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Solitaire: Free classic card game

Solitaire: Free classic card game for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by pistachio studio located at Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I recomend you Look for another solitaire game. This one has flaws such as when you're looking in the themes if you're not careful it will automatically purchase backgrounds, card backings, & card fronts without confirming your purchase first.You earn the coins during the games so the last thing you want to do is purchase a background that you didn't want. You also can't open the treasure chest or view ads it says None available bugs have not been fixed you cannot contact them they won't let you
Game is like regular solitaire, which is perfectly fine, what isnt fine is im not receiving my winnings. I've won at least 30 games and have received anything. I've been stuck at .56 for days now. Please fix this and give me my winnings and I'll give a better rating. Otherwise I give 1 star.
The game still hasn't improved. A lot of times, you still can't open the treasure chest. It says video not available, continue. I continue 20 times, and the chest still doesn't open. Fix all the glitches, or take your game out of the play store.
There are too many ads popping up constantly, sometimes back to back. The ads disrupt my concentration on gameplay, lowering my score. Why do I have to watch an ad to get my prize for winning the game? I'm going to look for a solitare game with less ads, then replace this one.
It's been awesome. I would like to earn money per game though. 5 games to earn is a little too slow. "I Need money$$$ other than slow earning it's perfect! Ads are expected and I don't mind them. I'm just thankful for the opportunity to earn something just hope it will be quicker. I don't like the scratch games and the free spins. I'd rather earn money using my brain. Just some thoughts...
love the way it ends when you win! snappy and fun! Still enjoying the game and and have no complaints!
This was a great game, then an update was uploaded and the ads doubled. After completing a game, I now get to sit through 2 ads then make a selection for a reward, get another 30 second ad before I can start a new game. Then I get started and during play another ad pops in stopping the game and causing me to lose my concentration level. Unfortunately, I've got to go find another game now.
Did enjoy this game until ads started popping up left and right. It really is ridiculous the amount of times ads pop up. Hardly play at all anymore, very disappointing.
This game isn't really different than any other solitare game out there. If it wasn't for the ads I would have kept the app. Not only are there ADS ever 5 seconds it seems but it creates this annoying pop up on your phone. It took me forever to figure out what was causing the pop up tab on my phone that I couldn't seem to avoid pressing. This game isn't really worth the hassle it causes.
HORRIBLE! I rotate games in & out so I don't get bored, so I've used numerous Solitaire apps/games. No question this is the worst!!! I tried to look at set up to pick backgrounds, etc. I was never able to due to the pop up ads about cost of packages. I NEVER even got to look at my choices. I tried to play one game but the flashes and alerts at bottom of screen were so distracting. I thought if I stopped playing & responded to these ads I could go back to game uninterupted. Wrong. Deleted!
the game itself is really good. The ads that come with it are not. I just don't like having to pay to get ads and commercials off my games. But I'm sure this is the same with any app. I've always liked playing Solitaire, even as a kid. But now I play it because five years ago I had a brain injury and playing this makes my mind start having to pay attention at details. Two results from my brain injury were memory loss and concentration. This game helps me to stay focused.
This game is so relaxing that at night if i just lay down and start playing after about 15 to 20 mins im starting to fall asleep, and thats saying something because i have a very hard time with sleep so lately ive been playing this while just laying down in bed and its just fun and relaxing.
It's pretty fun but it has a few flaws such as when you're looking in the themes if you're not careful it will automatically purchase backgrounds the card backings and the fronts without a second choice such as confirm your purchase I'm talking about using the coins that you earn from playing the game I'm not talking about spending money you earn the coins during the games so the last thing you want to do is purchase a background that you didn't want there's a few other flaws too.
This is the second review that I have written and the ratings will be going down to only 1 star and then I will delete the app after that if you cannot resolve the problems with this app and of course still not happy with the rewards in this game... IT WILL NOT LOAD THE ADD SO YOU CAN RECEIVE THE REWARD THAT YOU EARNED...!!!
I play a lot of solitaire, and this is one of the best versions I've come across. The graphics are great and the play is steady, so if you're looking for a game to pass the time that won't bore you, this is it
The game itself is pretty basic. It's nice to fill in the time when you have a few minutes to kill. Some of the themes and backgrounds are really pretty, the problem is, it's really hard change them without accidentally buying a new one and wasting all of your coins. There are also far too many backgrounds of young women wearing skimpy bikinis. I find this offensive.
The latest update as of 9/14 has made it IMPOSSIBLE to get through a game. It only had a few glitches before that could be played through, but now it freezes, kicks you out, and/or gives you a completely different mid-game hand that has floating cards!
Data harvesting. Upon installation, I am immediately asked for permission to numerous information. There's no reason a solitaire game should have permission to half the functionality of my phone or information. And you asking reviewers to change their review to 5 stars is desperate and despicable.
It was fine for about 4 hours of play. After I hit $0.49, every "5th" game won no longer pays me. It congratulates me and starts a new game, claiming I have only won 4 games. I win again and it congratulates me, no payment, then tells me I have won 1/5 games. It has been doing this for every "5th" win for the past hour. I have screenshots as proof, if needed. Until this major bug is fixed, I recommend not pkaying this game. If you are not getting paid, it's not worth it.
I have won 5 games and it wint give me my money after I have won 5 games. I've been experiencing this issue for quite a while once this problem is fixed I will give it more stars ratings. But all in all a great game as long as it give u your earning when u win 5 games.
Is a nice fun free solitare game. Has some ads but not too many. Lots of great theam choises you can get with points from game. Only thing I think they should update is the year on the holoday theam says 2018 or 2019 update it to 2020 or have no year.
Game crashes ALLLOTYT Don't download till you start hearing good reviews from someone who's played it more than a month. Good Luck with it. I left not so good reviews one day I started playing and pressed the updated version. And vala I was playing the updated version. And it still crashed 😭.Not only that I uninstalled. After all the background and diff face cards I had accumulated. I uninstalled. Just cuz even the new version wasn't working. I knew it would happen. What a waste.
great game, play all the time . only draw back is to download more backgrounds, face, back , there is a big lock in the middle of the picture and can't see what is behide the lock graphic.
Awesome and amazing time killer and one of anca solitary relaxing games to play a stress reliever good job good game but what's up updated the game the game started to not respond when I get done with a daily challenge or just a regular game it don't recognize when I win and go to the next screen so I can play the next game so if you guys fix that problem other than that the game is awesome amazing and fun
Only bad thing is i beat a game like i have ALL the cards on the upper 4 slots but nothing happens and it wont say i won or anything so i cant finish daily challenges
They spam you with ads and notifications every damn day! I'm thinking of deleting it just to avoid the 6 or 7 notifications begging me to play. And when you do open the app it bombards you with ads so you have to close it and restart just to get a game in. NOT COOL!
Won 6x and Lucky Spin video doesn't load, so I do not receive credit for the win. No support available!? No videos load for wands, triple seven, etc. Wish it would work =/ Solitaire helps me mellow out after a stressful day.
I give it a 5 star because i enjoy playing solitaire because it keeps my mind busy but maybe tweek the amount of ads you run. Id rather a longer (30 seconds top) one every few minutes compared to one (5 second) one every 5 seconds or whenever your accepting a rewardor playing lucky spins.
This IS STILL the best game ever. Plus this team has put this App together magnificently. Great Job. First time I can truly say the adds are worth dealing with in an app! That alone speaks volumes 👊😍😁 Thank You
This is a really fun app and ive been playing for a while but the latest update has been causing some glitching and errors on my end. Things like the cards freezing and disappering in game. And the random crashes.
I like the game but it want let you any hire up.. It don't let you win just only the coin.. If you all could fix that then it wouldn't be a problem.. So you probably don't want to waist your time down loading it until they fix it..
it stopped giving me my advertisements alot of the time in order to choose a box for my points,after I win a game ..if you all are able to fix that on my game that would be great .I feel I should get my reward everytime I win a game and that is not happening anymore ,thnx shark
This game is pure garbage Everytime I try to play it exit off and when I go back to it it shows ads Literally it pops off and when I go back to it everytime it shows ads This game needs to be in the trash can I would have gave it no stars but I had to give it one An it didnt even deserve that one You gamers needs to stop with all these Dam Ads Its highly annoying People have other things to do besides watching ads all day This suppose to be fun not irritating Delete Goodbye
This game has gotten worse over the last few weeks.the option to watch a video to get a free magic wand never works and on the rare occasion that it does let you watch it you don't get the free wand.if I wasn't in the top 80 I would uninstall it! don't waste your time with this game
This is actually the best game I've ever played with Solitaire, because the patterns and the cards with everything in the background that's wonderful !!!! I actually searched for this very unique game cause it was lost when my phone was stolen. So very glad I found it again!!!!!!!!!!!
I loved this solitaire for 2 years on phone and tablet I read download it and it still the best solitaire ever made,Every time I play this game it makes my heart warm.Reason one why you should download it you can change the background the cards the color of anything.Number 2 you can Daily challenges.3 get on a leader board.4 you can Have the game mode on winning mode or random.Yeah it may have ads,but it's not full pack of ads like some games not name the names.I highly recommend this game.bye.
Hey Now, You Really Want To Try This Solitaire Game, It's Unlike Any Other Solitaire Game That You Have Played, Neat Graphics, Everything Is Large & Bright Which I Love Because My Eyesight Could Use A Little Help, So If You Like Solitaire You Really Must Try This One, It's Very Appealing & Addictive, Real Talk Cheyenne Bustamante
not worth the time tried this for 4 weeks got to 9p but you need to get to £10 to cash out after hundreds of scratch cards plus still only got to 1.4M tokens but requires 6.5M to order a £2 amazon voucher so thats useless so if you look at this correctly it would take 11 years to get to cash out level but 4 months of scratch cards just to get £2 amazon voucher so its being UNINSTALLED its just a total waste of time
The ad for this game shows every person winning lots of dollars. I have won over 25 games and I have a grand total of 47 cents. The other terrible thing about this game is that playing each game you will lose over 90% of them. There is a mode called all winning hands. First of all what is the fun of that? The other thing I do not know if they will give you same fantastic rewards {about four cents a hand) if they solve the puzzle for you. I am Sorry that I downloaded this game.
I see lots complaints about ads but geez it's basically free game & fun & it does tell you has ads before loading. They have to make thier money too & at least not near as bad as some I've played. Pretty cool compared to just plain. Do wish had where could do ads offline if needed to play offline for few. Thanks for cool game.
Stopped letting me earn every 5 wins. I can't play the scratchers or anything else. Was working fine until about a week ago. Then stopped. When it's fixed, I'll come back. 😣
I absolutely love this game but the screen freezes everytime the gift prize comes down in the middle of the game. Could you possibly fix it? With that glitz fixed, I would definately give this game 5 stars!!
This game is a scam. I made it to $0.99. Ive been playing for several hours and at least 10 times during the "win 5 for cash" the game has jumped from 5 wins back to 1 and the videos are "unavailable" so I can't collect my reward. Uninstalling. it isnt worth my time.