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Solitaire Pets Arena - Online Free Card Game

Solitaire Pets Arena - Online Free Card Game for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Come2Play - Board Games located at 32, Habarzel St., Tel-Aviv. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I do like the game but having issues with getting kicked out of it. I have seen by comments that others are having this issue as well. Hope problem is resolved before I give up playing.
Have no problem winning some of the rounds, but impossible to win rounds when it's part of the mission to receive rewards. Uninstalling. Very rigged game. And in most games how is it they win before I even go through the deck but yet they already received all the aces and finish. I hate rigged games and cheats
Been playing this game for quite some time now, it won't let me collect, it won't let me do anything. Guess it's time to Uninstall and forget about it. I keep getting told initialization failed.
It's a nice game. Reminds me of a similar card game I used to play with my friends. I wish the game was abit better. Maybe play with more people. The animal concept of it doesn't really go. I do wish it was more to the game. And offline mode. But it's a cool game.
never got to play. kept saying internet connection low or lost. otherwise, it just never would load. Tried with full wifi connection, tried with 4g, tried uninstalling and re-instslling, and tried to restart my phone as well. uninstalled game. :(
this game is very fun to play but you do not really get that much in coins when you win. you pay over 1/2 . But game is a lot of fun to play.
For several weeks this was pretty fun. Then my phone would ring and after taking a call I'd come back and still be playing. Ive tested it many times, you do not play real people, the game is fixed like a slot machine's odds. The players don't even use magnets against you. I have lost interest, over all it is fun until you figure this out.
So called 'Guest' players win in seconds, you've blinked and the game is over. This is clearly a huge glitch with the system. You can lose all your coins and have only placed a handfull of cards down over several games. PLEASE FIX Thank you for your response and guidance to use a magnet, however even with a magnet the most skilled players can't complete a game in 10 seconds. Please confirm why it's always 'guest' accounts that win like this?
Problems loading the game. I've been playing for a couple of years now and I can't collect bonuses it say no products available and I can't use tools. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it still doesn't work.
bots and cheats alive and plentiful in this game. Not a bad game but stacked against the normal player some opponents finish game and win before all of stack is turned over, impossible but they do it! and as prize is always less than double entry fee no chance to build up coins even if win every game and that is very rare! other games like this have report button to alert of players using software to cheat, would be widely used in this game I think, prob why they don't have one!
Fast and fun game. Not exactly solitaire because you play against another player but still fun, easy and the pets are adorable!
Haven't been able to get the daily bonus nor use any in game boosters for the past couple days. I've uninstalled the game which it started me back at level 1 & the game still isn't working right. Please fix these issues.
I enjoy this game but there is one huge glaring problem. When you bomb a card loose from the stacks it hangs way too long before you can play it. This has cost me numerous games as it is the only card needed to win. I'm sure others have had the same frustration.
I enjoy the game; my only complaint is that it lags greatly. I have tapped on a card but nothing happens. Some times when it finally stops lagging, your competition obviously didn't have any lagging so they jump ahead of you.
I would give this game more stars because I really do enjoy playing it, except that it keeps freezing in the middle of games. It sucks spending 25k and 50k coins to play a higher level only to have the game freeze part of the way into the hand.
love this app.5 stars.one thing is it is so slow and the game needs to be more stable.you put a card where it is supposed to go and it when you win,why cant the rest of the cards fall into place automatically.otherwise,it is great.
Loved this game until the last update! I played multiple times a day. Now it will not load and I receive error 504. Please fix I was absolutely addicted. I will change rating once I can play again UPDATE: ISSUE HAS BEEN FIXED - THANK YOU! I would like to be able to move cards from the draw/discard pile
I have never been more disappointed. I lost double the cost of my game and was left with no coins at all. I had over 400,000 coins. I started a match worth half that, there are no descriptions and there was no forewarning. Yet it took what the game actually cost and then all of a sudden I just and I had literally nothing. I didn't buy any bombs. I already had a few of the magnets. There is no reason. I am just so disappointed. And more so that this is the only game I have with no decipherable way to contact developers within game. With this issue or being a micro transaction game, what if something happened during a purchase and there is no option to contact? I was really hopeful for a good and engaging solitaire game and now I'm just frustrated and agitated. I worked so hard to build those coins up just to have them disappear completely?
I wish the devs included a ranking system because currently it's just incredibly frustrating to lose dozens of games in a row when I had originally thought I was pretty good at the game. The collections are near impossible to complete, the entry costs arebabout 5% higher than they should be, and the random store gifts every ~4 hours arent enough to make the game playable if you keep losing in the lowest money bracket.
I love the game. There are times where I tap for cards off the pile and I have to do it 3 or 4 times. It is a great game but 4 stars because there is always room for improvement on any game.
I find this game very relaxing, it's fun to play and I enjoy it very much... I do have a couple of little glitches but like most things I'm sure it will be resolved and doesn't hinder my play
No change, both games have been deleted after witnessing a blatant passive aggressive come back from the developers after my review. This game is dodgy. Replies to reviews are automated and not helpful. If you are not paying to play the developers will ignore you. In previous reviews you must close 20+ pop ups prompting you to spend money after each short level. My main bug is the developers will abuse your privacy and tarnish your gameplay following a bad review.
The last update ruined it for me. I use to play for hours daily because it was so much fun. After last update its extremely difficult to win to the point that you want people to buy coins to play. I lost over $30k in less than 24 hours in the lowest area. Shame on you. I deleted both of your games.
glitches sometimes in the middle of a game and when there is quests to do for the day people get to where they would would get higher then their opponents then hit that stuck button I'm just play the game it's very annoying
The animals could be a little less creepy. And it runs a bit slow. It takes a long time for things to load. Typically you can tap the Screen to load it faster between levels. But in this game you have to wait.
Love the game theme, but you can no longer level up, sometimes the game u pick will take way more money than the cost. Still have fun playing head to head though.
Fun game! However, I have experience an annoying glitch. I am level 48 and my experience bar has not moved in a while. I am sure I have leveled at least once, if not more. I suggest you but a number in the experience bar so we can tell how much further we have to go.
Love the game. But you have to fix the purchase popup. It wont go away. I always have to exit the game to get rid of it. Otherwise this is a really fun amd cute game.
Seems like the developers have stopped working on this app... It's been junk for months and won't initialize properly. Zero responses to reports of this issue. I would not recommend this app.
It takes way too long to level up and way too long to collect toy sets. When you finally do level up, you get a VERY small prize. Collecting a full toy set to unlock the prize is nearly impossible. I'm definitely losing interest fast!
Putting moves is stupid because I would get done to my last couple of moves and and then lose I am sick of it and I think it is stupid how can I make it to the next level if I keep running out of moved
You've turned the boring classic solitaire into something more fresh, unique and challenging. The gameplay and stylisation of the game are amazing. The cute adorable animals that you collect for are such an sweet touch to make the game even more enjoyable. Well done to the creators of this game, you've done well. Hopefully you'll make many more card games this fun in the near future.
marginal - it seems very lop-sided when playing. for every game I play, I lose 10. the ratio seems unfair. i would rate higher, but what's the fun in always losing.
i love how each game gets harder also it seems the faster you go the better the score . i my self are a big cat lover so how about a game where you have to find a kitten and win three food dishes you move on i think you get the idea good luck .
Totally addictive! Loved this game in the beginning, but they stopped providing daily challenges. Took away the purpose of playing on a regular basis. Bring daily challenges back and this app would receive 5 stars. You brought back the challenges! 5th star provided as promised. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Love the game. I always give 4 stars cause I believe there is always room for improvement. Even though the game is perfect as is.
Cute game as I love animals and solitaire, but, only after playing a few games I'm out of coins to continue playing. I do not think that is fair for developers to do that so soon considering you only give 1000 coins to start and it takes 550 and above to play each game. Although it's good they have hourly coin collection to help so I can continue to play, just have to wait till I have enough to play more then a few rounds.
I do really like playing this game maybe a bit to much I just wish there was more missions. I haven't has a daily mission for over a week maybe a game glitch if it is hope you can sort out soon. Other than that this game is fantastic.
please can u fix this game really enjoyed playing this game untill now. it takes ages to load if it loads, during a game it shuts down and loose your coins or when you win you don't receive any winnings now it's taken all my coins so now I can't play.
This game is so addictive that ive even played all through night on it. Only wish you could exchange some magnets for bombs. Come2Play since last update the 3 missions have frozen and wont reload. plus it seems stuck on xmas themes wheras all my other games have gone back to normal.
I have been playing this game for a few years and it's been really good, until the past 2 days, I've not been able to get any bonuses or use any tools during game, it just says, not initializing, no products available!!
I used to like this game, but it it constantly stops working and glitches all the time. many games have been lost and money gone because the cards won't turn over. Have had to turn phone off and back on again to get the app to work, because simply closing the app doesn't work.
There are a lot of people on the game that cheat. They win at an impossible rate and it's always a guest never normal user. I'll be doing good I'll start getting enough funds to level up and then I'll hit a string of guests and they'll take everything
This solitaire game is the most weirdest solitaire game i have ever played!!! When i first started playing the game completed itself without me even touching a card and also it won't let me place a correct card on the card i have already laid on the ace panels sorry but this weird game was uninstalled!!!
Very disappointed in the game. Its not what I expected it to be. Sorry for the 2 stars. I expected a fun game where I could still play even with a low score. Needs improvement. When its been improved Ill definitely give y'all a higher rating. Please fix it. Thanks! It has a lot of glitches in it that's why the low rating. Shalum! I gave y'all 3 stars 'cause the game keeps stopping in the middle of a level & I had to start over at the beginning of the game several times. The game keeps stopping. Had to reinstall the app not good. All in all it needs a lot of work - meaning bugs need to be fixed.