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Solitaire Perfect Match

Solitaire Perfect Match for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Deltamedia located at Rokossovskogo 71-77, 220094, Belarus, Minsk. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really like this game! It is my favorite solitaire game online. I am a senior citizen and it helps me pass the time. love it thanks Sheila
This sux!! I was all the way up to Kite and then after updating I'm back at the start again what the hell!!! Not happy!!!
I will give this game 5 stars, but I have just started to play. It is a challenge to get 3 stars in a level,but that's what I like. Game's like this make you use your brain
Excelent solitaire game, just the right amount of challenging. The only down side is the leangth of time waiting for hearts to renew.
Level 85, Jailbreak, a timed level. I have successfully completed, it 3 times but it won't acknowledge that! So frustrating it won't let me move on!
I had to reinstall the game. It lost most of my levels and I'm stuck again even tho I used fb . I enjoy this game but having comparing it to other games it's quite terrible when u compare. There is no no daily login bonus like most games, which I think most gamers would enjoy! It's really hard to get to next levels and so much repetivness! Please have a rethink of the game because it is such a good game, but seems like it goes on and on and on and on to get progress!
Fun and challenging. Didnt think it was going to be at first. Would like to know why I can't play in the tournaments all of a sudden. Says i need app admin permission or something like that.
I really like this card game!!! To me l gave it a 5 cause it has everything you need eventhough you can buy some somethings, like coins and power-ups but then where is the fun in the game!!! Anyway l like it alot and really enjoy playing it!!!
Played for years, love it Love challenges presents that at times appears as impossible but perseverance eventually wins and everything falls into place and it becomes easier
I enjoy playing the game, but the last 2 in app purchases I've made were not paid. I've emailed and not received any response or refund.
never purchase coins and then connect to Facebook. i did and lost around 900 coins. game play is good though. sent info about it but no answer
It's a good game but the fact that you can lose a game due to it being absolutely impossible to win is a load of rubbish. I had two cards left, one face down and the other on top facing up and those two were a match. Completely unfair !
This is a fun game, but after completing all puzzles and waiting on new ones and building accomplishments and coins, the game lost all my progress on multiple occasions and will not allow me to sign in. I attempted to contact the developer, but they wouldn't return my message. Enjoy the game, but don't get too attached to anything you achieve, it will disappear without warning and without any way to reclaim.
I was enjoying the game but I cant stand the hands pointing at the cards to play. I Turned off the tips In The settings but it still shows. Who is playing me or the creators of the game.
It's different way of playing solitaire. No ads!!! It's one of the best games to pass the time with. If you want something different, than this game is for you.
I'm stuck on level 85. Even with using the increase on the timer still cannot even get close to beating the time. Is there a way just to start the game from scratch? I really like this game, but very frustrated with the time puzzles. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but went back to level 85.
since installing last update i cannot restart my game from the beginning and the store doesnt have everything that it did before...was a really great game
i have received 2 notifications that my account is corrupt to please start another account...twice...this game wont let me go past level 30...horrible...
This is a very addictive game. You need plenty of time to play it because you will be hooked once you start!
I love this game but there are a lot of bugs in it. For example, I can't play the tournament because it says I have to connect to Facebook. Except I can't because it gives me an error message. I was connected before so I don't know what happened. Also i ran out of levels to play and it takes them forever to add more. Very disappointing 😞
Been playing this game for over 4 years and really love it. however I've tried to uninstall so I can start again but it installs at the same point. I've even emailed the creators to see if there's a problem but have no response at all. very disappointed. downgrading from 5 stars to 2 because of this. please sort it out!
I love the game. Recently I am experiencing problems connecting to Facebook for the tournaments. That's my favorite part. Could we please fix this? Has anyone else had problems?
What's a matter with this game so so so very very very slow to load levels which has made me stop playing it . The game it's self is good but nothing else.
I like the app so far, jus still not went threw all the practice levels yet to start playing the levels.
i like this game but trting to get the other stars to go to the other levels isnt fair cause if we get 2 stars i think both of those stars should be added to your stars . i have been over 2 or 3 months tryingg to get my 50 stars
Wonderful slant on solitaire. I really enjoy playing and have no problems at all. The ads are not overwhelming every level is a new challenge
This used to be one of my favorite games. I still like it but want to know what happened to my coins? I had 100 left but now they're gone. I didn't use them so what happened to them?
bad game because I delete the game but it keep going back to the same page on solitaire perfect match.
This game would be ok but when you watch ads for free coins you only get 2 coins and you need 50 or more to get a bounus. What? Is this game free? I uninstall until more coins are added for watching ads.
Can connect to Facebook but does not save your progress between different devices. Please can you sort this out
I like the game, but when I delete it and reinstall it, it goes back to where I was when I deleted it.
It is so addictive. I play it everyday and hate it when I run out of lives and have to wait until they are full again!
I like the game very much but find it hard to be able to collect coins maybe it'd be good to be able to watch videos for free life
I think it's a great gamebut it's like they want you to buy something in order to pass levels unless you just keep trying and I mean really keep trying
Yeah I'm going to edit my review I still say the game is fixed you're nothing but a Ford it's a gimmick for people to buy coins with you so you can make money off the Americans I know your game is fixed I play it I still play it but I won't give you one single dime you'll never see a dime from me ever again other than that I got to say kudos to you for getting away with so much you're a rip-off and you're a fake and that's my review and I will not change it again bye-bye you don't like it too bad
i liked it until all of a sudden yesterday i can no longer connect ot facebook to play the tournaments ive been playing forever. All i get is an a message saying i dont have permission to access
This game is definitely fixed you would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law you take people's money and then you give him s*** cards hand if your hand if they're him don't download this app don't buy nothing with them this is definitely fixed and it's a rip-off I'm reporting this to the attorney general your days are numbered perfect match your fixed you know it and I know it
why did you change purchasing coins? i don"t like the new way. it gives is way less choices. i love the game. please change it back.
This app does not give you items you paid for, it takes your money but you don't receive your credits
I love this game can't advance to Modern 27 says I need more stars go back and play the other ones but still can't advance Overall I'm really enjoying it
PLEASE Add More LEVELS! Addictive! I have loved this game for several years. Finally finished all the levels a while back. Since then, I have continued to replay levels. Host dude on the game keeps saying new levels are coming soon but I have checked back MANY times but nothing...no more updates. Shall soon give up and delete it from my devices. Really have loved this game!
I absolutley love this game.. I wish there were more games similar to it! I will never delete this game.. Thank you
loved this game till you changed what you can purchase with your coins. i mean you went from being able to purchase 15 reshuffles with 150 coins to buying 3 reshuffles with 90. what the heck. please bring it back the way it was. like this i give it 2 stars the other way ingive it 5+
Please fix it to where I can connect to Facebook or play the tournaments without having to connect to Facebook.
When I first downloaded this game I loved it it is so addictive. But you keep making changes. Why all the changes? If you want changes just create a perfect Solitaire match 2 and make it harder instead of making all the changes to the number one. We like the game the way it was originally, please put it back to its original form. Thank you
Seriously, I am just in level 4 and already failed that level 5 times because the cards needed to match the current face up cards are facing down under them. No, not paying for this game, or for any other game to tell the truth, so, game deleted.
An excellent different take on Solitaire. Not too far into it, so we'll see what I have to say the next time.
This game was fun until you get to the level and need more stars to move on. Now it sucks. If you dont have enough coins to get stars. Cant go on. Whoever developer is. It sucks
This has to be one of the most frustrating games I have ever played! I tried to play this twice, with the same results. I "win" each game, yet I never seem to score enough points to actually advance and "win" the game. I literally have no idea what to do! I perfect paired all the cards so there is nothing left....and still lose!?!?!?!? Other reviews seem to love this game....I just wish I knew what the secret was to winning...it does not appear to be that clear cut like in other solitaire games.
Its ok but deffo needs daily rewards this game is boring when you cant move onto the next chapter and have to replay levels to get more stars
Great game if every addictive but I still think you're fixed like it or not that's my opinion I'm an American and I could say what I want it's called the freedom of speech don't like it not my problem