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Solitaire Story - Tri Peaks

Solitaire Story - Tri Peaks for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by GAMEGOS located at Icerenkoy, Umut Sk. AND Plaza No:10-12/94 34752 Atasehir/Istanbul TURKEY. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is so rigged, I can predict what card is going to be revealed or concealed next, with 100 per cent accuracy. Took me from game 1 to work this out. If it was an actual game at a casino, they'd rob you blind but they wouldn't get away with: it's just that blatantly obvious.
Game takes 5 minutes - 1 hour to load graphics. Game goes black sometimes when trying to collect your rewards. Sometimes load up Facebook app. Too many bugs. App gotten lot worser, 3 hours still only load 90%> PLEASE FIX!!!!
loved the game but I've been waiting for new levels for months now and I fed up with playing my old levels nothing is happening. game keep saying new levels are coming soon. how many years have I got to wait. used to love it
love dragon.but u gotta change the cheap cheesy music.at least give 3 different songs that do with dragons.makes people wanna play more with good music.thanks
The constant request to connect to a facebook account is irritating. There has been a multitude of times that I did not receive coins for my winnings. I was trying to hold off on rating the game until I played it a little while longer to see improvements but its requests to be rated is just as great and irritating as the facebook connect requests.
love the game. only problem is i keep sending lives to my friend on f/bk & they're not getting them, very frustrating. otherwise it would have been 4*
A pretty fun game. Don't understand how you get rewards except to pay for them ,freezes up ALOT. Gave up playing it.
This game is definitely a different take on Solitaire, and can be a great way to kill time, whether waiting for a bus, or a train. It is mindless entertainment! I would definitely recommend it to friends! Love it!
just started but so far i like it...well got to last one 860... Love it....are there more levels coming soon..realky enjoy this game... So was very hard ...but finally got thru it...hope you add more levels ...love this game...
Game was awesome to start until I started noticing little things. First off....in several months of playing multiple times a day, I noticed not once have I gotten any better than the second lowest prize on the daily chest. There is no way to earn rubies...you have to buy them. I will get the same card from the deck up to 16 times in row. EVERY TIME I use a joker to remove a card.....the exact card needed appears from the deck right after using the joker.
only just started playing this game just this minute cleared level 11 really enjoying this game so far 😊it looks like it's going to be lots of fun for all ages 😊thank you team for all your hard work bringing this lovely game too life 😊god bless you all those involved in the creation of this wonderful fun game team 😊🌟😊🌟
I totally love this game. So many different rounds. The levels build up and get harder and harder. Adds difficulty which makes me try harder to try to pass. πŸ‘
fun addicted always back to you an asset to the game store but no fair to have to buy rubies when you get to a higher level boo
Every game is challenging and I love that different interactive cards are added to mix it up and keep you on your toes. One of the best solitaire games out there!
'Wise Advice'? More like sales pitch. Stop pretending you're anything but a greedy corporation. If there's anything I can't stand it's liars. However, the game itself is fun for a short while. It is eventually ruined (around level 12), however, by the old staple of freemium games that is arbitrary difficulty increasing for the sake of exploiting consumers. I will admit that I encountered no advertisements. Overall: This game is poor. Don't waste your time.
Loved this game....wished there were more levels cuz beat all 860 3 times now & have uninstalled game for needed space.
Love the game! Lots of fun, but I accidentally touch something and it closed the game. Now when I try to play it says game not available now!
Instructions could be a lot clearer and pop ups would help to let you know what each symbol will help and which hinder you. Gets very confusing. Overall I'm a massive fan I love love love the game!
I love thos game. I find it really cute. My only complaint is I always pick the free, daily egg with the lowest amount of coins.
Great Fujitsu, no ads,challenging...only problem is the game does freeze up, at times, which can be frustrating
It's hard to see the cards, and the idea of dragons is cool...but I don't know if you actually grow a dragon, or if you just get eggs for nothing? It wasn't for me.
I think this is my favorite game so far. it's fun & challenging. the app works great on my phone but tends to glitch when playing on FBs Gameroom for pc. Love your game Dev's, keep up the good work😁
Great game! Needs some improvements. The owl cards don't work at the beginning of a level and asking to share on Facebook every level is annoying
I love this game! I never give 5 stars as I like to think theres always room for improvement but I enjoy everything about this game. I'm way past lvl 100, I dont even pay attention because im so keen to move onto the nxt puzzle! its challenging and deff gets the mind thinking, never lags, good graphics, good bonuses etc. My only issue is none f my friends are playing it! lol good work guys!
I really enjoy this game more so than the others. love the 5 lives. other games don't give up the power that this game does.
I think its a great game as long as you don't play it through messenger. When you hook up your Facebook account the game let's you hear the music but keeps showing you a black and white screen and only let's you play the first level.
This is an adorable game. The graphics are beautiful and the fun little creatures really are cute! Great job!
too easy & too rigged to be properly called a game. it also asks you to rate it after you've played ✫one✫ level. i didn't play long enough to know whether it's an ad suck or not, but if it follows form it probably is. two extra stars because it's probably good for grammar school kids {if it's not p4p; about this i didn't play long enough to be certain}, also the graphics are well done. β­πŸ’«β­ 2.5 stars <β€” β₯︎β₯︎ there, count it rated.
great game, just wish there were more levels of play in between the breaks. just hate having to wait for the next level to start. but great game when i am abke ti play. dont know how long i will play this game, but we will see.
Love this game. Great graphics and very relaxing . Scenery is great. Like the way everything is set up. Dragon is cute. Easy game to play. Not a complex game at all.
I think that the points that you win should change as you progress in the game. Not remain so low I'm in the 700's and the points that you win is still the same meaning 150 is the highest you can win. That's just bogus to me
Love the game but wish you would add more levels as i had finished all levels about a year and a half ago.
Way too many coins needed 4 extra cards Etc. They make it look like you have an enormous amount of coins but they can all be gone in a short. Of time when the levels get harder. Game could use an update. It is a cute story and there are no ads so far I will give it that.
Its a cute game a bit hard once you get pass through the I say the first 25 levels. Then it really starts getting hard when you start losing it goes fast..and then you may start to think to but it isnt worth it. Will never do that again...I really do love this story BUT its hard to keep playing for a long time..thats the only thing wrong with this game I see.
So far this appears to be pretty fun and it is not making me spend money. We will see how it goes. I am so tired of games that cost to win/play. I will update after 100 games.
fun very addictive and fantastic game. one I will definitely be recommending to my family and friends.
I found out that they won't add new levels at all. I'm not happy with these people that won't add more new levels.. that's why I uninstalled the game.
I love Solitaire games, and this one's awesome. The graphics, effects, soundtrack, and creativity with the storylines all make for such a wonderful experience. It's supposed to be magical and it really does feel that way, even for a small little card game app.
I am very dissapointed in this game now! I loved playing this in the beginning! Once you get to the higher levels (70's and 80's) they throw up curtains, smoke clouds and brooms to block or hide your cards so that you cant pick them to continue your run. When you finally get past one of their blockers they have the nerve to change the cards to block your run AGAIN! Lets say if you have a 6 and on the screen you have a 5, 4 and 7 and 8 on the board they block you by changing your card! deleting!!
love this game have to start over I was in my 500 level on another phone forgot the password starting over
A fun and addictive game. If you're interested from the beginning especially if you like solitaire. I love playing it was my sister we compete in a race to see who can stay ahead of each other. Very fun and addictive.
I have finished the game, I've been waiting for new levels to be added, I've done level 860, new levels haven't been added for months now and I'm still waiting to play more new levels, please could you update the game with new levels. Thank you
I like games with a story base within the game . This game has that. So far I give this game a rating of 5 Stars 🀩 . Unless while playing the game my rating will stay the same.
my phone is to small I'm guessing because there is no setting button to turn sound off that's it so far
It is a good little game. The levels are challenging, but not impossible to beat. I can play for along time before running out of lives and have never purchased any boosters. Glad I downloaded it. No issues!
Was loving this game until level 812, now changes just before u press number. Played a lot and bored now. Fun part of game was chain of numbers. No more chains no fun.
Loved the game. Just didn't think it would take forever to get more levels. I'm going back and trying to get 3 stars on all levels. Really want more levels pls.
It's a great game but it's really not my cup of tea, so to speak. I'm uninstalling cause believe it or not I am bored with this game. Music and graphics are great keep up the good work.
LOVE all these Solitaire games if I don't have enough room I'll delete somethin' to make room to download the new one!!!
Love this game BUT how many damn 6s could possibly be in a pack!? Otherwise cool game shame u have to buy gems and cant just earn them
I enjoy the challenge and variety of this fun solitaire game. I wish there was a list of what the special cards mean so I could better understand how to use them.
Fun to play, but too many ads. App version is a bit different than Facebook version. Doesn't seem to be a way to earn rubies, only to purchase them.
It sucks! The game keeps freezing and blank or partially printed cards appear. It is a guessing game to see if the blanks work. Which eats up cards. Also cards freeze so you cannot remove them.
I installed this game for the fact that its playable offline...been going great...then I got to level 850 and can no longer progress in the game unless I'm online...literally can not even go to level 851 cuz it doesn't show on the screen, unless I'm online...frustrated and ready to uninstall...
Im thinking about not playing anymore because if there are no more levels to play then what's the point It has become boring I wish you would add more levels because I really liked this game, but not anymore
LOVE this game!! The only problem is that they haven't added new levels for over a year and a half. Would really like to know when the new levels are going to be finally be added
I really haven't had any problems.how ever it seems that at times it loaded kind of slow. It could be just my phone. Thank you.
I absolutely love this game, but I made it to the last level a REALLY long time ago. it says more levels coming soon but I've waited goin on a year and there still aren't any new levels. I give up. I gave it 5 stars cause the game was great. i just wish there were more levels. Well, it has been another 6 months and still no new levels. I really wish there would be new levels.
It is an okay game. It passes the time. Not happy with when the roundis over, I can't see the last card that turns up. Even when There are still moves to be made, the game doesn't allow you to make those moves at the end.
I love solitaire story... It's a fun game and it's challenging to... It's also a great way to pass the time
Good game, but, I have to pass each time I reach a cursed gate, how do I use the stars to open the gate ??
No incentives to even try to get through the game. To go back and replay another card you charge 1000 coins just to do so!! Shouldn't be that way. Give the player at least three or four tries before taking 1000 coins away. Not a fair game!! Uninstalling
The game is okay. Everything on every single one of these games revolves around money and I think that's really sad! It would be nice to be able to earn rewards to help clear boards instead of having to "buy" everything.