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Solitaire Klondike - classic offline card game

Solitaire Klondike - classic offline card game for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Betastage Inc. located at 161 W 61ST ST NEW YORK, NY 10023. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's fun, and the music is great. Jazz. Solitaire games, good ones, are so big or miss. This one is definitely a hit. Great music, graphics, moves along great, simple but a challenge. Been playing for weeks with just a few quick glitches. One of the best I've played, and I play many. Many thanks. Still a great game when it doesn't slow down. I've added to my review. Am I not allowed to play?
Cards won't move when tap, as well as setting selections don't respond when tap..also no option to deal 3 cards instead of just one..too bad cuz really like layout but must uninstall.
a nice fun game, no problems yet. it's great. keep making it better maybe more speed of cards. like it ok ( your welcome)
David Blake the magic wand did not work. I tapped it again and again and it still did not do anything.
Iam loving this game! It's exciting nd fun, plus I love the music!! And the different levels are challenging... Glad I found it!
I like that you can customize speed of play as well as background, card faces and backs. I like the way the layout changes and the way cards move for auto complete. Very different from other Klondike games..pleasantly
Nice graphics. Why can't the background music mute or stop? To stop it, I have to keep my phones volume down, so I can't hear other songs.
Customisation options and ease-of-use features (such as double tapping the screen to shift the position of the menu) make this solitaire game exceptional in its field. With a simple, but well-made aesthetic and smooth gameplay, letting nothing distract you from enjoying your time playing.
Well constructed. Like the new game rules and procedure. Cards have easy to see the difference between suites. Hope this new trend continues. Thanks!
its ok but little hard to understand in the beginning.not really to improve it. just not for me you have many other games to try and understand better
I love the music if only everyone would play this type of music the games would be much more fun but you start playing the same song over and over again which is nerve wracking. I've used the wands and ran out but when I tried to get more nothing happened and so I can't finish the game. I also thought this game had a variety of card games would've love playing some spider.
A good solid and quiet game of Solitaire, without all the gimmicks but enough of the important features to maintain the challenge of the game. A good game . Thanks
I love solitaire games I have four or five of them on my phone and I like this one too it's really fun thank you and have a nice day
Graphics seem to get stuck between games. One needs to to hit backpage button to stop it from scrolling. Otherwise , game is great.
I like it but I haven't had it long enough my head of the day or two so I don't know that much about it yet!!
Best version of Klondike Solitaire I've tried so far and it has features I look for such as alerting you when no more moves are possible. Some apps just leave you guessing.
I think there needs to be a few more instructs prior to starting the game, you need to know what you've to aim your game-play strategies on/ at.
Very interesting and challenging. Could play this one app all day and never get bored. I usually play during my day, 5-6 different apps. Try it...come on ..you won't be sorry..😍💞
Great app, with a lot of useful and well thought features that other developers don't usually thibk about. Comparing it to the other solitaires i played - this one is the best. A solid 5 stars
This is a very good solitaire game. The only thing I would like is a feature to turn off the 'magic wand' popup. I am one who likes to figure it out myself so that is something I will never use and it's pretty annoying to have it keep popping up. Otherwise, I am happy with this app. I am using the paid version so it's terrific to not have to deal with ads.
Itis 3 stars because you cannot re open the stack to continue, plus why is there money given when you finish a game when in fact you cannot use it or claim it.
Just started to play and so far I enjoy the challage it has. There are too many easy games to win and they get BORING quick! Thanks
pretty nice solitaire game. nice visuals, and easy to play on a phone. easy to play with one hand thank to the reachability mode
So far a fun Solitaire experience. Nice designs and the deck difficulty is good, too many apps out there are either always winnable or always losing. A button to auto send some cards to the top instead of manually clicking each one before auto finish gets activated would be cool. Also, auto finish sometimes doesn't show up until very late even after all cards have been flipped. Perhaps for a suggestion would be to have the draw pile show the previous card as well as current one?
impressive, I was looking for a solitaire with Vegas cumulative mode and I think I found it.. I just wish there were more customisation options
8/11/20: Nice game overall, and it's free, but the "No Ads" purchase is "in your face" at the start of each new deal, easy enough to ignore and play, but just sayin' .. And, the auto card placement is designed different, something about earning more points by the player moving cards around, I don't really get it, but .. , just an fyi.
What a great game. I've downloaded at least 4 other solitary games and to tell you the truth they weren't that great. I'm glad I kept searching for a better one. So to everyone out there stop looking and download this game. 😊 Happy card flipping!! 😆
Well, I just started the game. I can rate you more fairly after I play for awhile. Not sure yet on the graphics.
This game is cool but there is at least one or two others in the play store that beats you hands down
Seems fresh to me. You can almost guess what is coming next in other games but this one surprises me sometimrs. Thanks.
So far so good i love to play solitaire. Could do without the ad's. They don't make me want to buy the items.
Love this! Best card display ever! Just found out it has Vegas I was just too lame to find it! I am going for no ads! 5 stars! Thanks developer! Update got the no ads. It is fantastic. If you play this get the no ads!
Fun relaxing game. Worth trying. Let's you relax your mind and if you get stuck, use the magic wand! 😍
Good action & graphics. Like music & vol control. ADJUSTABLE DIFFICULTY IS FANTASTIC! BEST SOLITAIRE I'VE TRIED, EVER!
This app is dynamite...the cards can be made very fun if you wish, or all business. You can customize with some really fun options. And the controls run smoothly and easily. Also, my crowded phone *loves* the small amoint of memory it uses! This app is a KEEPER! Thanks, Ardovic!!💜💟❤💙💚💛
I like the dark grey background, cream faces and plaid backs. Especially like the large size of the numbers. The magic wands are fun and save frustration!
This has become my favorite solitaire game. The graphics are great and you can customize it quite well, it runs nice and fast, you can make it pretty easy, or quite hard. It would be cool if they add other types such as pyramid.
Well, it has been long time I proised to write a review yet it took time since I do not have an Andorid device and Google play web version does not allow me to evaluate applications. Anyways, I installed the app and played for a while though I am not a big gamer. These results, I can say about it is that it is simple and rather nice GUI design. Settings are handy, not complicated. However, I am not sure what purpose does it have write handed and left handed switches, maybe because I am not left handed to understand the difference. I do not know wether Microsoft provides a free version or not but somehow we need to make money from the work we do, so putting advertisement or subscription are acceptable approaches in the store. I generally do not put 5 stars yet this one is special since I know the coder in person, so tat stars goes in part for my good friend and in part for his good work. Keep moving forward bro.