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Solitaire Dungeon Escape

Solitaire Dungeon Escape for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Jose Varela located at Camino Arieiro 36 Vigo - Pontevedra, 36313 EspaƱa. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Shock and/or Horror Content) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Outstanding! !! Best game I have ever played! Challenging but not impossible. Made it all the way to the end and starting over!
loads of fun you not only have to be fast you have to have a sharp mind and the love of a great solitaire game
It's ok. You have ads after every mission, I don't see the need for them to be at the top of the game. I think you'd get more players that will tell others if you remove the on gping ad at the top!! I'm sure you won't listen!
Great graphics but to many ads so it's hard to see the backgrounds once you have finished that round.
Sooooooooo manyyyyyyyy #&#%@&# ads. I mean, are you serious with this many #&#%# ads? Once you get past the ads the game is so irritating. The app sucks, i cant sy enough bad things bout it. 0*'s
It's a pretty good game. There is an ultimate goal at the end and some missions to keep you fairly interested but still not very exciting.
Mysterious, relaxing,and no glitches. Great graphics. Really like this game. Not just a quick card game. Has many challenges.
Kept stalling on timed events, took me over 20 times, then froze. Has an ade after each game also frustrating. This would be a fun twist to Solitaire. Needs to get bugs out.
An excellent game. You dont have to rely on boosts to play the game. Cards dont lessen in amounts as game progresses. If you lose a hand, you get another to try. Quests are fun. Game story is interesting. This game is a keeper!
I keep getting blue flashes on my tablet, not happening the second one. Can,t play it so I deleted it.the blue flashes need to be fixed.to bad as it is a good game
Really like this game it's fun. Just wish their wasn't commercial between each play. Would like info on each game.
Would be a lot better if it wasn't for allllll the freaking ads. The banner ad at the top of the page is very aggravating, and an ad after ever hand?! No options to customize cards, avatar or anything. Uninstalling.
Love playing i like all solitaire games but this one i like so much time flies when I'm playing. i have to force myself to put it down.
Creative approach to card game. I enjoy the graphics and the fantasy aspect. I tried other solitare games but this one is the most challenging.
The game was fun at first but then the ads got more frequent. Before you start the game there's an ad. Then it gives you a task you touch okay, then here comes another ad quicker than the first. I think they try to make it so you click on the ad to go to the game to download. If it keeps up like this I'm going to effing uninstall it's so annoying and I surely won't be buying a game because of these ads
Don't go in different rooms all they do is spin you around them you think are in the different areas you not still in the same area
I like this one! I've only played it for a bit. There is something about it that just makes me keep on playing lol. It is simple stress free solitaire with amazing graphics! Play at your own pace.
Ads are somewhat excessive, with a video ad between every level and a banner ad (that you cannot exit out of) during the level that tends to block the screen. There is also a glitch where cards on the board will not completely turn over. This makes it impossible to solve the puzzle and substantially lowers playability. Too bad, as this appears to be a game with an interesting storyline. Oh well. The few levels I was able to play were fun.
Would be more enjoyable if it didn't have ads on top of the screen the whole time, the ads before and after I don't mind but the ads on top kinda ruins the game when you are trying to concentrate on the task at hand and ruins the effect of the background. Get rid of it and I will give 5 stars
This seems like a real cool game i got the 1st key it takes 16 rounds before you getbit its scary in a fun way im gonna get the princess and i love skulls more than anything and theres lots to look at on the screen
I enjoy the game but the adds are too much , it really takes away from playing the especially it's after every round. That is why I only gave it 3 stars
I love this game I can finish it and start all over again it's entertaining you can be stuck on one board for days a week it's that good
ads after every single hand? was that really necessary? other then that, l love this game, fast play, awesome graphics... now... about those ads...
overall good game but kept sticking then stopping which is a shame as I liked the game uninstalled in the end
this is a fun, all consuming game. it is hard to put down! it is a challenge! it's my new favorite game!
I love the game & I realize there has to be ads to keep the game free but.. after every game way to much
i enjoy the game, but there is too many ads, would give it a higher rating but can't because of the ads
The part that piss me of over each ad. But its ok game if you get over the the graphs on this are cool. just remember if you down load just beware there are ads but the is ok.
I really love the game it is beautiful. And I know this isn't going change things but I wish the cards were a little bit larger I am almost 70 and I love to play this game. But I can not get pass level 44 I will keep trying. Thank you
I've always liked unity games. the play is fair yet challenging. The graphics are great. so far I'm enjoying the game.
it's a good game it holds your attention while you're trying to break through the different gates to reach the queen enjoy the game very much
A very relaxing enjoyable strategy planning game of Solitaire. Not just a time passer but a game that challenges with a pleasant reward at the end.
Add after every game. Game closes itself after each add 95%of the time. Overall a very unpleasant experience. Only had 2 - 3 games left when the app started only staying open about 10 seconds and then shut off . I waited on this game to load more than I played it.
I realize that this is the free version. However there are still so many ads. I cannot take it. It's an amazing game but damn.
Ads occur way too often. Right before every stage, and at the end of every stage. I see no reason for that.
nice game great graphics. the only issue I have is there an advertisement at the beginning and end of a round. far too many
Great game to pass the time. Unfortunately, the game doesn't add any new gameplay elements in later levels.
I understand as to make money.... but it was so much it took the fun out the flow of progressing thru the game. So disappointing to a cool game. Suggestion make adds optional yet enticing to watch..like perks in playing the game. Play vid every 5 mins and get coin or a mini movie to the background story.. For example.
Should be -10, having adds after each and every game is not on. Also having the adds running back to back makes it even worse. Will not keep playing........uninstalled.
Far, far too many ads. They continually interrupt you. Even worse on the difgicult spreads, where you have to sit through two every time you fail. Not a bad game under it - it's solitaire with a dungeon aesthetic and some random challenges - but ruined by the frequency of ads.
At first I thought it was stupid. But as I played more & more it got so challenging. I find now I am not able to leave the game alone. Love it