get exp if you pass the stage. Is make sense per kill..
It's a great game however something happened with the perk tree. Its not reflecting with the character. I think its a bug. Please check. Happened to find out just now Edit: ok fixed. Weird bug. But fixed already.
Nice update. And thanks for the free movement. Now at least i can chill somewhere when i need to regain my health/mp. Still overall a hidden gem this game is. :-)
I am stuck loading always, just LOADING... it'd be nice to have this patched or a faster loading time.
Failed to connect to server, please check your network connection. Ok, ill try check my network connection on playstore if it works?
This is a Very good game. I am floor 15 already and its pretty easy. The loot while afking is generous. and imo it deserves 5 stars
Im still in lvl 4, and the screen freeze, i think the graphic set in a high resolution ? maybe for newcomer should make it standard first
Great rpg game. This game introduce new way to play rpg. Many combination in unique way not just the boring status like the others
2 star for now because item is boring and repeatitive. Endless items to customize your character would be a great feature in this game.
OMG 😍 This game is by far one of the the best free games I played on mobile for 2020. You rock Dev team! Thank you for creating this amazing, addicting, cute, and exciting game 👍
I just can't get over how bad it is to dodge attacks and Everytime I log back in I have to resummon minions. Regret spending money on this game. Edit: god this game is so trash, where are the quality of life? Why are my toggles off when I destroy items????
Cool game just downloaded it and I could say you guys did a great job it's fun if you would ad mini games to the game or arena or even more items I could say this game really made my day:)
Great gameplay overall, but Gold currency is so hard to grind, offline is the only major source of Gold after Floor 200. Need another Dungeon option in which you can choose Gold as main reward just like Rune, Equipment, Materials or recharge gold by gem, etc. Still, Solo Knight >>> Nonstop Knight
The game is great, its simple, its enjoyable(for me)? This is kinda a idle game but you need to change your equipments if you get a better one.
Could be great! Still needs a good balance to online to offline earnings. Feels still a little slow in progress. Fun game play and looking forward for further dev. Coop event might be fun.
Definitely could be a good game but when you get stuck on floor 5 and don't earn any XP or items to upgrade on the pointless "endless" level and then die within a few seconds on floor 5 it's pretty poor decision making. Guess the game if you can call it that wants you to not play by just waiting on all loot to help you do anything? Sad cause the graphics are nice.
Before i got 20k physical attack if i only new i will not update the game now i've got 6k physical attack thumbs down
Edited; offensive perk tree is too long, why not having an agility perk tree for movespeed, atk speed, dodge etc. While the offensive perk focus on dmg and elemental dmg.
Awesome game, nice artwork, nice animations and most important, seeing the elements of idling and RPG combining in a 2.5D world..nice work guys keep it up
Great game never thought i would fine a game that i was looking for and the graphic and the theme really wany me to njoy it even more:)keep up the good work,i habe some suggestion add new more weapon and mabe more summoning staff and pets if possible this game has great potential and im willing to go with it for the rest of my life one thing that makes this game cool is the combo and perks that you can customize gteat job guys:)
First of all, the game it self has potential, can be more polished, and quite fun. On the other hand, usually i gave -1 star for each reason, but this time i gave direct -3 stars for a single reason.this game is not playable, you cant progress without having to pay or else you need to idle for hours. The paywall spikes just few minutes after playing which is why i directly reduce 3 stars.
Great game,I got a tips for u looters out there,When u r with ur uncle,Dont rush just stay there for few days and max ur equipment,because when u r with ur uncle,u will get so much loots rather than u r alone,Try this one until u maxed every ur equipment and got so much gold to expand storage.!!!
Every time thay dont know how to make good of the floor they will add massive trap that reduce health directly with 5k dmg this show how they want to make u pay for high gear for more health cause blue one is not enough for pass floor the monster that knock back u to walk in trap the ai that walk to the trap auto itself
Loving it. As a die hard dungeon crawler/gear grind fan I am loving this game. Different builds and customizations is what makes it fun. I also love that you can respec later on to a different build that fits your play style. Currently at 165 pushing to 200 so I can take part in seasons.
Solo Knight is one of the best phone games I have played in a long time. Usually, I'm not a huge fan of phone games because most are gatcha games or p2w but solo knight provides extremely fun and challenging gameplay with no need to pay to progress. The movement can sometimes be hard and I'd prefer more control but that is my only complaint. The amount of build customization is fantastic and each playstyle has its own set of uses and challenges. Don't forget to do dungeons! They are essential!
Error your version is a cracked version? Buuuut this game is free and nobody would "crack". Uninstalled, I'm not a beta tester :)
I reinstalled it and I regreted doing that, the game didn't change much, and it's still boring, the level up is super slow, getting items is even slower and the difficulty isn't balanced with the gain... I love the art style, the concept and the fact that it's ads-free game, but it's boring and some changes are urgently needed.
Playing the lower floor gives no coin or equipment whatsoever. No farming mechanism other than the slow offline. What if you accidentally throw away your main weapons?
The game is pretty fun, it would be much cooler if there was character customization as well as some kind of social interaction.
If 5 is perfect, and 4 is best in class, then this 3 is for a great game that has plenty of content... And this review is for 200 gems before most of that content is unlocked. I hope it's going to get less rushed and more story now that 25 levels of grind are over
A good game. The character will o everything automatically and can go on climbing towers if we have good enough weapons
So annoying the control tap tap tap lol is so difficult to move and always die in boss..changing my 1 star to 5 star bcoz you listening what we request thanks devs keep up the good work pls make new skills gears in the future love your game.
Not bad to start with, but it gets very boring very fast, after 50 or so levels of getting fairly decent loot you got a Bos that will one shot you with a fast dash attack and you have to just wait... And wait.... Or pay money till you have good enough gear... I want to play the game not wait.
Would be fun game, but controls are so bad, sometimes character doesnt listen where you point to go (does nothing for few seconds), instead of going right he goes up or down. Give it a joystick movement or fix all this bad push to walk bugs there is and i would give higher stars, 3 stars couse it is a fun game.
Awesome idea for a game but horrible execution. Ai of both monsters and the player is bad, you can only do physcial builds becuse monsters have tons of elemental resist since stage 1 Some bossess are just stat check and you will have to change your build just to pass them. The collision in this game is horrible you can't even click on most of the flying monsters. Traps are a nice idea but not when your game movement is made by an ai path and the player cant control it
The game is nothing too ground breaking, simple and repetitive, can be alot fun if you really have nothing to do but appart from that the game Is just decent
I cant pass split skeleton on stage 43 because once i get hit u will get stunned for 2 seconds you might say its not that bad.but the stun is a 50% chance of happening & while your stunned the boss can still hit u & the 50% stun can still happen cause its a regular attack so if he hits you its more based on luck than strategy the only thing that can stop this is having tons of health or being range or have heavy attacker & also y do u need to be offline to get loot on past stages also its a gg.
A lot of potential but when you reach a boss you can't beat it forces you to just keep grinding on the floor before the boss, which would be fine if you still gained xp or items so you could power up to fight the boss, but the only way you get xp and items is by being offline, it gives you xp and items when you AREN'T playing, which is completely backwards, you get like 5min of gameplay and then are forced to not play so you can get stronger because grinding does not drop items and gives no xp
the game was very like and fun, only thing is just adjust the skills and damage of yhe character that cant damage even closer or long range to the bosses. still i recommended the game i like it so much.
There is a massive issue making me not enjoy this game, the scaling on bosses in the campaign. You can go from almost one hitting enemies on the floor, to a boss doing a lightning fast 800 damage attack that you could never avoid. Experience is either disabled or reduced to 1 per kill if you aren't on a new floor, so grinding for skills to beat a boss won't happen and there are very few options outside of that. Unless you plan on buying your way to beating things, I suggest finding another game.
It a fun simple game. You dont need to spend money to have a good time. I only rate four cause I wish there was a joystick, but other then that really fun game.
Simple, fun, easy to learn, it's got great stuff. sure it's auto but its nice to sit back and watch carnage happen haha. nothing really wrong with it honestly good game
There's no ads interruptions, art style is top notch, and gameplay is very simple and fun but to fully enjoy this game, you'll need commitment. Because this is not a casual or simple-minded game, but a hardcore, intricate, unique, character building A+ game! I recommend to explore as many build as possible and understand all its mechanics. Beating the game is no brainer but building a character that defies all odds or a character that is flexible for every level, makes all the difference.
I like the game, the freedom of building your character is what I am fond of. But the waiting game is what actually kills it, you can't farm xp, equips etc. And the auto attack functions which you can't turnoff frustrates me to no end. Goodluck!!!
I really hope you add an optional moving system like joystick.. Im not used to tapping the place in order to move :)
I love this game however I have encountered a severe bug. I am running a build that uses the spectre dagger and the lord's clothes. On any floor with the goblin potion thrower the game lags severely. On floor 160 it lags to the point of stopping. This continued even if I didn't use the lord's clothes. Please fix this issue so that I can continue to progress.
Edited...Issue was fixed in under 6 hrs. Fantastic!! Great looter game. Have issues trying to log into game but besides that a lot of fun! I was logged out of my account. Tried logging back into my account.....account is locked and unable to log back in. Will rate 5 star when able to log back into my account
Lame all boses are op sometime when they hit u u die instantly. Oh and in mosquito floor its very op he summon underling then hit u with laser then their dodge is absolutely crazy.
I Honestly Like It Alot And Think It Has Great Potential. Dont Listen To Harsh Reviews! Ive Already Spent Several Hours Each Day Playing! Keep Adding Content & Getting It Set For Full Release! Love Games That Allow Such Expansive Skill Trees! 🤙👍🍻
Addicting little dungeon crawler. Have had a blast being a "baconmancer". My only critique is it would be nice if they had a hold here command for your character or a way to disable Auto attack. Too many times my squishy mage has ran ahead of his summons and straight to his death.
This kind of game should have an more items not limited. More items more costumization more fun. 2 star for now
Five stars all the way on this game. I just found your randomly at one point scrolling through the Play Store and by far at this time is one of my more preferred games. Keep up the good work guys you rock.
1. 150% drop rate for high amount of items, but how come I get 1 item instead? 2. Is it possible to get more info about how certain perks works and also for the stone? ( I did check some forum, seem like it didn't really explain any of it) eg: Physical damage bonus, what is the differ compared to the physical attack bonus? / refresh stone: is it possible for me to get a higher attribute cuz I failed to get it everytime.
I love this game, like I see nothing wrong with it but summoner builds need a little bit of a buff they're much to weak to be used in the beginning which hurts people who want to use them unfortunately. That's my only fault though other than that it's a great game, I'm enjoying it but I'm just stuck with my summoner build around floor 30+
I like this genre setup and familiarty of the "common" cookie cutter recipe used to help with the masses wanting ease without a lot
why do you guys use so much turrets on floor 110 Its hard to dodge the lazer bugs which can one shot you in swarms. Basically being bombardent from every side. I cant move foward, i understand upgrading your equipment but its not enough with hordes of monsters. And what lvl my equipment is at and drop item being green its going to a long time to lvl up.
Game is great but when I played 3+ hr I can't login and getting Failed to connect to server. Update * can't connect using mobile data only WiFi
the game is very fun, only thing is just adjust the skills and damage of the character that cant damage even close range or long range to the bosses. still i recommended the game i like it so much.
Should add floor farming feature other than offline farming It will be more fun to play games even if it get struck in some floor
Lots of potential, bad execution and control design imo. Take out the idle part, let the players have more control of the characters, or at least let there be an option for manual control with direction pads. Clicking is hard in this game, it's like it's designed with action rpg in mind with RTS controls. Fix this and it'll do great! Love the art and concept so far.
Its been a week or more, and im stuck at this game ahahah, its so fun, its simple but not that easy. But i dont know why, lately its a bit hard to connect to the server huhu
Played the game for 2 weeks now. I understand the idle part now and I also realised that there's no ads interuptions or anykind in this. To play this game and fully enjoy it, you'll need commitment. Not a casual game, not a simple-minded game, but a hardcore, competitive-wise, intricate A+ game! I recommend to use all 3 character slots because one playstyle is not enough, you'll need to experience as many as possible!
The game is better but the last update ruin cause the player cant stunt even they dont have stunt resist they can resist stunt tsk tsk tsk
I just can't get over how bad it is to dodge attacks and Everytime I log back in I have to resummon minions. Regret spending money on this game
This is absolutely fire it's a long lasting game great animation great art style and not to hard to play
Good game very addictive to play.. Good graphics.. Good scenario and adventure too.. But pls this is my concern.. Add some controlers to move the character properly.. Pls devs.. I love your game
there is no bug so far, the game is classic and good. all of stages are challenging and i hope i beat all of it.
Amazing gameplay. Beautiful graphics. And interesting story. But there is no option to turn off auto run. If you put that option there, the game would be better. Still giving this a 5 star
Very addictive. The game actually has a unique graphics and I find it amazing. Simple and well optimized game. Not bad for a start up game. Well done!
Some slight things like well as far as I know. Unable to grind through previous levels for equip. Dev choice. I like the gfx. Style baby.Sorta linear. I'm still under level 50 It goes to infinite I close Some bosses are tough. Makes you change equip tactics. Maybe a free reset skill point item would be nice option But not sure when would be a good point. Maybe just make multipurpose NPC.. straightforward . Interludes with funky characters .at least a plus in my anon. Take care y'all godspeed.
im always getting an error: connection timed out in loading screen, it takes too long to load, around 2mins even though my connection is fast and stable. How to fix it??
The scaling is dumb u can go to one shoting bosses into stuck at a boss level for days lets say for the floor 60 the boss has a revive ability and if you dont kill the boss within 30 seconds it will have the ability again and for me as a newbie and a new account i got stuck for almost a week. I just want to say one thing just make the game easier and down the scaling a bit
This game is very bad, the way you move is not understood and the camera angle is terrible. I do not advise anyone to play it before they fix these things because you will suffer badly.😡😡😡😡😡😡
Whenever I opens the app it says that there is new update. Upon checking there's no update. It's been 2 days now and I can't play. Kind of killed the thrill of the game. It's working now again
One of my favorite games that I played it's hard and you will really need to work you're brain figuring out what build, skills or runes that you're character needs and you will decide what path you're character will take.
Dungeon difficulty escalation> Equipment xp reward. lower dungeon tiers give very low equipment xp. Sure i can clear a few normal dungeons but that will be after a lot of tries hoping i dont get overpowered archers in races or one shot bosses. More often, you would have to run around avoiding monsters waiting for healing cd. A clump of monsters can take your character out in a few seconds. Not worth the wasted time. -From a f2p who did not play beta and did not waste equip xp
This is a really great game and I love this! You can try multiple builds that suits your play style! 5 ⭐ Update: Rune that splits projectiles disappeared.