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Solitaire TriPeaks Journey - Card Games Free

Solitaire TriPeaks Journey - Card Games Free for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by ME2ZEN Limited located at Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Must think. This game gets better and better increases smarts. Also keeps your attention. Math . Best game . Challenge. This game always changes. Great fun .Always a new twist . This game amazing.
I LOVE the new updates and extra bonus cards for streaks that recently came into play but as a paying member I'm pretty frustrated by ALL the LONG ADS! The games are still almost impossible to win without watching 1 - 4 ads per game. Such a waste of time & takes the fun out of such am AWESOME game!! Isn't it enough that I'm paying to play? Can you make it so I can win without endless ads? Thanks for the invite to give feedback. : )
Finally a Tri-Peaks solitaire game that you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to play. Also actually let you win the game. I have tried many Tri-Peaks solitaire games and they don't give you the cards to win the game. I think they're just trying to get you to buy their boosters and other accessories for the game. Tri-Peaks journey doesn't do that. You get enjoyment out of the game by winning enough to where you feel like you are accomplishing something. And you don't have to pay to do it!
Just downloaded it played about 4 games and had countless ads but I seen another pos from Marie and she is right it does pause the ads if you dont have eye contact with the phone and I test another theory about covering the cameras on the front of the phone and you cannot choose to exit or proceed in the ads unless you uncover the forward facing cameras its a little invasive to me this game really makes me feel of no privacy from my own device
So glad u resolved the bug situation, and thankyou for my coins and boosters, so much appreciated, just wish I could get off this level,really really really hard😠😠😠
Was enjoying this game. Then while trying to close an ad so that I could obtain extra cards I ended up losing 5 lives in a row. This was due to an ad called Thug Life that wouldn't close when you touch the X. Kept wanting to download the game. Then it would close out the solitaire game and restart it. Hence me losing 5 games in a row. Seems the solitaire game did an update just before this started happening. Hate to have to uninstall especially since I made a purchase, which I won't do again.
The game is decent enough. The ads can be annoying but you're able to close them rather quickly. The worst part of the game is having one card on the board and 20 in the deck and NONE work. To me, thats cheap. Update to Ray: there's no "decision making" if none of the cards match from the deck at all. The game is rigged at that point.
OMG!! This game was on my phone and I don't know how it got there but since I started playing it I can't stop!! i am addicted!! i highly recommend it!! BTW, just thought I would mention I can am 63 years old!!
game is fast and fun gets harder as you go, gotta be on your toes!!!!!!Like I said be on your toes, it hard but fun hard game,. been playing a while an still like it. !!! its a lot of fun.
This game is fun and addictive. I am on level 2558. They should give more free coins. I keep getting stuck. My wifi is slow, so that may be part of it. The watch a video to get a random card doesn't always work...very annoying!!! They should only be offering free help if u receive it. I don't want to cluck on an offer and nothing happens...!!!
I would give it negative if I could. several issues with this game. customer service stinks. I sent multiple emails detailing my issues and was told they would not help me but needed more details. sent more details and still nothing. app makes purchases off my account and asked for refund was told no. that the app wouldn't do that. that's bogus. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!!!!!!! IF YOU DO. DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK
Seems like once you get up or a certain level ,the free token and booster videos are not available .the only way to get extra life or tokens are to buy them .but the app says play for FREE REALLY ??
Whilst the game is great to play I don't like most of the coins won going into the pig as to gain them they have to be paid for. So only a small amount increases coin value. No option to watch an ad to gain extra cards 5 or 3 to continue with a level so coin value could go down quickly.
Game is awesome it's relaxing the time goes by well but there is a lot of problems with the game I've lost Chris I play games where I have taken the last card gotten the coin for it and then it would tell me I did not pass I had to replay it if you could kindly fix that I'd be more than happy to give it a lot more stars thank you
addictive, but The scoring is a bit confusing...but Fun the biggest problem is u will lose your wager even if you win the round. this does not seem fair. hate that aspect of the game.
Becoming less fun, too many ads and getting worse. Started ok, but it has added more ads as I have continue to play. At first, the ads only played as I selected them before levels, now it plays ads at the game's own will after every level. The ads I select tend to crash from time to time, even wiping out hearts without a chance to play the level, but the ads after each level never do. The response I got on my first review sounded greedy and the issue got worse. Very lose to removing the app.
This game is fun. But it also cheats. It doesnt always give you the cards you need to match & then gives you a low rating as though their cheating is your fault. I would recommend it, but not highly.
Started out fun and interesting until you made it impossible to get ahead without buying stuff. Now it is time to unsubscribe because I will not waste my money on it. It is fun and interesting, but not THAT fun and interesting.
Waste of time. The game is fun in the beginning. As you progress in the game you notice the constant spamming of trying to sell you game loot. Awards later in the game are no better than earlier in the game. So you spend more on game currency than you can earn. When the challenges are introduced, they are programmed to their advantage. It's not random as they would have you believe. I've analyzed the data playing the app on 2 different with the same results. Spend your money at your own risk.
Love the graphics. Each frame is a challenge. I have not played in a few days. Now i have multiple boost to use. But solitaire is a game i mastered when i was younger and i have not used any yet. There are so many different versions to play now. Can't wait to try them all πŸ˜„
its a fun game but im still not able to invite friends from fb. i dont know why they dont have it fixed. iv been playing 3 months.
Exciting and fun πŸ˜„! Different game, but the numbers keep it going in diverse directions. Thanks, PattiJ
Absolutely terrible game. The Ads are far too long. These people will tell you that they need the revenue from the Ads to run their games but other games do not need to show so many Ads. These people are very greedy. Constantly flashing up things to sell you. Games are supposed to be fun! This game and other Tripeaks games are not fun. When you complain about the Ads they say that they will adjust them but they never do.
Great game, challenging and fun. You need coins to win or you will have to repeat levels many times and run out of lives. Read what you are buying carefully. The Gold Rush is $3.99 a week! You are buying the chance to win! I misunderstood, thought i was buying power ups and coins. Fun casual game with the option of watching videos for coins and lives. Like many others if you want to continuously play you have to pay.
best relaxing game of cards ever..If you have to redo the leval at least it shuffles the cards diff from the time u tried b4 ..and every level is delt diff from previously..alot if twist added as you go...YOU WILL LOVE THIS GAME...1st Solitaire game I ever played that didnt time you...I Iove it !! YRY THIS GAME ..LOTS OF SURPRIZES AND REDO's ❀
Challenging but yet fun. Issue with the game is the rewards 5 free videos don't always work got to watch one video and the bonus cards to continue don't always work. Lots of videos to watch if you are bored. Fid rate this as 5 before but as you move on more glitches
i love this game! I just wish there were more opportunities to get tokens without having to pay for them. I don't have a lot of extra money even for the inexpensive costs in this game. Maybe make the challenge levels not cost so much???
why do we have to keep waiting on levels I spend money with this game it starting to be consistent having to wait on new levels all the time I really enjoy this game
I love this game. I've been playing it for a long time now. I'm in the 2000's level and I'm still playing it everyday. It keeps your mind off things. And it makes your time go by when your just sitting around not doing anything or if your waiting on something. This is the game to def make time go by pretty good!
It would have gotten 5 stars but I have been playing this game for ages and really enjoyed it, but suddenly it isn't giving me the options to use the scissors or boomerang so I am losing levels because of this, yet I am still being given them
A lot of fun. I have been able to stay in the game much longer than similar games without needing to purchase more coins or lives as long as I continue winning some games. I have been playing for several weeks now and still have not been forced to spend any money. Game is still winnable and I am getting better and faster. It's now 6/18 and I am still playing. I have spent less than $20 and it wasn't because I had to. I was just having fun and i wanted to play longer!
The play with a booster button and the watch a video for 5 more cards button only works when it wants to. Sometimes the booster button disappears after using it once. Also, remove the piggy bank. It's pointless. Overall, its a great game to play. When are the new levels going to be up?
Fun game but boards are often rigged to make sure you can't pass in order to force you to use all of your power ups and coins to pass them. The new timed chest is given when you only have 2 or 3 lives left forcing you to use coins or refills. Game freezes and restarts for no reason. Extreme amount of ads many of which cause pop-ups when you try to close them. And why do ads start with sound when you have thw sound turnes off on the game? Fun game but every update only seems to cause more issues.
Enjoying game, but if you do not buy coins, u get cut off for about half hour...love this game! The higher u get, harder it is. Interesting game though. Came back after a rest. Still one of best games..learning to how beat this wonderful enjoyable game.
Edit to my previous review, not sure if it was because of said review but the pop ups are still the same up to 9 at a time. And now to add to that the ads are 30sec if not more and can't be x-ed out after repeated ads. Also, like someone else said, 1 card showing and lots in the deck yet none work. And the star meter super slow but the water cards super fast! Not sure what's going on. Hopefully, with this next update it will improve! Thanks!
This is a relaxing game. I really like it. You can get coins by watching a film. And it is 5 times you do it. If you are out of cards you can get 5 and replay. Or just take the 5 or e free cards. Love the scenery. The dog is one of my favorite. The graphics are great and like how it is set up. You have another challenge called names and ladder. That is fun. You can get free coins there as well. Lots of challenges. And fun ways to get free coins. Love the new update and scenery. Come on and join.
Really addictive game, pays out good to start with until you reach just over the 100 mark then it slows down some payment where as little as 0.01 also around the same time the video adds don't always play stopping you making coins to buy games, I downloaded this game because they have an add saying there won't be any barrier to paying out well sorry this is one huge barrier if you have got to play hundreds more games to get your
Love this game and all the rewards you can get. The one thing I don't appreciate is how they somehow managed to freeze the pop-up ads when you're not watching them... yes...you read right, these ads freeze up when you set the phone down and then you have to start them back up just to get through the ad to get to the game. I thought it was just me, but after the 5-6th ad froze up, I put the phone on the chair, looked away and sure enough, another frozen ad, man these developers are sneaky...
Number 1: the adds are tricky to close, you have to hit the "x" just right. Annoying. Number 2: once you start to make progress they put your earnings in a "piggy bank" and you have to pay to get them. If it wasn't for these, it would be a fun game. I am uninstalling it right after this post.
loads of fun. after playing for several weeks would say would give more stars than 5. great game. Update on initial review!, after playing for several weeks agree with another player...can't play the videos for free rewards . if doesn't improve will uninstall game only giving 3/4 stars now
Lots of fun! Stategic! I love all the different challange levels and the stamps! Introducing the house decorating part of the game has made it more fun than ever!! There are always new side games! Love it!! I really miss the Challange Levels, and i seem to have run out of them. Im in the 3000's. I hope they come back, its getting boring without them. Do they come back later in the game? I'm in the 4000 levels. So boring now! Levels are blah. Prizes are few and far between. No challanges. Boring!
it's fun & fair... I usually play it while waiting in a line for something, somewhere, sometimes! The graphics are bright, attractive and colorful, hence uplifting as well. Thanx for asking!
been waiting for new levels for 2 weeks then they download only 75 new levels , whuch if your an advid player you can be done within 2 days so have to wait again i like tje game i just dont underdsrand why it takes 2 weeks or more for more levels. as reading other reviews im seeing the same complaints as mine. to long of wait for new levels then when nrw levels are added its 75 which can be gone through in a matter of hours,im missing alot of "frenzys" bevause i cant collect stars bevause no new
goimg to re-installl one more time.... hoping I'll receive the "offered" rewards this time....5 days now!. ...well got my 5 free cards but now it doesn't show the monthly challenge??sorry.. everything started working !!!lovin it now!!
Very nice when you are given coins as thank you for your patience during their glitches which really doesn't happen too often that I've noticed. Could get addicting but then boring after while as not really an action game. Was able to stop the notification on the app (a setting on ph.) as the "Come back & play for daily bonuses"! reminders had an annoying sound. Overall a good pastime and I would recommend it though.
It changes the the play of the game too often without explaining what the new tools are! It's still fun but not as much as it used to be. As well as it used to be completely free without ads; neither are true anymore. The "coin " collection has also changed if anything else changes you'll no longer be able to recognize the addictive game I used to LOVE so much.
The game play itself is fine. However, when attempting to make an in app purchase, I was double charged AND didn't receive what I paid for. When contacting customer service, the only resolution they gave me was to make another purchase in a different app to see if that purchase went through properly. When I objected to spending more money, I was instructed to "logout" of my acct and supplied a YouTube video with info on how to DELETE my acct! No refund, purchase never received.
This is a great app! Good color, sound, animation, etc. One HUGE drawback is the multiple Ads you must watch just to get to the start of the game. Overkill on the Ads!
Good time killer, fun, not to many ads; which is always a plus. I have played many of the tri-peaks games and have found this one to be most enjoyable, main thing i love about this game is the currency, (not real money currency), every other tri-peaks game I've played you earn gold to buy the next level. Well not this tri-peaks. I love the game is awesome. Not to mention the auto ads you can skip after 5 secs of watching so.. Thank you to the developers, hope many updates keep coming.
This is such a great game. I've won almost 8 million dollars . The only reason it's not a 5 star is because of the extra GAMES you play within this game, you roll the dice and it doesn't always roll the full amount very frustrating, but this game is a keeper for sure.
Fun game too play when nothing else to do offer before bed. I play it all day every day, this game kills my battery more than any game on my phone. I barely play the other games on my phone. This game keeps my mind off of what's going on in my life. I love this game with everything in meπŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ’‹πŸ‘„. Love this game can't stop playing it πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ€©πŸ˜˜. Fun game πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡βœ¨β™ οΈβ™₯οΈπŸ’§πŸ’§πŸŒŠπŸŒŠ
Brilliant game. Ads are annoying, especially viewing an ad to get 3 extra cards, finish the level then ANOTHER ad comes on. Some of them also open my Google Play Store WITHOUT my permission. Most ads play for 30 seconds and then ANOTHER 15 seconds before you can get rid of them. Having to pay to open the piggy bank when u have built it up is a joke
best game I have ever played. still love this game most of all. Still enjoy the challenge of this game!this is a game I love but it's getting to where it's forgetting to give stars when won and points. Clean it up. Pleasethethis game is super. Everyone should play this game all the time! The new game is looking real good? Try it you will all love it like I do. I have been playing this game for a very long time. When I have to wait for them to put up the next session I get super frustrated. Love
This game is Awesome! LOVE all the Endless levels! It has some Wicked Boosters too. It just keep on going and it always have Mini-games for you to play also. The Graphics are Kool too. If U want endless playing of Card games, this game is for you. As with all games, it will try to sell you boosters but you can play this game without having to buy anything. The Ads are short. All U have to do is, as soon as the X appears, click on it. PLEASE! Make it where U can Save your Progress in GOOGLE PLAY.
love the game but wont let me get my "free" bonus things. well I should say it wont allow me to watch the videos.
Love this game. Passes time away and improves my thought process as im recoving from a stroke. Just the ads are annoying but i know they are necessary.
still love the game.. Im not having the issue as I did before...ow Im really enjoying the game Thanks for fixing the problem..
Seems fun so far. Just started playing. Lots of fun. Been playing about a month now, lots of fun! N Oct. 1st. I LOVE this game!! I haven't missed a day of playing (except for when I broke my humorous bone in 2 places and my ball and socket in 5 places) It is now helping me pass time post op. Love it!! Also, the people in my group are awesome!!! Kara M. P.
Im glad I have returned this is a fun game relaxing and generous. This game also welcomes you in a nice way. And does not want to money grab good game to play to relax. To me it's a 5star rating
Erased my history. I played this for about a year and got REALLY far along. Really like the perks and awards in-game, but none of that matters now that a year of my play has been erased. I was reset to level one and when I went to sync with Facebook, it showed my only save files were at level one. Bummer. Won't be playing now. :(
Game is entertaining, but you either spend a lot of time watching ads or spend a lot of money. You earn coins in your bank, then have to pay to get them out when the bank is full. Game is advertised as best free solitaire game on android, but you are constantly pressed to spend money.
Fun game, I like a game that doesn't tell me which one to play all the time. Still enjoying this game for the second time. Third time is a charm. Still like this game, I must dont know how many times I have played it. Since I keep coming back I really must like this game.. I have lost track of how many times I have loaded this game, guess you could say .. I must still like it. Still loving this game, best one that I play... Thanks!
It is a fun game, rating would be higher but I refuse to pay real money for fake money in a "piggy bank". Free should mean Free! Also you can go through 10 plus cards and not be able to use any of them.
needs new levels still waiting...this could be a fun game but it takes way to long to get new levels 2 weeks or more, when they finally add new levels it's only about 20 that you play pretty quickly then wait 2 weeks for more levels ect ect. I'd skip this one updatem still takes way to long for new levels
There have been several times that the "watch a video for more coins" option has been unavailable. I assume this is a manipulation tactic to try to nudge me to buy things. Don't like this,nor will I buy. I just quit. I ALSO am now getting repeated political ads for Biden that I must endure to get to next game or get boosters. If ur gonna keep this junk up,at least make it equal with Trump ads!
Too many adds and clicks you have to click through so much at the begining of every day. But fun game. Play to relax.
Coin disbursement needs to be larger. Get rid of Messenger reminders.It's improved greatly! Don't like the Circus bonus game at all! Doesn't let you get rid of bad stuff on cards. Otherwise, kudos! Game has been FREEZING! Then you lose reward. Also, ads don't complete, so rewards are lost. Someone needs to fix these issues.Game still freezes! Now it goes to black screen w/white line across the bottom, and game is lost. Needs a tune-up. Seriously!
I truly appreciate that I have finally found a game like this one that is not full of "pitfalls" AND discouragements... THIS TriPeaks suits me just fine I'm not as prone to being irritated at almost every "turn"! Thanks 😊 for a great adventure πŸ’Ÿ πŸ’– V'jeniiah I regret that I have to uninstall THIS game BECAUSE, (after playing it for awhile), I have noticed that there seems to be a glitch somewhere in the gameplay?! Was good while it lasted ☝️🌈
Love this game, highly addicted to it, if there's one thing negative to say it would be the fact they are always coming up with new bundle deals to try get you to spend money, other then that it's a great game you can play for hours.
Made and in-app purchase, but the app automatically made THREE purchases. Money got taken out of my account anf I have yet to receive a response from the developers in order to get a FULL REFUND, because on top of everything the purchase doesn't even SHOW UP. This is ridiculous. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING ON THIS APP!!!!
I really like the game,it's very addicting. The reason I gave it 4 stars is because it lags really bad at night and the ads freeze and I have to restart the game. Please fix the problem!!! Signed Frustrated
Excellent game. Always smthing new to do on it. I dont see a prob with the ads. I understand u gotta have them to have a free game etc. Even if u don't purchase the extras u can still play an excellent well thought out game. Im in bed the majority of the time as I am terminal and play it lots and never get bored. Luv it! Luv it! Luv it! Keep up the gd wrk guys x
So far, I have had a lot of fun! I never tried a game like this before. πŸ˜πŸ˜„ 3mo. later, it has become so much more irresistible, putting it down is troublesome. HA-HA-HA! Loving it!See you in a few mo.' s! Here it is 90 days later. Can't keep my hands off. Everyone may not, but I can't seem to play anything else! See ya in 90! It's a killer. Can't stop!
Ads are an issue. They don't X away and the game crashes when it links you out. There are like 8 event and spend money popups that appear after EVERY game which is irritating when rewards auto collect. Also doesn't use real solitaire physics. It shouldnt be possible for me to have a Q and 4 more Qs on the board. There arent 5 in a deck.
read a lot of bad reviews about this game but still gave it a try. been playing for about a month and all the reviews are true. WAY too many problems to list. not worth the time or space it takes up. definitely uninstalling.
I used to love this game, but it's been crashing on me for over a week now. So, frustrated ready to uninstall. 😑 Please fix!!!
Don't install this game! It starts out good but then...I never saw so many popups trying to make you buy things. After you play awhile the computer does not make u win. They want you to use up all your coins so you have to make a purchase! During a pandemic I'm not going to put good money into a game!!!! Uninstalling it now!!!!
I like this game quite a bit, but there's a lot of gaps in the game where you have to stop and watch commercials to get money so you can keep playing. Can't stand that
Way too many pop ups in the game about purchasing several different packages. It's frustrating. About to delete the game cause of it. And way too many different games going on at once and not enough lives to play all of it.
Right now I am giving this game a 5 star rating. It is, so far, the best game I have played that is liberal with booster cards. It's the boosters that help a lot in getting 3 stars per hand. Plus, it also allows you to watch an ad to get an extra boost. There are also challenges that allows you to win even more boosters and coins. So far, thumbs up. Will rate later when I am further along in the game. A week later snd still giving 5 stars. Update _ 1 month later. Still 5 star.
This game is Awesome! LOVE all the Endless levels! It has some Wicked Boosters too. It just keep on going and it always have Mini-games for you to play also. The Graphics are Kool too. If U want endless playing of Card games, this game is for you. U will never be bored!! As with all games, it will try to sell you boosters but you can play this game without having to buy anything. The Ads are short. All U have to do is, as soon as the X appears, click on it. Sometimes it appears sooner. Enjoy!!
Coin disbursement needs to be larger. Get rid of Messenger reminders.It's improved greatly! Don't like the Circus bonus game at all! Doesn't let you get rid of bad stuff on cards. Otherwise, kudos! Game has been FREEZING! Then you lose reward. Also, ads don't complete, so rewards are lost. Someone needs to fix these issues.
All of a sudden, for two days, I can't play. I tried deleting the game and reinstalled it, but it still won't play. I hope you can fix it, I really liked this game. So down to one star. If I lose all of my stuff, I will be angry.
i have had nothing but trouble downloading this game it just keeps saying down load pending. i love this game but why wont it complet downloading. i play it on one of my other phones with no problem. so could you please help me out to get it to complete the download on this phone so i can enjoy it on this phone. thank you Julie aka speedyhalfpint
Fun game but hate all the ads and then when you fill the piggy bank you want my "real" money from my own piggy bank; not fair! No, don't get it and forgot to mention the limit to playing the game by stating "More levels coming soon"! Notice I've adjusted my rating to meet your feedback.
In app purchases happen if you are 2 feet from your device. Then they run you in circles. There appears to be no refunds except through the bank. PLAYER BEWARE also when you get close to the $150 you need to cash out as in $140- there are no monies applied to the games or every 5 or 10 games you get a penny. Also there are very few chances to double anything - ads don't work. You eatch and then it says oops something went wrong. Try again later. Complete rip off.
Very addictive love it but there needs to be more ways to earn coins or evΓ©n earn lives. Everytime I have a big about of coins then the game seems to want to get my coins quickly. Game has taken a few coins and lives for some error or other but overall I love it!
Fairly good except it takes way too much money for extra cards well this is great ! I didn't think I'd get a response from this comment but so very kind of you, that u did .can u or will u consider under the 200.00 dollar range cause 500.00 is a huge chunk of change and personally wouldn't or couldnt pay that kinda money out of my own pocket and also itd make people more likely to play .and want them to play more with that and even offer up some kinda incentive with the game for playing!! TY
Hi. I think there's an issue with the latest version. it was last updated on 23 May 2019 and I have been playing without any problem, even yesterday. this morning when I opened the game and tap on play to access the map, I had this message: Trying to connect... Network connection failed, check your settings and update to the latest version. The thing is that... I cannot see any latest version on Playstore. Please help me Thanks, Astrid
Love this game I'm only up to level 200 but you can play this game for hours on end whereas some others I have you can only get one game or two or so an hour untill your coins recharge unless you fork out money. If you use money on this game it's very generous on what it gives you in comparison to my two other solitaire games. It's very addictive and the game devs are very generous. I know it will get harder for them to make money but to be fair all games are the same. A true hidden gem!
Great game, graphics everything it's too bad there are so many ads. Update the ads are now an option you can choose to watch them for extra lives and money first time I've seen this. So far it's my favorite game!!! Try it, for me it's the best solitaire game out there!!!
Love the game and all the updates but even though I Pay to play I still have to watch countless ads to win and they waste so much time. Its not a fair ratio of "play time" to "ad time". I wish they would reduce the ads and increase chances of winning. It would be more fair for the amount I pay and way more enjoyable.
I keep giving this game a chance. Have bought coins, won coins but they want to much to get special tools to help pass the board. Plus you they do have mini games or events but it takes all your coins to get pass the board. Watch video also for coins you watch the video which is about 30 second, then it wants you to play a sample which is another 15 seconds only play it now when I know I will be going to sleep quickly. Will uninstall when I find a different solitaire game.
My only gripe is so many ads. And they ask you if you want to buy extra playing packages. And you have to pay to use your piggy bank. Sounds to me like its not exactly free.
best relaxing game of cards ever..If you have to redo the leval at least it shuffles the cards diff from the time u tried b4 ..and every level is delt diff from previously..alot if twist added as you go...YOU WILL LOVE THIS GAME...1st Solitaire game I ever played that didnt time you...I Iove it !! YRY THIS GAME ..LOTS OF SURPRIZES AND REDO's ❀ UP TO OVER LEVEL 1200 & STILL LOVIN IT !!! updated 12/9/2020
it was all going great until an update. after that my 5 videos for free coins wouldnt play more than 1 at any given time and each time i saw a video it would give me more than 12 hr countdown to the next time i could watch another single video..... bunch of bs if you ask me.....
Addictive game!! I love this game!! This one great for beginners!! Teaches the game, but without timer. Easy to earn coins, boosters and perks. Has games and quests as well!!
Get frustrated with it locking and ads freezing so you dont extra chances but Brilliant game love it my favourite game, yes a lot of bugs in the game which is annoying but I still love this game
I won the contest that ended a few minutes ago. I was #1 and scheduled to win 40,000 coins. Instead, I was notified that I did not participate in the contest. Fu_king liars. to further insult, they emptied my piggy bank and started stealing my winnings again. As_holes bite me. too bad there isn't a negative 5 star rating. Lying sh_theads. It doesn't cost you a penny to not cheat.
So far, I have had a lot of fun! I never tried a game like this before. πŸ˜πŸ˜„ 3mo. later, it has become so much more irresistible, putting it down is troublesome. HA-HA-HA! Loving it!See you in a few mo.' s! Here it is 90 days later. Can't keep my hands off. Everyone may not, but I can't seem to play anything else! See ya in 90!
I realize your goal is to make money, but several of your "challenges" flat out cheat. Also, the amount of coins to continue a game should always be the same, it's dumb to double them on the second try. You've done a great job encouraging folks to spend money, tho. Again, I realize that's your goal, more power to ya.
I have caught my self spending way too much time playing this game! It is so addicting.. I have never had problems loading or find the ads bad it this game. Choosing to watch them gives you chances to gain more coins to continue to play. They leves dont seem repetitive sequences and the challenges in the leves is not an issues to pass. May take a few times but they are great. I have definitely recommended to my family and friends.
It's a very good game & I enjoy playing it a lot, has nice features so I downloaded it again! It's still wicked intrusive, in my email, gmail,messanger,and Facebook! And is still just about about every other ad that I see! WHY!? I'll keep it this time it is a great game! But why so damn intrusive!! Frankly it's freaky having it pop up everywhere!! I play the game already, enough is enough already!!
almost a five *. maybe it's just me. ( it is)...I get confused with the games within the game. How do they correlate ? I enjoy however and appreciate the challenge. And who is. Noob at everything 12?...Isn't me. a mystery is at hand...I'll find out. In the meantime, know me as. Grandmagamel.
Love this game. Very addictive and challenging but I have beat all the levels and the challenge levels also. When will you have new levels to play?
Love the game but it kicks itself out all the time. I have lost a lot of money by this. Really disappointed.
To much comes in all at once on extras to fast not enough time to.try and finish earning before next starts and then you don't give them carry over and you feel like you lost some of your headwayΓ 
I would give 5 stars but there's a glitch with getting the free power ups and free coins since the last update. The videos will suddenly become unavailable after watching only a couple
I love this game but sometimes you all cheat one minute it's all right and next minute you take when you see a person's winning and beating the levels you start cheating with the cards and then it starts where you have to start spending all the money that you just got and then it won't it is stop you from winning that's the only thing I ate otherwise I love this game and I will give it a five star but it don't deserve it no more until you all quit cheating
Your 75 new levels don't work right. After I win the level it gives me no option to continue. I have to get out the app and get back in to get new level. So at the end of each level "Congratulations " and confetti is streaming down but won't go to next level just stuck at the end of previous level. I also had to hit chapter button several times because it had me on level 619 and I'm on level 4000+
This game will cost you money. Starting out you pay 500 coins to play a levl but as you advance that amount goes up. You also lose the chance to watch a video further into the game to finish your round if you run out of cards so that means you lose your lives quickly. And either have to buy them or just wait about 3 hours to continue. It's really a shame because it's a cute game, but it's tri peaks for cripes sake and I'm not paying to pay what should be just a game I enjoy. Disappointed.
MAJOR BUGS CONTINUALLY! Will do update then bugs for 3-5 before gets fixed. Lost $9.99 purchasing points due directly to new bugs from update, after 3 complaint emails they gave me points equal to maybe $2.00. Never responded to another 2 emails! Lousy updates and lousier customer service. I was a multi times a day player for more than a year! ID #9079807 1/17/21 I tried again, after 15+ updates, unable to get ad to run, kept booting me off, wouldn't let me watch ad to decrease game coin cost!
Fun game.. Until the ad Solitaire Cube spams your phone over and over. I have lost so many lives because I have to hurry up and power down my phone before Solitaire Cube "auto downloads". So frustrating.
This game is fun and addictive. I am on level 1465. It has really slowed down on getting free coins. They should give more free coins. I keep getting stuck. My wifi is slow, so that may be part of it. The watch a video to get a random card doesn't always work...very annoying!!!
I just love this version of solitaire it's very challenging and keeps ur mind going. I'm just updated to open new levels and now I beat level 1,900 and it saying again new levels coming soon. We should have to wait for new levels they should be available when you get to it. Please make this available thank you.
Probably the best of these solitaire games as very liberal with rewards and boosters so you can play a lot and don't need to spend too much or any money. The animal thing that adds cards on in the middle of the game has to go. I get to the last card and suddenly it comes to add a card on so I need to spend 8k coins for more cards ? Not fair and not really something you can work around strategically like bombs and vines just random luck based BS. Will probably uninstall if this continues..
Thanks for response Will try again. Would be a nice game but ads trap me and won't let me out without downliading something I dont want or crashing the system. Uninstalling... far too irritating. I will not be forced to download a game I don't want.
I plan to games on your site. I love the games but it takes about 10 minutes to get the site up. Ou just yet going and it either freezes up or you loose the site and have to start over. I get so upset I don't know if I am going to continue playing them.
Great! Loads of fun on every level and is totally adventurous. Truly enjoyable! The purchases and costs can be very expensive.
Uninstalled this. Frustration of playing perfect games over and over and will not credit me 3 stars in that level. What can I say? I'm OCD and can't. Can you explain to me why on level 20 I have played that level three and four times perfectly no missteps no buying of any points and it will not give me a three-star finish? I've watched a video three times to restart the level play a perfect game several times and it will not give me that three star finish that I want to move on it's frustrating
If you are FRUSTRATED with Grand Harvest by their greediness that creates a lack of progress unless you are willing to drop $$$$$$$$$ - Try this game! There are a few quirks but nothing major. Ample opportunity to get coins so you can simply PLAY THE GD game!!
Great game but costs so many coins to get boosters. I really enjoy it a lot. I can't figure out where to go for the chest I win so I never get the prize for those.
I love the game. It's very addicting I play it a couple hours a day. I keep saying one more time and then I say one more time and then I say one more time again. So it does go on for a few hours throughout the day. Thank you for fixing whatever bugs and problems that you said you fixed I've never run into any problem
I like this game, but I think its rigged. When I'm about to win I don't get any cards I need then I pay for a set of cards then sometimes get what I need but many times I don't then I have to pay again. Its frustrating. There are too many ads to watch in between games. I just want to play.
It's a fun game, but there are too many nags to buy things. The card layouts don't have much variety. It doesn't bother me if I skip a day or even two days. Maybe I'm just too old for it (I'm 53)?
Addictive and fun...Love the different types of mini games you can play...and the card collection albums
The game is fun except I had several ads try to auto install apps today. Total BS. Normally, it would be 5 stars. Update Response to Dev: Had 3 apps install during ads that I did not give permission to today. The ad opens play store, I X out of Play, then X out of the ad. After, there's a new game installed on my device. This is BS.
I love this game. Its always fun and I have invested a little bit of money to move ahead. On THAT note, my only complaint is all the game purchase pop ups that have to be x-ed out. I have counted up to 9 just to strart the game! I get it that you need money revenue and again i have bought several of your little packages but it's getting ridiculous. Also, i get that some of the games are very predictable but bearable. Thank you for this game and looking forward to the next updates!
The way they advertise how you win tokens isn't quite as it seems I think they need to be more specific and game sometimes won't load right and it takes your lives I'm getting very annoyed with it. Good luck if you d/l this game!!!!
Love this game , I have finished all the levels , can you please notify me when you have updated for the new levels please!! Waiting for new levels
It is a very fun game but,, After you play for awhile, it is sometimes impossible to pass a level unless you purchase one of there bundles. There can be 1 card left and you can go through 15 cards and can't get the right card. Also I've play challenges that didn't have the cards you needed on the board.
Love this game and all the little extra things. All the additional levels (halloween, sugar rush etc, etc) they are fantastic. I would have rated 5 stars only, when an advert has ended it sometimes takes me back to the load up page which means I loose my level and my coins I saved and then my boosters. Hhhmmmm bloody annoying.
Great game. The only problem, there are far too many ads between games, you can average 3 lots of ads, and they last for at least a minute which spoil it. Please look into this, it really spoils the game, the ads are very repetitive
I love the game,but,the reason why I gave it 4 stars and not 5 is that it takes away WAY TOO MUCH coins if I want to go back to the card before. Once it took away 500 coins, which I find that ridiculous!! I really like it, I think you should definitely download this game and I am just gonna wait for the game to get updated to not spend 3000 goins on 5 games. πŸ™‚
Game is good except you have to get to $150 to cash out and when you hit about $125 youll earn for all yout troubles is one cent eleven cents no more dollars just cents so it takes forever to cash out and everytime gou finish a level you have to watch a video before going on its a pain in the ass.
fun love this game would love to keep playing it would lick more coins this essay is way to long have to make it shorter five huntead words are to long but i do like the game alot its really awesome i play it all the time im totally addicted to this game i would recommend this game to anybody i tell all my friends about this game and they also are totally addicted to it they play it every chance they get there totally into it and they recommend this game to everybody!!!!!!!! thanks for having a g
I am having loads of fun playing the Solitaire Tripeaks Journey Games! Not only are the games fun and exciting; they are pleasantly challenging!!!! Thanks for making an old lady utilize her mind in keeping it active! The fun is constant!! Hats off to the producers!!!
I will keep playing! It is suitable for children and older folks as well. You get lots of opportunity for more cards. Nice images.