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Solitaire Tripeaks

Solitaire Tripeaks for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by ME2ZEN Limited located at Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It is a fun game but I got to level 1600 and completed it 3 times and it won't go any higher in levels.
I wanted a Tripeaks that was JUST Tripeaks. No extra junk. I found it, and I am lovin' it! The graphics are so beautiful, the game is so smooth, and I love the idea of listening to music with the game sounds turned off. This game is absolutely Perfect. πŸ’― Thank you! 😊
Update,i have passed level 1000 and all of a sudden its become an adert bomb..after every levl ans as soon as you log on..Very good solitaire game,i play it every day..
Would give 5 but I got a new phone and redownload it and I have ads again. I purchased the no ads on my old phone but now I can't even find the option for no ads so I can't even repurchase it which I would be willing to do. I enjoy it but its impossible to listen to music with constant interruptions. Unless I'm just not seeing it.
It's a very fun and challenge game. And it's kinda like suspense of what card is going to cum next and is it the card I need basically... It's the whole point of the game just getting through the levels; because they do get more challenging as u progress further. Great game if you love playing cards if any kind.
I really enjoy this game. I had it on my tablet and decided to download it again for my phone. Its fun and challenging and the ads really aren't that long. Great time killer!
I'd give a higher rating, but it's a bit clunky & if you have cards left over when you clear the board, you should at least get points for that, like 10 points per card, toward your blue diamond score. If I knew how to program a game, I'd do that. Also, I wouldn't take away coins/diamonds/whatever when showing a new player what can advance you in a game, like a joker. I couldn't figure where 100 points went, then I saw that I was force-charged the amount when "shown" how to play a joker! Uncool!
Game is fun and challenging but you cannot win most challenges. They want you to end up paying to play and I won't do that.
I had to change my rating.You have been senting emails Solitiare is not resonding and it been that way for several days, can't even play,so now I'm Uninstalling and I was level 1553 or more.
Love this game!!! No 'life' or 'heart' to wait for or lose!!! No coin or point gimmicks!! No different worlds or ridiculous animations!! I have deleted most of my other solitaire games!!!
scoring is so simple, love it, gather diamonds as u win , spend on more cards if needed. Too many games have unnecessary 'chests ' , buy more chances etc , so interfering with the game itself
Graphics are absolutely beautiful. There could be a twist of some sort to make it a bit more interesting. Gifts could be more.
Every single game has an ad. After every single game you have to look at an ad. This is overkill. I spend more time looking at ads than I do playing the game. I'm out of here
The game gets too hard to play to quickly doesn't give you a chance if you can't match card you can't win and they don't give you cards to match it doesn't take long playing before it's impossible to beat
I like the game but I don't like it that you offer watch an ad to get more jewels and there is never an ad to watch!!!
i really love this game and now have my husband hooked seriously. some times easy sometimes harder but love it. on level 1600 and hoping for more. cant reset. hope they keep making loads more levels. we dont play any othet game. fun. not so frustrating as so many others. love this game
great way to relax, and calming back ground pictures are nice. Thank you for your gift. Adding rotate screen to the game app would be super. holding a phone horizontal is much easier playing cards.
i really love this game and now have my husband hooked seriously. some times easy sometimes harder but love it. on level 1600 and hoping for more. cant reset. hope they keep making loads more levels. we dont play any othet game. fun. not so frustrating as so many others. love this game is ps. Still no response from these people for help. Reached top level and just want to reset game to start again. Husband wants to do this to.vno answer and no reset help. Poor assistance no response to asking
This game has frequently just frozen and stopped many times recently. Now I am stuck on Level 1600 and, even though I complete the level, it won't move up to the next level as it should. So I am uninstalling it!
I did put like this game. However when you get up the levels it gets a bit boring. I used to play it on Facebook games and there were levels which had gold suit cards to clear they aren't on this one. There were also tournaments. I thought this would be the same. I can't play it on fb any more as it has disappeared from there. Please give us more variety.
I love this game. I recently had shoulder surgery and it bnb is hard to find games to play that don't hurt my arm and are still challenging as well as relaxing. kudos to the developers. you accomplished that and thanks a lot.
I love the game but the higher you get in the levels I can see its all about the ads. You have to play each level about 30 times before it will deal you a hand you can finish unless of course you spend money on buying jokers and extra cards. It was fun for a while but now the ads start popping up in the middle of a hand (very irritating) so I am going to uninstall it for something else after playing 850 levels Im done
I like this game, it keeps me interesting as I go up an level & it's great for passing the time. Sometimes, I get stuck on an level for long periods of time & it takes a lot of money/diamonds to win a game to move to the next one. Whenever, you decide to upgrade this game again, will you consider not making the joker card & extra cards (draw more than just 5 cards...maybe 10 cards?) so high to purchase in order to win the game? Thanks!
Good game. Does it stop at 1600? It won't advance any more than that. I'll probably uninstall it and start over again. It has a nice twist to the basic Tripeaks solitaire
Just started playing this and I must say that I really do love it! :D It's very fun with nice background pictures to have too. Thank you for making this great card game of solitaire, you guys did good on it. ^w^
Fun and challenging. Keeps my mind occupied. I'm enjoying this app. It does contain ads, but they sre short and doesn't affect my game times. Thanks developer(s) for creating this game.
So feel kinda no real bored there's nothing fun like extra surprised or just free coins for playing the stragady different and they charge you for extra cards and for real it takes more coins away from u for the very least ttle they do give u I feel your doing slot of work and getting paid very little. There's no cool music nothing it's boring.
I love it it started off being kind of easy but it's getting strongerπŸ˜… a lovely game anybody want to join me in it
Game is fun BUT not for long!!! If you can't complete hand you have to either BUY cards or watch endless adds. Found a better version that just lets me play w/o "point punishment." Uninstalled
Really enjoying this Solitaire Tripeaks game. It has multiple boards/levels, which is what I wanted, without all of the added pizzazz. Just the game. It is fun and relaxing and not overdone and cheesy. I love it! Thank you!
Need just an easy game to kill time. NO hard or impossible ways to win game. When it gets too hard not fun or relaxing
I like the game, but I am having the same issue that several other people have. I made a purchase, but I am still being bombarded with ads. This needs to be fixed. According to the developer, "any purchase removes ads." *edit* after several back and forth emails, I will probably be deleting the app. they didn't resolve anything satisfactory, quite the opposite in fact. do yourself a favor and don't bother.
I have been playing solitaire since I was 4 yrs old. I never knew there were so many versions. This one is great.
I have had this game for a couple months and all of a sudden it just crashed. I can't even open up the game anymore. and for some reason I won't even have the game open and it will just keep saying that the game stopped
Fun game, but in higher levels must play one level 80 times or more to move on !!! Very frustrating ...
Great game. It's design is simple with increasingly difficult levels and the graphics are cute. I love how this is a fair game by charging decently for boosters and giving you the cards you need and isn't just out to get your money like most other solitaire games. The only thing I suggest is to put in some daily challenges. .but overall, I really enjoy this game and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good game of solitaire. Well done developers. I applaud you
this game is awsome stunning beautiful 😊at long last, I can finally play a game that I don't have to keep deleting! I so love the stunning pictures and the music is so restful to the mind body and soul 😊😊plus you always get the chance to collect gems by watching adverts 😊😊not been playing long, and have already saved up more than 2,000 gems 😊😊so massive big thank you team for a job very well done πŸ€—πŸ˜ŠπŸ€— I would give you a hundred stars if I could team 😊😊
solitaire tripeaks is another great game that i enjoy and i am pretty sure everyone else would enjoy this game like i do.
great game...would have given more stars...but as usual far too many adds...gives the option to get rid of them but it will cost you Β£2.99....got to level 111 then gave up as sick and tired of the adds.sorry but deleted it...grrrrr
Liked the game but it has been incredibly long since updating to go beyond level 1600 they don't allow you to reset to start over even if you re download. Can't play any more phooey
I love solitaire games but I do need them to progress to the next level quicker to keep my fun level up and this one I play the same level 10 plus times so it's sorta boring to me so I must delete
Simple yet challenging levels. No extra keeping track of play while pot is continually being used up. Game gets more challenging but not impossible.
I like this game, but after every level there is a ad, which I understand help in $ wise but its way tooo many PLUS long ads. I get frustrated, instead of enjoying it. I am going to uninstall. I had recommended to friends, now they are saying I am uninstalling cause of long ads and alot ads. We humans dont have patients any more. Wrote on behalf of my friends and myself. Thank you.
definately one of the best if not THEE best solitaire game you can get. my chick and i both have it and we always be on each others phone playin each other solitaire.. good stuff maynard. keep up the decent work
This is a good solitaire game, but after reading reviews, it seems no new levels will be coming any time soon. They've been saying for 5 months they're working on new levels, but it seems that'll never happen. Such a shame too. This game doesn't require energy to play, you can get diamonds quite easily and that makes for a good gaming experience. Would be 5 stars if I thought they'd update.
1 of my favorite games. Except for the fact that I was further in this game and when I switched devices I was taken back quite a bit and when I called too their attention they didn't take me too the level i was previously on.
I love solitaire games thank you so much for bringing this game into life I appreciate this game so much I'll give you a hundred percent you guys are awesome thank you so much
Great game! I have been looking for it for months. Knew it was out there somewhere. I love tripeaks. It's my favorite game to play but I don't want to farm or go on crazy quests to earn coins to be able to play. I just want to play the game. This is it. Love it!
Excellent game. Only game I've ever paid to remove ads.πŸ‘πŸ€˜πŸ’– But I've run out of levels πŸ˜”, please hurry up and create more 🀞
I really enjoyed this app the levels are hard and easy but enjoyable. Yes there are ads but you can expect that from most apps. I can't wait for more levels it's 5 stars from me.
Very good solitaire game,i play it every day.the ads are not very intrusive (odd 1 is)..well done all of you...
To many gimmicks that make it hard to explain to a child with learning disabilities such as exploding cards
I love this game. I get irritated sometimes cause I can't pass some levels but other than that it's a really good game.
Solitaire Tripeaks is a relaxing & enjoyable game which keeps my brain active. I like the different game plays throughout the levels which keeps me interested & also motivated to move on to the next level.
i real love this game a lot because it's fantastically great and amazing game to play, and it really makes player to get addicted to it like me, as i get any chance in my life living everyday to play it more&more and none stop. The game has the beautiful graphics that i enjoy to play it all the time beside a game and it's stense and bring up so much fun to everyone to play. yes i will continuously support your prouducts and please update more leves for me to play.