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Solitaire for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Amalgam Apps located at Carrer Castella 40, local 1 08018 Barcelona Spain. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Plays the game but extremely slow. Seems to be sucking up loads of resources, tends to crash out towards end of good (winning) games. Layout poor. Select card and you have to take hand away to see what you have done. Touch screen off cards and menu comes up and selects restart or worse.
I played this game all the time on My Note 3 and it was great, but on the Note 7 and (after recall) my LG V20, it has a few bugs to fix.
It is the games I remember my Artrix phone. BUT now there are frequent pop up ads as well as Ad bar. I could really leave without those. It frequently won't handle undo properly.
Every time I click on the back bottom, the game closes. Ugh so annoying, I close to winning a couple of times.
In order to redo a play you have to go in to options and hit "accept". Sometimes new games are repeats.
Very relaxing with no distracting sounds or graphics. Freecell has helped my analytical skills and has taught me to make moves till I get reaults & win!
Same few games keep coming up even after just finishing one game then the same one comes up after asking for a new game
Tiny cards, bad layout and ads in-between every game. I do not want to see another commercial for that stupid war game. Not worth it.
love the winning game as you know there is a solution you just have to find it . also like the daily challenge 😊
Too many glitches, undo doesn't work, restart doesn't work, WAAAYYYYY too many ads. This used to get a 5 star from me. Now is just awful.
It has a good version of 40 thieves. The last update made the cards smaller which makes it harder to flag the card you want to move without going slower. Plus the auto move still moves pretty slow.
Plays like Ken Magic but cards move a lot slower and the card display too small. Game keeps closing every time I get ready to make a move or press a button but Ken magic was better. also there are too many ads interfering with game.
I can sometimes use the back button and other times it just closes out the game instead. Frustrating with that but it forces me to slow down on flipping through the cards.
Loved the old version, hate the new. Card size is too small, game play is too slow, and I can't back up if I missed a move. The ads are distracting. Why did you screw up a good game?
It's good to pass the time if you don't mind ads, SLOW reaction and undo only working sporadically. UPDATE: Reaction time corrected, still ads but only at start of new game, so I'm giving 5 stars. I love this game for strategy and relaxing way to pass time.
I mostly play forty thieves. Back button freezes sometimes. Other than that, it works as advertised.
Too many ads and way too slow. What happened to the great solitare app that used to come on the Droid phones? I had to replace my old phone and now that great solitare app is gone.
Love the games on here. When I'm at the Dr.appointment gives me something to do while waiting. Really good way to pass the time.
Cards move too slow. Cards are too small. Screen shifts if you dont hit the card exaclty which gets annoying
Plays exactly like Ken Magic but cards move a lot slower and the card display too small. Game keeps closing every time I get ready to make a move or press a button but it plays exactly like Ken magic that's the only good part and also there is too many ads interfering
Not impressed. Undo (back button) often does not work and seems to work randomly. Far too easy to end up in the menu, or even restarting a game with a simple mis-touch on a card. Ads are really annoying. (Galaxy S10.)
This my favorite Solitaire because of how the 40 Thieves game is organized. All four games are simple and straightforward. My favorite!
Sick of the ads blinking at the bottom. Cards off center, too small, and undo works sporadically. Want my Ken Magic solitaire back. Uninstalling this.
I used to have this on an old droid. It was great, always worked,never glitched and no ads. Now it's the opposite. Go back kicks you out of the game, restart doesn't and it sticks constantly when playing the deck. So many ads it's riculous. Also when I had it on the Droid it was a free download. Please fix the game. I'm actually looking for updates.
I have been playing this game for years. I got a new phone and it doesn't work the way it used to. When I have it set to autoplay and want to undo...it either closes the game or won't undo. Every once in awhile it works...go figure. Also, I can't restart the game. It's just really buggy. Used to play it a lot but now it's too frustrating. And it seems much harder to get a winning deal. What gives...so I tried spider. Can't play that either because I don't have a search button on my Samsung Galaxy.
Love this game it has all the games I like in one app.do you have a purchased game without ads the ads flash and I dont want to have a siezure thank you for changing adds for me .
Have enjoyed this app for several years, latest update is horrid, lose half the phones screen to advertising. Uninstalling and finding another option. FAIL
Please fix the undo function on the Forty Thieves game. When pressed, the undo function kicks you out of the game.
Version 1.12.1 was much better. This version is slower, awkward to get in and out of, just not much fun and shouldn't a game be fun?
The games are ok, but the cards are really small even on the large option. I also find that when you try to take a card from either pick up or discard pile the menu pops up a lot. There is definitely room for improvement.
Spent a week trying to find a 40 Thieves Solitaire that worked on my new Samsung Galaxy Note5. I love the fact that the face cards actually HAVE faces, that it is arranged for right handers, and that the cards show up well. Just need to tweak it so the menu shows how up in landscape view. I am addicted to this game!
Easy to use. I really appreciate the portrait/landscape shift. My absolute favorite version of "40 Thieves".
I cant always clear the stats, and if u touch the screen, it will stop u from being able to move a card backwards
Very annoying ads (both pop up and fixed), I don't like the graphics and the UI is bad. Pointing the slightest outside the cards and you get a menu and might even click something in the menu.
Love Forty Thieves & Freecell but the game does not fit in the screen correctly like my old version and I can't "undo" on the Galaxy 7 ??
I like that it has my four favorite games and that it can be played vertically or horizontally, but it has a lot of glitches. Particularly annoying us when the back key stops undoing moves and starts kicking you out of the app altogether.
Wish it fit better on the screen. It keeps pulling down the menu, annoying, when I play forty thieves.
The original solitaire was fast paced. This game is terribly slow. It's like one of the early 70's video games.
To UNDO a move you only have to tap BACK button of the system. Doing this will NOT exit game. To pick one or more cards instead of ALL you have to touch one of the cards tower. Then choose the card or cards you want.
It was slow. It's missing ctl+z option. Can't pick up one of the cards of the series in spider, has to be all.
Really don't care for this app much. Cards are small (even after setting them up to appear larger) and so much space between them that if you don't touch them just right it brings up the menu to restart the game or play a new one. Seems just too sensitive which requires you to tap much slower The ads are rather annoying too, but I can deal with them. If the cards were bigger, it would be much better.
I will confine my comments to the 'Forty Thieves' game. I have been addicted to this game longer than the majority of you have been alive. It's a great game and this version could rate a *****, BUT it needs a little work. I see it hasn't been updated in almost a year, Shame on you Programmers. The elimination of several glitches would leave the game near perfect. I took my first programming course at Virginia Tech in 1968 and I know my stuff. Menu falls and prevents me from dealing 99% of time. And ba