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Solitaire Pets - Fun Card Game

Solitaire Pets - Fun Card Game for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Come2Play - Board Games located at 32, Habarzel St., Tel-Aviv. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Really cute graphics. The game plays well and smoothly. Some levels are harder than others but this just adds to the game.
Love the new update!! I had quit playing for awhile bc but w the new updates it is so much more fun and I am playing every day!!! I love the special powers of the pets. 6/3 Wish I wouldn't have done the latest update. I can't go back to previous levels anymore. I like to go to the beach when I am stressed, and we used to be able to go back and forth to get more stars. I was in the mall and didn't finish, and it took me to Volcano. I like everything else.
Animals are super cute & game is fast paced, well designed & fun but as always ads slow it down! I get it! They deserve to be paid but wish could just straight up purchase the game & be done with that!
this is a fun game but i wish i could play on landscape otherwise fun and easy on the ads and lets you play without constantly asking for money
I'm really enjoying it but I think maybe level 22 has a glitch. When I'm left with two cards to play with the goal objective on it it comes up level failed when clearly I can win it. It's happened 3 times. Will try clear cache and all hope it fixes it.
It would be a very awesome game if you didn't have to spend money to buy coins to keep playing, in addition to spending money on most boosters. Basically you have to win consistently or otherwise you can't play. Not worth my time and definitely not worth my money.
Hard for me to understand the game. The game seems so clear to me now. I don't know what I couldn't see before. It is fun and entertaining. Don't be fooled into playing this game.☹️☹️☹️
I very much enjoyed this game and have spent money on it... until tonight playing I got a frozen card. It happened to be an ACE. There is absolutely no way to do it without using coins or spending money. That is not at all fair. It shouldn't be mandatory in order to win a game. I will probably be uninstalling now. Now fair at all. You respond with how to disarm. I'm aware of how to. Except you cant out anything on an ace. It wouldnt let me play it to the Ace spot either. I have screen shots.
Game won't load for me this evening. Keep getting error code. Hope its fixed soon, this is my favourite solitaire game. No ads, no pop ups, no cut scenes, no long story lines, just simple, cute animation and i like the mix up of levels, some are timed, some you only have so many times to go through the deck. I dont know about these toy collections though, i've only managed to complete 1 and I'm past level 300.
Used a pet's powerup and the printer blocked most of the screen (This happened twice). The first time I just assumed the game was completely frozen and decided to reload it.The second time I could sill move the cards and exit the level. I also was able to accidentally buy powerups while trying to get the printer to go away. Could not finish playing the level either time.
Very addictive, really enjoying playing, keep going back for more, but coins etc getting too expensive. Why can't we use the coins we have to buy bombs etc. Why do we have to use real money. Enjoying new level.
My phone updated and now the app won't load past washing 82% of the cards. Thank you for saving me money
Been playing this for the past few days and I have been really enjoying it, however, there are a few issues. For one, there seems to be a big difficulty spike when you get to the 4th map (tin can alley). It gets expensive to play and the rewards don't make up for it enough. Map 3 (farmer's market) also has an issue with stars. I couldn't get any higher than 1 star when I was consistently getting 3 stars prior. You're stuck if an Ace gets frozen because you can't put a lower card on top.
Love the game but everytime when I intend to use the pet's power during a game, it hangs and unable to continue the same game anymore. Please fix this.
I would have given it 5 stars because I really enjoy playing this game, it's just that to enter a game it cost to much, but the game it's self is really fun & enjoyable to play
tl;dr: The fun element of the game fades away after level 30 and onwards. First, I cannot add a review on Play Store for this app, from my phone, which means all the 5 and 4 stars are probably fake or those people only played the first 29 levels out of the "hundred of levels" this game claims to have. Second, this game becomes P2W after level 30: - you start failing levels because you don't get matching cards (unless you use the bomb or the tornado) - the 3 stars you always get in levels 1-29, easy right? You start getting only 1 or 2 stars from there on (because of...reasons, i guess?) - the missions "complete x consecutive games without fail" become obv P2W Extra: - the undo move is an useless booster (only bombs and tornados matter) - useless magnet (unless you never played solitaire and you miss obvious moves), plus it goes against you if you need to make certain moves with cards you put in the Ace columns - the "Solitaire Machine" seems fun for the first 6-7 levels, after which you have to play very careful (limited no of moves), which is (very)stressful. If you want a fun solitaire game, both as a challenge and reward, I recommend (sure, it doesn't have animals or cute graphics as this one, but still...it is solitaire and not P2W): - Fairway Solitaire - Fairway Solitaire 2 Very disappointed, your business model is greedy, after level 30.
I love this game. But, after the pet's powers were added, I either get hung up trying to use them, or when I do use them, I don't get the full powers. For example, when I use Pongo to get the extra "special" cards, I see that I have the cards, but when I finish the game, I'm not awarded them. Please, fix these problems!
It is a lot of fun... kinda easy though, or I am playing very strategically. I'm not really sure yet. But in any case, it's a fun game.
Loved the game, Until a few months ago. I finished all the levels. Even going so far as to get 3 stars for each one. Now I've been waiting over 6 months for a new level. I guess the creators just don't care anymore. Just another great game that is to be forgotten.
I was playing this game since last year and I've got really far. But now all the levels are done and I am waiting for the new update and new levels. Can you tell me when are you going to add new levels please.
Love the game, it is different from others. I loved the game BUT you want money for boosters. I am going to have to cancel the game
The daily goals are impossible to reach unless you spend $10+ or play it for the majority of the day. If you have any other interests you will not get far. Game glitches all the time and frequently doesn't give you the prizes you're supposed to win. Edit after response. Multiple other reviews have said it's to expensive to play, no update has been made to respond to this. Every time I contacted support it has been incredibly unhelpful almost like they didn't even read my question or complaint.
I loved this game... UNTIL the timed rounds came in..... Other than that... It was great but it's good bye from me :(
Since the latest upgrade on this game, it's just the best!!! Sorry but I have to give less stars because now the game doesn't even open...😒
Fun game,they always give you bonuses so you really don't need to spend money. Some of the levels and game types are difficult.
A little difficult to get boosts but a fantastic game, it's challenging at the same time a lot of fun
It's a fun game. Worked good up till level 40. Screen keeps getting unresponsive as in the game works but I can't press on anything. Nothing works. After it happening a few times I ran out of cash to play as it took my 3000 coins, screen unresponsive, exit, enter game play is 2000 coins. Uninstalled for that reason.
i m at lvl 182, the game freezes after i use a power up. wasted 4 tickets restarting the game but still freezes
I really like the game itself. However, after playing this morning, I am very disappointed. Everything, as in getting boosters, costs 3 times more than it did yesterday. Continue a game went from 2k coins to 6k. Tornadoes are now 60k for 10, and so on. No thanks, I will find something else to play.
This game is problematic. It has no instructions on how to use " Hint" function", nothing happens when pressed, no where in game to contact developers for help or anything, & some other things that need some attention. Otherwise, I really like this game, & this new form of solitaire, but not being able to operate critical help, also can't use any coins to purchase boosters, only cash!! NOT COOL!! ☹️😞😨
I love this game, however I have played all the levels that are available. It says new one coming soon...... that was 2 weeks ago. I have been going back and replaying the levels I already played.
I tried to give this game a chance. The cost to play each level is too high and the rewards too low. The story and grammar are terrible. As the game goes on the levels get more expensive... and the rewards stay the same. Eventually gameplay can become totally blocked by traps if you don't buy powerups, meaning you just wasted 3000 coins for nothing. The collections are impossible; by the 3rd area I still hadn't finished one. Gameplay is really fun though, which frustrates me. Fix your game.
I rather like this solitaire game, but there are a LOT of slow graphics that can't be skipped, one of the in-game notifications (for a new card back) just won't go away, and I've now gotten too many of one of the collectible "toy" cards with no way to reuse them or stop getting them? Update: the notification had finally gone away, but I realized that the auto-complete goes all the way to Kings regardless of the goal, wasting moves and lowering stars for the level. So I'm keeping my rating.
I found this game to be a lot of fun. Not sure how everything works for this game but I am learning as I go along.
I love this game I want to playit right now Do not uninstall this game from me please I don't want to. Uninstall this game ever
Cute theme..love the pet cards..major complaint is the game play is very unfair most times..sure you can win the games BUT you wind up using at least 1 or 2 boosters on one play.
I just love the puppies. At first it was confusing as to what to do but I got the hang of it. I now play this game every day sometimes all day. It's fun and relaxing. I highly recommend this for everyone. 🥰
Great game but when you get to level 941 it freezes. Won't load level. Now it won't load. Error code (99)
Was enjoying the game up until i've been absolutely done out of money. I made a purchase today and yesterday in order to get double the amount of coins and both times i did not get the doubled amount!! I also collected my rewards and was to get 4000 coins which i also did not get!! Absolute disgrace and i do hope to be compensated for the payments i have made towards this game.
Addictive but fun and I finished all levels please update my game has been saying coming soon since the middle of December it is now the middle of May I have lots of coins and tickets but no levels to use them since your update got rid of the mega machine
I really like this game. But....... I've noticed on the level map, the red present box keeps moving! I'm two levels away from unlocking it, i leave the game but when I return it's moved further away. That's really unfair!
I'm so glad I found this game. I love Klondike! Cute characters and lots of very generous rewards. I thoroughly recommend this game for Solitaire lovers and Klondike in particular.
I'm uninstalling your app do to it stop working the rewards are not working anymore I cannot not collect no reward anymore. It just keep saying sorry there are no ads available at this time please try again later. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the app and that doesn't help and there are no updates available to try to update it. I'm on level 407 and for two days now it won't let me collect no reward.
Hard for me to understand the game. The game seems so clear to me now. I don't know what I couldn't see before. It is fun and entertaining.⭐⭐⭐⭐
Love all the animals! Super cute! Very challenging! I play every day. I have encountered a couple issues but they have been corrected immediately! Customer service has been superior!!!
Game is good so far. Not the type of person who "pays to win" so it's slow going for me. I collect the bonuses as much as possible then play. Would be nice if the surprise cards held magnets, bombs, extra time, etc instead of having to buy them. Other than that I like this game.
This is a cute idea as a twist on Solitaire, and anyone who gets sick of plain Jane solitaire would enjoy it, EXCEPT for a fundamental design flaw. The four cards piles that any Solitaire player expects at the top are switched with your "level goals," and the game piles are at the bottom. I played over 20 levels and could not retrain my brain. Ultimately makes the game unplayable.
This is a really fun, relaxing game with cute graphics (cartoon like)! I'm several levels in and no ads so far and no pay to play.
It jitters quite a bit during levels. Some of the levels are difficult and have to be replayed a few times
I just love playing with the pets!I love my pets and all of them.I need to know how to adopt more of them in this game.I don't like the new update on this game and it's my favorite.You can't buy the big deals you only get a bonus every 2 hours instead of 1.And I don't have a clue on how to rescue the other pets.I want to go back to the original version
Great game but when you get to level 941 it freezes. Won't load level. Now it won't load. Error code (99). Now I am at a standstill. I am at level 1180 and it says coming soon for new levels. It has been like that for a year now this is ridiculous.
I just love playing with the pets!I love my pets and all of them.I need to know how to adopt more of them in this game
Glitchy & Money Hungry. After "winning" the hand, on level 122, Twice, it was denied because; 1st time I used the Magnet to finish the game & it glitched & wouldn't work, nor let me put the cards in the piles manually. 2nd: had all cards on board, wouldn't let me put them in the piles. Glitched on the 10 of hearts. Can't get more than 1 star per game unless you spend tons of money on boosters. DELETING
Was my favorite game. Don't bother with this. Slow to load, cards stick. I understand the higher you get the more difficult games get but to the point of not being able to get through a round!! Really!! Had to email a couple of times about issues. I have purchased credits but cannot keep doing that. Don't bother with this one. Just as an fyi I have contacted the developer. They sent me some coins but still not worth it. I'm still considering uninstalling the game. I was on a level today that I
Grafics are really lovely. But the game becomes too hard at the Tin can Ally level. Rewards are scarce. U have to use 5 or 6 bombs to win 1 bomb. If the levels were easy then 15 games would have been easy to win to receive rewards. Either reduce the number of games to be won for rewards or make the levels easy to win.
I am loving this game!! However I am not able to use my vacuum looking card to help when I get stuck! I don't know with there is a problem with the game or what but I have spent some money playing this and it won't allow me to use the help cards!! Please help me get this fixed!!!
Made it to level 26. Tried to 'Play Ad' at every opportunity. Never an Ad available. Could not progress ... Lost out on multiple gifts ... Had to pay 3000 coins for extra moves to complete a level instead of getting some free moves by watching an Ad. Terrible experience. Decent game. Wonderful graphics. Very user friendly. Lost me before I even rescued a second pet. Such a shame.
It was a great game.... Originally! But the past 2 weeks have been rediculous with the daily bonuses & extra moves!!
I love the game very much but after the last update when I tried to use the pet's power the game become unresponsive
I have enjoyed this game but have reached the highest levels and would like to know when new levels will be coming out been waiting a few months now and it's frustrating
Love the game but now my missions aren't working they are maxed out and say will end in 0:00 minutes and it doesn't clear please fix and will change my rating if not I might just delete it . It has finally been fixed so like I said if it got fixed I would change my staes
Doesn't give you enough coins always have to wait a couple days to play cause you have to collect coins.
I love this game but ever since the update my game freezes and I can not do anything but exit out. Is there a fix for this?